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Saturday. 9.15.07 5pm

Boys should be boys...and not dress like girls..

Ever since having my baby, I have been faced with the reality that my body has changed and will not go back to the same way ever again! I find that my previously straight-lined, atheletic body has become filled with curves. In a way..I am starting to like my new curves, and it makes me feel like I have truely become a woman, rather than a girl. But my old clothes do not agree with me...my poor skinny leg jeans and straight leg pants are more snug in the hip and bum area. And my size 8 tops no longer fit my bust! It makes me wanna cry to say goodbye to my old clothes...and also the old me.

This sudden realisation, has also got me wanting to splurge on new clothes and a new look. I am a mummy now...but it doesn't mean I gotta start looking like one. The whole 'mum' look has transformed in the 21st Century anyways. These days it's about keeping up the grooming whilst looking after the kids. It sounds impossible to me at first...but I could just practise in making grooming time at least 10 mins or more time efficient. Cuz 'frumpy lumpy mummy' look is out now. The 'Yummy mummy' is a much more glamourous and respected image.

I guess I have always been facinated by fashion. It was actually my dream as a lil girl to be a fashion illustrator and make beautiful couture garments. But as time went on, and my Chinese parents insisted I have a more secure future...I went to uni to study business! :/ And I can see why, it is a very competitive industry, to get into the fashion business - because it is not what you know but who you know. And since The Perth Fashion Fest is on now...it is making me even more excited about clothes. hehe.

Though I must say, the fashion these days are so simple, with bold colours...which are pretty boring to me. Where is the class and style gone?? Has the world gone mad, where fluro yellow is the 'in' colour? And where it's ok to wear fishnets under mini-shorts? And skirt waistlines that comes up all the way to the bust (looks like how grandpas pull their pants up way too high!!)? Hmm...people will wear anything these days to keep up with fads...even if it doesn't suit them.

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First day out
Monday. 9.10.07 1:59 pm
Yesterday F and I took Sofia to see her grandma at her house in Armadale. It was a mission and a half to get the baby capsule ready for her to sit in. She slept all the way to the house and on the way back home. F and I discussed why they haven't made something similiar to a car to help babies go to sleep. Rockers aren't the same...you need something that vibrates like a car journey hehe.

But last night I had the worse time with Sofia, she did not sleep until 5am! I was practically losing it...my ability to stay calm was shattered. I was sleep deprived and didn't understand why she was crying. But all of a sudden she just put herself to sleep. And I was left frazzled...and upset. It could be the long day out, and overstimulation that made her feel so agitated...plus she puked her milk out and had diarrohea. That worried me, cuz she was sick and unwell and I didnt know how to make her feel better but just rock her and try and calm her. It is hard for the not so calm mum to try and calm her crying baby. It is just impossible!

The whole weekend wasn't a total drama. I got together with my friends on Sat night for Gail's house warming, I had a good time laughing and catching up. I also got to drink for the first time in a long time! It was only 1/3 cup of white wine, but that was enough...I was soon - redfaced, giggly, hot and chatty haha. But then I couldn't breastfeed Sofia when I came home, and my boobs were engorged!! That was the annoying part...sometimes I think it isn't even worth drinking.

And I did something nice for myself this week. I got my hair cut, a new style too. I was getting bored with my long, dry, dull hair...especially since it gets in the way of feeding and Sofia tends to tug on it. So I decided on the fringe and a razor cut, so the hair looks choppy and funky. I look kinda like a mushroom...I'll post pics on flickr soon so u can take a look lol! :) But a lil pampering goes a long way for a mum...

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Yay it's over
Tuesday. 9.4.07 11:04 pm
I'm so glad that my confinement period ends tomorrow. Also that my daughter will be one month old of course! But very happy that both of us can finally be normal and go out into the real world. I can't believe it has been a month since Sofia arrived, it feels surreal that she even came from me. A lot of people say she looks like Fernando, she is definitely daddy's lil girl :)

Tomorrow marks Sofia's 'FULL MOON', which is a significant event in a baby's first year. When a baby turns one month old, we celebrate this according to Chinese tradition. Mum has already started preparing the ang koo, also red eggs and maybe some sticky rice for dinner tomorrow. I will have to buy a cake to mark the event, and she will get to wear a new dress. My lil girl is truely growing up, she is much heavier and longer now. Her eyes light up, and she stares and focuses much better. I cant wait for the day when she can talk to me, and we can have mother, daughter conversations. :) It will be so cool.

