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About Art4TheHomeless
Imagine... a movement inspired by the arts to open the eyes of Americans to the plight of their own people. Imagine, through art, music and poetry, we are shining a much needed light on our own crisis: HOMELESSNESS

Art4TheHomeless was once a blog called Colors of Ink with Blogcharm, which closed down. Nutang, became the new home of Colors of Ink and was renamed Art4TheHomeless, by a really good friend, Samantha Medd. She is now the Co-Founder of Art4TH.

Now Art4TH is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization that unites artists of all venues to promote homeless awareness in the US.

Art4TH does this through the Art4TH Webzine, a monthly online magazine that features a musician whose music plays throughout the website, a feature artist, and a feature writer while also featuring a homeless relief organization. All artists featured retain their copyrights and all of it is free. If you would like to be a featured artist, musician, or writer contact me at [email protected]

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Sunday. 11.11.07 2:37 pm
This is recent. One of my co-workers at City Hall wanted me to do her a painting. I am selling it for $10 and will donate the money in the form of a Toys R US gift card or something and give it to the Atlanta Children's Shelter.

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Saturday. 11.10.07 10:15 pm

Check this out. I was chillin at the Underground when I saw these people with cans and the sign for Canstruction. Come to find out its an organization helping the National Food Bank. I thought it was pretty cool. They make things with the donated cans of food and give the food to the needy--an artsy kind of way of helping out. I love the idea! So if you want to donate or volunteer, just click here:
CANtribute to the cause!

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New Shelter Links
Saturday. 11.10.07 4:26 pm
Got new links up for homeless shelters in the states of Kansas, Kentucky, and my home state, Louisiana.

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Somehow, some way
Friday. 11.9.07 7:08 am
I am going to go to college--some how. I am working as an intern for Atlanta City Hall--but am not getting paid. It's through TCU/Job Corps so you know how that goes....

I want to go to SCAD--Savannah College of Art and Design. Yesterday, I spoke with an admissions counselor and told him my goals--to open an art gallery that helps out homeless shelters. I want to eventually help out children who want to excel in the arts. I want to be the gallery that says yes to a child whose art sales could give them housing, schooling, and meet whatever needs possible.

I am in the process of obtaining my high school transcripts and can not remember what my GPA is--I just hope its a 3.0. You have to have that to get a SCAD scholarship and I plan to. I am also going to apply for FAFSA and the Hope Grant for Georgia. I should get one of those since I am in Job Corps.

I need around $35,000 which covers everything from housing for one year to a full year tuition.

I want this with every fiber of my being. I feel that with a foundation like SCAD behind me, then I will be better able to help others--especially homeless children.

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It's my birthday!
Sunday. 11.4.07 7:27 pm
I am 25 years old today! Wow, almost 30. I am still working on adding more links to shelter sites up and of course, if anyone knows of a homeless shelter that they would like to see up here, just leave a comment with the shelter link and it shall be done!

Art 4 Sale Benefitting the Homeless

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Some digital art to raise awareness
Tuesday. 10.30.07 9:06 am

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Did you know?
Monday. 10.29.07 12:54 pm
Did you know that the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old?

Did you know that 31,000,000 Americans go hungry every night?

Did you know that over 40% of the men and women who fought for our freedom are sleeping in cardboard boxes and alleys of our cities?

Do you even care? What if that was you? You just lost your job and you've got one day to pay the rent. You can't afford to have gas because the bill is too high and you have to take cold showers just to get clean. When you do have food, you have to use an electric burner---if you are fortunate enough to have electricity.

In a country that prides itself on a culture of rugged individualism, hard work and self-sufficiency, it is no surprise that poverty and the poor do not have a central place in America's cultural psyche. It's no surprise that the average middle-class American doesn't give a shit about the homeless.

For those of you that do care, however, there is something you can do. I am not personally asking for money, in fact I don't want your money. I only want America to be better. I only want homes for the homeless, love for the homeless children whose parents are too busy working trying to make ends meet.

Here are some things you can do to help:

There are many ways to help the homeless but the best ways are to look up LOCAL shelters in your city, parish, county, or state and donate at least $10.00 to the shelter.That little bit of money can go a long ways at the dollar store—toilet paper, diapers, paper towels, cleaning supplies, soap, a towel, etc. It takes a lot to run a homeless shelter—you have to keep it clean for the residents, then you have to help the residents get on their feet—all the while you feed them and give them means to stay clean. Also, transportation costs. Most shelters in the metro Atlanta area give out Marta tokens.

Other ways to help are to go online and donate money to national homeless sites—but beware of frauds. You can buy food, blankets, clothes, to donate to shelters. Also, if you want to give to people on the streets, it is best to give them food, water, blankets, etc. Give them things, not money so you won’t have to worry if they used that money to get their next fix.

Another way is to take the petition and get many people to sign it and send it to the address on the form. You can access the petition at http://www.housingaright.org/Petition.html

So, America, do you want to step up to the plate and prove that you care about your fellow Americans?

Colors of Ink 2, as you can see, is still in progress. There are links to the right of this post that will help people find homeless shelters in the state they are in. I also have a small list of Federal organizations and I plan on adding to it websites with homeless shelter directories. I want to have the larges list of U. S. homeless shelters on the Web.

I am also selling my art to help the homeless. I have helped United Way of Atlanta, Atlanta Children's Shelter, and Calvary Refuge Center. I want to do more. One of my friends mentioned to me that since my background is purple that we should make purple the official color for Poverty Awareness in America. I personally think its a great idea!

Also, I am blogging with Nutang, a revune sharing site. In other words, I get paid for this. I plan to raise money using this blog to help homeless shelters. So if you leave comments and come and visit often, you are helping out without paying a single dime. So leave me a note!

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Check this out!
Friday. 10.5.07 4:26 pm
I have been soooo busy recovering, doing two different art shows, working and going to school that sleep has become nonexistant. Today is my last day at my part time job--I made good friends and contacts, but its time to move on. I am finishing up school and am looking for full time work. I just put up links to homeless shelters in the States of Connecticut, Delaware, and Florida. you can see them on the right side of this blog under my Zazzle.com art flash media panel.I have some pics from 2 different art shows--the one at Cafe Nico's and the one at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for United Way of Atlanta. Here they are:

Me with two pieces at the AJC/United Way show--the top two are mine, though you can barely see the one on the right. It is of a flower done with Chinese brushes and acrylics.

This is one of the donated pieces to United Way--it is an ocean sunset scene. It was really dark so the lighting is not all that great.

This piece--the one on the left, is Lady Mioux and is also donated.

This one is called Seperated. I did it when Tom dumped me. He claimed that he was going against God while dating me and my slow butt thought he was super religious when he was really cheating on his wife with me--but it never got sexual thank GOD!

Here are some photos from the Cafe Nico's show. This is where I set up. The wall was already done--by another artist but it complimented my work :)

Here are some up close pics of my art.

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