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Finally, it's Friday...
Friday. 11.3.06 9:38 am
Well, my whole movie plan last night didn't go as well as I planned. It was downloading fantastically last night...then I dozed off in front of the computer (I know, this is not a healthy habit to get into) and then I woke up, it was stuck on 90.1%...well, this was like 10:30 or so, so I figured that it would pick up over the night or something...haha...not...I woke up this morning and it was still on 90.1%...told me it would take weeks to finish :( I know it's because there wasn't enough people that had the file that were online that would enable to me to obtain the files that I needed, but hehe...it should be done by the time I get home (people generally leave it on while they're away at work or whatnot and of course it's going to be on when they want to download things...lol)...I'm still hopeful!

Tomorrow I get to have my "little baby shower" that my friend Melissa is going to be throwing for me. We're not doing all that much. We're going to meet up at her house (I'm going to go to the post office prior to that...have to ship out some package to New York) and then we're going to go to the Olive Garden and just have a nice lunch and chat and catch up. There's some people that I went to school with that are going to be there (i.e. a former classmate and one of my old teachers) and then Melissa and her mom...so it's not like it's some big, blow-out party or anything. It'll just be nice to see everyone again :)


This morning wasn't eventful...I did turn on the street to go to my work and I saw a guy riding his bike to work...with a big bag full of doughnuts. You know, if it's your day to bring doughnuts, don't ride your bike to work...he looked like an idiot! Watching him try to bike up this semi-hill with a bag on his handlebars with 2 big boxes of doughnuts, it looked like it was a big struggle. It was sort of amusing...lol

Oh, I did see something that irked me this morning. I was behind a car sitting at a stoplight and they chucked their cigarette butt out of the window, obviously still lit (as you could see it smoldering on the ground next to their car). These are the people that drive up in the mountains or somewhere with trees or dry brush and chuck their cigarette butts out the windows and start fires. It just pisses me off...you know, if you have a habit and you smoke, why do you have to throw your cigarettes out the window when you're done? It's bad enough that you're smoking in your own car (I'm assuming it smells bad), but does it really make it any better to throw the butt out the window...use your ashtray, empty it when you get home. At least attempt to extinguish your butt if you seriously have to throw it out the window. If you smoke, sorry...my mom smokes too, so I'm used to being around smokers, but she does't throw her cigarette butts out of her car...she uses her ashtray and she empties her ashtray into a plastic bag and throws it in the garbage. I think she is a responsible smoker. Brian's mom smokes too and she does almost the same thing...I mean, if you have to feed your habit, at least clean it up in a responsible way. I don't care what you do to yourself (that's your business), just take care of it...that's all I'm saying.

My dad's friend was in his car and he threw his cigarette butt out the window...someone behind him called some road enforcement hotline and my dad got a ticket in the mail for his friend's "littering." I thought it was amusing since my dad does not smoke, but since it was his car, he got a ticket for it. To me, that's a little extreme...someone was that disgusted by it that they reported my dad's car as having litterers in it. It wasn't a cheap ticket either...it was almost $150 for that! I don't know if it's because they live in the state of Washington or what, but I just thought it odd. Hehe...it pisses me off to see it, but I wouldn't go to the extent to report it...

But yeah...I'm done with my rant on something that doesn't really matter all that much...I just like to bitch about things and that happened to be my point to bitch about this morning.

Gonna get my oatmeal again this morning (I already have my hot chocolate...gonna put it somewhere AWAY from my oatmeal as I don't want a repeat of yesterday) and then I'm gonna get down to business!


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I'm being bad...
Thursday. 11.2.06 10:44 pm
I really want to see Marie Antoinette in the theater, but I know for sure that Brian does not want to go...so what am I doing? I'm being a pirate...according to uTorrent...it'll be done in about 2 and a half hours, so I can watch it tomorrow when I get home from work as it will be downloading all night. I'm sort of excited to get to see it :) It looked really good!

But anyway, enough about that...

