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    Tuesday. 8.29.06 12:36 pm

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    My Love: Justin and T.I.- Can The Odd Couple Make It Work?
    Tuesday. 8.29.06 11:51 am
    i love this song. "What's the point of waiting anymore/ 'Cuz girl I've never been more sure [That baby it's youJustin Timberlake from "My Love" As much as I hate to admit this, Justin Timberlake's new single "My Love" featuring T.I. is that joint right now. After the Janet Jackson situation, I lost some respect for J.T. like nearly everyone else. Through it all, there's no denying his talents. He's a cold white boy, period! As for T.I., he has officially crossed that line-and it's not a bad thing. The industry, whether motion picture or music, know's a star when they see him/her and I don't believe this will alter how his gangsta is percieved at all. It's his moment for as long as he wants it to be right now. Get that money Tip. Some questioned this move but I see no wrong in it. ti-02_11-22.jpg On "My Love" Justin's able to take us into a place that other pop artists attempt to venture into but have come out unsuccessful, as he provides a legitimate old-school soul feeling that actually passes the test. It was even more ingenious to throw T.I. on the track (musta been Timberland's idea) because the grit he provides on the track is evident. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Timberland is resposible for the production on this one. Tim's killing the beat as usual with his abiltiy to talk to us through his synth, I know it's been a minute but he's still on it. I'm not sure what the thinking was behind Justin's Ready Rock C imitation on top of the beat but it worked somehow? This is a well put together track and Jon B., I mean Justin, has dropped a jewel on us. And don't forget to pick up Young Dro's Best Thang Smokin today, Grand Hustle is officially under the spotlight today. You can download the "My Love" single here http://www.zshare.net/download/justin-timberlake-feat-t-i-my-love-still-listen-mp3.html

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    Slick Pulla: Talkin' Slick By Tai Saint-Louis
    Tuesday. 8.29.06 11:41 am
    T hroughout the history of Hip-Hop, it would seem that artists who come into the game as the protégé of another artists never quite live up to the hype, or even to the success of the friend, mentor or whatever who put them on. You can argue that record sales don’t always reflect the popularity or skill of these protégés and crews, but the reality is: the proof is in the numbers. Slick Pulla, the first artist slated to be released on Young Jeezy’s Corporate Thugz Entertainment, may just be the guy to break that mold. After all, Slick’s priorities lie in shattering stereotypes. The Fourth Ward Atlanta native understands that he entered the race by following the competition’s rules on mixtape single “Birds Fly.” Now in, Slick Pulla says he’s got the lyricism that it takes to last the long haul in rap. While those promises have been made and broken before, few ATL newcomers are using their budget to solicit beats from Hi-Tek and Alchemist in addition to the usual suspects – an indication of Slick’s direction. The “Trapublican” candidate from Atlanta declares his platform, and introduces himself to the consumers he’ll need to keep him off the block and in the office. AllHipHop.com: Now, I know the album and everything is scheduled for ’07. Have you started working on it already? Slick Pulla: Oh yeah, I been working on it for a minute now. I’m in deep. It’s gonna be like my presidential campaign on CD. At the end of the day, when you finish listening to the album, it’s gonna give you the same effect like, “You know what? This cat need to be president! Let’s go ‘head and put him up there.” When the time is up, I know all eyes is really gonna be on me hard. Like, it’s cool now, everybody know I’m doing a album [or] whatever. But it get time to jump, the whole game gonna be looking. ‘Cause first of all, it’s gonna be the first installment of CTE. I mean, [Jeezy’s] album was the first installment, but this is gonna be CTE [Corporate Thugz Entertainment] on a business aspect, [and people will want to know about] the first artist, Slick. “Is he gone do good? Is he gone be on the same type of shit Jeezy was on?” All that kind of s**t. So the ball’s in my court now. AllHipHop.com: Who are some of the people that you’re working with on the album so far? Slick Pulla: Right now, I was really just messing with the young hungry cats, as far as production-wise. But now that I’m towards the end of everything, I’m starting to get in with people. Like I got in with Cool & Dre, I got a hit from them. I’m [trying to] get in with Hi-Tek, Alchemist, cats like that. I just wanna get in with all the heavy hitters, cats who make those kind of songs and then, after that I should have the perfect dinner for the streets. They can come eat. AllHipHop.com: You said Hi-Tek and Alchemist? That doesn’t sound like what most people would expect from an artist coming