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iPhone love
Friday. 6.29.07 12:22 am
Ok, the iPhone is out tomorrow, and I have devised a plan to get one at a local mall. No guarantees obviously, but luckily my workplace is lax enough to let me leave early (around 12) and queue up with the rest of the anxious people waiting to get their filthy mitts on that technological doodad.

I have had bad luck with electronics in the past, but hopefully that is not the case this time around. This freakin phone costs a pretty penny, and that pretty penny is enough to (literally) feed a starving family in the Philippines for a month, if not more. Morality issues aside, I have decided that I will get the phone, even if it means switching up mobile carriers (like I did before with the first sidekick from T-Mobile). Ironically, I'm going back to Cingular/AT&T/Pac Bell Wireless (when my plan was only 20 bucks a month for everything I get now at over 50 bucks a month).

So yeah, it is very impractical and even fringing on unnecessary, but hey, if it makes you happy, nobody gets hurt (except maybe your wallet) and you can afford it, than why not?

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Achieve, never give up
Wednesday. 6.27.07 12:32 pm
The more I look back at where I came from, the more I want to work harder to get away from that; that was a very self-destructive part of my life that I am not shunning, but am doing everything in my power to learn from and not repeat. Everytime I feel like taking it a little bit easier, I get reminded of where I was, and where I want and am going to be in the future. Seriously, there is no turning back now.

Warren honors, UCSD Tritones, KP, Kabayanihan, Kamalayan, and i-House are just a handful of the multitude of things I have on my list of academic and social priorities that I have in my sights as I make my way towards my B.A. Seriously Marc, all you have to do is take one look BACK, and something inside me begins burning with a passion to achieve and surpass everything I have set for myself. I do not and WILL NOT ever adhere to a scenario like that again.

On another note, American Idol audtions are coming to San Diego this July. I will be there, because you never know unless you try, right? Anyone else going?

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