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Karen Cheng - This lady must love perth
as much as I do!! Great read, web designer

Ayu - Another nutang bud, luv her
site designs! Sweet person..

Bitch- a "bitch" NOT! Cool Nutang girl!

KOban - NUtang boy who likes ff like me!, from sg too.

ShaShaBoo - she mah home girl..hehe
nutanger too!!

Vera - Frm Atlanta, US, alwiz has
something interesting to say!

JulAngel - Friend from 1st yr uni at Murdoch, Honkie at heart but living in Perth.

- another nutanger...very cool blog, she knows how to write!

Aussie Poida - A work friend, also from Perth. A live journal junkie/nintendo person
Count me in
part three world trip: Vancouver, Canada
Wednesday. 12.20.06 5:22pm
After 10 hours of flight from HK my frens and I landed in Vancouver, Canada. It was chilly stepping out of the airport. I was scared I would not survive the low temperatures... everyone was bundled up in scarfs, gloves and beanies. Even though the air was crisp my toosh was freezing! Main purpose to go to Canada is to support my fren Yohana, she is in love with this guy that she met off the net. I know it sounds silly but their story is really lovely and I could see it was genuine when he came to the airport to pick her. He hugged her and was honestly glad to see her.

7 days we spent in Canada, I cant believe for so long! I would have rather a warmer country like Msia...but I made the best of it. Vancouver reminded me of Perth, because it was kinda quiet and low key...it probably had a lot of night spots but I didnt check them out. Yohana was of course spending most of her time with her guy...whilst Vira, Tiff and I went exploring for ourselves. It was easy cuz everyone spoke english and food was everywhere. On my first day I ate a bagel! :) With cream cheese YUM, instead of kraft cheese (like they make in Australia) YUCKS!

We got lost on our way to China town, and bypassed the hobo area, which was a bit scary for us girls to handle. We stuck close...but I would often pass an old, mental lady mumbling something to herself (or to me???). Graffiti everywhere and just a weird feeling. We walked all the way from Burrard St to Stanley Park, it was huge! Nice trees and lake there, lovely scenery. But the best was taking the bus to Whistler. It was the first time I ever saw snow!! It was beautiful, everywhere was dusted with the stuff. It was wet though, hard to walk through the stuff in just sneakers...got soaked through! It was cold, but nice crispy cold, not freezing which shocked me! Though seeing it for the first time kinda made me sad inside, missing home a lot and the ppl I love...cuz I wanted them to see it too.

I went skiing for a bit, cuz of the sun goes down at 4 in winter time, we couldnt stay out for very long. :( We did a bit of shopping whilst we in Van, but it was expensive as we converted every price with the $AU. We watched a movie, 'The Holiday' too, to kill time. It was a sweet movie... Our hotel was great, HYATT Vancouver is an awesome place to stay!! Also the accents of the locals were so funny, everything is so pronounced...and they think our engllish sucks! They drive on the right side of the road...which in my opinion is the wrong side. :p lol!

All in all it was a nice stay in Canada, I dunno whether I will return though...seems so much like Perth! I would prob like to go to HK or Msia more...esp since I dont have to travel so far. :p Had the worst last night in Van though...Yohana treated us to sushi and sake...6 BIG bottles of SAKE. And I was quickly tipsy and rested my head on the table, I also embarassed myself by chucking up in the restaurant. :( My friends were laughing at me...but I was just gone and lost my composure. Never again will I drink Sake, it is my poison from now on.

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part two world trip: Hong Kong
Monday. 12.18.06 5:16pm
The trip from Msia to HK was only 4 hours which was great to hear cuz I was already tired of travelling on plane. We reached there and met up with Yohana's mum, who had a driver to take us to the Marco Polo Hong Kong hotel. It was a nice short stay at the hotel, the weather was a perfect 25 degrees and service was really good. My canto was very rusty, I sounded so funny and my sentences hardly made sense. My friends depended on me though so it was hilarious. I couldnt haggle very well with the shop owners in Mong Kok market cuz I have the naturally 'sweet' voice which is hardly ever intimidating and not used for debating.

First day we had a rest, shopped a bit on Tsim Tsa Tsui district and had a wonderfully "rich" seafood dinner with Yo's mum and business partners. It was too much, shanghai hairy crab with brown vinegar was so nice but damn rich and fatty! lol. Not only that but fish, and the best warm almond dessert in HK! Not too sweet, not such a strong almond smell and very smooth.