out of Atlanta… Slick Pulla: Yeah, but see, I’m from Atlanta, but I got a flow that’s universal. I got a flow where I can go on any kind of beat and it’s gonna always be South ‘cause of my slang and my flavor. But I’m one of them lyricists who, I can get on a West Coast beat, I can get on a East Coast beat. I can still do that and it be all good. I’ve always liked Hi-Tek music and Alchemist music, they nice with it. Imma also get in with Manny [Fresh] and [DJ Paul and Juicy J]. I’mma get in with everybody that needs to be got in with. AllHipHop.com: Now you said the album’s gonna be like your presidential campaign. Ugly stuff often likes to come out during presidential campaigns… Slick Pulla: Yeah, but you know, with the whole Trapublican thing, when I go into that mode, I’m really just speaking about social issue and just letting cats know I got another type of mind frame. Like, I can do the street, I can do the club, and also I got a conscious mind too where I can let you know I see stuff that’s going on with the government, like the way they treat us. Stuff like that, I’mma speak on all that kind of stuff. At the end of the day, I mean shoot, I’m just tryna get everybody to see me how I am. Slick Pulla is me all day. If it’s gonna be spoke on, it need to be spoke on. Imma handle it. I ain’t got no skeletons in my closet what I’m running from. AllHipHop.com: Speaking of skeletons that you don’t have, what happened with the shooting by Slice last year? Slick Pulla: I really felt the cat was tryna make a little slick move. So I peeped the move, and then shoot, that’s what resulted in the end. AllHipHop.com: But who was he? There was a rumor that he was some homeless dude from Tennessee… Slick Pulla: That’s definitely not what it was, it was a cat from another city. He was saying he was from Memphis. But he definitely wasn’t no homeless dude. But due to the way they handled me after that, I don’t do too much talking about it, ‘cause the police took me to jail after that.. AllHipHop.com: A lot of times, artists don’t take the opportunity to speak on situations. This is your chance right now to really speak on it and tell us what really happened, since all we had was rumor… Slick Pulla: I mean, s**t, I don’t really wanna go too much in depth with it ‘cause of that. But [the assailant] wanted me to listen to some music, and I was like, “I’ll do that when I’m finished.” But then he was [bothered by that]. So when I’m outside talking, he was saying something. Then I peeped that he was armed, I just seen up under his shirt a little bit. So I made a move, then I tried to dip. And that’s when he did what he did. ‘Cause like I said, I felt the dude was tryna’ take off. I felt the dude was tryna’ try something on me, so I kinda took off. And then that’s when he backed up and then, boom. The reason I don’t be talking on that stuff [is] that kind of stuff really happen everyday. That’s not my claim to fame. Like really talking about that a whole lot is like giving a n***a ammo to take a shot at me. ‘Cause like, I got shot in the leg! Come on man! I got n***as shot four, five times in the chest. So like, really that’s nothing. But then if you hear somebody talking bout it all the time. “Okay, this cat tryna talk about getting shot in the leg?” Then you give a n***a ammo. Next thing you know, you hear a diss record. That s**t ain’t nothing but a little flesh wound. That s**t went in and out, boom. [I] wrapped my s**t up, keep it moving. AllHipHop.com: So how did they end up taking you to jail behind that though? Slick Pulla: ‘Cause like I said, I took off on the dude. When I peeped the move, I’m like, “Hold up man! What the hell you trying?” And then boom, I made a move. But when I got shot, I went on to the hospital. But they caught him on the scene. He probably tried to kick the innocent role then, ‘cause I ain’t there. And then, they was already looking at me a certain way. But yeah, that’s why I don’t really do all that talking about it, ‘cause I got shot in the leg. Wasn’t nothing major like that. That’s what they think most people try to do to get on by doing. That s**t happen everyday. Like, right now, somebody probably getting hit up. That’s just part of life. So I don’t try to take them kind of things like that and capitalize off that, ‘cause I feel like my lyrics and my swag is what my claim to fame is. AllHipHop: How did you get started with the music game? Slick Pulla: I’ve always loved music. Like, I always used to work with music, but it wasn’t something I could take serious, ‘cause I got two kids. And then it’s a certain way of life I want. I feel like it’s all this money out here, everybody should be subject to the same amount of money. Everybody can get rich. It’s just about how you put your grind down. I’m not one of them type of people who gonna settle working 9-5 like, “Okay, I’ll just get paid $8.50-9 an hour,” like I’ll just take a paycheck the rest of my life. That means you containing yourself to just living a certain way. Sky’s the limit, you could do way more than that. So I was just like, if