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House inspection
Saturday. 8.1.09 7:53 am
Yesterday I took half of the day off work to walk through my new house and have the practical completion inspection. It was so exciting! I just can't wait to move in cuz I can see myself living there already. Fernando was much more objective than me and compiled a huge list of 'things to fix' for the builder. I guess it is best to hand it over perfect rather than having to worry about fixing it later.

One part of the house I forgot to add bricks to at the back...so we have this huge mulch section! My head is already working overtime to decide what to do with that patch... I'm thinking water feature with a few big river stones and cool solar lighting. The land space isn't too big...so any green patch I am happy with. Dunno why but in the past year I have just become very interested in gardening...I have found my zen! It actually relaxes me to pull our weeds lol! I love our chocolate coloured kitchen and new appliances...can't wait to test them out.

Things are starting to come together in these times of uncertainty and bad news. I found out that I will no longer be working in the Employee Health & Performance team as they have begun to abolish positions. I was working on HDA so they are usually the first to go. I knew it was coming...yet I felt really upset when I received the news. It is happening all over the office, where people are ask to move when they don't want to. The atmosphere is very solomn as I meet with these people to discuss their issues and get lots of tears. It has been a week since I last received the news so I have returned to being positive about my next step and just smile through this financial crisis...because it is a cycle that will only get better.

Sofia turns 2 next week...and we are celebrating her bday over the weekend. It should be good. I have taught her how to blow out candles and when I ask 'how old are you?' she replies '2'. My little girl can also recognise and say all the numbers from 1-10... I'm so proud :) I'm taking a day off next week to take her to the zoo for the first time...she will love pointing out the animals. My baby is growing up so quickly...and that's why I am also feeling a bit down about not being successful in conceiving another baby. It's been a few months now..and I found out it is soooo difficult to plan these things. They just happen...but I stress a lot about the subject and continuously hear others spread their good news about 'baby joy'. Stress is a primary factor...but how to forget about the subject of baby making when that's all you can concentrate on. Arrggghhh!!! I can now understand other potential mothers and their struggle to conceive can be so frustrating especially if they feel their body clocks are ticking.

Girls at my age don't usually have to worry about these things... I just have to chill out, remain positive and things will just happen when they should. Oh and I have organised Yoga in my office, hopefully that will help everyone stress down and relax...can't wait till it happens :)

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Still feeling down..about MJ
Monday. 7.6.09 10:10 pm

I'm still feeling depressed about Michael Jackson's passing. It is something that I will not get over straight away, I am sure other fans would feel the same way. My brothers and I talk about him and how we remember the great memories of our childhood listening and dancing to his music. Michael Jackson's music has always been an inspiration to me, whenever I felt down I would listen to his songs and the lyrics and tune give me comfort. I really can't believe he has passed this world. But then again...he is probably happy where he is now, in heaven.

I don't think MJ had a bad bone in his body, he was always trying achieve peace amongst the racial divide and stand up for the children of the next generation. I remember how Gail and I used to chat on the phone about MJ's court case and we would not hear any of it, cuz it was just so evil and disgusting for people to think that way! I truly believe MJ was misunderstood and a lot of the things he did was to help others and make them happy. It's so sad how the media has continued to make his death into a frenzy and gain ratings. Can't say much about MJ's father too...WTF advertising his record label at a time of grief?

I hate it how people mock those who mourn for Michael, they have no respect and honestly don't care for the mark he has made on this world. MJ's music will live on through the generations to come and it will continue to bring smiles to people's faces. And sometimes tears... It is a tragedy to lose such an amazing person, but we should celebrate the life that he lived on Earth and how magnificent that he brought such joy!

I remember being 12, listening to MJ on my cassette recorder with my huge Sony Walkman ear muff phones on, singing along and getting lost in the lyrics. At that age I felt so empowered by his music that I learnt so many lessons of the world and felt a little bit more mature because of it. He opened my eyes to the 'hurt' in the world...and that humbled me to remember that there are others who are less fortunate and who need our help.

Today I stuck a poster up at my desk at work and I found many people shared the same feelings of sadness, but also reminisced of his talent and impact around the globe. Things will never be the same now that he is gone...he revolutionised the pop music culture and was an agent for change and peace!

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Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Summer 09 - 10 "sneek peek"
Saturday. 7.4.09 10:59 pm
I would like to share the type of hairstyle I shall be morphing into on 24th August. I am really quite excited about this Schwarzkopf Essential Looks show, especially since they are celebrating 111 years of Schwarzkopf. This line of hairstyles will be used to influence the hairstyles of Summer 2009-2010. This time they were serious about getting my hair into good condition (considering the numerous colours that have been dyed and it is dehydrated through Winter). But this hairstyle of the 'Sunday Best' range is named 'Mayuko'. It's so funny how the Manager of the project wants us to take on the 'identity' of the hairstyle. lol! Whatever that means... I just really enjoy this collection because of the bright play of colours and the classy cuts. Can't wait!

