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Changing my major
Tuesday. 3.20.07 3:50 pm
How many times have you changed your major? Well, I think I have changed my major at least 7 times. I hate not knowing what I want to be when I grow up. I think money is my major conflict. I want to major in something that will make me some money. I dont really think that is the best way to go but I am kind of stuck in that rut now.

I have my BA in Organizational Leadership with is good. It is nice and broad and will allow me to do a lot of different things. My masters was in Human Resources but I am really having a hard time because I am not working in that field. Therefore I dont understand what others are talking about. At my age it is so hard to break into that industry because they dont let just anyone in and I am too old to wait around. So I guess I am back with my original degree selection which is Organizational Leadership.

Deciding what you want to be when you grow up is so difficult. I think I would rather be in Neverland! (Not the Michael Jackson one!)

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School is NOT for everyone
Sunday. 1.14.07 9:32 pm

School is NOT for everyone

In today's society, there are two truisms: You absolutely need some type of post-high school education to survive in today's work force, and not everybody is cut out for a traditional four-year college.
To get a feeling for the importance of any type of education beyond high school, look around. Many workers did well with a high school diploma for many years. Now, factories are closing down and businesses are cutting back on their work forces. The displaced workers are discovering that higher education means the difference between staying unemployed or snagging new jobs.

The Two-year Option
"A four-year school is not for everyone," says Erin Finn, dean of enrollment management at Harcum College. "A two-year school offers alternative opportunities."

Two-year colleges, technical schools and business schools will fit the needs of many students, yet these students often shy away from these alternatives. Some parents may make it clear that they have bigger goals and dreams for their children. Unfortunately, many parents see a bachelor's degree as the only appropriate start to a career.

Finn disagrees with this train of thought. "Certain careers simply do not need a bachelor's degree," she says. For example, a dental hygienist is a two-year degree.

Advances in technology have changed the scope of many traditional "vo-tech" classes, as well. Twenty years ago, a high school student wishing to be an auto mechanic went to vo-tech, graduated from high school with his skill and took a job at the local garage. Today, that high school student is getting an education at school, going off to work in a co-op program, and after graduation, he attends a technical college that provides a degree in auto mechanics. Today's cars are more sophisticated. Mechanics no longer tear an engine apart and put it back together. They must know about computer systems. The technological advancements of the automobile require the auto mechanic to further his education.

"Plus, an associate's degree is a great way to test the waters for a career, like the veterinary tech program," says Finn. "The student can get a good feel for a veterinary career and decide whether or not becoming a vet is the right career choice."

Other Options
What are the options available to young people who either aren't ready for traditional college or have no desire to get a bachelor's degree?

For students who eventually want a bachelor's degree but want a more low-key atmosphere, junior college may be the place to look. The campuses are usually small, and classes are geared toward general education credits, which can often be transferred to a four-year college. Many junior colleges have the amenities of four-year colleges, such as sports, Greek life and an active student life.

Two-year, post-secondary educational institutions offer certificate programs (less than two years of work), professional technical programs (terminal associate degrees) and transfer programs (associate of arts and associate of sciences degrees), as described by the University of Toledo.

Vocational or trade schools provide the most career-intensive training, such as to become automotive mechanics, cosmetologists or electricians. Art school may be the most logical choice for a young person who desires a career in animation or graphic design. For an in-depth look at the types of schools and certifications offered, do your research online at www.searchforschools.net.

Finn is quick to remind her potential students that for some careers, certification is necessary. When looking at trade, vocational or two-year schools, students need to ask if their program requires certification in addition to a diploma to begin working in the field.

Online colleges are becoming more popular and might look like an ideal choice to a new high school graduate who wants to work full time while earning a degree. However, online classes take a lot of discipline – most of the work is without face-to-face contact with professors or classmates. Some online colleges have age and employment requirements, as they are looking for adult learners as opposed to the traditionally-aged college student.

In the current job market, a job that requires a two-year degree may be easier to find. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in health and technology fields are in the top 10 careers in demand. These are also lucrative jobs. An associate's degree in a technical field can command starting salaries of $35,000 or more. With hundreds, if not thousands, of options out there, high school students can pursue their dreams with the post-secondary education best fitted for their individual needs.

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Another day another dollar
Wednesday. 2.28.07 9:06 pm
mood: exhausted

Today was the scholarship application deadline. You know, you give people 3 months to apply, they STILL apply within the last 3 hours. In the last 24 hours I received over 100 applications. I the last two hours I received 46. Each one needs to be put in manually. Yes, that DOES mean, one by one. I am so fricken tired I can't even see straight. I have not eaten, drank water or nothing. I feel like I am on SURVIVOR. ha ha!

Anyhow last year we only received and processed 600 applications. I really busted my a$$ then to process them all. This year we received 1450!!! That is just as of 6pm. The deadline is midnight tonight. So, we just may come close to 1500. That is more than double from last year! No wonder I am so tired!