this happens, it happens. If it don’t, I still gotta get money, I still gotta feed mine, and then I still gotta be able to do the things I wanna do in life. So really, I was just really in the trenches, getting it how I live. And then that’s when I bumped heads with Coach K, Jeezy and Kinky B, Yussef and all those cats. And they took me under they wing, and everything been everything since then. But what it is with me is, I’m a loyal cat. So say for instance if this didn’t work, it won’t be like I would go sign with somebody else. ‘Cause these n***as is like my big brothers and stuff. This my family ‘cause they have changed my life. So I really wouldn’t wanna do it with anybody but them, unless I was doing it myself. And it still would be kinda wack just doing it by myself, ‘cause shoot, I wouldn’t have my homies there. AllHipHop.com: It seems like so far, whenever an artist comes out and they’re really successful, whenever they bring their crew behind them, they don’t really pop off like that. And automatically, the people that don’t know you, when they go to describe you, Jeezy’s name is gonna pop up. Do those things bother you at all? Slick Pulla: Nah. It don’t bother me because cats haven’t really heard me yet. “Birds Fly,” that was a street anthem we leaked. The mixtape stuff, that’s mixtape stuff. Cats ain’t really heard, heard me yet. The album’s gonna surprise a lot of people. I think it’s gonna blow a lot of mu’f**kas’ highs. People [are] underestimating me. Y’all don’t know what I talk about at home. Y’all don’t know what I’m doing in the booth! AllHipHop.com: But cats in the South haven’t really had to do that, though. Clearly, in Atlanta, over the last 18 months or so, you don’t really have to have lyrics. Slick Pulla: True indeed, I could just go in there and say [anything], put a nice hook on it, get a nice producer on it, and it’ll do something. But at the end of the day, I’mma kill myself at the end. ‘Cause that’s what you call fast fuel [or] fast food music. That’s just something for right then. What about next year? Cats are doing stuff like that, but who you gone be checking for four-to-five years down the road? That come from lyrics, making the person identify with you, touching a mu’f**ka heart all the way in Oregon or all the way in London. You can do that fast food music, but next year, mu’f**kas not gone wanna eat that. ‘Cause it’s gone’ always be somebody coming up with some s**t like that. So now you pretty much outta there ‘cause of the new cat. I mean it’s enough to get you a deal and your first album, that fast food s**t. A fan can’t grasp on to a little fast food song and just keep on like, “that’s my s**t,” for three, four years. But like ‘Pac, that the stuff where mu’f**kas like, “This is my s**t!” - even still now. But that fast food s**t, you can’t hold on to that for too ALLHIPHOP.COM

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    Juvenile: A Moment of Clarity By Houston Williams
    Tuesday. 8.29.06 11:35 am
    Though he wasn’t the youngest Hot Boy, Juvenile certainly seems to have matured in the last eight years. From his salacious ballads, Juvenile is committed to showing the other side of the lifestyle with the upcoming Reality Check. In a candid discussion with AllHipHop.com, Juvenile touches on this new vision, his reactions to Katrina and beliefs of what really happened. While Juvenile was a public figure in activism for relief, he not only regrets that – but offers greater insight than has been seen from many of his peers. Reality Check seems to be advice that Juvenile is not only offering, but as something the New Orleans playboy is taking himself. In addition to that, Juvenile reveals the status of his former Hot Boy fraternity and corresponding label. Lastly, for all you chain snatchers out there, Juvy’s got a memo for you – but, you’d better snatch this feature first. AllHipHop.com: Tell me about Reality Check. The title leads that this could be responsive to Hurricane Katrina… Juvenile: [Reality Check] is basically what we all go through sometimes in life. Or, some of us ain’t even had our reality checked yet, you know what I’m saying. But for me, Katrina was mine, I had the title of the album from before Katrina even hit. So I hadn’t had mine yet, know what I mean? When, when the hurricane hit, they sent me back to the studio to really, really make the title true, ‘cause it changed everything, it made me really feel like, “Damn, how could I have a title like that before a hurricane and be so appropriate?” AllHipHop.com: Did you change songs or add new ones? Juvenile: I changed songs, added new songs. I mean, it delayed everything for me because you know I was close to putting my album [out around that time.] My reality check was like man, no matter what you do or how big you make it or how much money you made - I just built my house - no matter how much you accomplish, you still a n***er. I ain’t no better than nobody else, ‘cause I do still have problems [like ordinary] people. AllHipHop.com: Do you think people scoff when artists become activists? I