Second day, we ate dim sum with Yo's mum and her assistant. It was quite nice, but I was still full from the night before. Though I got to taste the different dishes and it could not be compared to what we have in Perth. After the driver took us to Oceans Park, a theme park, bigger than Disneyland. We hung about, looking at the sea creatures including jellyfish, seals, sharks, fishes etc. Also went on 2 rollarcoasters which made me very nauseous and scared. Im not good with rollarcoasters and have to shut my eyes whenever it goes down really FAST! We also got to see pandas, and they r so CUTE! Afterwards we found our way back by catching a HK cab. At night we went to Mong Kok, I bought all sorts of chinese things for my parents and we spent most of the time haggling over clothes! Tiff was sick that night and could not join us. The HK female and male shop owners really flirt with you to get business, it was funny to see hehe.

Third day, it was the finally day. We had to catch our 3pm flight to Vancouver and had to squeeze in Disneyland before we left. It was a very magical place, lots of rides, things to buy, all the different lands to discover, e.g. tomorrowland, adventureland etc. Felt like a kid again, but damn it was a hot day! Loads of China tourists there too. Very rushed, but we covered most of it, the theme park is not even finished yet...Oceans Park was probably bigger.

That was that of HK, smoggy place, but the streets were cleaner than I expected. People were generally ok, except for the 7Eleven lady and the street store owner who cursed us to die on our trip...cuz we didnt buy anything from her. They can be so pushy! But they too have to make a living. I want to go back to HK again! This time bringing my family along, cuz they would love it!!

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back to normality - part one world trip: msia
Sunday. 12.17.06 6:20pm

At Kim's house, with her youngest bro and her chow chow, "BOW"

I have just arrived back in Perth on Saturday morning 1:40am, I am seriously jet lagged and in need of sleep, PLENTY OF IT! I had left Vancouver on the 15th Dec, 11 hours on Lufthansa to Frankfurt airport. There me and my friends slept in the lounges provided in the airport and bummed around for 12 hours til our next flight. Tiff, Vira split from Yohana and I cuz we were on our way back to Perth, whereas they had continued their trip onward to Indo. I have suddenly gotten used to sleeping on the plane and no longer afraid of the take off and landing of the plane. Indeed I was no longer excited but just plain tired and my body had just crossed 3 times zones in a span of 28 hours. I was getting tired of plane food, and how it tasted so plastic and how sitting down has turn my butt into a pancake!

Overall the trip was a blast! I had especially enjoyed my time in msia, catching up with my 12 yr long penpal, Sin Yee for the first time face to face. That was something I needed to accomplish in my life. She was the most sweetest, kindest friend ever and she is everything our friendship was on paper. I also caught up with Kim, and went to her house and met her parents and bros. Also became esp aquainted with her chow chow puppy! It was nice to see her home and have her take me around to Sri Hatamas to try the supper foods and shisha (Egyptian smoking device)...hehe which was rather notti of me cuz I dont smoke. It was a fragrant and sweet tasting, lemon mint flavour which complimented our drinks. I got to eat from a fresh coconut. Run around megamall, and one utama buying lots of shoes and clothes of course. ;) But never got a chance to hang out at KL city. The wedding was great, it was Tiff's older sis's shindig and it had all the trimmings of a traditional chinese wedding dinner. Great food, powerpoint slide, jokes from both sides of the family, loads of pics and heaps of fun.

I also got to meet my granny and my tai pak. My cousin sisters now all have boyfriends, husbands and kids...it is so nice to be an auntie and play with my nieces and nephews. They are so cute! They treated me to lunch which was the BEST Hokkien mee ever tasted! And to durian, my granny asked me to eat all of it, and I managed half a durian to myself! Felt sick and smelly after but it was for her hehe. I met a new friend in msia from Kim, Wing who is one crazy chick took us to ss. 2 to have asam fish and teh tarik,...it was really nice to enjoy the msian food that I have missed so much! Street food can never be compared to shopping mall food in msia!

When I landed in Msia for the first time, it was humid...but I grew used to it, wasnt uncomfortable at all. I had a rash come up a day after...showing that my skin is not used to so much moisture. I felt really touched when I got off the plane, as if I had returned to a familiar place that I call home, can be quite emotional...strange enough since I have spent most of my life in Perth, Australia. I just felt so at home, with everything...except the dirty drains!!! hehe. Ate lots but I didnt put on any weight (phew!), I think walking lots helped keep the weight off. :D I think I miss more of the ppl than the place...

