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Karen Cheng - This lady must love perth
as much as I do!! Great read, web designer

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site designs! Sweet person..

Bitch- a "bitch" NOT! Cool Nutang girl!

KOban - NUtang boy who likes ff like me!, from sg too.

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nutanger too!!

Vera - Frm Atlanta, US, alwiz has
something interesting to say!

JulAngel - Friend from 1st yr uni at Murdoch, Honkie at heart but living in Perth.

- another nutanger...very cool blog, she knows how to write!

Aussie Poida - A work friend, also from Perth. A live journal junkie/nintendo person
Count me in
OOOO go east!
Friday. 6.27.08 7:11 pm
I am so excited for her cousin and fiance because they will be getting married soon on the 21st Dec! I can't believe it was about a year or so ago they announced their engagement. Time flies so quickly! I haven't seen my cousin sis in more than 10 years, but still I feel quite close to them because of times when we played when we were younger. Also since the phenomenon of facebook, I have got to know them a lil better.

I am doublely happy cuz I have never been to the eastern states in Australia. I feel so backward and awkward being stuck to my small city, Perth. A lot of people say it is great for shopping, night life, etc... And then there are others that complain it is too crowded, too many things going on, suffocating! Hmmm...I just want to make a decision for myself.

I can't wait to spend Christmas, New Years in melbourne, it will be excellent! I definitely hope to go for a roadtrip whilst I'm there just so I can cover everything I can. And I wont need to make another trip back soon. :) It will be funny to see my cousins and bring Sofia along. Because I am the youngest girl on my mum's side, and the first cousin to have a child. I think everyone was quite shocked when they heard. In a way can't wait to show my cute lil Sofia off.

Sofia isn't so little anymore though. She has become somewhat naughty, refusing to go to sleep when it's bedtime, grabbing food from my hand or mouth when I am just about to eat it. But she is just at that exploring stage where she wants to be involved with everything...curious to touch, see, taste etc.

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Dobbers are robbers
Thursday. 6.19.08 6:29 pm
I am starting to enjoy the new work enviroment, being in the Compliance section at work. I get to hear a lot of funny stories about our clients and how they try and beat the system and the law. It really gets me thinking that people aren't all that clever haha. Cuz they always get caught out in the end.

Anyways...at work we have a dob in line. Yes...people dob on each other hoping that they can seek 'revenge' on people by getting them kick out of the country. It is so funny to hear about the stories and how people refuse to give out their identity but they are so sneaky to dob on others who they know quite closely. How sneaky...

I accidentally picked up a phonecall from Information Management area and the lady on the line kept going on and on about her story. And refused to be named or leave any sort of identity. It was hard to understand her and I have definitely have to brush up on my investigation skills. But it is so interesting...I guess I can be quite a sticky beak when it comes to things haha.

I find myself very tired at the end of the day...and just happy to leave my cases at work. It really is very draining.

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it's just a facade
Wednesday. 6.11.08 9:42 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Wagamama night
Sunday. 6.1.08 3:22 pm
On Fri night I caught up with Mel and Gail at Wagamama in Subi. It was a really nice feeling to be going out and having supper with the girls. I have not done that in a while and it was good cuz it was something I was doing to keep me sane. Funny how the topic was mostly about Danae and how she is currently dating a older man and she has done so for 2 years now. And it is funny how we have never met him before. We have this perception of him that is probably untrue, but it isn't a very nice one.

I dont want to judge him without meeting him. But it is hard, especially since he refuses to meet with us or go to any of our functions. I am usually accepting of people, but when they have left it for 2 years to meet the gang it means they are probably stuck up and have no interest in 24 year old. Cuz he is 44! I just hope to god Danae knows what she is doing and wish her all the best. It is my natural instincts to be over protective of her.

And Mel came to Wagamama without her new bf! Whoa it was a first, they have been dating for 6 months and are inseparable! It is hard to get together to have a girls gathering. I guess as we grow older, we grow a part. I had hoped all the bfs, would some day become husbands and we could have a big group where everyone is happy and comfortable with on another. Gail still labels me as the "typical mum", saying I should be at home and not going out so much, also when I wanted a glass of plum wine she was a bit dissapproving. And when some guys make flattery comments at me..she thinks I should be more low key.

