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    News:Geri Halliwell
    Sunday. 9.3.06 11:11 pm
    Ginger Spice says her child was abused

    09/03/2006 7:37 PM, AP

    Geri Halliwell has complained to police that her 3-month-old daughter was physically abused, the singer's assistant said.

    The singer's complaint was about "an incident concerning her daughter Bluebell whilst in the care of a temporary member of staff," Antony Read said Saturday. Halliwell made the complaint at a London police station Aug. 18, Read said.

    "Bluebell is now happy and well, and there are no further concerns for her welfare," he added in a statement.

    London's Metropolitan Police confirmed the force was investigating an allegation of physical abuse involving a 3-month-old. No one has been arrested.

    Halliwell — Ginger Spice of '90s "girl power" group the Spice Girls — gave birth to Bluebell Madonna, her first child, in May.

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    Interviews:Lady Sovereign
    Sunday. 9.3.06 11:08 pm
    Make Way For The S-O-V

    06/27/2006 7:00 PM, Yahoo! Music
    Lyndsey Parker

    She's small, but Lady Sovereign just may be the next big thing in hip-hop. In fact, the 5-foot-1 rapper is already huge in her native England with her first EP, Vertically Challenged, and she set to become a larger-than-life star in America too, thanks to her new U.S. ambassador, Jay-Z, who just signed her to Def Jam.

    However, even though a super-secret a who's-who of American hip-hop has been enlisted to work on Lady Sovereign's American debut, don't think for a minute that she is planning to Americanize her sound. She knows she doesn't really fit in with the current U.S. rap scene, and she doesn't care.

    Yahoo! Music managing editor Lyndsey Parker recently met up with Sov at Austin's South By Southwest music conference, where the pint-size rapper was the toast of the fest. There, they discuss Sov's plan for world domination' having to freestyle in front of Jay-Z, Usher, and L.A. Reid; the pressure of being dubbed the new "Feminem"; and the joys of being short. Here's how it went:

    YAHOO! MUSIC: I think it's really interesting how you got your start on the Internet, posting your music on message boards and such. How did that come about?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: I got started out on the Internet years and years ago, 'cause no one really gave me the time of day outside of the Internet. You know, most MCs were on pirate radio, doing club nights and raves. I didn't get any of that side, so I sort of hustled my way on the Internet--just used to go on a messenger service and record little samples of me MCing, and I'd send it to people I didn't even know. And they would send it to someone else, and then someone else would send it to someone else, and then it would end up on a music forum. It just got everywhere. Then that hype then moved on outside of the Internet, and that's how people kind of found out about me. And it's still, like, my big thing. I control that.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: So how did that lead to the Jay-Z thing and this American record deal and all that?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: The whole American plot, it just came out of nowhere. I mean, again, going back to the Internet, I kind of knew that some Americans were into my stuff. But then came the attention of the industry and press, and this whole American vibe. It's just crazy. So Jay-Z heard about my music and he wanted to fly me out. He flew me out to New York to meet him personally and all that, which was freaky. But, you know, I got on with it.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: Wasn't there some kind of meeting or audition you had to do?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: Yeah, I had to go into his office, and there was a lot of people in there. I mean, Usher was in there for some odd reason! L.A. Reid comes in, and a bunch of other Def Jam people were in there. And Jay-Z just says, "So, let me hear you spit something." Obviously not in that [British] accent, but, you know. So I had to do some lyrics. And I was a bit nervous, 'cause it was a bit corporate. But I done it and got out of there as quick as I could.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: And then they said, "We're signing you," or whatever?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: Yeah, it kind of went from there, really.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: So you're working on your first full-length album now. How is that going? I hear you're working with some big names.

    LADY SOVEREIGN: I'm still putting finishing touches to my album. You're gonna have to find out who's on there when you buy it. You have to buy it, you see. If you don't buy it, you won't know. Oh, dear!

    YAHOO! MUSIC: Come on, are you working with Missy Elliott? Pharrell? Timbaland? I want to know!

