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How was everyone's vday?
Wednesday. 2.16.05 10:53pm

Me and Fernando on valentines...

mood: in love
listening to: almost here - delta goodrem and brian mcfadden

It was my first vday on Monday and it was my boo's too. I hope everyone had a good time, being single or not...I think everyone should enjoy the day of love :) Love should be celebrated! WHY NOT? I think it is one of the best emotions that we can express...and why not more of it. :) But then...this is strange...I'm not usually one to celebrate LOVE, but puke at the thought of romance. Hahaha. Why is it different this year round? Hmmm...must becuz of someone special changed my mind, my heart about this emotion. ^_^

The day was really not that different from any other...becuz I happened to be working at the time. No one was in a lovey dovey mood...and neither was I. Although I did send my baby a sms in the morning..saying all things sweet :) Then when the day came to an end, I was rushing like a mad woman in the 38 degree heat to get home and prepare for the night. The girl only had 15mins!!! Anyways seeing him in the driveway made it all better. We had dinner at Valentinos in NB, they had a set menu for the special day...some of it was good but desserts could've been better :p

Just being with him that night was good enough, to see him and hold hands walking in the park. *sigh* But it felt rushed becuz at 10pm I had to be at home for a family gathering :( But it was nice, romantic, sweet, simple and that's how I like it. I did get a rose in the end...it was cliched...but not from him. ;) People would noe I'm not really a roses-fan. Then again flowers...ehhh..better growing that cut off from the stem and dead! I was so sad to see him go at the end of the night, I hope he likes my gift, I loved yours :) I was going to cry...but held it in cuz I was so touched and happy... why did u have to go and do that for me boo? #^_^# It was a beautiful night...despite the humidity and heat...

I could learn to like this holiday. ;) My first vday...with my boyfriend...*sigh* after all the past years of hopeless loves. :p I'm so glad it was you boo who was the first :) I love you so much..you have also changed me as a person... to love more, express my feelings more and feel this emotion... It's just pure craziness....

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Week are flyin past!
Saturday. 2.12.05 7:16 pm
mood: a bit tired...a bit happy..

What a day! My bro is back..my cousins are here. Gail is back. I'm just plain tired though. It is as if the weeks are flying by at the speed of light and my mind can't seem to keep up! It is already the 4th day of the chinese new year! Whoa! Only 9 more days to go! The weather was excellent in Perth today, a bit hot for the chilli festival down at Araluen though :)

CHILLI everywhere! Chilli jams, chilli chocolate, chill ice-cream (yum), chilli plants, chilli nuts etc etc...awwww it was soo good! What was so good about it..was that you could taste-test! :) I tried one type called "Dragon's breath" hahaha. There was also the "Deathsauce". Pretty whoa! My tastebuds were burning..but the flavour...just can't get enough. I bought a packet of chilli hot chocolate powder! I can't wait till winter to try it ;)

I should have some photos to show...in the next entry or I may update this one. :) They also had fruit stalls, cheese stalls so in case you had burning tongue you could buy fruit. The festival is also on tomorrow at ARALUAN park so if you are down in Perth with nothing to do...test your self! We bought chilli plants five of them! Asian fire, habereno, jalepeno, thai chilli and thai orange chilli. Hehehe. I didn't know I was quite into chilli...but being M'sian born it would only be strange if I didn't take liking to it. :)

I sat my exam yesterday and it went better than expected! I had only studied the night before and 2 hours before the exam. Not bad to write 10 pags! :p I'm just glad that is over. *phew* But after the exam, a weirdo guy comes up to me and starts to chat me up! Some ppl deserve a kick in the shins. I know they are trying to be polite, but I never gave them the sign "green for go". It annoys the shit out of me! I just wanted to get out of that exam hall quickly!

My bro came back and we went for dinner in NB. It is so weird how we only have "family dinners" when he gets back. When he isn't around, there is never just 4 of us sitting at the table together... hmm... I missed him a lot. After at 12:30am I still made the effort to visit Gail, Mel, her cous, Jess, Joel at Luxe bar. I was tired. Only stayed for an hour, went home at 2am. But YEH! Once again...even walking through the entrance this drunk guy comes up to me and trys to get my number! I'm so annoyed, I was gonna tell him where to go...cuz he wouldn't let me pass without giving it to him. So I gave him a fake one and the name was Melanie. :p Hehehe tomorrow wen he gives a call...I hope it's a perfect match. I just hope he isn't there again when I am there... :/ Hahaha. Oh wells... I'll be more assertive and ask him to f*ck off next time.

