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Count me in
Saturday. 3.5.05 9:14 am
mood: tired and satisfied :p

It's was soooooo FUCKING AWESOME! I loved it! Awwwwwww...I still can't get over it. When I talk about it I just get goosebumps hehehe. It was my first concert, and to see the international line up - Jarule, Chingy, 112, Case and Nitty. The stadium wasn't really that full cuz it's Perth...hahaha...wheneva they would ask us to scream, we would have to do it about 4 times...cuz "they can't hear us"...hmmm..I lost my voice partially, cuz I figured I can't scream louder than I already am. :/ I must have got the headache from screaming..

It was cool to see Perth people decked out in their hommie gear..heehe... Yea love it. But kinda wished I had got the $140 ticket to go up front cuz they were throwing roses, towels, shirts, water, all sorts of shit. hahaha. I must say almost all of them took the opportunity to take off their shirts.. hmmmm...all the ladies in da house were definitely feelin that. lol!

I was just amazed by 112...a band which I have loved their music for so long, but never got a chance to see them properly or up close. They sang 'CUPID' one of my fav love songs of all time!!! :)) You could imagine me, weak at the knees, close to tears, and just singing along. hehehe...kinda wished Fernando was there. awww... Chingy was a lil hottie too...me and Gail luv him!! hehe. Jarule was one of the best parts of the show, cuz he is a really good performer, getting the crowd into it. I dunno why people don't like him that much...

The night ended with Tiff, Gail, Mel and I at oriels having soup :) It was a nice finish to the night... But I was dead tired driving home and could've caused an accident cuz I was that sleepy! My eyes were closing and I was scared that I wouldn't make it. I wished I had photos for you guys... I'll try get some off Tiff :) But the night was great! Had so much fun..hope you guys have a great weekend!

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loss of my freedom..
Wednesday. 3.2.05 10:00pm

My new toy - Nokia 7260 (yay!)

It isn't really that bad... my parents are back and I am really happy about that! :) My colleagues and friends would consider me weird, but hey... what is there to do besides annoy your parents? It was really nice of them to help me out with the cooking for the students (6 of em) and the cleaning...which I spent a whole week doing by myself. They are proud of me for holding up the fort and keeping the peace of the household. It was sooooo stressful, but I can sometimes be addicted to stress cuz it drives me and makes me push myself to the next level. And when I achieve that level, I just feel like I can do anything! :) Do you guys get that too?

I have been taking these stress vitamins...natural and good, and they help. Unless I am just imagining things and I am just handling 'life' fairly well without the folks. Ahhhhhhh 'freedom' such a great word...'responsibility'...errrr..not so much :p

I just found out the worst news! One of my best friends was forced to break up with her bf of 2 years just because she was a Chinese/Indo and he was Aussie. Her parents found out that she has been going out with him behind their backs....and asked her to choose between family and her bf. :( I felt so sad for her and her bf...cuz I think this was one of those true feelings of love. I hope she comes back to Perth, but I dunno what is gonna happen. I really wish I could talk to her right now and comfort her..

DAMN! Sometimes I cannot help but feel my situation is similiar... *sigh*. My parents told me today that my uncle in M'sia is thinking of setting me up with some Chinese/American guy. :/ I'm not interested of course..but why do they keep doing that? I'm highly capable of finding my own soul mate...

I miss M'sia, *sigh* I wanna return and see my cousins and grandma. Plus I wanna go shopping there. hehehe. My parents brought over a new phone for me. I did have preference for a flip phone but this one makes me soooo happy too. The nokia 7260, it is just soooooo HOT! WHITE HOT! :P Everything I want, cam, radio, colour, poly ringtones etc. :) Me very happy they thought of me!

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Uni Reopens Today!
Monday. 2.28.05 11.09 am

Here's a picture for your viewing pleasure..my friend took this photo for me when I was "licking" the fountain water. hahaha.

Me at work atm, and I should be going to classes tonight, but I'm not. :( In stead I must prepare food for the kiddies (students) and have a good night. I don't wanna be stressed about it. I'm starting to get the hang of doing to it on my own, without my parents. Which is good and prepares me for the domestic wife/corporate mummy role, that I can see in my very near future. :P

I got to catch up with my friends this weekend. I saw Ron on fri at Oriels, then my boo on the same night (fri). It was nice to spend a lot of time with Fernando this weekend cuz I really needed him around. Usually I don't "need him" around, but I am getting so used to him being close by...I might grow dependent. :p He stayed over and last night he was at home...man I missed him yesterday night. :/ It's going to be out 11th month starting from tomorrow! WHOA! Nearly a year! hehehe...I guess we both didn't see this coming!

It's the start of the 21st birthdays RUSH for this year! Most of my friends are awaiting their big 'rite of passage' celebration, with Tiff starting of with her bday on 4th jan, Fernando 27th Jan, now Jason 27th Feb... wow! It's gonna hit me soon! And I probably won't accept it. 21! That sux! I wanted to be 19 forever... :( Anyways we went to LUXE on Sat night to get a few drinks with Jason and met his new boy, Troy. It was nice to sit, chat and get a lil tipsy with my peeps. hehehe. I do recall eating a rose petal that night, that I had brought for Tiff. :p Mmmm...delicious! hahaha! Felt sorry for Fernando...he had to look after me, and I felt also the rest of my friends. But I was so happy he came, he looked so hot that night and even the gay couple agreed lol!

I have been pissed off at my younger bro though. It was his birthday on sat and I bought him a $100 FUBU jacket, but he has not been helping me at all since my parents left and I don't feel like talking to him. I miss my parents too...spoke to them yesterday and they sound really happy being together and having fun. :) Mum needed to get away from work anyways...