    LADY SOVEREIGN: There's some names on there, some big producers. But vocally, it's all about me. It's my first album--it's mine. So I'm not gonna bring a load of people in. 'cause I just want it to be personal, you know? But you have to wait and see.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: So, without mentioning any names, then, is it tripping you out that these big-name people want to work with you?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: Yeah, it's crazy how all these big people out there in the music scene, who I listen to and really like and respect, want to work with me. It's flattering.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: There's been a lot of talk about how you're going be the first British rapper to be really huge. Why do you think British rap hasn't really broken through in America yet?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: I think it's a lack of money input from the U.K. side of things. Lack of promotion. You know, people don't like to take risks. And I feel that the best music is the ones you take risks with, 'cause if you're putting the same stuff out there on the table and on the radio for people to listen to, it's like, I've heard it before, I want to hear something different. So, you know, when something different does come along, I think people get a bit, like, "Whoa!" That's a shame. But I'm in the position to kind of change things now. So hopefully I can do that.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: Are you feeling any pressure at all?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: A little bit, 'cause America's a big place, and the world is a big place. And I want it all. [laughs] I want it all!

    YAHOO! MUSIC: What do you think of America so far? You've spent some time here now.

    LADY SOVEREIGN: I like America. I've been to New York, Chicago, Boston, L.A., Miami, Austin, a lot of places. Well, not a lot, but to me that's a lot, 'cause, you know, damn! But, yeah, I like it. It's a cool vibe. You know, it's different to London.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: How have the audiences been that you've played to in America?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: Oh, the audiences have been crazy. I mean, I've got my fanbase, my fanatics that come to the shows. I feel like a star out here, you know? Whereas back home, things is nice back there, but out here, I think people are a bit more appreciative.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: This is kind of a weird question, but has there been any concern or any attempts to sort of "Americanize" you--either your image, your sound or whatever, to make you more palatable to whatever they think American audiences want?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: Well, I don't like people telling me what to do. I am my own person, and I'll dress how I want to dress, I'll say what I want to say, I'll do what I want to do. I mean, me being me has got me this far, so I don't see why anyone should try and change me anyway. But it ain't gonna happen. Ain't happening, nope. You can try, but no.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: I think that's really good. But obviously what you're doing is really different from what's going on here, so I just wonder if there's been any concern about where you're gonna fit in, like, what your market is, that sort of kind of corporate speak.

    LADY SOVEREIGN: See, I don't really categorize myself as anything anyway. I'm not, I'm not hip-hop, I'm not grime. I'm not in a box, I'm in a huge container, and I can play about with it. I can do what I want. I don't limit myself.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: I'm sure you've been asked this before, since it's kind of an obvious question. But when you started out, was the fact that you were female, and that you were white, an obstacle? Did you get any flak? Were you discriminated against?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: Yeah, that whole "oh, you, you're white, you're a girl, what are you doing?" That was there a lot in the beginning. Now it's kind of died down. The only people, as far as I'm concerned, that talk about it is media and press. 'Cause that's what I am, you know? But I did get discriminated a bit back in the day. I kind of shook it off, you know, 'cause it shouldn't be an issue anyway. I don't get some people. They're a bit funny in the head, you know.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: It's kind of interesting, 'cause although a lot of black female rappers have done well, there really hasn't been a female Eminem , the "Feminem" that they call you. I know you've been compared to Eminem, and I'm sure you hate that. But why do you think it is that there haven't really been those kind of inroads for white female rappers like there have been for while male rappers?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: I do not know. If you're talented, you're talented, you know? Not that I'm bigging up myself right now, but I mean, if you've got the talent, then it's apparent. Like, "Wow, that sounded good!" If you've got the talent, it's apparent. If you ain't, you haven't really got a chance.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: What do you think of the Eminem comparisons?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: Well, it's cool. It's nice to be compared. But I do I think I'm different, so I don't think it's right that people compare me to that, 'cause people's gonna have expectations of something else. I sound different from that.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: You make a lot of references to your height and call yourself a "midget." What that's all about?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: Oh, I love being short! I am the biggest midget in the game. That's me. I'm not an official midget, but, you know, I could be if I was a few inches smaller.

    YAHOO! MUSIC: What do you like about being short? Don't you hate being called "cute"?

    LADY SOVEREIGN: I used to get the whole, "Oh, you're so cute" thing in high school and all of that. But I don't mind. I just like being short. You see the world from a different perspective. And before anyone else can try and take the mick out of it, it's like, you can't, because I like being short, and I tell people that. So all you tall people out there, ha!

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    Sunday. 9.3.06 11:04 pm


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    Womens Air Force 1 Low (white / white)
    Sunday. 9.3.06 10:37 pm
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