Yesterday Fernando bought her a whole heap of toys from Toys R Us. Though she is a bit tiny for them now...it's good to get them while it's on special. I have learnt a lot as a parent and that is to have an eye for a bargain! haha...but I think I always have. She's almost through her mountain of disposable diapers, even though I have been using liners!! Needless to say...the washing has been hell! Cant wait for the day when she is able to walk to the loo by herself to do her business. lol!

I got a call from my friend Tiff today, I was so happy to hear from her. My best friend in Indo. It's so good how we can still talk like old times, and tell each other everything that has been bothering us. I miss my girls...when I have a bond with a person that will never fade. That's why I hardly make new friends, I have always made the effort to keep my old ones and cherish them forever. Not that I don't want new friends, but I cant seem to develop a bond so easily now that I have 'grown up'. Dont u think it is easier to make 'friends for life' through school?

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Settling in
Tuesday. 8.28.07 1:56 pm
Sofia is getting bigger and heavier now. She is feeding more often and staying awake longer. I don't really want her to get any bigger cuz she is so cute and beautiful the way she is now. Sometimes I forget that she is another human being, because she looks just like a doll. :) Everyone is just enchanted by her, especially her eyes that pierce through your heart. She tends to stare deep into the eyes of the person holding her and they just melt. hehe!

F and I have finally got our room together. There was a lot of moving...and both of our things are a collection of years gone by. I want to throw old things out, but each item has some memory attached to them. I tend to keep writings, drawings etc. He has games, memorabilia etc. When we get our new house...we will have to have a 'his' and 'her' storage room. Mum isn't too happy with us keeping our 'junk' but it's too hard to throw away!

F is happy about setting up his Wii soon. He cant wait to touch his games again :) Im sure Sofia will enjoy watching her dad play games. F wants to get me into the Wii too. Cuz lately my days are taken up by facebook, nutang, myspace and ebay. It's everything to do with the net. ;) It's like I never left work..cuz I am constantly in front of the computer! At the moment I am waiting for a bid to end on ebay, and this is a MUST win item...a NIKON F4 film camera for Carlos. Cuz he is at work and wants me to keep an eye on the prize. Hmm...I love these auctions...but they also stress me out!

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Milk machine
Sunday. 8.19.07 10:16 pm
I have become the milk machine mummy. Every 3 hours Sofia sounds out her 'hungry' alarm and my 'mothering' instincts are instantly switched on. This means my breasts start to hurt and milk comes leaking out! It is quite embarassing for me to share it here with u, but it is natural and it happens to every single mother. They have become more functional than anything. Ever since I have had my bosoms they never really served a purpose...except being a part of my womanly curves and making me feel like a beautiful, bountiful young lady lol! Now they are just annoying, it hurts and they are very unglamourous. The breastfeeding bras aren't exactly the most fashionable and sexy. I salute those yummy mummies out there who can keep it together post-natal. It is hard to spend time on yourself, when you are concentrating on the baby and making sure their needs are met first. Can be hard to feel attractive and sexy during this time.

I'm counting down my confinement...17 days to go!!! And it will also be Sofia's full moon. We can celebrate the chinese tradition by inviting ppl over, have a food fest, she can get some ang pows hehe! Get some red eggs and a cake. It will be so cool! Also I get to go out of the house, and finally go shopping for my lil girl.

I am also quite jealous that Fernando gets his first father's day this September. And it has made me think about what to get him and make him feel like it's his special day. Being celebrated as a 'dad' for the first time is a big milestone!!! Even though lil Sofia is still unable to make him a card or go out and buy him socks and jocks I will have to plan it. Dunno what though...any suggestions?

Well I better sign off this entry...cuz Sofia is calling for food again. :p She is a Leo, born in the year of the PIG! Oh no...a Golden pig...she will be foreva hungry!

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Tuesday. 8.14.07 11:05 pm
My nose is sensitive since Sofia came home. The house has changed with baby things everywhere! All over the floor, bed etc. Plus a mixture of many smells...

poos & pees
dried breastmilk
baby's breath after milk
baby powder
chinese herbs

Confinement isnt getting any easier. It's nice of my friends to come n visit me. But even if i want to go out in the sun for a bit, my mum wont allow me. I want to wash baby's clothes n she wont let me (even if i wear gloves). Then every meal is ginger chicken with DOM. Im getting sick of the taste, i hate ginger now... *sobs*. Also wanting to start exercising again but have to wait. Just feeling yucky n smelling yucky... not like a yummy mummy ppl say i could be. *sigh*. F still makes me feel good bout myself though :) Being a mummy is still new and like a dream...but im loving it ,more every day. Im so happy she came out a healthy baby. All my other complaints should not matter. Everyday with her is like a miracle :) She gets a lot of love and attention...she is adored.

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