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[Sylphie's Omuraisu...]
03/06/07 19:11
I am...

feeling: headachy... >_<
listening to: nada

...is so hard to make!!! Omw... I tried to make it for dinner for my family... It ended up looking nothing like the picture posted on Sylphie's blog! >_<;; 'Fool-proof recipe that any culinary challenged person can follow'... @[email protected] I guess I am more culinary challenged than I'd thought >_<;;

A few tips if you're going to make this: Use a big flat-based pan when making the omelette... Probably common sense, but just warning you not to do what I did. At first the only large pan we had left was the flat-based one, but after making the fried rice part I never thought there'd be so much burnt-ish food at the bottom of the pan >_<;;

I tried to wash it, but the burnt stuff wouldn't come off. And the only one we had left after that was a smaller flat pan, which I attempted to make the omelette on. It did not work. I ended up wasting the 3 eggs I'd used and throwing that 'omelette' in the bin. It was too thick to be used and wasnt cooked properly in the end... the bottom was also marginally burnt?? o_O;;

Then I washed out our big pan (soaked it in water for the duration of wasting egg time so it washed okay) and made an omelette in that... That turned out okay, I guess... Next time I'll be sure to use a smaller pan to make the fried rice and the large one to make the omelette.

But I've NO idea how Sylphie manages to get an omelette looking so perfect on both sides?! The bottom is always half-burnt or 'off-looking' to me? X_x;; And I've no idea how she managed to fold it either? @[email protected] I couldn't do it >_<;;

When I tried to fold it most of it just broke and fell apart! In the end I just gave up and put the egg over the fried rice as a cover and put ketchup on it.

There is no photo... It looked too embarassing to show @[email protected]

My family thought it was okay though (although we had no mushrooms or cooking wine >_> And I had no idea how much salt, pepper and ketchup to put in either). I now have a headache from cooking. So, what should have been omuraisu turned into more of an omu-tower o_O;; Sigh... Sylphie! What is your secret? ;_;




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[Obvious Quiz]
01/06/07 13:46
I am...

feeling: irritated...
watching: my new video =3

Oookie... I'm getting really irritated at the fact that I have done no revision whatsoever this week. I told myself I'd start today, and have I? Noooo. That's it. I am going to drag myself off the internet if I have to. I will have enough self-control. I will!

Anyways, I made another update on my website today, with a newly uploaded video (improvisation of a song on piano), go check it out if you want ^_^

But the point of this entry is... Well, I was tidying up my room yesterday, and I found a quiz that we did with one of our old teachers in my old school, called the 'Obvious Quiz'. I thought it was so cool that he gave me a copy of the quiz and the answers... and I have decided to share them with you all~ (you'll see why it's called an 'Obvious Quiz' soon XD) hehe ^_^

I will post up the questions, and then the answers (which you'll have to highlight to get). Answer the questions first! Then see how many you got right >DDD

Obvious Quiz:

1. How long did the Hundred Years War last?
2. Which country makes Panama hats?
3. From which animal do we get catgut?
4. In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
5. What is a camel's hair brush made of?
6. The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?
7. What was King George VI's first name?
8. What colour is a purple finch?
9. Where are Chinese goosberries from?
10. How long did the Thirty Years War last?

Hehe have you decided your answers yet? XDDD Here are the answers (highlight to see)

Obvious Quiz: Answers

1. 116 years, from 1337 to 1453
2. Ecuador
3. From sheep and horses
4. November. The Russian calendar was 13 days behind others
5. Squirrel fir
6. The Latin name was Insularia Canaria -- Island of the Dogs
7. Albert. When he came to the throne in 1936 he respected the wish of Queen Victoria that no future king should ever be called Albert
8. Distinctively crimson
9. New Zealand
10. Thirty years, of course. From 1618 to 1648!

XDDD So, how many did you get right? ;) Be honest and tell me your answer =3 I'll be honest and say the first time I did this quiz I got a big whooping total of 0/10 XDDD I did the quiz in Year 8 or 9, though (3-4 years ago) and to be honest, if I were to do that again, the most I'd get is probably still only about 3 ^^;;

If you got them all correct, darn, you're either a genius, or you cheated XD




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31/05/07 13:03 am
I am...

feeling: amused
listening to: Beautiful Liar - Beyonce & Shakira

Haha yeah... Amused about the title? Well... I posted a note on Facebook a couple of days ago, and was pretty shocked at just how many comments I'd received about it (78 and counting haha XD)... Want to read what I wrote?

However, be warned, this is a very long entry! XD


After getting back into (shoujo) manga yesterday, I have become thoroughly depressed at the prospect of not finding my "The One". FFS. I've been through half the world... he can't be hiding THAT well can he?!?!?! ¬_¬

Therefore, I have resorted to desperation and begging for help from others =D Friends! If you know any friends who are potential boyfriend quality for me, feel free to let me know! (In fact, PLEASE DO) =3

A few REQUIREMENTS though. (And this is probably what's gonna land me 'Single-For-The-Rest-Of-My-Life' status...)

