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    Music Update
    Saturday. 2.13.10 3:07 am
    I've decided to make a post on what I've been listening to lately.

    It's been a while since I've really listen to some of the music I like.

    I've mainly been listening to Travis Porter & OJ Da Juiceman.

    Favorite songs right now would have to be Hell You Talmbout, Waffle House, Go Shorty Go, Get Naked, Just Wanna F, and Have her singing like from Travis Porter.

    Favorite songs from OJ Da Juiceman are All My Life, I got ringz, 6 ringz, Bong, & Kickin' It.

    There's also some music I don't like that I recently heard, and that would be from Soulja Boy. I don't know direction he trying to go in but its not a good one.

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    Review of "Stim-U-Dent:Plaque Removers"
    Tuesday. 2.9.10 10:48 am
    Claim:works better than flossing

    Benefits:Fights Gum Disease, Removes plaque better than brushing, and reduces bleeding gums

    Review:This product is something like a tooth pick according to the packaging. The pointed end goes between your teeth. The problem I had with this product is that it was not thin enough to go through my teeth. I'm assuming this product is just for the outer gum area. Which is why regular floss is better in my opinion. I want to be able to clean between all areas where plaque can build up, and this product can not do that. I would recommend stick to your regular flossing routine. This product would work better if it becomes thinner because cleaning between your teeth is just as important as cleaning below the gum line.

    If you would like to try this product yourself join sample social on facebook.

    If you've tried this product please share with me what you thought about this product.

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    Update for MailBox Monday week of Feb 8, 2010
    Tuesday. 2.9.10 4:37 am

    Here's some of the freebies I received in the mail this past week:

    This was kind of nice, I'm definitely grateful for all the freebies I'm able to receive.
    Magazines:10 free samples:5 other freebies:6

    Emergen-C Alert Sample
    Cook's Country Mag:Feb/March 2010
    Engo Blister Patch Sample
    Barlean's olive leaf complex sample+booklet
    free dogtag from artscow
    American Baby:Feb 2010
    Natural Home:Handy home fix it sheet
    Proven Winners:The Gardener's idea book
    Autoweek:Feb 8, 2010
    Alicia Beauty:2010 catalog of styles
    Digiorno 200 calorie portions:free coupon+$1.50 off coupon from Kraft first taste
    Marie Claire:March 2010
    Redbook:Feb 2010
    3 coupons from Gerber:2 formula coupons+1 onesies coupon
    Women's Health:March 2010
    Con Agra Foods coupon book
    Gold Bone ultimate sample from walmart.com
    Jet Mag;Feb 15, 2010
    Mariani:Dried Plums sample
    Watch!:Feb 2010
    Good Housekeeping:March 2010

    Check out
    A Frugal Friend and join in on the fun.

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    MailBox Monday for Feb 1, 2010
    Tuesday. 2.2.10 3:05 am

    Here's some of the freebies I received in the mail this past week:

    It was definitely a slow week this past week for me.

    Salvation Army:Something Good is trying to happen to you book
    Photo mousepad from artscow
    Employee Benefit Adviser:Jan 2010
    Alcor Life Extension Foundation Packet
    Autoweek:Jan 25, 2010
    People Style watch:Feb 2010
    Wine Spectator:Jan 31-Feb 28, 2010
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals:2009 Generic Reference Book
    Church of Good-PKG:2008 God's Final Witness Book
    Car and Driver:March 2010
    Kiwi Mag:Feb/March 2010
    Hercolubus or red planet book
    Nordic Naturals:m omega soft gel samples
    HHMI:Two discs, cd-rom & bulletin
    Jet Mag:Feb 8, 2010
    2 booklets from bristol-myers squibb/sanofi
    4 GB flash driver & puzzle mousepad from Small Business Network
    Talent Management:Jan 2010
    Ebony Mag:March 2010
    ESPN:Feb 8, 2010

    Check out
    A Frugal Friend and join in on the fun.

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    Review of "Something Good IS Trying to Happen to You" [Book]
    Wednesday. 1.27.10 1:14 pm
    This book was wrote by Major John R. Cheydleur, PH.D. This book discusses things you can do in your life to make sure something good happens in your life. You have to learn how to recognize when a "God-cident" comes your way. You also have to learn how to avoid things that are trying to harm you. The author calls this negative energy a "Garbage Monster." The drag-you-down people are also discussed.

    "They minimize your successes, making your major triumphs seem small and the little grace notes of your life seem unimportant."John R. Cheydleur

    I can definitely relate to this quote because I've experienced this before from people in my own family. They try to make it seem like all your success means nothing because your down now.

    Make sure you surround yourself with a "cheer-you-on" person because they will help you get to where you want to be in life.

    "They will applaud you for your successes, grieve with you at your failures, and want the best for you all the time." John R.Cheydleur

    I think like this when it comes to people in my family or anybody in general. Even though you may have not done the right thing earlier in life, its never too late to do that now. Its never too late to educate yourself. I don't care how long it may take if you want to be a doctor, go be that doctor. I've heard people say to me, you already have a Master's Degree. What's the need for another degree in Pharmacy? First of all, its something I really would like to achieve in life, and personally don't want to limit myself to one career option.

    The last thing that really stuck in my head was learning how to forgive. I learned that not being able to forgive can definitely be harmful to your health. So, "Good family relationships promote longer lives for all concerned." I've noticed those who don't treat their parents right have been suffering health wise. You also shouldn't judge others because this can create an emotional burden that blocks you from receiving the good good has in store for you. In the End, be humble and something good will happen to you.

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    MailBox Monday for Jan 25, 2010
    Tuesday. 1.26.10 1:58 am

    Here's some of the freebies I received in the mail this past week:

    Glowelle beauty drink mix w/carry case
    Jet Mag:Jan 11, 2010
    Free address Labels from PETA
    Computer Power User:Feb 2010
    Maxim:Feb 2010
    Good Housekeeping:Feb 2010
    International delight coffee creamer free coupon
    Muscle & Fitness:March 2010
    Woman's Day:Feb 17, 2010
    Being girl:Always & Tampax sample pack
    Disney DVD labels & stickers
    Free bag stacy's pita chips coupon
    Three Bible bookmarks
    Living Proof Frizz styling treatment sample
    2 free packs of Airborne tablets
    Shape Mag:Feb 2010
    U.S. News & World Report:Jan 2010
    U.S. News & World Report: Feb 2010
    Parenting early years:Feb 2010
    Cosmopolitan:Feb 2010
    Baby Talk:Feb 2010
    Golf Digest:Feb 2010

    Check out
    A Frugal Friend and join in on the fun.

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