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I'm leaving on a jet plane lalala...
Thursday. 11.30.06 12:24pm
Tomorrow morning or late tonite rnd 1:55am I will be leaving on a jet plane on my 16 day world trip with Tiffanny, Yohana and Vira (Tiff's sis). It should be a blast! I have made sure I have packed all I will need to survive the many different climates and time zones, you should see the number of drugs I will be bringing! I think I have one for every ailment that is possible. hehe. Better to be safe than sorry I reckon!

I had a dinner with Mel, Gail, June and F last nite at Yuki, a small japanese restaurant and after they came back to my parent's house and we sat to chat about highschool memories. It always makes me laugh and I lose my breath wheneva we talk about the our old teachers and people at school. I will miss one of my friend's engagement parties, but I should be back in time for Christmas was presents for them.

It is really exciting, yet I do not feel that excited...rather tired. Cuz of all the running around of last minute errands has got me burnt out. Anyways...it isnt as bad as Tiff, cuz she is working a double shift at lunch and dinner time. She is a workaholic when I thought I was! I have quit the Thai restaurant and I hope to keep my salad bar job for Sundays, because I really enjoy working in that place. I did not get the Lvl 5 job at DIMA, but I am not fussed...Im only a baby compared to others in the organisation. And Im happy I will get to experience my lvl 4, which I had left when I went for 10 months study leave.

At the moment I cant dwell on that...but the anticipation of finally seeing snow for the first time! :)

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travelling nerves
Monday. 11.27.06 10:21 am
Im quite nervous about going on this trip now, I will miss everything that is PERTH. *sigh* But I am also excited about it. My frens have not got their visa for Germany, but I am able to go there with my aus passport. So I hope to visit the Christmas markets in Frankfurt while I am there. Also I hope to get some time in for sightseeing in Frankfurt and take loads of pics for I have never been to Europe. :) The airport sounds impressive with an inbuilt nightclub and x-rated movie theatre. lol! So the girls should be good there for 12 hours.

I have a lot of stress though atm of leaving behind ppl I love and also trying to organise last minute visas and accomodation. I hope to do everything before the date of departure which is 3 days to go... Always last minute..

Im also putting together a photo album for my friend Yohana who is leaving PERTH for good once our trip is over. So many things to put together and also keeping it a secret from her to surprise her :) Though I found out albums are really expensive and so is digital photo printing in my area 45c a copy!!! Which is a rip off. So I am taking them to Msia which is only 10c hehehe.

Im afraid of getting sick too, I know being in an enclosed airplane with dozens of other people who may be coughing or ill can transfer diseases quite easily. Plus with DVT, sitting down too long for the lengthy flights make me uneasy...it should be fun but also it will be boring and a lot of time to waste. Anyone have suggestions on how to keep busy during an 11 hour flight? :)

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Make poverty history
Thursday. 11.23.06 10:18am

This generation in which we live in has so many opportunities, because people in the past have fought for our position today. Women are able to have equal rights, the colour of your skin no longer determines the place you are allowed to walk into, we are the generation that is lucky, but lazy. Some people feel as if they have nothing left to fight for, that life is now easy and breezy...but it is not the same in some parts of the world, where the changes have not equally affected them. They live in a world where they go hungry to sleep, where there is no clean water and to obtain that luxury they have to walk miles to get it.

We as young people have a voice, when we join together in a common cause we can change impossibilities to possibilities! We know that poverty is not a natural disaster, it can be avoided and everyone can help by only donating a bit of their time, concern, support and cash. These people will never get out of the position they are in, especially since their govt have such a large debt...powerful countries like ours should drop that debt and allow these people to live, cant they see we are already rich!

I have always been moved as an individual to help others in the world. I think of the clothes I wear, the food I eat, the love and warmth I have of my family and friends and wonder cant every young person in this world have what I have. To feel I can have a career, aspirations and dreams...whereas some fear to dream only to be let down because their circumstances do not allow them to dream. I admire those African children who go to school and have dreams of being a doctor to help others. It's amazing...

Please support the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY campaign, we have to make noise to our governments and draw awareness in our communities - how strong we feel about this cause, about this movement! Please buy a white band and wear it everywhere to show your fight for life. For someone else's life... I got the white band for my website from Sohoqueen (fellow nutanger)...if you need the code to put on your website please let me know...and I'll happily send it to you. :) Thanks guys for reading this entry...hope it motivates you to as the website has motivated me :)

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