—×He MUST be smarter than me. That means Straight A's/A*'s at GCSE, Straight A's at AS/A Level, doesn't work his arse off and still achieves really high grades and all that jazz. NO EXCEPTIONS.

—×He MUST be musically talented and play at least 4 different instruments (preferably some Chinese ones too) and have achieved Grade 8 on at least one of them; preferably Diploma, too. I cannot have a boyfriend who isn't as good as me at anything ¬_¬ However, I can compromise. If he only plays 3 instruments that's fine as long as he has an ABRSM Diploma in Performance in one of them. Nothing less.

—×He MUST be 175cm or taller (Yes, I know I'm short, and it's not hard to be taller than me, but just a few cm's taller is weird ¬_¬)

—×He MUST be amazing at least martial arts and basketball -- NO EXCEPTIONS!!! He HAS to be sporty. And be able to protect me. I don't want a wimpy boyfriend.

—×He MUST speak at least 3 different languages fluently And when I say 3, I mean 3 specific ones: English, Mandarin Chinese (Cantonese doesn't count) and German and also know at least some Cantonese, Japanese and preferably some Spanish too. I need to be able to communicate with this guy easily, and I love switching between languages randomly when speaking, plus I can see myself moving to different countries in the future, so languages are essential. Plus I speak those three, and therefore he must too. Again, cannot be worse than me at anything.

—×He MUST be at LEAST AS standard with his Chinese writing, and A Level standard with German, and A* GCSE+ standard English - nothing worse than me! =P

—×He MUST be able to cook. Even if it's egg fried rice--ability to cook is essential. (Okay cooking he can be a tad worse than me at XD)

—×He MUST be good-looking. I know that all depends on opinion, so send me his photo. A NICE NOSE is utterly ESSENTIAL. If I don't like his nose, that's it! =P

—×He MUST be toned/have a nice body. I don't want beer bellies and I don't want bulky either. =3

—×He MUST be good with computers-I have my own personal site and a blog, all of which is created by me (aside from some scripting help from wonderful friends <3) but I am good with a computer. And I type fast (90+ wpm - I did a typing test two yrs ago), therefore, he must too. Cannot be worse than me at anything

—×He MUST be good at ice-skating, or can at least skate backwards without any problems. =3

—×He MUST be either Chinese or Japanese (Half of any will do--Half and half is even better ;])

—×He MUST live in England.

—×He MUST NOT smoke/take drugs etc.

—×He MUST NOT have a geeky name/name that clashes with mine =3

—×He must be pretty open-minded too. Or at least be able to deal with the fact that I am obsessed with H/D (Harry/Draco Slash) fanfiction and yaoi mangas XD


He MUST be out-going, either that or the cold/cool/collected Kai-attitude type (Kai Hiwatari from Beyblade. Google it if you don't know who I mean =3) but is actually really nice deep down. I don't even mind if he's the player type. In fact, they're interesting ;) Either way, it must be him who takes the lead in this relationship.

He MUST be strong-minded.

He MUST NOT be wimpy/scaredy-cat. I need someone to take care of me, not the other way around.

He MUST NOT be clingy/needy. Clingy and close are two different things.

He MUST make an effort to meet up with me and be with me. If he doesn't or is not willing to, then no point in us being together. If he doesn't make an effort and is clingy or needy, he can eff right off cos I cba to deal with it.

He MUST be funny, or at least, can make me laugh, which, to be honest, doesn't take much ^^;;

He MUST be able to take a joke! >_>;;

He MUST NOT be abusive. He can be dominant; I like dominant, but dominant and abusive are two different matters.

He MUST be a Christian.


×Preferably likes Manga/Anime
×Preferably rich XD
×Preferably doesn't live 7 hrs away from me ¬_¬;;
×Preferably likes drama/acting
×Preferably between the ages of 17 and 23

Ah... I drew an 'ideal bishie' last year (ignore the age--I was only 16 then)... you can have a look... but I seem to have altered and added since then XD (Click the image to view full-sized version)

List might increase... That's all I can think of on the spot ^_^

Oh yes... For those of you who don't know me very well, you might be thinking 'so, what qualities do you have to deserve a guy like that?' Well... not many, really ^^;; But still. I've never had any troubles getting a guy I like to like me back so far, so~~~ XD

But yeah, most of those are based on me (non-personality wise ones) anyways [i.e. I got straight A*/A's at GCSE even though I only had 1 yr to do them all in, I also got a Chinese AS already, soon-to-be fluent in German, currently doing Piano Diploma in Performance--already passed Grade 8 last year, play 5 instruments in total blah blah]. Except maybe the sports/nice body one ^^;; But anyways XD

If any of you know any guy like that -- and yes, it must be a guy, please let me know! XD

