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Tuesday. 7.10.07 9:18 am
If ya'll want a postcard from Seattle, just private message me with your information and I'll make sure to do it when I'm out there.

Don't worry, I'm not going to use your address for anything other than sending postcards. And Nuttz, I'll send you a postcard. It can't cost more than a dollar to send it, so I don't care. My friend sent me a letter from Japan and I don't think it cost her that much, so a postcard is going to be a lot less!

Anyway...I gotta get to work. My trainee person gets here in about 5 minutes. I also have my yearly review today at work. We'll see how that goes. 30 minutes, in the office, with the bosses, alone...with the door shut. It's always nervewracking!!! You never want to hear your bad qualities or good qualities (okay, maybe I want to hear my good qualities), but it's always scary to me!

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Good Morning
Monday. 7.9.07 9:14 am
Hello folks...

This morning has been okay. I woke up and had an ample amoun of time to get ready, I suppose. I'm tired, but that's a normal thing.

I'm still debating whether or not I want to go watch the midnight showing of Harry Potter. I want to like I did for the last movie, but I'm going to be a complete and udder zombie if I do. I have to work the next morning and I'll be running on 3 hours of sleep or so. I think I may just wait until next week or something.

In other news, I'll be flying to Seattle this Friday with Gregory. We'll be visiting my family...any requests for post cards? I'll send them out while I'm at my parent's house. You'll get them, of course, after I get back home in Denver, but at least you can say you got something from someone from Seattle ;)

Ummmmm...I can't really think of anything else at the moment.

I'll post some pictures of Gregory then since he's always something everyone wants to see.

Here's a picture of me and him. It's sort of before bedtime, but he really should be going to sleep.

Here he is trying to drink out of a straw. He's too little for straws, but it was cute anyway. He did manage to get SOME liquid up into the straw, but not nearly close enough to where it would come out of the straw. I think he really just wanted to chew on the straw more than anything else.

Here he is with his toothy little grin!

Here's a picture of the new car...we've almost had it for a month and it still looks good!

Anyway...time to work...

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um...my new hair
Monday. 7.9.07 12:10 am
i had this done on the 26th, but it's taken me this long to actually post

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Thursday. 7.5.07 1:14 am
This was Gregory's first 4th of July (and first bout with fireworks) and he just slept through the entire show. Huge booms, lots of flashing, lots of Gregory just snoring away. I was able to record some of the show on my phone, so here you can watch some.

Other than that, we thought we were going to get rained out. The dark clouds rolled in, we got some sprinkles...but it never happened. The shitty thing though...we were sitting there and the show should have started about 9:30 and nothing happened. We saw Thornton (over the trees) lighting off their fireworks. We saw Westminster lighting off their fireworks. We had fireworks to the east and west of us and Northglenn just sitting around. It was fun when it got started. There was some crazy guy with a video camera though singing and video taping random people asking what day it was and all that. He was drunk...

I'll have to go again next year with Gregory. He'll be a year and a half and will probably have a lot more fun and hopefully won't sleep through the whole thing.

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Hooray for Friday!
Friday. 6.29.07 9:13 am
I figured out how to make Gregory giggle for sure. He thinks it's really funny when you kiss him TONS on his cheeks and he gets a really big smile on his face. Well, if you kiss him lots and make noises like you're gonna eat his face off, he starts to giggle. I think it's funny!

But anyway, I am so tired. I am about ready to doze off right here at my desk. My alarm went off at 6am and I had every intention of sleeping for about 10 minutes and then getting up and taking a shower. WELL, I pressed the snooze button and the next thing I know, it's 6:30am! What the hell!! I didn't have time to take a shower because if I did, I was going to be late for work. I grabbed some clothes and headed out the door. I'll just take a shower when I get home.

I don't know what I'll be doing this weekend. I hope it's something productive or fun. It's supposed to be a scorcher, so I'm not sure if I'll even want to go outside. Maybe Brian and I can take Greg to the pool or something.

Okay, I've got tons of stuff to do...better get to it.

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Happy Thursday...I guess...
Thursday. 6.28.07 9:20 am
I can never seem to catch up on my sleep it seems. I had the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much needed Z's on my birthday, but I decided that I wanted to stay up and wait for Brian to get home to show him my hair. WELL, he got home damn near midnight and I ended up going to sleep about the same time I always go to sleep...grr...

Anyway, last night, I was at work until 8pm, so I went to get Gregory and I didn't end up getting home until around 9pm or so. Gregory and I played for a little bit and then he got cranky. I fed him and he dozed off in the chair. He had just gone to sleep about 11:10pm or so and then Brian got home at 11:30pm and tried to put him in the crib. WELL, Gregory was having none of that because he wasn't asleep for that long when he decided to move him and he wanted to be awake. I'm sure he got him to sleep shortly after that, but by then, I had gone to bed and was out in 2 minutes...I was tired.