But I tell my friends being married and with a kid doesn't change me as a person. Mel is starting to see that being married and with a kid at a young age can actually be fun and fufilling. I keep telling them that, I am not missing out, I'm not miserable, but they think I am. Yeh..i cant travel and venture out on my own...but I can travel with my hubby and Sofia. Which is even better, cuz I'm not alone, and have fun with my 2 favourite people. Yeh so it sounds like babies cost a lot, but hey I only really pay for nappies! And Sofia's presence out weighs any cost, she lights up my darkest days! It made me feel quite special when Mel said it looks like I got it all together and I can do it all. I ensured her being a full time working mum, is definitely an adventure...life is never boring. I am always kept on my toes. :)

Lucky for me tonight, I am going to the movies with F to watch 'Indiana Jones'. I can't wait..so we still have our dates and leave the baby with the grandparents. Life is sweet at the moment. :D

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Schwarzkorf Essential Looks Spring/Summer 2008
Saturday. 5.24.08 8:44 pm

Me - back stage in the hairdo, make up and wardrobe

The 'Martina' hair style (from the Schwarzkorf website)

It has been a few days now since I went for the Schwarkorf Essential Looks 2008 Spring/Summer 'Spirit Collection' presentation at the Perth Zoo. It was an awesome experience!! I got a free hair cut and colour and loads of goodies hehe that I can take away and practise on my hair. I am not that good with hair, but with free Schwarzkorf products I can surely start my own hair styling business hehe.

The 2 days were pretty full on. Just sitting around and waiting for directions. I met a lot of nice people and some who had snobby 'model attitude'. It was a good mix. I met a young female doctor, a dog trainer, uni students, etc. It was cool how we were modelling these hairstyles that have taken on a personality of their own. I guess the hairstyles kinda matched the characters or indeed 'enhanced' them. :)

There were a few categories, New romance, Brigade, East and School's out. I found myself in the school's out category trying to encapsulate the meaning of 'so wrong that it's right' haha. Which meant the hair style was cut in a way that was shattered, unconventional, punky and rebellious. I really enjoyed how Schwarzkorf had taken on the influence of the catwalks in Milan to come up with these ideas.

I loved it, it was so much fun. But just a lot of waiting around and also I was getting sick and tired of them catering cold sandwiches. :/ I found this ad in the CareerOne website, so it is really easy to become a hair model and get free stuff!! :)

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I love freebies!!!
Sunday. 5.18.08 10:20 pm
I agreed to do hair modeling for Schwarzkorf this weekend. It is the only way I can get a free hair style and cut and colour! Hahaha, plus free products worth $200. I really can't be bothered spending up to get my hair cut and styled. I love freebies, it is a nice feeling to get stuff without paying hahaha. But then...free stuff means you have to do something. And that is sitting and waiting for hours for Schwarzkorf to have their presentation and a lot of prep.

So today I spent majority of the day in a salon getting my hair coloured...and now suffer from an itchy scalp cuz of all the chemicals. :/ It should be fun though, it will be held at Perth Zoo. And I have to stand up on stage and get my hair snipped in front of 150 people. It's gonna be a long day, but still... it is a day away from work. :p

Fernando has been very supportive, and has been looking after Sofia. It is nice to do something for myself that I enjoy. Doing things for enjoyment outside of work keeps me sane.

I know I have move up to Compliance, I am not so sure whether it is a good move though. THey have spoken about working the field...but I doubt they will ask me. I think they will ask,..but what would I say. Plus I start my higher duties on Monday, being the acting APS5 for the month. I didn't apply for the promotion...and I guess that last minute decision is a decision from my heart and soul. I don't want to be up in the ranks, I don't want the money for a job I am not passionate about. I'm not ready...

Anyway it is a new environment, could get better. I'm staying positive. Wishing you all a happy week ahead! :)

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