Hehe or you could just find me a real-life Takashima Kei (refer to Special A manga)~~~ XDDD Cept without a Hikari =_=;;


Haha... Unfortunately, the most I've had is only a bunch of "OMW Crystina WTF?!", "I really hope you're joking" and "Good luck o_O;;"s... which is a bit disappointing... doesn't any of my friends know a guy like that? TT_TT

Do any of you know a guy like that you can introduce me to? XDDD

I think I might have to resort to finding Chinese guys in Germany... o_o;;




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[A Quick Post]
29/05/07 12:25
I am...

feeling: bleuuurgh. =3
watching: nada

Also! Ich versuche, ein bißchen auf Deutsch schreiben. Wenn du nich nichts verstanden... er... ist es vermutlich wegen meine schlechte Deutsch x_x;;

Sowieso~ Heute muß ich arbeiten. Sehr viel. Ich habe so viel Schularbeit, daß es nicht eben lustig ist! Gestern habe ich den Kalendar aktualisiert, also kannst du sehen, alle die Prüfung, die ich noch haben gelassen...

SO VIELE, ja?! UGH. Töten mich ;_;

Ich habe auch IRC gestern downloadet... und ich verstehen es nicht. Es ist so hart! >_<;; Es ist so hart! Aber die meisten Leute, wer verwendetet zu es sind, denken so nicht. Wann werde es mich sein? x_x;;

Gestern habe ich auch eine neues Manga downloadet! Heiße 'Special A' -- es ist sooo gut! *_* Ich liebe das Manga! <3 Es ist bei Entropy scanlatet (? scanlated... what's the word in German? ^^;; x_x) aber leider ist es auch ...licensed? ^^;;

Thus ends my German cos my brain is beginning to hurt x_x;; Anyways... Special A!!! Wuu... Does anyone know where to get the raws? TT_TT Chinese raws would be best, although I wouldn't mind flicking through a thousand dictionaries if there was a German or Japanese one that I could get my hands on x_x;;

OKAY! I gotta work... ^^;; Ja ne, minna~



P.S. Any Germans who are reading my blog... feel free to correct me! XDDD (In fact, please do! <3)

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[Bento 020]
27/05/07 23:33 pm
I am...

feeling: weird o_O
watching: stuff on Youtube =3

Okiieee... actually I posted this on my website a while ago and didn't transfer it here yet ^^;; But here it is now! XDDD...

MUAHA! Guess what I have!!! XDDD Well, I said to probably expect one on Saturday, but I was out yesterday (sorta) so didn't make anything, but I did today~~~

Okay, so I'm a day late, but I still made it! May I introduce you to~~~

Bento #020:

No bottom tier, hence 'Simple Bento' XD

Top tier: "Kuri Special" fried rice, covered with nori topped with flower cucumbers =]
Extra: Innocent™ smoothie, Weightwatchers™ strawberries and cream cookies ^_^

On other news: I'm going back to China too during my summer!!! WOOOO I am so excited!!! =DDD Seriously I'm so looking forward to it! My summer's looking like:
—×30th June-14th July => Germany
—×23rd July-7th August=> China
—×Some other time in August=> Pandi visiting me
—×Some other time in August=> Trip to London

Yay! Busy busy Kuri! XD My school's summer holidays don't actually start till 20th July, so I'll be going on my Munich exchange during school time, then coming back for a final week of school, then off to China! I'm actually sooo excited!!! ^_^

Yay!!! =DDD

Aaaand~~~ I've also updated my profile picture =] It's been slightly edited (duplicated, blurred and screened) to look lighter but aside from that no heavy photoshopping ^^;; I'd put up quite a few photos in the gallery before, but since NuTang got hacked twice they'd all disappeared and I couldn't be bothered to put them up again, so yeah ^^;;




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24/05/07 21:54
I am...

feeling: sooo excited!
watching: my new video =3

Ohhhh my word!!! My German Exchange Partner just called me!!!!!! Ohhh my word I actually cannot wait to go to Germany!!! Oooooooh my word she sounds so cool!!! =DDD

She'd actually written me an email about 5 days ago apparently, but I hadn't received any emails from her? x_x;;

I dunno... bleh. My emails are weird now... maybe it got filtered into spam by accident??? But surely it shouldn't have, and if it did, I would have noticed cos I had a look at all the spam message subjects and who they were from etc, so... bleh oh well!

Anyways! We had a really nice discussion! =D Hehe and I'm actually looking forward to this exchange SO much! Why? Let's just say... I love her already! XD She's a year younger than me though, bless <333 And darnit! Her English is sooo good it's not fair!!! When will my German get so good? TT_TT

But honestly, though, hehe she sounds sooo cool *_* Woo! The perfect exchange partner to have! I'm thanking God so much! <333 He's so good to me! ^_^

Ah! I also uploaded a new video =] Description and video on my personal site ^_^




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