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'twas a long day...
Monday. 11.27.06 10:51 pm
and I'm finally glad it was over. It's really depressing when it's semi-dark when you leave for work and completely pitch black when you come home. It seems like such a waste of a day.

I did get much accomplished today at work and I feel confident coming into my audit on Wednesday. I get to take the day off tomorrow, so I can catch up on a whole lot of nothing...and well, do a whole lot of nothing. Sounds exciting, huh?

I think I'm going to go meet Brian for lunch tomorrow and then go buy his Christmas present. I have an inkling of what I want to get him, but I just hope I don't make a mistake and pick something wrong (which I'll probably do) or get him something that he already has or something dumb like that. Even if it were a duplicate, I'm sure he'd be able to use it...unless it were one of those things you could only have one of or something (that'd be my luck)...oh, if you're lost...I'm talking about a game that he plays...and I'm talking about getting him people to add to his army, but yeah...

My final class is tomorrow night...and we're doing a mock labor I guess. Oh how I'm looking forward to that (NOT)...I'm sure it'll be fine. I'm more looking to what we're doing next week at the hospital. We're going on a tour of the hospital's labor and delivery area and the birthing center and all that jazz. We get to see the rooms and do all the paperwork and stuff for the big day. OOOOH...which reminds me, I should call around and see if I can't find a pediatrician tomorrow. I'll have to call my primary care provider and see if I have to get a reference from them since my insurance is an HMO. If that's the case, I'll have to go with who they refer me to :(

Okie dokie...I shall leave you with a cute animal picture (and no...I won't post anymore of Erita, today anyway...hehe):

Such a cute little seal :) Keeping it up with the winter theme...heh

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Good Morning Monday...
Monday. 11.27.06 9:42 am
My my...I have been sleeping without the heat on at my house and that might be proving to be something that maybe I should rethink. For me, yeah...it's fine. I can just bundle up in a blanket and it's all good. I save on the rising price of gas costs and all is well. On the other hand, when the baby is here, is he really going to thrive in a house that is 60 degrees throughout the night? Probably not...

But yeah, to get to my point, it was 19 degrees this morning. I had to go and scrape the windows on my car this morning, which was about a 5 to 10 minute waste of my morning. Looks like on Tuesday, we're supposed to get some PM rain/snow coming in and Wednesday, our high for the day is supposed to be 24 degrees. OH GOODY...it's supposed to snow with wind on Wednesday...and then Thursday, it's supposed to be about 26 degrees. Oh how I love Denver...lol

In other news, it appears that my puppy is a cute one. I've gotten so many comments on my lovely banner with my photogenic puppy. Yes, she does like to pose for the camera, I do say.

As in this photo below...I messed around with it in Paintshop Pro, so excuse the crap I put on top of it. It doesn't look very good, but eh...it was all about Erita!

Here she is in the dark. That thing to the right of her is a shoe. Brian's mom gave her a set of shoes that she didn't want anymore and Erita had the best time with them! She'd run around in the back yard and swing em around and throw em up in the air.

AND, here is one, less photogenic one of her. She sort of looks like she's posessed (and she's playing with that shoe)...haha...her eyes are all aglow (damn pet eye)...

But yes, should get to work. I'll be working late tonight since I'm not going to be here tomorrow (yay random vacation day!). I'll leave you with some Colorado snow fall...

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Okay...what a waste
Sunday. 11.26.06 11:42 pm
Well, this whole day has really been a waste (other than the Christmas card thing and the thank-you notes).

I have caved in and started to play World of Warcraft again. Don't get me wrong...I'm not one of those crazy addicts who plays hours on end or anything like that, but I do have a level 60 paladin (and no, it did not take me 3 weeks to get there...it took me over a year). I hardly played anyway, so even though I have a level 60, it's not like I had time to sit in lines to get into dungeons and instances. Basically, to the people who play for endless hours, I am just a glorified level 50. OH WELL...I played to play, not played to have no life.

But yeah...I played for a few hours this afternoon...made a few new characters just because I was tired of playing with my other ones. Found out that my guild still had me in their roster even though I've not played my level 60 character for 6 months...haha...hell...Brian's character's still on their roster and he's up higher in the rankings of the guild than I am. I take it the guild may have gone defunct or they just aren't as active anymore.

BUT YEAH...enough about that. I sat around for a few more hours after that and had a few things happen that I really wish didn't...then Brian decided that he was going to come over tonight and then we went to a movie. We went and say a movie that was just plain WEIRD. I'm not going to tell you not to go see The Fountain, but I would at least wait until it comes out on DVD or something. From the get go, the movie was stranger than anything I've seen. The entire movie was disjointed and hard to follow...and it was melancholy the entire thing. It was a toss up between that and the new James Bond movie and I see that we made the wrong choice. We should have seen Casino Royale, with new Bond and all. Ugh...

