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Birthday plans
Saturday. 3.14.09 9:47 am

My early birthday present

10 more days till my 25th Birthday! And this time I have plans to go all out. hahaha. I don't know why I think 25 is a milestone event, but it does mark the middle ground of being an adult and a young adult. When you are over 25 for a girl...things start to go downhill, lol! I know it is pessimistic of me..but that is when guys don't find girls young and attractive anymore, lost of innocence and vibrancy. Maybe it is past this 25th year, that girls become women instead with a strong mind, a sense of self and a matured sensual attractiveness that young men often get drawn too. It's not about being indecisiveness anymore...at this age women should know where they are going, who they are and what they want out of life. Well it's my theory anyways...maybe this kind of confident thinking needs to start, it builds resilience for when 30 arrives! lol!

There is a first for everything. I have been talking a lot about opera and wanting to see my first live theatre event. Usually I would watch opera on Youtube or on SBS when it is showing. F and I share a range of music together, and classical/opera is one of them. I bought Premium seating for 'Marriage of Figaro' $150/seat...we are smack bang in the middle...so I am hoping for a grand experience. I think my love for music festivals have died down...because I'm so lazy to beat the crowds and sit in the sun and drink heaps until I vomit. Hahaha...I would rather do THOSE things in the comfort of my own home. I'm such an oldie...

But I will also be organising something that wouldn't be classified as "old", which is hiring a limo, grabbing some gourmet pizzas from Broadway Pizzas in Applecross, BYO alcohol and cruising round Perth with a small group of friends. I think it will be a chance to catch up, be silly, listen to good music and celebrate being "in between adulthood". At least when I get totally legless then it will only be in the company of close friends... See how it all goes. With the economic crisis I should be saving money, instead I am one of those consumers who's trying to keep this economy from falling into a recession haha. We have to give Aussies back their jobs by spending! :p

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In the mood for culture
Saturday. 3.7.09 9:44 pm

Pavarotti's Nessun Dorma

Since it is nearing my bday I am thinking of all the ideas I can celebrate my BIG 25th. I don't really feel like playing host, so I won't have a party. The parties I organised in the past have been crazy, usually involves me running around cooking at the very last minute. Highly stressful...highly unlikely to happen again. So this year I am going to be a little bit selfish (cuz I can) and spend it with my hubby, my favourite person person in this whole world.

We initially thought about just having a quiet night out with the following run, Nandos, Gelares and cheap movies on a Tuesday. Because my bday falls on a Tuesday this year. But we do that run when we need 'parents night out' anyways. So maybe we can make it a little more special by getting some culture.

I have always wanted to see an opera, it was never something I thought I would enjoy when I was younger. But for some reason my taste for it has deepen, and all I can think about is sitting in an auditorium listening to opera angels sing their thing. Maybe it is something that matures as we mature...our tastes for music. At the moment it is a toss up of the commercialized 'Phantom of the Opera' production showing at Burswood and has come all the way from Broadway. Or the 'Marriage of Figaro' a Mozart piece at His Majesty's Theatre. Either way, it will be a way for me to relax and have some time away from reality to enjoy music.

The ticket prices are insane though, over $100 per person...I was hoping the govt subsidy would come in sooner, but I guess it hasn't come to us yet. I was planning to have a night away from home too...but that could be pushing it.

But art has always been in my roots, I hope to get back to some culture and find my love for the arts again...

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One night at Erin's
Sunday. 2.22.09 3:06 pm
On Friday night, after work, Gail picked me up and drove me to Erin's house to catch up. It was all the way in Innaloo, but her new GPS satnav got us there. Gail and I had time to talk about things, and she mentioned that while we were away on holiday, she caught up with Carlos during her Personal trainer grad night. However, Carlos was interested in her lil sister, Shara. I was quite shocked about this, because Carlos had not mentioned it to me. And Gail is my best friend and Shara is like my little sister too. Gail and I joked about how our group is interconnecting, since F and I got together. Cuz now F's bros are into my friend's siblings. I dunno how it would work out in the long run...rather than expanding the circles...everyone is keeping it contained!

