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[Bento 016]
22/11/06 16:52
I am...

feeling: really happy!
chatting to: Tealy-Kun, Ali, Link

I'M BACK!!!! After 11 days of not having the internet, it's FINALLY back up! =D And I bring to you a whole new bento! ^_^

Actually I don't really have time to blog today, so I'll make this one quick... Ah this week is so hectic for me! I'll blog properly sooner or later though! =D Anyways, without further ado, allow me to present...

Bento #016:

Top tier: Sushi!!! =D and a couple of flower-shaped cucumbers, and a fish bottle containing soy sauce
Bottom tier: Mochi, green tea cake, cucumber, and star-shaped apples <3

Yummy!!! =DDDD Well, I'll have another one for you tomorrow, hopefully, depends how busy I am ^^;;

I need to get my homework done now >_>;; Gotta go!!!! <333333333 Ah, and I'm sorry, I don't have time to plug today, but thanks so much for commenting!!! <3333333333



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[Bento 001]
23/08/06 17:42
mood: Accomplished
listening to: Nothing
watching: Nothing

Yes, as I said, the previous was a trial bento =3 Anyways, in the evening I made both my parents a what would have been the bottom layer of a bento, I don't think it turned out that badly ^_^.

I took a photo of my daddy's one (the one for my mummy looks practically the same except for slight different positionings cos the fruit was being annoying ¬_¬ it looked like it had a face in it though, kind of... o_O) here it is:

And today, I made a bento for myself (I found a better lunchbox yay!!! -- It was deep, DEEP in our pantry though x_x) and put the same food in a bowl for my sister cos there were no other lunchboxes =/

My bento:

My sister insisted on taking a photo with the food:

So yes =3 Today, since I don't think my bento turned out too badly, I have officially made Bento #01 with hopefully many more to come~~~ =D

I really must say, though, carving the carrot thingys are *HARD* >_< I am getting my mummy to get me cut-out shapes ¬_¬;;

That being said, I will either make myself something extra special tomorrow or die cos I'm getting my GCSE results back.

If I get good grades, I'll make myself a really yummy bento (I'll think of something), and cookies!

If not... let's not go there x_X;;

Thank you for all your comments! =D <3



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[Bento 002]
25/08/06 11:22
mood: no idea
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

Heh, well, I was going to post this up last night, but my daddy had to use the net before I could post it, so I unplugged broadband from my comp, then worked on a new layout for my personal site, and when I went to plug broadband back into my comp when dad had finished with it, the usb port decided to be gay and not work, meaning I'd have to restart my lappy in order to make it work.

Heck no was I gonna do that. That takes *WAY* too long (I have a crappy slow laptop x_x) so yes, I will post yesterday's bento here--today, which, in a way, is probably better since I doubt I will make a bento today--I'm really not in the mood.

So, I present to you, Bento #02:

Nothing really special, but it was tasty =3

Description of it:

Left - prawn cocktail with lettuce, yum <3
Right - fried noodles with chicken, mum's special sauce, eggs, cucumber, and the... bean-y... thingy that I don't know the name of o_O also very yummy XD



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[Bento 015]
09/11/06 21:46
I am...

feeling: knackered
watching: some random thing on youtube o_O;

Wow... I haven't blogged in a week! O_O;; Heh heh ^^;; Did any of you miss me? =3

Okay maybe not ^^;; But anyways, it's that time of the week again when I post up my next Bento ^_^ I was gonna blog about how fricken stressed I am with life right now, but I think I'll leave that for another post some other time... =sigh= Hopefully everything will get better x_x;

Anyways, without further ado, allow me to present:

Bento #015~ =D

Top tier: rice with tomato fried eggs (it actually tastes quite nice =3) and croquettes fried with mini-shrimp (? not sure what it's called heh ^^;; but it also tastes quite nice =3) courtesy of my mummy~
Bottom tier: red bean mochi, GREEN TEA CAKE *_* and amanoyas (flavoured rice crackers. They tasted so good I decided to learn their name haha XD)

Just came back from swimming~ I've been so stressed lately I've overeaten like mad =sigh= seriously need to work it off >_>;;

Plugs to the beautiful: Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan, iki-chan, Dotty, dave, Cammie, von-notation, Sylphie, Chelsey, kkama67, Anita, dannixfresh, Ani, Dilated, Fangli

Thank you all for commenting, you lovely, lovely people!!! <33333333333333

And now for some answers some commenters have been seeking XD:
@Kahne, well, I got my Chicken Tikka Batch from school, and I cut out the cucumber shapes, and made the muffin myself =D
@dave, I cut it out from seaweed nori with a big pair of kitchen scissors ^_^;; was a little challenging, but fun to do! =D
@Cammie, yeah, we have open campus here too--it's only 30 mins for our break too, but I like the food my school serves =D just that when I go to my consortium school on Friday mornings I tend to make my own food ^^;;
@kkama67, with cookie cutters XDDD
@Anita, hehe you only type in the first 4 digits, but I think you've figured that out by now ;) Thanks for visiting! =D
@Dilated, nope =3 cucumbers ^_^



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22/08/06 16:22
mood: full =3
listening to: nothing
watching: Cardcaptor Sakura episode 50

After viewing a livejournal that I was directed to through Sacred Tear, I was inspired to make food. Yes, I, Kuri, was inspired to make a bento =3

I told her she'd inspired me to make a bento, and I wasn't joking, so here is my lame, first-time-ever trial attempt at making a bento... unfortunately the only thing that looks half decent are my chopsticks x_X it tasted pretty good though =3: click cos the photo's too large =3

Urk it took me ages to find a lunch box though, and how in the world can she cut carrot flowers??? >_<;; They are so hard/impossible to cut ;_; and i had to carve the face with a toothpick cos I couldn't find a small enough knife >_<

And I dont have any japanese ingredients either, apart from soy sauce x_x

I will bug my daddy to buy me a cute bento box and some cute bento-making stuff ¬_¬

Of course, I treated myself to a nice big slice of Strawberry Gateau afterwards to make up for my ugly-looking bento =3

But yeah, please do visit her livejournal (not sure what her name is ^_^;; )cos her bentos are actually amazing!!!



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[Bento 021]
18/07/07 14:18
I am...

feeling: alright
watching: Liang Shan Bo Yu Zhu Ying Tai

Since I was asked to, I made a new bento XD Yeah... Well, actually, I made it on Monday, I just was too lazy to upload it ^^;; Well, that, and I couldn't find the cable to transfer the photo from my camera too =P

So yeah, I give to you... Bento #021:

Top Tier: Spaghetti with a chinese 'tomatoes and fried egg' sauce... sounds weird, but tasted gooood *_*
Bottom Tier: Cucumber slices, and iced gem... thingys =D




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