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I heart new furniture!
Monday. 6.15.09 10:36 pm
I spent most of the weekend sleeping...yay it was nice to have Fernando at home after all he has been working every night! Saturday it was recovery time for the poor guy and we got to scope out our house in the process. It is coming along really nicely...only that the builder put in the wrong colour oven and cook top. We didn't order WHITE, only stainless steel for us. And now they tell us the company who sold them the ovens are in liquidation so we have to find a new brand of ovens/cook tops! How exciting to be choosing my very own model instead of the standard builders range :p Could mean adding extra money to better kitchen equipment. But the kitchen will be the soul of the house...I can feel it!

I also received a lot of motivation from my workshop at Perth Upmarket, it was crazy on that Sunday. I don't know why they don't do it two days...but the owner stated it was to keep it special and people would have something to look forward to every quarter. It was damn cramped with artisans and crafts people of all corners or creativity. Definitely a lively place to be. The beginner's class on 'How to start a fashion label' was informative and kinda cut-throat...the presenter was being real in that it is a competitive industry. Fernando and I have a lot of work to do...

Anyways back to new furniture...we visited Kambo's (electrical goods store) and spotted a few tvs, fridges, washers we wanted. And we began to make a list of items we want in our house, we also listed the price tag so we will stick to a budget. Our wish list came to be very expensive...at $18K!! As if we will obtain all our dream furniture... we may need to have a trained eye for a bargain and do ALOT of research. But yes I would really like to have my laptop please (MAC if possible) :)

Last week was pretty busy for me at work, I was sent for 2 days of training to study the OHS Act and understand psychiatric illness. Both were very interesting topics and I found myself trying to apply my new knowledge to my family members hehe. Trying to guess Sofia's temperament, sussing out Fernando's external locus of control, and letting my mum know she is experiencing psychosis when she hears things that aren't there! LOL! Work spends $1000 on training have to let them know I can put this knowledge into practice hahaha.

I bake an apple pie with puff pastry and I also baked some banana/apple muffins after work today. The oven is still hot from all that baking...and my hips are expanding as it does during Winter. But Sofia is loving it, she can say 'Cakes' now :) And she always calls for 'Mama' and follows me like a shadow...she is the apple of my eye!! As she grows up, I feel we connect that lil bit more.

I saw Angie today from Schwarzkopf and promised her I would help in the next Essentials Collection as a hair model, so I have to try and make the effort to look half decent :p But Winter is killing me...I want warm soups, warm muffins and curries...arrrgghhhh.

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wearing different hats
Tuesday. 5.19.09 10:39 pm
I booked my official graduation photo shoot for this Thursday...even though I graduated last Feb 2008 I still have not taken a photo in my regalia. It's so funny, cuz the moment has passed...I have got my piece of paper and had the celebrations but I haven't sat in front of a bookcase with my proud pose holding my grad certificate. So this Thursday I shall be wearing my mortarboard.

2 days into the new office and OHS issues have begun to surface, I am remaining calm and channeling my frustrations away from people and into my exercise. I have made the trek from my new office to the train station which is about a 15 min stroll. Some people would say that is too long, but it is a great way to get some fresh air in the lungs and pound some pavement. Some people will just complain for the sake of it, and some are genuine. Most of the staff are great about the move, positive and will try their best to settle down and let it all sink in. But some just won't have any of it, why can't people learn the lesson of patience!! I also conducted almost 20 workstation assessments today by myself! phew! It was a mission...but I really felt I wore the OHS hat today.

John came into the office today, after having his baby girl delivered last week. We shared birth stories, haha I mean he shared his wife's experience with me. It was so similar...I just felt sorry for the poor guy because he will have to learn sleepless nights come with the bundle of joy. We noticed there wasn't any good coffee places near the new office, and thought we may have to grab a plunger and some nice ground beans to make our own.

I really looking forward to the next long weekend on June 2nd... I am also hoping to get the chance to see 'Star Trek' on the IMAX screen. I know I have never been a Trekky fan, cuz the old costumes used to look so cheesy. But this new version has HOT guys in it and cool effects :p If I have to see Megan Fox in Transformers 2, I get to see HOT guys in Star Trek lol!

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Perth upmarket event
Sunday. 5.17.09 11:12 pm

I will be attending a workshop on the 7th June 2009, run by Perth UpMarket. It is named 'Starting your own fashion label', it is really something I have always wondered about and whether it was a possibility. No doubt my girlhood dream was to draw beautiful garments and turn them into textile reality! But going to the workshop will probably ignite my love again and put down any doubts I may have had about whether this is still the dream I want to dream or turn into reality.

I only heard of Perth Upmarket recently, it is run for the small local businesses/artist in Perth who wish to sell their creations to the public. It supports Perth's culture of the arts and growth in the local creative industry. I can't wait to experience this...and if you are in the area drop by to check it out!

For more details, go to: http://www.perthupmarket.com.au

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