I got my letter in the mail about my classes that I am taking for my pregnancy thing. The one that starts on Tuesday seems to be the one about the breathing and the childbirth process and all that fun stuff. Says to bring 2 pillows and a blanket or a mat. The class is from 6:30 to 9:00 for the next 4 Tuesdays. This will be interesting...I think it's an updated class in lieu of lamaze, maybe. You know, you always hear about lamaze class...but they don't have that anymore, so this must be it. I do the tour of the hospital at the beginning of December and then my breastfeeding class is the week after that. Oh so exciting...lol

I also got my letter in the mail from that attorney I talked to last weekend. OH GOODY...I'll have to call them here sometime soon to set up some sort of payment arrangement or something. I need to avoid going to court at all costs, so...ugh...it sucks. I do have another bill that I am trying to work out with creditors and they seem super awesome about it! I owe them twice as much money as this attorney wants, however, they're willing to work with me on it and I'd be paying a little over $100 a month to pay off this almost $4000 debt with them...yet, this attorney, with a debt of a little over $2000 will not go any lower than $250 a month...what the hell is up with that? ONCE AGAIN...I DO REPEAT...DO NOT GET CREDIT CARDS! THIS SHIT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU LOSE YOUR JOB AND CANNOT PAY AND HAVE NO ONE TO HELP YOU...IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!

Okay, I'm done with my PSA.

Speaking of finances, I've got to consolidate my student loans too here before too long. I have to start paying them come January, but I don't know if I'll be able to do it. I owe some $42,000 for student loans (I think...I know it's a lot of money...it was almost $4,000 a term to go to school...my parents loan paid some of it off already)...either way, I don't know if I'll be able to start paying them with the new expense of a baby and whatnot. At least with government subsidized loans, I can file for a deferrment. If I qualify for that, my payments will be deferred for at least a little bit...and then I can pay when they start up again. If I don't qualify for that, I can file for a forebearance stating financial distress and they can push out my payments for 6 months, I think, until I get stable. If you default on student loans, you're screwed...they'll come garnish your wages and crap from work. You pay the loans, or you die...that's the bottom line to student loans, I swear...

Ugh...this money...SUCKS MAJOR! I wish life didn't revolve around money...it's so stressful, especially at a time when I don't need stress and all this bullshit...lol

On to happy thoughts...oh wait, I don't really have happy thoughts at the moment. Just the mundane, boring financial garbage I spoke about above...and that's not really happy at all. Maybe I'll call it a little early tonight and go to sleep. I am a little drowsy...lol

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Thursday. 11.2.06 10:01 am
So, this morning was nice. No frost to scrape off my car, so it was an easy go this morning. Probably because I got home last night at about 11:10ish...went and saw The Prestige finally! I was so hyped to see this movie and after seeing it, it was everything I imagined it to be and so much more! I suggest seeing it as it was great...something for everyone :)

But anyway, got to work this morning and made myself my hot chocolate and I got a cup of oatmeal...lol...that proved to be a disaster. It was going alright for about 10 minutes, but then I went to grab my oatmeal and I grabbed the hot chocolate instead (since they're in different cups that look the same) and the hot chocolate dumped all over my desk in front of my keyboard. The whole cup didn't dump, but it mostly sloshed out (about half the cup) Not only did it just spread around the desk, it flung projectile hot chocolate all up my cube wall (including some of my pictures, and most of all...my note that I got from Brian one more...he left it on my junk before I went to work one morning and it says "Love you! Have a great day!" - I put it up in my cube so I could look at it all the time because he never writes me notes), all over my authorization check list, all over my computer monitor and keyboard, all over my little gel ergonomic support apparatus (one of those things that makes your hands in a good position to type on the keyboard)...I had some stuff sitting next to my computer (i.e. a cup with water for my bamboo, some bears, etc.) and those got sprayed by hot chocolate...SERIOUSLY, for the amount of hot chocolate that came out of that cup, there was a lot more spray that flew out of the cup. I am grateful for the Lysol wet wipes that I have and the paper towels that we seem to keep a stock of over in the accounting department...lol...I'd have been screwed!