I woke up at about 4am for some reason and looked and Brian still was not in bed, so I went back to sleep. Gregory decided to get fussy at about 5:15am and Brian got up with him. They were sleeping in the chair when I got up this morning and about 6:30am when I was leaving for work, and Gregory woke up and Brian refused to get up with him and walk around. I walked around with him for a little bit and then had to give him back to Brian because I had to go to work. Brian tried to make him lay down in the chair and Gregory was having NONE OF THAT. He started crying, so I tried to cheer him up. I love how he gets happy and giggles when I play with him. He's got such character and all that, so I told him that we'd play lots when I get home from work and he giggled at me. I grabbed his foot and told him I was gonna get him and he giggled some more at me. He's so cute.

Regardless, if Brian complains to me about not getting enough sleep today, I'm gonna be like, it was your own damn fault. You could have gone to sleep at midnight or even 1am when you got home, but no...you were up at 4. Don't bitch to me about how you're tired. You had plenty of opportunities to go to bed at a decent time and you decided to go to bed at 4am or later. He has his mom feeling sorry for him because he's always tired and not getting enough sleep. I flat out told her that it's his fault. He's the one that stays up all night and expects to sleep until 2pm. You can't do that with a baby around. I don't know how many times I've told him that no matter how tired you are, if Gregory doesn't want to go to sleep, you are not going to sleep. I have sat there like a zombie because Gregory wasn't going to sleep, but I was still awake. That's one thing that just royally pisses me off.

Another thing that pisses me off (this time, it's not about Brian), is the fact that I was getting into my car this morning and I was parked next to a Mazda Miata or something (it's a little 2 seater sports car) and there was a fucking car seat in the front seat of the car. All the safety warnings specifically say to not put car seats or small children in the front seat of a car until they are a certain weight or a certain age. You know, if you have a kid in a car seat, sell your sports car. Well, the other thing about this car was the fact that it had a carbon fiber hood (makes the hood more lightweight so it goes faster). What the hell do you need a carbon fiber hood on your car for if you've got a small kid in a car seat. Spend your money on something more worthwhile like a family car!


Anyway, I shall leave you with a picture of Gregory in his carseat. That's obviously cuter and he can't ever make me mad, so here ya go...

I took the picture on my cell phone and it didn't turn out bad at all.

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Happy Birthday to me...
Tuesday. 6.26.07 9:09 am
It's my birthday...I turn 23...that's about it.

They decorated my cube at work. Fun times...fun times.

Other than that, nothing is going on. Brian's mom's going to make my hair appointment today at about 5ish so I can go get my hair done and then Melissa and I are going to go out afterwards.

I'm chopping it off folks...I'm going to get a longer looking bob I think, but I'm not sure. I usually don't fare well with those hair cuts because my hair is naturually curly and the layers tend to flip out and under rather than lay flat like they're supposed to. DAMN YOU CURLY HAIR! We'll see...we'll see...I'm getting it highlighted though. A new, blonder me is coming...

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This morning...blah
Monday. 6.25.07 9:10 am
I woke up late this morning. I wanted so much to get a few more minutes of sleep and by the time I got up, it was 10 minutes after I was supposed to leave! Oh well. I made it to work and I was only 3 minutes late. That's not that bad, I guess.

There was some guy walking his dog this morning and we have these cute little wild bunnies that hop around all of the place. Well, one hopped his happy little butt across the walk where the guy was walking his dog and I have never seen a dog try to get out of the Halti (it's a leash/muzzle looking type thing that makes it so a dog doesn't pull on the leash because it hits a strategic pressure point on their head). Anyway, he was trying to grab the rabbit, his owner was just running down the sidewalk, the dog was freakin' out because he wanted the rabbit. I though it was quite amusing.

THEN, I rounded the corner up the drive to my work and I noticed one of those "Adopt a Street" signs. That program is all fine and dandy and I'm happy to see that people take an active part in cleaning up the streets and whatnot, however, having an "Adopt a Street" sign on the drive into my work is STUPID. One, we're a corporate office complex (the whole entire street is) and there's a golf course in the middle of it. The golf course is meticulously landscaped and they take good care of their property. That's half the street all the way down. Two, we have professional landscapers out every day it seems maintaining the landscaping along the street. Half the street goes to the golf course, half the street goes to the corporate landscaping. Everything gets cleaned up and taken care of. Why adopt the street if it's already cleaned up? WHY? BECAUSE YOU'RE LAZY!

Okay, I need to get to work...blah blah blah...

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