Anyways after that shocking news...I reached Erin's and had a tour of her house. It was like a holiday home...there was a spa, a sauna, a huge patio and monstrous bbq. Gail and I joked about spending a night in Erin's 'hotel'. Danae soon came to join the party with a big group of Erin's workmates from the mines. Soon after a couple of bevies everyone was chatting and getting along. Also a lot of things came out that shouldn't have been said. I just worried for Erin and the fun that she was having may have an impact later down the track. Some people deal with heartbreak in different ways and I have to respect that.

It was fantastic to have this time away from home and unwind after a crappy, sick week at work. We talked about old school days and laughed about teachers and stupid things we did like pick fights. Now Danae is teaching at Lumen Christi College it brings back the memories of the good old days...the night ended and we went home at 1am. I also stayed up watching Benjamin Button cuz I couldn't get to sleep.

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Trip to Indonesia
Thursday. 2.19.09 4:34 pm
The trip to Indonesia was 'OK', it had its ups and downs. The first day when I landed in Jakarta I was so tired and jet lagged...I just wanted to get out of the airport. But we ended up with so many problems with immigration and we got lost in the big complex. Also there were so many ppl hassling us to take our bags and offer a taxi ride because they knew we were tourists and wanted our money! I didn't have any rupiah ready and wanted to make a phone call to Yo, because she was coming to pick us up. I was so frustrated at that point that I burst into tears when I saw Yo...the language barrier and culture was a shock. Finally I had found a familiar face, someone who didn't want to take my money.

Fernando was just as frustrated and didn't like to be followed around by these 'porters' who just wanted to earn some tips for pushing a trolley around. It angered him. Anyways the stay in Jakarta got better, with me staying at Yo's place and meeting her family. It was great to finally see my best friend's home...in all the 8 years we have known each other I have never step foot in her house. I got to see the mega HUGE shopping centres and the international brand names that I cannot imagine coming to Perth. I also tried the best sushi in my life in Jakarta...because Perth's quality is just the pits. I also tried wagu steak on a hot lava stone...it was a different experience for sure. Yo was working most of the time, but took time out to take us around eating.

We also stayed 2 nights in the 5 star hotel - Hotel Mulia...which was really comfortable and relaxing. Yo's mum had paid for our stay in the hotel and another 80 guests because weddings are BIG over in Jakarta. 3000 people attended Aristo's (Yo's brother) and Sianny's wedding , it was like a BIG Ball with people standing and eating and chatting. I also had my first taste of Bintang beer which was great!

The day after the wedding I had to leave at 6am to catch an internal flight to Semarang (Tiff's home town). The flight was delayed for 6 hours...my patience was running thin again and my holiday spirit was almost broken. The rains were just so heavy in Semarang and had flooded the runway! Sofia was such a good girl for those 6 hours, we had to constantly keep her occupied so she would not be upset. Relaxed in Semarang and Tiff took me out the next day to get a full body spa...1.5 hours for AUD$20!! Fernando had stayed at Tiff's home on the net.

We checked out a haunted house in Semarang, which was really an old Dutch colonial Government house, which had a few hangings and tortures there when the Japanese took over. The feeling was eerie and disturbing, but kinda cool at the same time. We went for a road trip to Jogya a 1 hour drive from Semarang. There we stayed at a hotel, and gave me the creeps because of the events of the day.

After we went to the Sultan's palace and bought some batik. Then Tiff drove us to the airport to catch another plane to Bali. Landed in Bali at 3pm and we relaxed...I thought Bali would be better but we got gastro and it made our time really crap. We did do some shopping and sight seeing of the villages, volcano and rice paddy fields and Bali impressed me with it's artistic flair. Again we were greeted with annoying sales people, really giving us a hard time for our money. Plus alot of people trying to cheat us for more cash. It wasn't pleasant.... I enjoyed the swims in the pool at the Bali Dynastry Resort, and the buffet breakfast. Sofia did not like it when we went shopping, cuz it was boring for her. Instead she wanted to stay in the hotel and watch Dora dvds all day long! The dvds were dirt cheap too and we bought a dvd player for $30.

