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I need another upgrade
Tuesday. 7.24.07 1:30 pm
I am such a cell phone adict. I know it is a disease!!! I posted pictures of my last two cell phone purchases. I think I like the lastest one the best which was the white chocolate phone by LG. However, I have been learning that more and more people are using their phones to watch tv and text. In Japan people are watching youtube videos on their cell phones.

My friend has a cousin that stayed here in the states with her and her family for 2 months. His cell phone had tv, text messaging and other features. He said that they do not use their cell phones to make phone calls. I have never seen anyone that can text with one hand as fast as he can!!! I was like DAY-YUM!!! From what I understand they have shortened japanese words like we have lol,rotf and lmao. It is not abreviated like that but it serves the same purpose.

So far Just Japan and Korea have the tv broadcasting on cell phones. They are begining to open this market in Indoesia this week. So Indonesia, prepare yourself for the next wave of the future. I wonder if it will hit the states and if so, how soon?

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Whats with the snails
Monday. 7.23.07 1:58 pm

On the last day of our trip my mom made hawaiian food. Yum! That was good. I wish I took a picture of all the food but I didnt . Sorry...Anyhow there was one dish called Luau. Yes, it sounds like the word meaning the hawaiian show but Luau actually means feast. Anyhow luau is made with leaves from the taro root. My parents dont eat the taro because if they did they would not have any leaves left. They are so funny. The root is the best part of the plant.

Continuing on.... you have to boil the leaves long enough because undercooked leaves contain spiney fibers that scratch your throat. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes the fibers get embedded in to the soft tissues of your mouth and throat and stay with you for hours. My mom made sure that she boiled them long enough. I think she had them in there for about 4 hours! I didnt care. The longer the better. I only ate a little of it but my sister had seconds.

Later that night my sister said, "look what I found in my luau." It was a little snail shell. I was like, "ooooo... a PRIZE!!" She said, "NO! this is from the back yard." I was like, "huh?" She said, "yeah, mom and dad grow their own leaves and pulled these from the back yard." "EWWW!!! If you show mom maybe she will tell you that you could keep it as a souveniour. ha ha." Well our mom, did not say such things. Instead she appoligized and was embarassed.

I told my sister... "I would not worry so much about the shell. I just wonder where the occupant went." When we got back to our homes (Maui and California) we both had the stomach flu. Hmm... I wonder what we could have eaten?

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The wedding
Monday. 7.16.07 1:44 am
The wedding was beautiful. The chapel was near the beach. It was a beautiful glass chapel that allowed you to see the ocean. The time was close to sunset and the sun was shinning through the chapel creating an angelic scene over the young couple.

This is something that the two of them were looking forward too for the past 8 years. I am so happy that I was able to witness it.

The view from the chapel window:

My brother and his happy wife and son

Here they are as the newly married couple:

They are getting to leave in their new ride!

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Rehersal Dinner
Saturday. 7.14.07 6:43 pm
I thought that the rehersal dinner was for everyone in the wedding party including the parents. Not in MY family! My brother had the wedding party and the immediate family. We met and ate at the Spagetti Factory at Ward Center .

The service was so bad. We waited 2 hours just to get our food. The little kids (3yrs and younger) were falling asleep. They did not even get to eat their food once it came because they were already sleeping.

Tonight is the actual wedding. I dont know why I am nervous. I am not even the one getting married.

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Hawaii Day 2
Friday. 7.13.07 1:43 pm
Day 2

I took my daughter to visit my old high school and the dirt track that I had the privelge of running on. After 21 years that track is still made of red dirt. I then took her past my elementary school and stomping grounds, (the local mall)

Later on that day,my brother took us to the winward mall. Along the way we had to drive past the old pali road. That road was really scarey. It is a dark road that winds through a path of overgrown foilage and trees. There are myths of cars stalling on that road and the driver and the passengers were never found. Rumors say that there is an old man that lives along that road and kills all those who stop or stall along that road.

We then hit the beach. I took them to swim at the beach where I grew up. It is called "walls" there is this mossy wall that you swim out to during the high tide. When the water comes to wet the wall you can run along it and slide on the moss. During high tide it is difficult to make it to the wall because the waves and the current push you back or pull you under. We made it after a bit of cuts and bruises and nearly drowning episodes.

Today, my sister flys in from Maui. Hoorah! When she gets here all the siblings will be together again! Party time!

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My first day here
Thursday. 7.12.07 3:35 pm
The flight over was brutal. My back was really hurting and it was difficult to sleep. We sat near the restrooms so you can imagine the smell. It just seemed thtat the last hour in flight everyone decided to take a CRAP. That was the most horrible part of the flight.

Getting here to the house was great. It is sooooo much cooler here than it is back in Los Angeles. Jordan and I got to our room and there was this HUGE breeze and it felt soooo good.

We got up this morning and went to the local 24 hour fitness gym to workout. When we got back my dad had breakfast all ready. Awww man! This is the life! This IS vacation!!

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First day of class
Monday. 7.9.07 6:26 pm
The first day of class at my new school was GREAT!! I enjoyed it alot. There were about 7 adults and 3 kids. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I worked out with the class a little bit and got a bit sweaty. The rest of the class, on the other hand were really sweaty.

I just spoke with a friend of mine and she offered to be my personal business consultant. That is cool. She is a graphic designer and does freelance work. She came up with a logo for my business cards which is really cute. When we come back from hawaii, my family and I, I will get together with my marketing/business consultant to print the new business cards and come up with other marketing ideas. whoo hoo!

Pretty exciting stuff....

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Wonderful Monday
Monday. 7.2.07 3:25 pm
Alot has happened but I have been too busy to blog! Well, just to be brief... the electricity turned off at our campus today. It was great! I came into work to find everyone standing outside. I thought maybe it was an early morning fire drill.... WRONG!! The whole campus lost power. Classes were getting canceled and we did not know if they were going to be sending us home or not. I thought, wow this is GREAT!!

Well, they did not cancel work today but they did tell us we can go home and come back at 12 noon to report back and begin working. What a bummer. So I went to pick up my daughter and we went to have a nice breakfast and went to FRYS electronics store to walk around... stopped by the credit union then took her home. Since it was only 11:30 I thought I would sneak back into the building.. ( the power was back on at 10:30 but the boss said 12 noon and I am only trying to obey orders) and took a nap in the air conditioned room for 30 minutes. Boy was it nice... ahhhh... What a wonderful monday!!!

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