mean, you have money, and a lot to come “home to,” so to speak… Juvenile: Everybody wasn’t like that, but I do think the majority thinks like that. I mean, the true colors come out during the worst times. They seen me full of alcohol, speak your sober mind, because you can’t control the truth then. It looked like it was a whole bunch of drunk ass people working for the government until the truth came out, you know what I’m saying? The truth came out and the answer is: they ain’t gonna give a f**k about us. AllHipHop.com: What’s the status down there now, like you know, it’s out of the media, it’s not really prominent like that anymore. People kind of want to know like how is it. Juvenile: I said all, all of the media, y’all full of s**t, you know. And probably won’t play me, probably won’t show my commercials or nothing, probably won’t play my videos or nothing but I got to get out, to me y’all full of s**t. AllHipHop.com: How so? Juvenile: Y’all should of, a lot of them should have been doing something different than what they was doing and showing. And then you, enough you’re not showing the truth, 'cause the truth is the levees didn’t break. The levee was breached, but not by water. It was breached by military, by military firearms. People heard a boom, then the waterways. So, you know it’s a whole bunch of lies man. Honestly when you saw me at that [Red Cross] press conference, you know, I was really in there mad, like, “Y’all full of s**t.” I really lost my s**t, you sure they didn’t, the insurance agency really ain’t giving me nothing yet, know what I’m saying? Oh, I was really, I walked out. AllHipHop.com: A lot of people have military-related theories… Juvenile: What happened was the water was backing up in the wrong areas: the tourist areas. And they knew it, and it was backing up in areas where some strong people was politically, and on other scales were, and those people knew what was going on. Like man, y’all could have fixed this pump system where everybody could be safe, but y’all fixed one area of the city. We watched them over the past couple of years, you know the pumping system that was designed to pump water on the lower main. They blew the levee. AllHipHop.com: Wow. Juvenile: It’s more like out with the old, in with the new. Now you got [wealthy real estate barons] down there, buying up all the property - now it’s a big business venture. If you didn’t pay your taxes on your property - and half of the people weren’t able to pay taxes, you know - a lot of people lost their money for real. AllHipHop.com: Is this a new era of political mindedness for you? Juvenile: Nah, you ain’t gonna catch me doing a public anything, I’m not like that, all you’re gonna catch me doing is telling my people, ‘Get what the f**k you gonna get and get it right now,’ man. Get what you can get right now. Make the best of out of life you know what I’m saying. Stop crying, don’t feel sorry for yourself, do what you gotta do. It’s time to eat. AllHipHop.com: Moving on, what’s your relationship like with Cash Money these days? Juvenile: None. Juvenile: Trying to take five with your boy, whenever you want to fight -- AllHipHop.com: For real? Juvenile: Yeah, it’s for real. AllHipHop.com: Why’s it like that? Juvenile: ‘Cause, [the] man got a big mouth. AllHipHop.com: Who? Juvenile: Baby. He got a big mouth, [I'm] gonna punch him in it. AllHipHop.com: What’d he say this time? Juvenile: A lot. Now, what I’m saying, is how you even know he saying something? He’s always saying something ‘cause we gonna, I’m gonna get it on with him. AllHipHop.com: I heard y’all was working out a reunion of with Cash and Hot Boys or something. Juvenile: Yeah. AllHipHop.com: Why it didn’t go through? Juvenile: There’s another reunion between, that’s another reunion involving Cash Money, I think. I ain’t caught up with Cash Money thing. You probably [heard] B.G. talking about me, and him, and Mannie Fresh. AllHipHop.com: Right, right, so no reunion? Well, what about B.G. though? Juvenile: No, nah, nah. We be bumping heads with each other, we be holler and stuff like that, you know. AllHipHop.com: Are you and B.G. on good terms? Juvenile: Yeah we good. But you know, we got a situation, and I got my situation right now. And it like we both trying to make it happen, like, “You got your little camp and I got my little camp,” we agree to do songs with each other, but it’s like, we both in motion. You know the Hurricane killed everything, too. AllHipHop.com: Are you working with Mannie on this album? Juvenile: All the time, all day. He ain’t even Cash Money either. AllHipHop.com: Yeah, I know. Last year you were the first person that confirmed that, at the BET Awards. Juvenile: Yeah, people didn’t believe me, people was looking at me like I was crazy or something, I’m telling you. AllHipHop.com: Well, what about Wayne? His album is very hot right now… Juvenile: You like that “Party Man” [actually titled “Fireman”] song? AllHipHop.com: Yeah, it is cool, but the album is better. What are your thoughts on his tattoo tear? People wonder about that kind