6 days in Bali and we already had enough! We wanted to go home to Perth...feeling sick and frustrated that we didn't do everything we had planned we just wanted to go home. I don't think I will go back to Bali anytime soon. I would rather spend my holiday in Malaysia.

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Pain management
Friday. 1.30.09 8:57 pm
Typing this blog entry may cause me to have OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome) which is an injury that occurs a lot in the office. I don't know why my right hand is feeling more strained that usual, especially my pointed finger. Must be due to the constant clicking of the mouse. Or maybe cuz I am now in Case Management I am just getting all the symptoms of my clients lol! Because sometimes when u talk about something too much you believe you have it! I have done some wrist bends to stretch them out but feels as if it is weakening my muscles than strengthening them.

Today I attended the office sundowner...I don't usually but I thought why not...I haven't been very sociable with the rest of the office. It is nice to have a chat with colleagues over some bevies and they get to watch my face turn red! This year I have decided to make my working life a lot easier and enjoyable by partipating in social activities. I have also joined the photo club which involves meeting once a month with photos of the chosen "theme". The next theme will be 'nature'. There was a 'nude' theme but the majority of the group did not agree it was appropriate. I thought it was a great genre, cuz I could showcase Sofia's bare bottom haha.

This weekend I welcomed my new supervisor, Carol Cannon. Who has just been a breath of fresh air...just from the few days I have known her she proves to be an easy going, fair and reasonable lady who has a funny side. Also my EL1, I find I can chat to and joke with just as equally. I feel so supported now! And it's more of a sigh of relief!

I have been trying to exercise with F every evening, and today we played soccor in the field. It was OK...though I feel as if I am getting a bit pudgy due to the CNY dinners, fast food and I haven't been bringing lunch into work :( So much for new years resolutions!! But thank god it's the weekend!! One more week till INDONESIA :D

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Happy Australia Day Ozzies!
Friday. 1.23.09 9:15 pm
So many things going on this weekend, with a list of things to do that may not allow me to relax much. It is the long weekend to celebrate Australia Day. A day of patriotism in all Australian cities, but it is also Chinese New Year where we get merry by eating many delicious foods and sweets. I feel a bit tired with all the festivities and to top it off, F’s birthday is on the 27th. My friend is also getting married on Saturday…there’s too much going on and I feel this won’t be much of a ‘break’.

F’s having his bday dinner early on the 24th at his mum’s house, and he has ordered the lovely ‘Spanish cake’ (so he calls) it which will be something like a 2 sponge slices soaked in syrup and in the middle a layer of vanilla custard. Then on top a generous layer of meringue icing. It is delicious, but hell for my hips!

We wanted to have Chinese New Year Eve dinner, but it was fully booked out near our area. So we are going to celebrate on the actual day on 26th. It is not the tradition, but what to do…we like the restaurant and all we need to do is walk down the street for 1 min to get there. So it is VERY close to home. This time we going all out, spending $388 on a banquet of 12 dishes! DAMN…more eating. But the menu consists of abalone, fresh lobster, fresh fish, long life noodles, yue sang and other wonderful dishes.

If only I could have a day off this Chinese New Year to really relax and enjoy, but I am back to work on Tuesday. This year I won’t be receiving any ang pows (red packets) because I am married. But hopefully Sofia will receive some so I will pocket it for her. Hehehe. No new clothes for this year I think…no money to buy these things because we are saving up for our trip to Indonesia in Feb. It will be my first time, and I am pretty pissed that we have to pay in US$ cuz we are tourists. Especially since the $AU is absolutely shit when converting currency.

I am excited about work too, cuz I joined the ‘photo club’, I hope it will be fun and I want to find out more about people who work in the office and get to know them on a personal level. I think we often get too caught up in the work and stress of corporate daily grind that it is often forgotten that colleagues are humans too with a life, with interests to share and they can be fun when they are unleased. Hehe. Each week we get a topic to work on, this week it is 'People'.

Hope you all who are celebrating CNY have an awesome time filling your bellies with glorious celebatory food! :D And happy Australia Day to my fellow Aussies!!!

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