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Age. 37
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
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Wednesday. 10.18.06 9:39 am
Well, this evil snow they predicted overnight really didn't come...and if it did, they put mag chloride (I think that's short for magnesium chloride...but don't quote me) all over the road so it didn't stick one bit. Roads were clear...grass was covered in a few inches of the white stuff...the mountains looked AWESOME! I love when the mountains are all white! With the sun reflecting off the clouds and whatever to make the skies all pink and purple, it makes the mountains all pink and purple because it reflects off the snow. Absolutely beautiful!

Today is my black day...got 2 black shirts on (I'm cold), a black pullover, black pants, black socks, and black shoes...had to top it off with a red beanie, but I can't exactly wear that in the building...so I'm not counting that. Who knows if I'll be mourning today, so I have to come prepared ;) Okay...I'm just being cynical right now...I'm sure nothing bad will happen.

Anyone else like peach oatmeal? I LOVE peach oatmeal :) enough so that I bought an entire box of just peach oatmeal. I happened to bring it to work one day and was eating it and then totally forgot about it...so, yum yum...having some this morning. I eat my oatmeal very strangely. I like to eat it cold...with milk. Warm with milk instead of water is good too...but I especially like it cold. I think that's why I didn't eat the oatmeal I had left over. I forgot I even had it because I didn't really want to eat it with hot water...lol

Tonight is power cleaning night (not in the weight lifting sense either...and if it was, being pregnant and power cleaning, probably not a good idea...if you have no idea what I'm talking about, continue to be confused..it'll be good for you). I have to get all that laundry and shit done and picked up before I leave. I somehow have to pack a bag that I don't have at my house (my suitcase, I gave to my mom...and my dufflebag is at Brian's house, full of books)...I'm debating just bringing a backpack, but I know that won't fit. I know! I'll see if Melissa has a suitcase I can borrow...I'm such a tard...I didn't even think of that until now. Second on the agenda after the laundry is to clean the kitchen up. Get rid of the pile of dishes in the sink (that is so not like me...I'm never that lazy, especially when it comes to food containers)...then pick up the living room a little bit after that...OH, clear a path to my bathroom (it's in my bedroom)...Melissa's coming over to do her laundry while I'm away and I don't want her to have to sit in a garbage dump while she does it. I don't think that would be very apetizing...and well, since it's just me...I've somewhat let my house go to the birds :( I'm just happy she'll be over there at some point while I'm gone, so she can keep an eye on my car and my apartment.

Anyway, gotta finish this oatmeal and get going...*crossing my fingers nothing bad happens today*

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Wednesday. 10.18.06 12:19 am
Okay, it was wing night again...lol (I think I said that earlier)...but tonight, it wasn't so excellent. It took them forever to bring the wings out, and I am not even that sure they were cooked all the way...everyone sort of had a stomach ache when we left there.

Oh well...we'll see about next week.

Wednesday tomorrow with heavy snow predicted...ugh...not enjoying that part right now. It's 28 degrees about now and when we were driving to get wings, the roads were really shitty. By the time we left though, they had plows on seriously every road, so they were clear and no slushy! What I just said really didn't make any sense...lol

Hopefully tomorrow goes better than today did. It was okay at work and all and then I got home and it was better. Just one day I'd like to leave and feel good about leaving and not feel like I'm leaving some HUGE burden or anything.

My computer got a spyware cleaning today :) Brian's in the Geek Squad, so I get the Geek Squad perks at a low price...hehe ;) My computer didn't have as much spyware as we thought it may (since it had been running sluggish), but it did have a trojan (that's really sucky)...it's all cleaned up now though...yay!!

Ugh...political commercials. That's all they're showing now between shows...I'm tired of hearing about it. Can voting time come and people vote so these ads can go away??

Oh well...sleepy, lazy...

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Tuesday. 10.17.06 2:49 pm
It's snowing and I'm not enjoying it!!!!

I went out driving at lunch and it's more like a wet snow/solid rain type thing...I figure it can only get worse tonight (ugh)...oh well. At least Denver is prepared for this :) Plows are probably warming up as we speak...hehe...and my friend Melissa is jealous because it's snowing along the front range up north here, and she's downtown and it, I guess, hasn't made it to her...poor thing. She's all about the snow...I'm all about the autumn days that are chilly, but clear as day :)

I'm freezing my butt off in this office though...damn deciding to wear a skirt on the day that it decides to be arctic! Just my luck!!!