of stuff these days… Juvenile: Tattoos [tear] is people’s fashion nowadays. My homey told me, they told me, when you get the little tattoo [tear] like that that means you put in some work. I'm gonna bash them, [that] little boy that grew up and he needs daddy. What I'm say is nobody remembers [him in the street], so all this s**t you saying, is false. Now far as rap, he's a good rapper, he been a good rapper. He's been to the best schools, he been, he been a good boy. AllHipHop.com: In the summer, there was a rumor of a dude who allegedly took your UTP chain… Juvenile: Man, that’s a long story. But that dude, honestly, [it must have been] one of the little cats, ‘cause I don’t have a chain like that. One of little cats on my bus got, guy got a little chain and slipped a little over, you know what I mean? And I guess since she give the chain to her dude and he got an itch, he was gangster and everything [sarcastically]. Man, keep the chain, da, da, da. I don’t even know what happened, the end of the story I don’t even know what happened with the chain. AllHipHop.com: There were pictures on the Internet for a second. Juvenile: Yeah, he come back on, you never saw him back on it, I wonder why you never see the Indian, right? We straightened it. He so stupid is out on the web site and showed his face on TV. Now you’re playing. Jump on the TV, that was like something on national TV, I got the chain, it’s me, we got the gun, okay, so now you know where, where is [the chain now]? AllHipHop.com: What prompted you to do this “Rodeo” single? Juvenile: It really falls upon the Reality Check title. And that song is an uplifting song for women. Once you see the video, you’ll understand that I’m trying to show you what these women go through, the women that stay in strip clubs what they go through after they leave away from the strip club. Some of them got kids, some of them forced women, forced into doing that. Some of them try to go to school, don’t have nobody to help them, some of them been badder than that. I’m showing you the other side of the picture. I’m just saying [to the women], “You’re beautiful anyway.” I got a daughter, I got a momma, and I got a wife. So I look at things differently, you know what I’m saying, I look at things like how could I make a song for them what I need, you know what I mean? Getting off of the G upside that you always catch me on, because every time you hear a song from G you expect it to be this way, you know what I’m saying? But this is something different and also when you get off into the album and you see there, that’s one in a million, you know what I’m saying, it’s like it was the only song on my album that was really radio playable to that extent. AllHipHop.com: Given the reality we’re faced with in 2006, why should people get this album? Juvenile: All I got to say is you ought to get my album. My album was generally done before the hurricane hit. But the hurricane hit, and I tried to change up as much but you’ll probably get more footage ‘cause I got a DVD coming out, and you’ll get more footage of the people actually [involved], me actually in New Orleans, and you seeing it really handle the truth because you’re talking everybody [affected] but the White people. AllHipHop.com: Do you ever feel that moves like that could compromise your gangster? Juvenile: [People are] kind of they scared to make songs like that, song needs to be made. I’m G’d up all the time, I am who I am, you know what I’m saying? I don’t feel like making a song like that takes anything away from my character, I feel like you know my respect stays there because I can make a song like that and I can make a song like that, you know what I mean and I ain’t gonna cross my boundaries. ALLHIPHOP.COM

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    Euricka: Patient Survivor Part 1
    Tuesday. 8.29.06 11:33 am
    By Chris Richburg xml As one of the most devastating storms to ever hit the country, Hurricane Katrina changed the lives of thousands of New Orleans residents, who relocated to various areas to start new lives from scratch. For R&B songstress Euricka, Katrina became a giant obstacle on the way to releasing her new album The Takeover. The singer currently lives in Houston, Texas with her family while finding new life on the Echo Vista Records roster. Now, as the nation marks the one-year anniversary of the storm, Euricka shares her experience battling Katrina and FEMA, facing a hostile military, reconnecting with family and fans and finally getting the chance introduce herself to the masses. AllHipHop Alternatives: How has life changed for you and your family since the hurricane? Euricka: I’ve learned to do without and not to take everything so serious. And all that bling-bling stuff and all that, I’ve learned to just know that that sure ain’t got nothing to do with life. Nothing. Because when you get everything taken away from you in a blink of an eye, you start really appreciating the little things, like the birds chirping in the morning and knowing that your lights are on and knowing that