This day has been a day of bad decisions...I tell you.

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This is so cool!!!
Sunday. 11.26.06 1:28 pm
You know how we always talk about human babies and how you can see them in the womb and all that, but what about animal babies?

Close-Up Pictures of Animals in the Womb

The elephant photos are just absolutely amazing!

I signed up for a del.icio.us account today as well. I've been contemplating it for some time and I thought, what the hell, I search all around the net and I usually find lots of interesting stuff...why not make my own bookmark site to keep track of the pages that interest me and whatnot and be able to share them with the general public. Per Wikipedia, the definition of del.icio.us is (just in case you were interested):

del.icio.us is social bookmarking, social software web service for storing and sharing web bookmarks. The site came online in late 2003 and was developed by Joshua Schachter, co-maintainer of Memepool. According to del.icio.us/doc/about: Everything posted to del.icio.us is publicly viewable; it is not a tool for storing private bookmark collections. Many people use del.icio.us to publish "linkblogs" on their weblogs.

Anyway...finished all my Christmas cards (all except for 3 as I need a Sharpie to write on the envelope...damn the shiny silver envelopes) and I finished all my thank you cards (I know...about damned time)...

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Sunday. 11.26.06 11:39 am
Today is going to be boring, but oh well.

I figured it'd be a good time to finish up these thank-you cards since I've not done them and my mom is getting pissy about it. I don't blame her, so I'll finish them. Then, I figured, since I'm doing that, might as well get the Christmas cards up and going as well. I have about 20 of those to send out, so hehe...

Other than that, nothing really is new other than I was sleeping and I am now awake. I figured I would put a counter box to the left about the baby and how many days until the baby will most likely be here. As of today, about 52 days left. That's getting really close! The closer it gets, the scarier it feels. I'm sure it's normal.

Maybe I'll come back later after the day has started...maybe something interesting will have happened by then.

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busy-ness...(I'd put business, but that would imply a place of business)
Sunday. 11.26.06 12:22 am
Well...today was busy (for me anyway)...

I woke up at 10ish to the sounds of the neighbors (this time, Christmas music) and then decided to go play The Sims 2 for a few hours (at least until Brian woke up)...2 o'clock rolled around and Brian finally woke up (I don't blame him...he was working all day at Best Buy yesterday, so lol...he needed his beauty sleep).

Anyway, I drove over there so we could go out to lunch. We ate some pretty good sandwiches at Heidi's Deli. I had the biggest craving for a "salad" sandwich, but I couldn't decide which one I wanted...there was tuna salad, chicken salad, and egg salad!! I finally settled on the egg salad sandwich on the wheat bread. Brian got his Reuben on rye bread (the saurkraut smelled SOOOOO good)...

We went to Sears Grand and didn't see anything (Sears Grand is like a Super Target/Super Walmart...but Sears...and there's not really any food there, mostly drugstore items)...at that point, we decided to go to my bank and put Brian on my checking account so he could get direct deposit and have his checks go into my account. Our luck, the banks computers were being wonky and they were not able to set-up the joint checking account. They told us to come back tomorrow (yes, my bank is open 7 days a week...it's nice) and try again. Maybe we'll do that...maybe we won't. Who knows...

Went to Brian's house again (because he had to work tonight) and watched a little bit of a movie and talked with his parents before he went to work. I left when he left for work and went to Babies R' Us, but I didn't get anything. Then I drove to Target...and I didn't get anything there either...then I drove to Safeway and bought some groceries (the only thing I desperately needed was Soft Scrub and sponges so I could scrub the counters in the kitchen and the bathroom and the bath tub)...

I eventually made it home at about 8pm where I vegetated...

Since I can't drink wine, I cracked open a bottle of Sparking Apple/Cranberry cider and poured it into my wine glass (so I could pretend that I was indulging in some alcohol) and sat down in front of my computer...hehe...I like my wine glasses. They're blown glass with colored glass wrapped around the bottom of the glass right about the flute...I have a glass with purple swirls around the bottom and one with green. I also have matching shot glasses (which I never use)...lol

Anyway...I think I'm gonna go to bed here pretty soon.

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why am I awake right now?
Saturday. 11.25.06 5:16 am
It's about a quarter after 3 in the morning here in Denver and I am wide awake. Something woke me up...and I've not been able to go back to sleep. This "thing" that woke me up was over an hour ago, so eh...

I have come to the conclusion that I either sleep like the dead or my neighbors have never had sex before...because that's what I was awoken by a little over an hour ago. NORMALLY, I talk about how quiet my neighbors are and how sound-proof my apartment is and how I can't hear anything, but maybe that's because my neighbors don't decide to do their dirty business until 2am and by then I'm in a coma-like state of slumber. Either way, they were louder than hell...and I could not get back to sleep because of said screaming (yes, screaming...) and strange noises. They had some music on too, so all I could hear was bass on top of that. It was awful...