At least I'm a good sport about it...I could have been upset and mad...but I wasn't upset, mainly because I didn't dump it in my lap! There's nothing worse than spilling your hot chocolate, but spilling it in your lap and hoping that it doesn't like you crapped your pants in the bad way...lol...I was saved from that humilation!

But...if the day started this way, I can only assume that it may get worse...or awesomely better. I'm going to cross my fingers for the awesomely better portion and then we'll go from there...

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The Movie...
Thursday. 11.2.06 1:24 am
I went and saw The Prestige tonight...'twas wonderful!

I'll explain more in the morning update...as I have more time then, ya know.

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Wednesday. 11.1.06 2:06 pm
Lunch is so yummy today...I decided to indulge and go all out. I spent a little bit to get the yummy Noodles N' Company house marinara (penne pasta, marinara sauce) and then I splurged and got shrimp on there. It is SOOOO delicious. If you guys don't have a Noodles N' Company, you are seriously missing out. Yes, their stuff is pricey...but it's not like I eat there all the time. I know they didn't have these out in Washington, but they had Cucina Presto (which is basically the same thing)...or if you're familiar with Cucina Cucina...it's like the fast version of that.

I called Brian at lunch and he was "sleeping" sort of...but not (he says he wasn't sleeping)...he had to reschedule his interview that he had this morning, but that's okay. At least I know he'll be there when I leave work to go over there. I told him I didn't know if I wanted to wear my work clothes to the movie tonight and he said I could wear some of his pants...and I'm thinking to myself...my clothes don't fit, I really wonder if Brian's pants are gonna fit...lol...I'm no skinny minnie, so Brian and I were about the same size...so if mine don't fit, I highly doubt his are going to fit. I can see me wearing sweat pants to the movie...NOT. I'll just wear my work clothes if it comes down to that.

I'm so excited about the holiday season around here! I don't want to share anything quite yet, but there's lots of FUN, EXCITING things that are planned (at work...my home holidays are gonna suck...) and I will hopefully have lots of fun pictures and stuff. I'm determined to make up for my Halloween laziness by going all out for December and stuff before I won't be here (baby coming and all)...yay!

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oof...it's chilly!
Wednesday. 11.1.06 9:37 am
Wow...it was one cold morning this morning! Since I got home so late last night (lol...8:30 or so), there wasn't as much frost on my car as there could have been, so I wasn't out there scraping for as long as I thought I would be. I would rather brush 6 inches of snow off my car than scrape frost of my windows. Ugh...FROST! I hate it!

Brian got a bunch of e-mails about people that are interested in talking to him about jobs, so I'm excited for him :) I guess he got some 4 different e-mails asking to set up job interviews. They're all for networking, but even so...it's probably better than what he's doing...and, of course, he'd be getting paid more (as it is what his degree is in). I know he wants to do programming and do something with that, but if he can get a good job that he keeps in networking, I'm all for it. If only I was in the position to find a job in my field...lol. Eventually...eventually. My friend Melissa was saying there's this firm up in Longmont that specializes in historical stuff (oooh! this excites me just hearing about it) and she was going to see what exactly was up with that. I'm thinking that even if I can get a paid internship or something after the baby is here, I can at least get my foot in the door somewhere. Brian did say that if he got a good job, I could work part time that way someone would be at home with the baby all the time. Ideally, I would like to be able to be at home during the day when Brian, theoretically, would be working...and then I could work part time at night when he gets home from work. That way, we wouldn't have to hire a baby sitter and it'd be cheaper all around (in my opinion). I don't know if any of that would work, but it's always worth a shot. The only shitty thing about working part time...you usually don't get insurance :( and I really need medical insurance...I think the whole family will need medical insurance after the baby is here, especially the baby. You never know when the baby's going to need it, and he's always going to be going to the doctor for his little check-ups and whatnot.