On a lighter note, was in the breakroom and noticed some yummy breakfast foods, so hehe...I indulged. Grabbed myself a cinnamon appleish type muffin thingy. If the cinnamon roll is still in there at about 3pm (when I feel like snacking again)...I shall go and retrieve it! I think it has my name on it...

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Tuesday Morning...
Tuesday. 10.17.06 9:42 am
Well, it's finally here.

I went to bed a little earlier last night (11pmish) and was trying to do something constructive like writing and ended up falling asleep with the pen in hand, notebook wide-open, light still on...guess I shouldn't start things like that when I'm exhausted huh?

Woke up this morning and slammed the snooze button yet again (they should really rid the world of this device...it's obviously contributing to the laziness of the American nation...thus my screenname, but yeah...) and lazily rolled out of bed. I had to look pretty today as there are special guests in the office...in other words, put on a nice blouse, a skirt, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair better than usual...and out the door I went. That constitutes better than normal in my opinion. I don't have time to glamourize for work...I'm working, not participating in a fashion show. I suppose I probably look like Ugly Betty or something from that show...oh well...lol

It's supposed to rain today...the clouds make it appear so, but the precipitation when I left. I'm sure it will come later today, when I'm driving home and getting off work or something. That's how it usually goes.

We're going to wings tonight...again...I think it's a Tuesday night ritual or something. Last time I didn't play trivia, but I don't know...I really REALLY want to, but then I'd be ignoring Brian and Melissa at the table. I don't think that they like me to force them to play trivia. Brian doesn't even get a box, but Melissa...she'll play with me even though we both suck...and sometimes she sucks worse than I do. When the retro trivia came on that one night we were there, she kicked my ass at that. I don't know crap about the 70's! I wasn't even here!! Granted, she just barely made it into the 70's being born in December of 1979, but still...lol...who know, who knows...

Just today, tomorrow, and Thursday to work...I can't wait! I called home the day before yesterday to make sure my brother was going to come pick me up at the airport and he was. Hopefully I'm not inconveniencing him too much. He'll have to be there at midnight basically to get me and he's gonna have to carry all my bags too...the joys of being pregnant. I swear, it's like 9 months of letting people do stuff for you. Is this why I feel even lazier than I did before I was pregnant? Quite possibly...

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my depressing post for the evening
Tuesday. 10.17.06 12:22 am
This is just horrible...I can't see how anyone could do this to a baby:

Carson GI jailed in baby's shaking injuries

Colorado Springs - A Fort Carson soldier told a Colorado Springs police officer that he shook his 7-week-old daughter and knew he had hurt her when she became non-responsive.

Johnathan Christopher Klinker, 21, a soldier with the 43rd Area Support Group, is being held in El Paso County jail on suspicion of felony child abuse. His daughter, Nicolette Klinker, born Aug. 23, is in critical and stable condition at Children's Hospital in Denver.

Klinker told a nurse at Children's Hospital that he was home alone with the baby on Friday. He fell asleep with her on the couch in the living room after he had taken two Percocet painkillers that were prescribed after recent shoulder surgery, according to an arrest warrant.

Klinker told police the baby was "fussy" when she woke about 9 a.m. Later that day, Klinker and the baby's mother, Amanda Redatsky, drove with the child to Trinidad. The baby vomited when her mother tried breast feeding, and the child was taken to a hospital in Trinidad, then transported to Denver.

At the hospital, Klinker told Colorado Springs police Detective Rebecca Arndt "he held Nicolette Klinker with both his hands and then shook her four to five times. When he did that she became non-responsive and he tried to wake her up because he knew something was wrong," according to the arrest affidavit.

Klinker told the detective he held the girl in his arms and "spun in circles in the living room" and then, with her head in his hand and her back against his arm, he "moved her up and down a couple of times in an upside-down position."

He said he laid Nicolette on the floor, held her hands and pulled her to a sitting position and let her fall to the ground four to five times, striking her head and back, the affidavit says.

He then said he knew he had messed up "and he had hurt Nicki," the affidavit says.

The baby suffered visible bruising to her face, brain hemorrhaging, retinal hemorrhaging and seizures, the affidavit says.


I am just shocked that one, this happened so close to me...two, a person serving our country could do this to his own child...and three, the amount of abuse that baby suffered. It's just absolutely horrible!

