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*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
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Bitch- a "bitch" NOT! Cool Nutang girl!

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JulAngel - Friend from 1st yr uni at Murdoch, Honkie at heart but living in Perth.

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Aussie Poida - A work friend, also from Perth. A live journal junkie/nintendo person
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diversity at work
Tuesday. 1.16.07 8:19pm
In my new unit at work I realise that everyone is so different. We are really diverse in immigration, everyone is from a different background. But also we all have personalities, and it relates very much to the way we do work. I think I am genuinely a quiet person, as much as I try and be an extrovert I can never feel completely comfortable in the presence of a large group of people. My last section (Finance) was only a close group of 4 ladies, now we have 8 people and I have very 'LOUD' colleagues. It is both good and bad...good because we never have a dull moment, always joking around and playing about. Bad cuz a few of us are quiet and dont have a chance to voice ourselves and we are not noticed as much.

I thought I would be able to have clever come backs and hilarious jokes to charm my colleagues but I dont. I am like one of the most boring workers in DIMA. Often labelled as the soft spoken, nice girl. It sucks...I want to be more aggressive and noticeable but also I want my personal space. I dont think I can handle being popular or talked about. For example, even when people comment on my appearance being 'nice' I often doubt their opinion.

Hmm...man...there is still so much time till retirement lol! I think I should be able to survive the office social scene, but I still cant accept it as a part of my life. It takes up 8 hours every day, quite a big chunk! But I can never be comfortable with it being a part of my life... it sucks. Maybe cuz Im not doing what I totally love, but just satisfied with. But there is no doubt I am working with lovely people...I just hope they can accept me for my boring self. lol!

Dunno what's up with the low self image at the moment, but even though I know I am boring guess I dont care either...I will never want to be the follower or sheep. As long as I am comfortable and being myself, that's what I should be proud of...even though I am the soft spoken, nice girl. It's better than loud mouth, bitch face. hehe.

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what's with the heat?
Sunday. 1.14.07 8:20pm
After waiting all Winter to get to the Summer weather I am not so sure I like it anymore :( It was so bloody hot today I kept on feeling dehydrated and also very sleepy. I think it may have been about 40 degrees. Lucky I wasnt working at the Salad Place cuz I would have died of heat! I know I complain a lot, but it was really affecting me that badly today!

My stupid boss forgot to tell me that the shop was closed on the weekend, so I took the bus down to the city for nothing! And not to mention, on Sundays, buses come once every hour. So I was waiting at the busport for 1 hour doing nada. I was really peeved off. Anyways Im gonna give him a call tomorrow and tell him Im quitting, cuz I'm just not happy with the way he has been lately with HR stuff.

The heat is killing me slowly and bringing on the moodiness...I cant believe the weekend is over already! It's like it never happened, no much time to relax and just too hot to do anything. I know jst got back to work..but Im looking towards a break already, probably Australia Day long weekend. It just sucks when you dont have air con...

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no one wants to come across me..
Tuesday. 1.9.07 6:15pm
No student would wanna come across me when they are in Perth Immigration cuz I am one of those scary officers that cancel your visa and ask you to go home! MUhahahahha... well that is my new job, a cancellations/student monitoring officer. If anyone steps outta line, not attends class and fails their subjects, it is more like being a teacher! I didnt think I would be cut out for this job and even like it, but it is becoming more interesting each day. It is more about helping students find options to stay rather than to kick them out of the country for 3 years.

A lot of the clients I have come across look very desperate and depressed, it is quite hard to see that way but I must learn to treat my job as separate and not let it affect me. I have learnt from friends that you sometimes have to not be too sympathetic and listen to everyone's probs when you have to deal with your own first.

Anyways yes, I have to be more assertive and stick to my guns when dealing with these cases... so it is fair and just for everyone who applies for a visa. Well I just to practice on not being a softie. As I can be sometimes, or mostly.

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new year - overrated
Friday. 1.5.07 10:00am
So it is 2007, big deal...it feels like every other regular night and day spent waiting for midnight and doing a stupid count down. Sometimes I wonder why celebrate it? Let's just sleep on it and then wake up to 2007, but people use this as an event to drink and be really stupid, make stupid mistakes and spend lots of money, wearing stupid hats and making loud noises.

Hmmm...well kinda similar to our Chinese new year lol, but that is so much better. You actually have to go and visit your relatives, making nice traditional food, also clean up the house and you receive ang pows (good luck money) from elders. :) You also get to see lion dance, chinese dances, fire crackers that damage your ears haha and all to bring good luck into the new year. I love it and can't wait for it to arrive (Feb 18th). If only I was in Msia with my friends and relatives, we would have a big CNY dinner on the eve of the event and the young ones stay up really late - so that their mother n father will have a long life. :)

2007 will definitely mean change for me, I will move into my new posi on monday doing e-visa work. Should be interesting and then I will also finish my 2 units to finally graduate! Hopefully housing prices in Perth will come down and I will also get to buy a place of my own. But till that day happens I will have to move back into my parents house and chill out for a while. Also I have quit my gym membership, cuz I think it is getting boring and the place really stinks! Ive only just noticed...

I can't be bothered making up any new year's resolutions becuz I think I am just going to break them. Or there is no point, just make a promise to yourself, not some resolution cuz these things r meant to be broken but promises well...there is some moral content attached to it. Just hoping for good health n success/prosperity to everyone!

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why is this uncanny?
Sunday. 12.31.06 5:16pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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just like another day...
Thursday. 12.28.06 6:56pm
Oh yea..merry belated christmas to everyone at Nutang! I didnt really feel it was here this year. I have just been very tired, cant be bothered, out of touch mood that has put a drain on my merriment. I felt it passed by too quickly and I did not enjoy it at all. I did have a few days off from work...and that's all it felt like. Maybe if I had gone to church this time it would've given it some meaning. I didn't really buy gifts for ppl this time, cuz I considered the things I bought from my trip their 'early Christmas' present. All there was was heaps of food, eating and chocolates! Which my stomach is paying for now. Even the smell of food puts me off, I have lost my appetite!

Work was a drag today, not many ppl in, and not much to do. So I couldn't really see the point of going, but I did anyway to get paid. I really want to get the internet access at work, but I'm a bit scared to ask my boss for it. I know I need it for my work but I will probably be going on it to update my nutang haha. I have also started a Myspace...which is so sad. Cuz I never thought I would follow that craze. Eventually I have and so has Fernando. Though I love my Nutang and will not go over to the dark side fully.

Im really missin Yo since she left Perth for good, I never thought I would be the type to cry when my friends leave..but I do. I cry when I have to leave Fernando or my family, but I guess my friends are my family. Life is going to be so much more boring with her not around and no one to chat to and laugh with. Yesterday I went with Michelle, Gail to Mel's house, cuz it was her bday. It was nice to have the girls sitting down and chatting, I felt I had missed so much of theirs lives cuz I havent seen them in a while. It made me feel guilty I didnt know what was happening with them, and would need so much more time to catch up. I didnt say much about my trip to anyone really, I just wanted to listen to what they had been doing these past months.

New year is just around the corner, and this yr I feel I have not acheived as much as I have done in the past. I havent even graduated! Which is grinding against my head! I want to finish one thing at a time before I start another, but atm everything is going at once. I just have to go with the flow...

HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT START TO 2007! SEE YOU AROUND, will visit your blogs :D Good luck and good health to all.

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