But yeah...the plan tonight is to actually go to that movie :) yay! How long has it taken me to actually go to it from when I first talked about it? About 5 days...lol, oh well. I think I'm gonna leave work and just go to Brian's (if he's there...hopefully if he did do interviews today, they'll be through by then) and then we can go to the movies a bit later (like 7:30ish...Melissa's going to come with us if she can...but she's not sure). Tomorrow, since I'm not doing anything, will be the heavy-duty cleaning day. I'm going to start to thoroughly clean my stuff so Brian will have room to move his stuff there. I figure, if I can clean one room each night when I get home from work, it'll eventually get done in a week or so (crossing my fingers)...I'll leave the big things (i.e. the closet and my bedroom) to do on the weekend when I have all day to do it because it would take me all day...I have a lot of stuff to go through). I start with the bathroom tomorrow! Gonna scour the floor and the bathtub, bleach the toilet and the counters, organize and get rid of all my bathroom stuff that I don't need...and then pray that it stays that way! You get so lazy by yourself that some things just go to hell (i.e. organizing and putting away things)...unfortunately, I can't be unorganized and lazy and leave stuff out when the baby is here, so I have to make it a habit to clean it up for him...or else he'll be choking on things that he shouldn't have even found in the first place.

Haha...oh crap, I better go...

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you know...
Tuesday. 10.31.06 7:30 pm
I haven't posted a picture of Colorado for a long time, so might as well post one of the actual Denver, Colorado that I live so close to...rather than the Rocky Mountains or anything. It most likely looked something like this tonight...the sunset was beautiful.

This one you get downtown and the Rockies at the same time...lol, so I hit two birds with one stone.

Other than that...today was uneventful. Worked...and about lunch time, I couldn't stand that my pants did not fit anymore (damn baby growing) so I went and bought pants and felt so much more comfortable the rest of the day. You don't even know how much more relieved I felt after I actually got some pants with elastic! I know, it doesn't seem like much...but damn, it was like I could breathe again!

Didn't have to work too late tonight...drove home as usual, same usual way, different music tonight (I was in the mood for The Cure).

Now I'm just waiting for my friend Melissa to get home and call me. She has to feed her kitties and then we're going to go down to Best Buy and bother Brian at work (he's a Geek Squad member) and then we're gonna go eat wings (well, she is...I'm not in a food mood tonight...I think I'm gonna get something to drink and maybe nibble on other people's wings...I am not very hungry).

You know...this seems like almost every Tuesday of mine...lol...I think maybe I need to get a life of some sort that does not involve doing the same things every single day. I suppose the baby will change that because, well, babies tend to bring different things into your life that you weren't expecting.

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Happy Halloween!
Tuesday. 10.31.06 9:36 am
I wish I could say I was happy, but that creeping back pain is back again. Not as bad as it was on Sunday, but believe me...it started out like that on Sunday too where it was bearable and I could tolerate it. I hope it does not get any worse. I think this morning it had to do with my posture in my seat with my heavy winter jacket on. I was sitting in a somewhat akward position and all that driving into work. Now that I'm sitting in the building at my desk (without my jacket), we'll see if it gets any better. At least it's during the week and I can call my doctor's office and they will actually be there.

I am not doing anything fun for Halloween. I am going to work today (most likely late again) and then I am going to go home and rest in my bed again. This has to be the most boring, uneventful thing EVER. I highly doubt there will be any trick-or-treaters in my apartment complex. It just doesn't seem right to be trick-or-treating in apartments when they can just go to the housing development that I live in (I sort of live in a village type setting...it's a housing development with many named sections and my apartments are one of the named sections).

Today is my one year anniversary of being hired at my job even though I've worked here since September of 2004. I was a temp for over a year before I was hired and then here I am today. Exciting, eh? I totally forgot I was hired on Halloween until I remembered that I went into my HR new-hire meeting that day wearing my Halloween costume from last year. Our whole department did an army theme, so I was dressed up in fatigues and all that. We went all out too...we had a whole cadence and we marched for our office. It was somewhat embarassing...lol...we're having a pot luck today though. I do not know if I am going to participate though since I did not bring any food or anything. I don't want to eat the food if I didn't even bring food to give to someone else. Hell, I can barely afford to buy food for myself (but that's another story)...

Well...better do something because I'm moving slower than usual...lol...takes me a tad bit longer to get a few things done.

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