I usually don't illwish on anyone, but I seriously hope this guy gets what's coming to him...if his daughter doesn't die, she's going to have some serious brain damage and I'm sure the worst punishment might be knowing that he messed his daughter up for her whole life...DISGUSTING.

Okay...I'm done now...I hate hearing news stories about cruelty to animals and kids. As much as I like watching the news, it's so depressing sometimes...

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It was...
Monday. 10.16.06 10:17 pm
Boss's Day today...we got our bosses some nice, pretty flowers (one got a bouquet of pink roses...one got a bouquet of yellow roses). It smelled so nice over by my supervisor's desk...lol

I wish someone would give me a bouquet of roses...hell, the last time I got one of those was over 2 years ago...I suppose that being the perk of a new relationship. Where did all the romance go?

Looking forward to my trip this weekend :) I'm so excited I get to see all my friends and family again! I'm looking forward to it...quite unbearable!

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Monotonous Monday
Monday. 10.16.06 9:44 am
Hey, it's back to work day!

Yes, I think I'm a bit too excited about that...well, the more work I get done in the next 4 days, the less I'll have to do when I get back from my vacation.

We're supposed to be 70 degrees today, then tomorrow it's supposed to rain all day...and then Wednesday is when we get our cold front and the snow (with highs of 39 degrees)...you know, it couldn't wait until after my plane takes off and dumps all weekend or something...no, it's going to want to snow the day before I leave. I mean, it would help if the website would tell me how much snow they're predicting, but eh...I guess I'll be watching the news for that. Unlike New York, Denver is well prepared for the snow...and I doubt it will be anything major. They have something like 5 to 10 snow plows for just the airport alone...and they're always good about keeping the roads clear as soon as possible. I'm not worrying.

I feel like a zombie this morning. I fell asleep in my chair last night and about 10pm, my friend called from Renton...so I talked to her for a while. Then I thought I was home free after that...then my mom calls. She was worried about me because I called and told her I was short of breath last night, so she called me on her break at work. Moms...gotta love em! By then, I was just fine...I think it was just a combination of me eating too much food and then trying to get up and walk around...I was incredibly full (almost like I was gonna explode)...and well, the baby in there isn't giving me much room to spare for filling my stomach. Anyway, after those phone calls...I got my second wind or something because I was up until 11:30 doing absolutely nothing! I was watching crap shows on TV...and then I went to read in bed for a while...I mean, I didn't have to be doing those things...but I was.

Believe me, I suffered this morning...the alarm went off at 6:30 and I really did not want to get up. SNOOZE BUTTON!! Slept for a measly 9 more minutes (for some reason, the snooze button is 9 minutes...go figure) and then I eventually got up. I screwed around for another 20 minutes brushing my teeth and my hair (most of it consisted on sitting at the computer) and then I ended up leaving the house late...got to work 1 minute late...and the vicious cycle is now beginning. What else will I be late on today?

WELL...gonna go get my hot cocoa, eat some more candy (I have to eat this "breakfast" food)...and then it's busy I shall be...ugh...lol

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Sunday. 10.15.06 7:48 pm
My belly button is starting to pop out and it's the nastiest feeling! It's not that it feels like anything, I just don't like it...My belly button is an innie, not an outie and I'd like to keep it that way! This one I can fully blame on the baby...if he'd quit getting bigger, this wouldn't be happening...lol

I tried cleaning my house, but I'm so out of breath. I get winded walking across the apartment to my damn kitchen...let alone trying to get the laundry in and out of the washer and dryer, trying to clean up the living room...ugh, I'm just going to take it easy. Hopefully Brian can help me out when he comes over tomorrow. I just have no energy AT ALL to do this.

20 minutes or so until the Bronco game...counting down the minutes! It just needs to start so I can lounge in my recliner...lol

Ugh...and I should probably pack for my trip. Since I'm leaving Thursday, I'm still not packed. I swear, my picture should be next to procrastination in the dictionary. I think I'm going to pack light though because one, all those stupid restrictions on the damn plane...and two, I don't think I can carry all that stuff. I'm gonna bring a small bag or something so I can put a book in it, maybe my iPod. When I get off the train and down in the concourse, I will then be able to buy a damn bottle of water...so that's it. I think I'm going to see if Brian will be nice and let me borrow his laptop...and then I can watch a movie on the plane ride :)

But yup...nothing else. Tomorrow work...ugh...not looking forward to it, but who ever looks forward to work???

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