I can't wait to go to Gail's tonight to spend some time, properly chatting. We have been on email...but I dunno whether it is the same... this weekend is sooo long. Maybe cuz I took fri off. But still I'm awaiting mon, to go back to work and V'day! ^_^ Dunno what we're doing though..

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Sun Lien Fai Lok
Wednesday. 2.9.05 11:18 am


(That's what it says in the title of this blog - in cantonese). I hope everyone had a nice family reunion dinner last night. It wasn't really a reunion dinner for me...cuz my older bro isn't back yet. He will only get here on Friday :( Oh wellz.. but my best friend Gail is coming back this afternoon from the Wooloona mines. She will be dragging us all out soon to go clubbing, movies, eating etc. And like I haven't eaten enough in these few days!!! To add to that my colleagues are going for YUMCHA tomorrow! Yum...but my poor tum tum. :/

I didn't get any red packets...not yet anyways.. I hope I will cuz I'm not married yet. Haha! I'm a pauper at the moment...not until Thurs when I get paid. My clothes...are all the same! For CNY it is tradition to have something new on...so then to welcome the new year with good luck, good health, fortune and happiness! :) Hope everyone is taking part in the celebrations. I really crave Lien Ko right now...even though I said before I have been eating too much. lol!

The new season of THE OC is back! I think it is only so-so...I dunno but I miss the first season...when everyone's personality was fresh. Now...not so much :/ I miss QAF on mon night and I'm beating myself up for it!

I can't wait till the weekend! But then I have to sit my Admin management 200 exam on fri :( to get to my weekend... How crap...I just wished I was never sick on that dreaded day in November! Oh wellz...

GONG HEY FATT CHOY - for those doing business!

Take care all and have a great CHINESE NEW YEAR! Doesn't matter if u not chinese...hehe...

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true that..
Saturday. 2.5.05 12:07 pm

You Are the Enthusiast


You are outgoing and playful - always seeing the happy side to life.

You're enthusiastic and excitable. You love anything new.

Multi-talented, you do many things well... and find success easy.

You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you.

Try it out guys...I got it from my friend Amy. I found the desciption to fit my personality well...but 7 is not my fav number. :( Thank you everyone who commented in the last entry :) I was overwhelmed by care and attention hehehe J/K! Hope youse all have a lovely weekend ^_^

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Chinese please!?
Thursday. 2.3.05 3:05pm

I wish we could get these over here..."CUTE-up" CNY! :)

My future is here..I can feel it. I seem to be surrounded by children everywhere I go! My cousins from KL, M'sia just arrived and are staying at my house. Their little baby boy is a pain at times...and I just don't have the energy to play and run after him. Plus the korean boys who are staying over till saturday, they are that stage in their lives where pushing and shoving is most fun thing to do. Hmmm...I wonder if I will ever have children...a few of my friends don't. And it's not cuz they influence me to think this way...but I don't feel like a kid-person. :/ My mum tells me that she used to be that way...and only loved to take care of her own children. I really hope I didn't cause her too much strife!

Chinese New Year is coming up so fast...and it's the Year of the Rooster!! It's is unusual but I am not feeling very celebrative. Maybe cuz my older bro is not here on the night of CNY, but he will be for the rest of the 15 days. I'm also not feeling very chinese lately... my cousins come over and began speaking canto with me...and I'm starting to get ablur! :/ Sad and disppointing of me. My friend Ron also told me I'm becoming "Too Aussie"...hahaha which could be true. :/ Pls help!! Help me become the Chinese person within... :) Do you have any suggestions to make me feel more CHINESE? :) Maybe cuz Perth doesn't celebrate CNY that well...

Plus Valentines is coming up soon!! I know a lot of ppl hate this holiday cuz of bitter memories, but don't be so negative. Like they say "It's better to have loved to have not loved at all" :) Have to cherish the good memories too yea? Last yr..I remember I was hanging out with my single girls at Metrocity hahaha...and now nearly all of them have bfs. And I was sulking over different guys lol! This is a nice yr..where I get to spent it with my sweetie :) If you don't have a bf or gf to be with on v'day...get together with your single mates and go out for a night on the town! :) Or get guy friends to bring their guy friends...and girls to bring their girlfriends and have a "mingle night". But bottom line is...HAVE FUN!

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Monday. 1.31.05 1:53pm

I am nerdier than 11% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

I was bored at work and came across this quiz at Morpheus's site. I'm only 11% nerdier than the ppl who took the quiz, hehehe. YAY! But I always thought I was a nerdette :P Try it out ppls!

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