Man...I'm getting so slack at blogging lately...been thinking of giving it up...what's to talk about anyways? I'm so boring hahaha. But I hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying life ^_^ Take care *HUGS*

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Death is inevitable
Tuesday. 2.22.05 10:06 pm
Just 15 mins ago I picked up a phone call from Ipoh house in M'sia. The news was not good. It was from my mother's swallowed tears voice, her calmess, her sadness, with the familiar chanting of buddhist monks in the background (which is played infinitely on a recorded tape). My dear pohpoh died at 2am this morning... and I can't seem to stop crying when my mother told me over the phone. It just brings back such sad memories...it is exactly 2 years since my grandfather has passed...and as I recall it, it is the same time too.

Is this all coincidence? Why isn't any of us with my mum right now? I'm working without leave, my little bro starts uni in a week, my father cannot get leave from work, my older bro is in Sydney. My older bro just called me and I scared him by crying...I could tell his voice was breaking when he tried to comfort me, and be the 'strong' one. And what was weirder was that my younger bro just called and he asked me "did you miss-call me?". I said "no..I swear I didn't". Then he goes "Oh it was from 6pm"... but it was weird he didn't see that until just after the phone call with mum. So I had to tell him the news I got.

My head hurts...I don't feel like going to work tomorrow. I feel like curling up in bed...or just flying back to m'sia to pay my respects. I really hope my mum got home in time. My eyes have never hurt so much from crying, my head hurts, my forehead is heavy. I wish I was with my mother comforting her...cuz if it was anything like last time...she will need the support. Death is just sooo sad and depressing...it is inevitable. I just think of me being at the age of my mother and how I will see her pass...I can't bare the thought of that! Why is life so cruel..

I'm going to try and sleep now..if I can...

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Missing my grandma..
Monday. 2.21.05 5:38 pm
"With or without you" by U2- song on my website really explains the feelings I feel right now. I can't live without my grandma...my grandpa...my family. I would just die. Sometimes I think dying is so much more blissful...you get to be with the people who you never got to spend as much time with...I would have loved to know my grandparents more, than from what my mother told me about them. If only I could just sit and chat with them at the old Ipoh house...koong koong on his chair, infront of the tv. Poh in her chair, just beside him. Dinner on the old marble table, near the anchestral mantle. Late night suppers... *sigh* My heart feels so heavy :(

My mother just went on a flight back to Ipoh today...I didn't see her off. I think I would start crying again, becuz this time I didn't accompany her. I know she needs the support. I hate being away from her...knowing well that her family might give her shit. I want to stick up for her...even though she can do that for herself.

Going to the beach today with Gail and Michelle, kinda helped. But I was just as depressed. :/ I didn't feel like going to work today. I want to be in M'sia beside the bed of my grandma...

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what a SHITE weekend...
Sunday. 2.20.05 1:35 pm
mood: sad

"Saturday is a grin-and-bear-it refresher course in emotional endurance. You’re tense and impatient (who, you?) and feel claustrophobic in small, boring places (amen to that, baby). Think of Saturday as an opportunity to update anger management techniques. On Sunday morning, you’re committed to helping out another – probably a family member. You feel obligated to do so. Things, however, may not go smoothly – like that’s a surprise." - astroabby

The above daily horoscope is so true...everything that astroabby says seems to predict what I feel on that day. I can't believe how things can go so shite when not planned properly. I hate to go out clubbing now...cuz it never happens...everyone only has a so-so time, we get bored and sometimes I wished I was sleeping instead. :/ Yes I felt very claustrophobic in small pubs last night. I went to an IRISH pub! Yeah...imagine me there!! Not my scene...definitely not! But my friends were there and that made it ok. Also what pissed me off was the clubs in Freo not letting us in, cuz of certain rules... If only Metrocity had been opened tonight...I feel everything would've been ok. At the beginning of the night was ok.,. had a couple of drinks and relaxed...but then shit just kept happening and that outing was a disaster.

On Fri night though it was good, had Adel and Ams over for a sleepover. We ate at Matsuri on Hay st for dinner...very nice japanese restaurant. Went to buy groceries at woolies...and I saw all my old friends there! :) And also decided to booze up on the night. Actually only had one drink of SKYY VODKA and I was red as a tomato! It was sooo fun! Haven't had a sleepover like this for ages. Pigged out on fondue..and did facials...hehehe the girly thing :p

But this morning (sunday) I woke up at 6:20am to go for a walk. It was nice...refreshing...woke me up and put me in a better mood. Even though I only had 3 hours of sleep! I was just so happy to see my parents and walk with them, chat with them...but I cried once my mother informed me she was going back to M'sia to see my grandma. My grandma is in a coma...it's like it's repeating all over again..watching my grandad in a coma 2 yrs ago. I just couldn't stop crying...my mother may lose all her parents and my heartaches at how they had lived their life... :( It's just been a rollar coaster of emotions. But mainly a very sad and frustrating weekend.

I want to go back to M'sia, but I know I can't. I miss KL so much. I miss my malaysian roots. I want to see my grandma, but the scenario will prob like the last time. Whenever I go back to see the old people...they are either sick or in a coma. :( It really reminds me on how fragile life is, how you must never take old folks for granted...they will not be around forever. FUCK how unfair life is!

Anyway I don't wanna talk about sad things..it just makes me feel worse...and that nothing in my life right now is more important than the health of my pohpoh. :( I pray for her..that she may wake up to live longer...then again it prob broke her heart 2 years ago when my grandad passed away and it would be more pleasent for her to see him in heaven. I really hope there is a place - HEAVEN... somebody please reassure that there is...

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