But yeah...right before I went to bed at midnight, I was watching Carnivale and I don't remember turning it off or taking my glasses off or anything. I must have turned it off because the laptop was closed and laying on the bed and my glasses were on the nightstand, but I must have been extremely tired. Too bad that didn't last for too long.

Brian's day at Best Buy sort of sucked (in my opinion)...he had to work two shifts yesterday. The first one starting at 4am until 11am and then the next one starting at 3pm until about 9pm. He was practically there all day. I went and visited him about 6pm and we and had dinner before he had to go back to work. It was funny...I was standing in the front of Best Buy and I noticed him point over at me and then him and this other guy laughed. When we went outside I asked him what he said and he said that they had asked him which one was his girlfriend and he goes "the pregnant lady over there." I was like "So, you didn't see that fat chick over there?" and he's like "If I wanted to be mean, I could have..." I think the funny part about it was that they know that I'm pregnant, yet they had to ask and I was the only pregnant lady standing in the front of the store. Maybe I don't look as pregnant as I feel...lol...it honestly feels like I have a big balloon shoved up my shirt only it's much harder and it kicks me a lot.

Anyway, I'm gonna surf Blogmad for a while since I'm way behind on that and catch up on my blogs that I like to read...and then I'll attempt to join slumber land again. My neighbors must have fallen asleep now as their hour long fun (could have been more...who knows...) has ended from the sounds of things. I thought about knocking on the wall a ton, but I decided to be nice as I wouldn't want someone to do that to me...then again, if I lived in an apartment (and I do), I wouldn't be sounding like I was making a porno video either. Have some common courtesy people...people live around you and can hear everything you're doing...is that what you really want?

EDIT: In other news, I finally was able to get The Sims 2 Pets to work on my computer, so now I can waste the hours away on mindless drivel...woot! I guess when I was trying to use the crack, I did not put it in the right spot, so it would crash every time that I tried to open it. Brian told me that I just needed to find the actual file that the one was in and copy the crack to the program file and then I should be good to go. I did just that and it worked like a charm! I made myself a little family with a border collie :) yay! The only thing...my dog likes to pee on the carpet, but I can't punish her for it because she does it when I'm not in the room. She likes to sleep on the bed though, yet she dreams in her pet bed about not sleeping on the human beds...crazy dog.

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Trains, no planes, and automobiles...
Friday. 11.24.06 2:36 pm
Okay, that was a horrible movie reference, but eh...

I went to get Starbucks for lunch (my usual iced chai, light on the ice) and on the way back, I got stuck by a train on the train tracks. Eh, big deal...train...but I sat there for about 5 minutes watching army trucks/cars/hummers/etc. roll by on this train and I gradually saw the train going slower and slower...and finally, it stops, right on the tracks, in the middle of the road with only 2 boxcar/trailers left. What the hell? It couldn't have pulled up a little more and then stopped so the cars could go through? Sat there for another 5 minutes just staring at the train that wasn't moving while we just sat there and waited...and waited...AND WAITED...saw tons of cars turning around in my rear view mirror because I guess patience escapes these people. THEN...the train moves and I can be on my merry way.

Well, I pull up to the light that's just around the corner and it was red, so I stopped...and there's a horse pasture right across the street. I was watching the horse run around the pen (because usually, the horses are just standing there but this time, he was running all over) because I thought it looked interesting and then I saw a p-dog on the ground sniffing around...so I watched that. I guess the light just turned green and I didn't go fast enough because this bitch in this red mustang behind me decided to blast her horn at me. EXCUSE ME...I guess sitting behind the train was too much for her because sitting behind me for 2 seconds after the light turned green was just too much. I felt like extending my middle finger to her and letting her know what I really though...

Ugh...road rage. I kept it to myself only to talk about it later in my ramblings. I seriously think people are in too much of a hurry these days. Why can't people just calm down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the time that they have versus rushing around trying to get everything done in 2 seconds and speeding past people because they're in such a hurry. I wonder if they're in a hurry in their real lives or are they those people that take their time and never clean up or get anything done at home?

Reminds me of all those people we had out here about a year ago...I'm sure if you were all paying attention, we had the guy that decided he didn't want to sit in traffic on the freeway, so he manufactured a "passenger" out of a department store dummy and put it in his passenger seat so he could ride in the carpool lane. Granted, he got busted...had to stand on an overpass and tell people not to be a "dummy" and drive in the carpool lane...OR, the guy who didn't want to wait at red lights, so he drove through Longmont every day with one of the IR flasher thingies that the police use to change the lights...he got in trouble too. OR, the countless times I see people driving in reverse down freeway onramps because of the traffic on the freeway they're getting onto...or driving up the median or over the grassy parts on the shoulder to get to the frontage road to avoid traffic.


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