you can take a bath. Knowing that you have running water to flush your toilet. You know that kind of stuff, that little stuff. That stuff people take for granted. AHHA: It’s been a little more than a year since Katrina hit New Orleans, have you gone back to see what was done and if things can be fixed? Euricka: Yeah. We’ve been back so many times. And there’s like this car pool that sends people from New Orleans back and forth for $90 each way. So we do that when we can. But right now, we’re back in Houston because we have no way of staying in the houses that we were in in New Orleans because they’re all demolished. And we’re just, right now, just going back and forth with FEMA with finances with getting our home completed and renovated. So it’s the same story that everybody else has and it’s sad, but we dealing with it. AHHA: Describe the amount of damage that was caused to your home. Euricka: It’s about 15 of us living together. So all together all of our homes were underwater, but where I live, in these apartments on the lake, I was on the third floor. So I was spared from water coming in my apartment, but the roof caved in where I was and I was the one that stayed in the area where I lived. Everybody else went to a hotel like around the French Quarter area. Yeah, I was the knucklehead [laughs] so I got trapped for like a week. And eventually, I got enough nerve to just leave the house because I had ran out of stuff to eat. I was afraid that the vandals were going to come by because they were raping people and killing people and all that kind of mess. So I thought it was best for me to leave the house. And my family was afraid for me so they, you know, encouraged me to leave because they were already in Houston here. And I got a boat ride from literally swimming to the area where the boats met you because they wouldn’t come to you. So when I got to the area, from the water to the boat area, they eventually took us to the bridge, where they dropped us off at. AHHA: You were one of many people who was stranded waiting for help, but when help arrived they passed you over saying rescuing folks ‘was not their first priority." How did that, as well as the false promises of rescue make you feel? Euricka: I really felt like I was stuck. I was so scared. I can’t believe the military won’t help us. They told us we had to swim in the water and get to the rescue boats from there. They would not take us themselves. You had to swim to the boats. If anybody can vouch for this who was in New Orleans stuck there like I was, you had to swim to wherever the rescue boats were. They weren’t coming to you. And I think another reason why they couldn’t necessarily come to you (was) because the power lines and stuff . The water was so high, they didn’t know if they were gonna go over dead bodies or if they were going over cars or whatever and it would have ruined the boats. So we had to swim in that infested water with the bodies and all of that, the fecal matter or whatever because afterwards a lot of ladies and a lot people who were in that water they got like this kind of fungus on their legs. And I was telling my sister weeks after I had got rescued. I’m like ‘I got these ringworms or something on my legs. I wonder where that was from because I wasn’t playing in no dirt or nothing.’ And my sister said ‘Girl, you got that stuff everybody get who was walking in that water.’ I said ‘Lord, have mercy.’ So I went to the doctor and from there I had to get treated for months for that. And FEMA has not paid me yet. I spent so much money getting treated for that. FEMA hasn’t given me nothing. I’ve been practically living off of my momma and them from what FEMA been giving them. AHHA: Is the fungus gone now? Euricka: Oh yea. Honey, I’ve got beautiful legs. [Laughs] I just put up the money and my family put up the money themselves. That’s fine because it was like a little fungus. And a lot of women will vouch for this and a lot of people that waded in that water that they got this fungus. It was treatable, but FEMA not paying for nothing. That’s what I wanted to say for that. Medical expenses, FEMA not even paying for anything you went through with that. They still giving you the runaround with getting your money for that. So I just threw my hands up. My sister was asking me yesterday, ‘Euricka, you really need to find a way to get your money from FEMA.’ I’m like ‘I’m not going to worry about it. I hope this album sells tremendously, you know what I’m saying. Because I can’t keep running behind FEMA and stressing myself out. It’s ridiculous. AHHA: How long was it before you were finally rescued? Euricka: It took me about four days to realize that nobody was going to rescue me. So by then the fifth day I walked in the water and I got to the boat. The [people on the] boat gave me a can of vienna sausages. I shared that with me and my dog. From there, they dropped us off on the bridge. And from there it was 20 hours. So I’d say five days, six days I was in New Orleans before I got to Baton Rouge, where a friend of ours picked me up and drove me to Houston to reunite with my family. AHHA: How did you survive during all this time before you got rescued? Euricka: Honey, some things I’m going to leave to keep in the book. That’s all I’m going to say. Some things I’m leaving for the book because it was horrible. Like I said, I didn’t have running water. I couldn’t use the toilet, you understand. It was survival of the fittest. And some things you had no other way to do but the way you had to do it. AHHA: What were some of the things you saw while you were stranded? Euricka: What really stuck out in my mind was when we all got together at the bridge, a lot of people started seeing people they knew. And me being a singer from New Orleans, a lot of people knew me already. And they were like ‘Euricka. Euricka. Oh, that’s Euricka.’ And I’m like ‘Yea, girl that’s me. I got stuck too.’ [Laughs] And one of my fans...the girl didn’t have no shoes on her feet...The water had came in so fast she was saying that she didn’t have time to get no shoes or nothing’. The water just crashed into her house. And it was an apartment. She was on the third floor, she told me...And what stuck out in my mind is that she didn’t have no shoes and guess what else? You could tell she was in shock She had said she had witnessed her cousin drowning right next to her. They were all swimming together and the cousin drowned. And this girl was just so happy to see somebody she knew to tell her story. I’m not saying she was happy, but you know how you’re just talking and getting everything out. And she hadn’t even realized it. It hadn’t even stuck to her yet that her cousin was dead. She had just witnessed a death, a drowning. And obviously she had seen other bodies in the water like everybody else getting out of the places, I saw the Army people when we were getting on of the buses and stuff, it was like we were prisoners. They had bazookas in our faces and at us screaming real loud. And I understand that you know when you’re in the Army you’re used to screaming at people and stuff like that, but it was too much. At first I thought ‘maybe we did do something wrong. Maybe it was our fault’ because they were screaming and had guns in our faces. I’m talking about children. People holding their two-year-olds in their arms and they got guns pointed at us. You had the dogs, the bomb dogs and all of that. And they didn’t have no ambulances there. They didn’t have no water for us, no food. We were just on this bridge, sitting there waiting on buses for like 20 hours. Nothing. No FEMA was there. No Red Cross. No nobody. And this was four or five days later. AHHA: Looking back on it, did you expect the rescuers to react to you that? Euricka: When I was in my house by myself, I’m thinking ‘Okay, It’s time for me to be rescued. I need to go where these people are rescuing people.’ People are telling me word of mouth, people on the street and people are riding and over are saying ‘Go this way. They got food. They got supplies. They got everything.’ When I get there, I wished I would have stayed home, do you understand what I’m saying. I’m thinking that I’m going to gloryland. I’m going to the promised land, where they got food, where they got water. They didn’t have nothing! I’m sitting in the hot sun on the bridge and then in the dark with cockroaches crawling on me with no lights. New Orleans the city was pitch black at night. You couldn’t see nothing but the lights from the buses when they came. And then all we heard was the helicopters. And them helicopters was close by and that was scary too because all you heard was that helicopter every 10 minutes dropping off more people. It was like ‘Why are they bringing all these people here and they don’t have no food, no water, no nothing?' It was like chaos. It was like the end of the world. AHHA: What drove to carry on and survive? Euricka: What I want to say is you know what stuck with me and what made me say I’m going to make it out of this? When I finally got to Houston, I got with my family. And we didn’t have nothing. I mean the house was empty because somebody put us in an empty house. It was a real estate person. He said we could just live in that house for right now. It was empty. And the first thing we needed was water. I was like ‘We ain’t got no water here.’ And I’ve always been the type of person that wanted to help my family out. So what I did was I walked to the church and all I did, I begged them with tears in my eyes. I said ‘All I want is some water for my family.’ And those people was so nice. They gave us air mattresses. Pillows. Blankets. Used clothes. We didn’t even have no clothes. We didn’t have nothing to wear. I had the shoes I had on my feet in the water. I was wearing raggedy shoes. Nothing. And I was happy too. People was giving us their used underwear to wear. Do you hear me? And I was happy to have that. People was giving us their used pots and pans. Honey, I didn’t have no attitude. I took it and and we cooked with it and ate with them. And then I had to deal with looking at my family, all of us. All of us was going through something. It was almost like we were all zombies, walking around. You know when you’re in shock?...It was almost surreal. We was looking around the house like ‘What just happened to us? Did something just happen to us?’ Do you understand? Oh my God For Christmas, I stayed in my room and I just cried... And for Christmas we had three poinsettias by the chimney. The three poinsettias and we had our presents around the poinsettias. We had about four presents, four gifts. And we had Christmas in that house, in that empty house which is still empty, you hear me. You know what’s the most blessings. I got a record deal, honey. I’m so happy. I’m so happy to have a record deal. You just don’t know. I know some people be out here doing everything to mess up their deal. Partying and buying Cristal and all that, but I’m just that believed in me enough to give me a deal. ALLHIPHOP.COM

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    It All Falls Down With Kanye And Alexis
    Tuesday. 8.29.06 11:08 am
    Kanye and Alexis right after he proposed We all know Kanye popped the question to his girlfriend Alexis a few weeks agoon the Isle of Capri (and supposedly with a 7 kt. rock). And People Magazine reported that this is his longtime girlfriend he had before Brooke Crittenden (the chick he took to this years' Grammys who works at MTV ). Before he gave Brookethe wifey role, a lot more went down than Kanye is letting anybody know about. You know SOHH Fab's got you covered on that inside info though.... alexis out with Kanye Aug 17 20062.jpgalexis2-2.jpg Kanye and Alexis at Mr. Chow's this weekend People led others to get the story all wrong. Contrary to word on the street, Alexis is not the girl he raps about on "Through The Wire" or the chick he brought on Oprah a couple years back. Basically, she's not that ride or die chick eveybody's been praising him for finally locking down. Check this letter from one of SOHH's sources (whose name we're keeping under wraps) out in Chicago: Hello Everyone, I'm a friend of Kanye's ex girlfriend and I work with her and the girl Alexis he claims he's been knowing for years and claims to have been through all the bullshit (accident) with him is not the same girl. The ex girlfriend that everybody thinks is Mr. Rainey's daughter is not Alexis, her name is Sumeke Rainey. She has been getting calls congratulating her on the engagment and this is not the same girl, Sukmeke was the one who was with him for 7 yrs and they seperated in the process of him reaching his fame. She is featured on his first album and has publishing credits to prove it. She wants to clarify that its not her who he is engaged to, Alexis maybe the newest chick and maybe he doesnt want to seem like he falls in love fast but she is definitely not the ex-girlfriend that was there before the accident and first album. I'm a hip hop journalist from Chicago being that she is one of my friends, I feel this should be clarified, I don't want to prohibit my opportunities for writing by saying this. However if you want to directly find out, I can arrange that. And I also heard from another source very close to Alexisthat 'Ye was actually on the low (but never made her his girl) with her throughout most of his relationship with the supposed original chick Sumeke Rainey. Ms. Rainey was with Kanye for years and he gave her credit on his album cover on College Dropout. Supposedly she actually inspired a lot of the hits he made for other rap artists and one big hit in particular was Hov's “Takeover”. She pointed out the beat and gave 'Ye the concept, he just tweaked it and brought it to life. He even was about to propose to Sumeke until he met Alexis after he moved to L.A. Remember the lyics from "Never Let me Down": "Nothin' sad as that day my girl father passed away/ So I promise to Mr. Rainey, I'm gonna marry your daughter"? Yeah, not the same chick as Alexis. But some people are saying Ms. Rainey isn't even the original chick, there was actually someone else. Kanye wasn't a household name yet when he moved to L.A. and met Alexis a while back. He was impressed by her having her own money, crib and own business (she owns a clothing boutique in LA). He got with Alexis on the low and even had balls enough to give her credits on the album right next to his main chick. He broke up with both women cuz he was gettin' groupie love from all kinds of chicks for a while. Yeah, he even put all his business in his music too. Apparently, this Alexis chick was married to NFLer Roman Phieferfor a minute and now has a 10-year-old son with him. So why is Kanye in a serious ass rush to marry this chick less than two months after he broke up with Brooke -- AND after he only kicked it with her on the low? I do know that people are speculating it's a cover up for his down low sexual preferences. Y'all know the damn deal. And others are saying it's because he got her pregnant. Regardless, something aint right here, but to each his own. BTW, whoever made this knows they're wrong: jay.jpg

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