I am suppose to be at school tonight reviewing for a mid term exam but I am just sooooooo exausted. I cant even spell right. Shhesh!!

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Dumb Responses I heard today
Tuesday. 3.13.07 6:57 pm
Today was such a Marvelous Day!!! I actually had some GREAT responses from College students. I thought that I MUST share them with you..

1. (student) Who do I ask for a letter of recommendation?
(worker) You can ask your teacher or counselor?
(student) Do I walk up to them and ASK them?

2. (student) I have a complaint and I want to speak with the Dean.
(worker) Ok, well let me make an appointment for you. What time can you come in?
(student) I dont know. I have to check with my mom to see when she is availiable.

3. (student) You said I need TWO letters of recommendation?
(me) YES.
(student) Well my sister wrote one. Who do I ask for the other one??

4. (me) I am sorry but I cannot accept your letter of recommendation.
(student) Why not??!
(me) Because, you cannot write a letter recommendation for yourself.

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Is it me?
Tuesday. 5.15.07 2:19 pm
You know I have been back at work for less than a week. I just feel so tense and agitated. My boss wanted to know what time my office opens. Well, let's see... the office hours have been posted on my door for FIVE years. I am really not going to allow her to get to me. I think I will take off on thursday and friday due to pain in my back and neck. I will let my doctor know that I am getting pain from sitting for long periods of time. Maybe I can get more time off. I am just sooooooooo over this place.

I just found out that we are not receiving pay increases this year. It does not matter if we score really high on our evaluations or really low... we still will not get anymore money. We usuallly get an increase with our evaluations... or a Cost of Living Allowance. It was negotiated in our contract and now the Board of Trustees is saying that they have no money. WTF!!??

I think this is a really good sign that it is time to leave..

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Man in a Trenchcoat
Thursday. 5.31.07 3:56 pm
In my office I have no window to the outside. Therefore I really dont know what is going on unless I walk down the stairs and exit the building. In a way it is good but in most cases it is bad. If I were a plant I think I would be dead by now. I usually have to ask the students that come into my office, "So, is it hot outside?" "Is it raining?" just to find out what the weather is like.

I was just helping a student that asked me, "So, did you hear what is going on in the math building?" The Math building is adjacent to the building I work in. I heard the alarm go off but I thought it was just a routine check. I responded, "NO. I dont know. What happened?" He replied, "There is a gunman in trenchcoat loose in the Math building. Police are on the scene."

What the heck!?? They should send us home.

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Wonderful Monday
Monday. 7.2.07 3:25 pm
Alot has happened but I have been too busy to blog! Well, just to be brief... the electricity turned off at our campus today. It was great! I came into work to find everyone standing outside. I thought maybe it was an early morning fire drill.... WRONG!! The whole campus lost power. Classes were getting canceled and we did not know if they were going to be sending us home or not. I thought, wow this is GREAT!!

Well, they did not cancel work today but they did tell us we can go home and come back at 12 noon to report back and begin working. What a bummer. So I went to pick up my daughter and we went to have a nice breakfast and went to FRYS electronics store to walk around... stopped by the credit union then took her home. Since it was only 11:30 I thought I would sneak back into the building.. ( the power was back on at 10:30 but the boss said 12 noon and I am only trying to obey orders) and took a nap in the air conditioned room for 30 minutes. Boy was it nice... ahhhh... What a wonderful monday!!!

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Money for College
Tuesday. 10.7.08 12:21 pm
First of all this is not some scam. For 7 years I have worked (and still do) at a local community college in the Scholarship office so this is information that I have researched.
I have some weblinks that I would like to share with everyone about scholarships.

First of all, you need to have a minimum GPA of a 2.0. Some scholarships are more competitive than others therefore to have a higher GPA increases your chances of winning.


College Net (electronic scholarship database)
FAFSA (FAFSA on the Web)
http://www.4scholarships.com (electronic scholarship database)
http://www.carpedm.com/ (electronic scholarship database)
Sallie Mae (Sallie Mae Scholarships)
http://www.csac.ca.gov (California Student Aid Commission Homepage)
http://www.coca-colascholars.org/ (electronic scholarship database)
http:/www.college-scholarships.com (Scholarships Searches)
http://www.collegeboard.org (electronic scholarship database)
http://www.collegeview.com (College Search service)
Fast Web (electronic scholarship database)
http://www.fedmoney.org (All Federal Government Student Aid Programs)
http://www.freschinfo.com/ (electronic scholarship database)
http://www.gmsp.org (Gates Millennium Scholars)
http://www.hsf.net (Hispanic scholarship fund)
http://www.scholarshipworkshop.com (electronic scholarship database)
http://www.uncf.org/scholarship/index.asp (United Negro College Fund)
http://www.usagroup.com (USA Group Homepage)
http://www.wiredscholar.com (electronic scholarship database)

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