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Sunday. 3.25.07 3:14 am
I live in an apartment building that has an alley which separates us from another apartment building. Both buildings are separate and owned by two different owners. Every night for the past 4 nights someone has been blastin their radio and playing loud cumbia music. It is always from 11pm - beyond midnight. If I didnt have my muscle relaxers to make me drowsey that music would really be bothering me. I dont know why the people in THAT building dont complain to the apt manager to have them turn that shit off! It is really loud!

Tonight my older son came into my room and stood in my doorway. I was like, "what?" He said I was just wondering if you could hear the music. I was like, "yeah. It is loud enough". So I finally call the police. I just so happen to have the local police number in my cell phone. Ha ha. So I give the guy my name and he says, "Are you hawaiian?" I was like yeah. I never got his name but I gave him two names of people at his department and he knew both of them! So instead of just one police car showing up, there were two. ha ha.

The music is finally off and now it is quiet. I mean it is common sense. It is after 11pm why cant they just figure it out on their own. No consideration!

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My last hope
Saturday. 3.24.07 3:13 am
If you have been following my blog you will know that I have been experiencing alot of pain in my back and knee. I have been seeing an accupuncturist and a chiropractor. I dont mention the chiro much because I have been mainly seeing the acupuncturist. Those bills are adding up. The chiro is 20 bucks each visit which is cool but now my son is going 3 times a week. The acupuncturist is 100 bucks per week (2 visits per week).

I went to see a specialist because it does not seem like the numbness in my shin is going away. This specialist is so busy that you have to wait 2 - 3 weeks just to get an appointment. I got really lucky and got to see him within 24 hours.

I did not get far in the examination because I was in so much pain. The doctor began to bend my knee and I felt this sharp pain. . I screamed, "ouch! stop stop stop!" I hit him everytime I said stop. Yes, that means I hit him 3 times. I was in so much pain. I had my eyes closed and tears were coming down.

He ordered xrays right away and then asked the nurse to set up an MRI appointment for me. Everything seems to be moving along fast. This is good because I have had this pain for about 6 months. I cant wait to find out what is wrong so that they can fix it. The doctors says that I have a pinched nerve but he thinks something else is going on too.

I got me some drugs finally! I got Vicadin extra strength and some muscle relaxers. They warned me not to have any alcohol while taking the medication. Uh, duh! ha ha.

I really hope the specialist can get to the root of the problem and take care of it. Honestly, this is my last hope.

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Friday. 3.23.07 2:39 pm
HEY MALAYSIAN NUTANGERS... Nuffnang sounds a lot like Nutang but it isnt! It is a site where you can go to get your blog listed. Anyone can sign up. I think but it was originally designed for residents of Malaysia.

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Paper (editted)
Thursday. 3.22.07 5:31 pm
My last day of class was last night. My teacher gave me an extention on the paper so I can turn it in next week. I want to turn it in tomorrow because the information is still fresh in my mind.

I am hoping to get something higher than a B because right now my GPA is 3.9!

Got to go back to writing. Blog more later.


I feel sometimes as if going to school is a punishment for me. Why? Well because:

1. I am going to school to defer my student loans ( cant afford to pay them back right now)
2. I am using my student loan checks to pay the rent since the EX does NOT pay child support.
3. I am getting tired of writing reports and reading.
4. I am not sure if I will be able to get a job with higher pay even when I am done with school.

I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. I need a new job to come my way with greater pay.

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Wednesday. 3.21.07 5:39 pm


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Wednesday. 3.21.07 3:14 pm
Testriffic IQ test

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Tuesday. 3.20.07 8:49 pm
The flu is going around and it is a bad one! I was really sick with it and I understand that some of you NuTangers are getting sick as well. Be very careful because I have heard that the prescription, TAMIFLU has been known to cause serious side effects.

"These are tranquilizers, sedatives or hypnotics. These cause discontrol or disregulation of the central nervous system. So it may cause very bizarre phenomenon or behavior," said Dr. Hama.

Investigators say in one case last year, a 17-year-old boy, after taking the medication, left his home during a snowstorm, and jumped in front of a truck and died.
Earlier this year, a 14-year-old boy, after taking one Tamiflu capsule, jumped or fell from the ninth floor of an apartment building. READ MORE

I was talking to my bf in the car on the way to this library and he was telling me that two kids jumped out of the window. One kid jumped but they grabbed him and pulled him back inside. They changed rooms and only God knows why nobody was "watching" the kid, he ran to the window and jumped again. This time they were only on the second floor so he did not die. Just broken bones.

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Changing my major
Tuesday. 3.20.07 3:50 pm
How many times have you changed your major? Well, I think I have changed my major at least 7 times. I hate not knowing what I want to be when I grow up. I think money is my major conflict. I want to major in something that will make me some money. I dont really think that is the best way to go but I am kind of stuck in that rut now.

I have my BA in Organizational Leadership with is good. It is nice and broad and will allow me to do a lot of different things. My masters was in Human Resources but I am really having a hard time because I am not working in that field. Therefore I dont understand what others are talking about. At my age it is so hard to break into that industry because they dont let just anyone in and I am too old to wait around. So I guess I am back with my original degree selection which is Organizational Leadership.

Deciding what you want to be when you grow up is so difficult. I think I would rather be in Neverland! (Not the Michael Jackson one!)

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