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expanding belly of love
Monday. 3.8.10 7:09 pm
Just letting you know the latest update with unborn bubby...we went for my 19 weeks ultrasound last week and it is amazing how developed the baby has come after 7 weeks since the last screening. I could make out a face from the black and white screen and it has strong bones! Everything went well...all is norm. PHEW! It was also exciting for us, because we chose to find out the sex of the baby. We didn't really obsess over it, we just thought it would be cool to know before hand so we can start talking to it. But it is no longer referred to as "it", "it" is a he :) So we are expecting a baby boy on the 30th July. F is still not convinced, knowing his luck...so he is waiting for D-DAY when he/she arrives. I am convinced...there was a 'dangly' thing. It is nice one girl and one boy...Sofia is so estatic, she is glad there is someone to play with very soon. I think she will be the most doting older sister.

So that is my happy news! My not so happy news, is I didn't get the promotion for the job I have been doing for 2 years. All that training and hard work didn't pay off in the end. They were looking for "experience" this whole time. I wondered what was the point of applying and putting my heart into it. But that is me...I put my heart into something I am interested in and that is helping people. Oh well...I'm not in the right frame of mind to be upset over it. I am gonna look to the positives as I always do and keep going on with life and other dreams. So what if I am not the OHS Coordinator...I can be so much better :)

Just last weekend, I attended Peter and Tracy's wedding. I was so touched that Peter had invited F and I to witness his special day. It was one of the best weddings I have been to. Everyone was laid back and having a good time, there were close friends and family only. The bride was glowing and the groom was quite proud. They have made it down the aisle! Congrats to both Peter and Tracy, wishing them forever happiness! It's moments like these that you really do believe in true love exists :) I couldn't be happier in my marriage too...every day is just lovely and can't wait til we have another addition to the clan.

I do feel like have a short holiday though with just the 3 of us, so I am planning to go down south for a road trip. Most probably margaret river for it's Cow Parade. It is when artists get together to paint on life size replica cows and place them all over the country side. It's a quirky idea, but it is a great tourism for Marges. So that will hopefully come together in April...when I am bigger! But not too big ;p

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Australia Day - what it means to me
Tuesday. 1.26.10 9:59 pm
I have been meaning to write this entry in a while because I had some emotional thoughts on Australia Day. I know to some people being an Australian citizen is really "nothing much to think about" but for me, for some reason this year I began to really appreciate this country. I have now been an Australian Citizen for almost 7 years now...the previous 16 years we had lived in the country but still kept our Malaysian citizenship in hopes that one day Malaysia will become a 'better' place to live again. It is still far from that, my parents still hear about the racial discrimination, the class system and the religious dominance over minority groups...e.g. chinese and indians. It was the reason why they took us out in the first place. I have to say I do not regret it and don't want to go back to stay, sometimes my father and mother do...only because they left their friends, family and memories behind to start fresh. I recognise the sacrifice they have made for me and my brothers to come to a new country without knowing anyone and settle down.

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Malaysia...I like Malaysia for its delicacies, the people's humour which gets them through each day, and the hard work and enterprising ethic of the chinese. In a way, I am proud to have been born a Malaysian Chinese...because I know it is in our blood to struggle but survive. I couldn't love Australia enough for bringing Fernando and I together...otherwise we would never have had Sofia, our gorgeous mixed baby girl. I hear of Fernando's family's story and how they arrived here...and we both pretty much came here for a better life to escape war and fear. I can see how our generation and our next generation will not have to suffer the hardship and can live out their dreams in Australia.

I'm really so happy and privileged to be an Australian citizen...even though the rest of the world says we are racist and lazy...I don't believe that is true. It is the mixture of cultures that fall in love and live out harmoniously together that makes a strong generation which in turn can build a better country with the freedom of reaching their goals!

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Adventures of 2010
Saturday. 1.9.10 12:50 am
2009 was one of those cruisey years for me as I didn't have much to worry about or any milestones I had achieved besides moving into my new house. I guess to someone that would mean a BIG step...but it is something I am still getting used to and trying to enjoy. I have not settled in entirely yet, as there are boxes and rubbish in every corner still waiting to be sorted. How can a house make you happy and frustrated at the same time! It is now January 2010 and we are glad to have achieved clearing up the 3rd room for Sofia. Now the challenge is to make her sleep in her own bed, besides in between mummy and daddy.

I find myself frustrated at spending money without any real cause. I really want to focus on saving up for a new car or paying off the mortgage to increase our living space. I guess there is all this feeling to 'nest' as I await the arrival of my second baby. Yes...you heard it...I am expecting no.2! I feel 2010 will definitely be another challenge for F & I as we try to run our increasing brood of mix racial kids. They will be 3 years apart and we are hoping for a boy...but not phased if we have another girl. As Sofia's smaller clothes will save us money. But can't a boy wear pink? It'll be great anyway to see Sofia have a play buddy.

I'm currently training Sofia to go to the toilet and that is driving me nuts, with her refusing to even change her nappy when it is gross. YUCK! But all these fights we go back to being normal. Sofia still calls herself 'baby' and I am trying to change that by telling her there is someone else in the belly and she will upgrade to a 'jaijai' or 'big sis'. My intention is to hopefully have 2 kids...but see how I feel in a couple of years time whether I shall turn 'clucky' again.

My friends are still without kids, and I kinda feel more isolated and different from their way of planning. But we still remain close as we understand each other...everyone in life has their own separate journey. One thing I really find difficult is disclosing the baby news to people at work, especially in my team. It's strange how once you start having babies people think you are incapable of being a high performing employee. Therefore I am really thinking about what I should do with my maternity leave, 6 months or a year? Would they remember me after a year? It's silly to think this way...cuz it is the future...it is 2010! But cmon...these prejudices will always be hanging about...it is human nature.

I have so much to say since I haven't typed in a while. I'm glad to say that Shel has finally come back to Perth after working up in Pt Hedland for 5 years. She is living in an inner city apartment with her long time bf...just waiting for her to plan her wedding in Bali so I can look forward to a holiday! :) I must say the Christmas and NY holidays are never long enough...I found the first week back the hardest. One of the reasons is because of the tiredness that comes with carrying another human being around, hormones and needing to constantly snack. I think they are getting suspicious at work...but I'm just waiting for someone to walk up to me and say 'Are you pregnant?'. Should I play it out...not say anything...and grow huge week after week until I get a reaction?? That would be so much fun. It's one of those awkward things no one wants to broach... LOL!

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'Away we go' - a sweet film
Sunday. 12.27.09 8:29 pm

I took F along to watch ' Away we go' as Sofia stayed with her grandparents. We already had an idea of what the movie would be about because I had described it briefly from what I saw in the trailer. It was something I knew F and I would like. It was an art house type film, it had some quality characters that made the movie shine that little bit brighter.

It was a warm, heart felt movie that F and I could identify with. A young couple who is expecting their first child and finding a way to settle down in a new place they could call home. They traveled all the way across America and even pass the Canadian border to see friends who they could possibly call family. They came to realize that only they two could be 'family' to this child...and provide the best loved home for him/her.

I found myself tearing up, laughing, angry at different points of the movie, which made it so wonderful and easy to enjoy. I kept on wanting to compare it to 'American Beauty' the other movie that Sam Mendes directed...but it was nothing like it. It was positive, it was softer and a movie that can be enjoyed by all audiences. I would give this movie a 7/10.

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Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Saturday. 11.13.09 10:20am

Just before we flew to KL, we had the opportunity to review the movie, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, courtesy of the Contagious Network. It was a free movie event so I thought why not! I had not even heard of the movie until Contagious Network invited me to the event, and I was very excited cuz Heath Ledger was starring in it! I had ultimately thought the last time I would see him act was in Batman.

Anyways 'Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' was amazing! The trailers had provided a glimpse into the action but when I watched the movie the effects blew me away! I'm very much into the fantasy type movies with special effects so this was another one that opened my mind to a mystical place that we wished existed!

It's not so much a kids movie, more like an fantastical film for the adults. Just to bring them back into childhood memories. I love the magic in the film and the animated characters. Johnny Depp was cool, but I think he did channel a bit of 'Jack Sparrow' from Pirates of the Caribbean. :P I thought Lily Cole was OK, this must have been her first acting experience...but her doll like manner made the movie feel more fantastical!

I would recommend this film to those who enjoy similiar films such as 'Harry Potter', 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and even animated shows such as 'Sprited Away'. Fantastic action packed, humourous film with some heart felt moments.

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3 more days to go!
Sunday. 11.8.09 7:29 pm
Can't wait to get on a plane to escape to M'sia. I am really getting excited now and leaving ol' Perth behind. I got a few girlies (Kim & Gerry) to catch up with and a few new spots to show Fernando and Sofia. I don't plan to spend big this time...just enjoy the company and a few cheap eats. :)

I'm loving the heat in Perth too...turn it up a bit more! Reminds me how close Christmas is creeping up and how perfect the weather is to get out and active. I wanna start looking after my health and fitness again...even contemplating going back to the gym or just drawing up a regime so I can spend time walking after work. I have downloaded the new DJ Guetta album and it is getting me into the mood of Summer partying and dancing! Mishy loves this album too, so I can't wait till she gets back to Perth and we can have my long awaited house warming. lol!

I'm also getting excited about the new year, 2010! CRazy how we are now in the future...2010 just makes it sounds so real. However when I was a kid, I had hoped 2010 would bring teleportation and flying cars. :) I definitely feel more grounded and have finally stood on my own, especially with the new house and settling in. It's all about what's the next challenge ;)

The airport inspector interview was on Friday, it went ok I guess...i can never tell how I went. It is a competitive role...but how awesome would that be to a border controller? I have also been offered my OHS Coordinator role back because I reapplied for it, there are definitely some mixed feelings there. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I do think I have been pushed around a bit...I just begun to sink my teeth into the new training role..and now back to where I was before. I can't complain it is a pay rise ;)

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