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    Ludacris & Young Jeezy Teach ATL Youth To "Get Money Right"
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 11:43 am

    Tuesday - September 5, 2006 by Janeé Bolden

    Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) Chairman Russell Simmons and President and CEO Dr. Benjamin Chavis are continuing their rounds on the "Get Your Money Right" national tour, by stopping in Atlanta on September 16, 2006.

    The two leaders are taking their message of financial empowerment to Morris Brown College on Saturday, September 16th. They will be joined by a number of hip-hop's elite, including Jermaine Dupri, Young Jeezy, Disturbing Tha Peace's Chaka Zulu, Ludacris and Bobby Valentino, Paul Wall, Remy Ma, Chingo Bling, producer Bryan-Michael Cox, President of the Ludacris Foundation Roberta Shields; Def Jam Head of A&R Shakir Stewart and DJ Drama.

    Originally launched in 2005 to communicate the importance of financial literacy to the hip-hop community, this year's HSAN "Get Your Money Right" national tour kicked off in Detroit on March 25th with Obie Trice, MC Lyte Three 6 Mafia, Stat Quo and Doug E Fresh as guest speakers. Sponsored by Chrysler Financial and Anheuser-Busch, the "Get Your Money Right" tour has already stopped in New York (April 22) and Miami (May 20) and will visit Los Angeles (September 30) and Dallas (October 14) before concluding in Toronto, Canada (October 28). Topics to be covered include the basics of banking, home ownership, repairing bad credit and understanding credit scores, entrepreneurship, vehicle financing and more.

    "Joining with Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris to host the Atlanta Hip-Hop Summit is a special blessing," Russell Simmons said via statement. "This city is known for its great contributions to hip-hop, as well as being a center for social change in our nation and world. 'Get Your Money Right' is an opportunity for the core of our demographic -- 18-35 year olds - to gain invaluable information on financial empowerment."

    "We will celebrate the evolution of hip-hop in Atlanta and throughout the South, as well as transmit life-transforming real stories about wealth building and entrepreneurship," Dr. Chavis said, also via statement.

    The Atlanta Hip-Hop Summit will be held on Saturday, Sept. 16th from 1:30-3:30 pm at Morris Brown College in the John Lewis Gymnasium (643 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive). All participants will receive a "Get Your Money Right" workbook, available in English and Spanish, which can be downloaded at hsan.org.

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * nekstup says...
    * I'm born and raised in ATL, and I'm asking everyone that reads this: Please don't listen to all these garbage a$$ rappers comin outta ATL & think that none of us down here are lyricists. The radio and the labels are only signing Jeezy, Joc, D4L, etc becau
    * Tuesday, 09-05-2006 @ 12:39pm

    * c tha 1 says...
    * Why go to Mo. Brown? There's hardly anyone there, why not provide this forum at a school that actually has a decent enrollement.
    * Tuesday, 09-05-2006 @ 12:39pm

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    Lawyer For Lil Kim and Mike Tyson Dies
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 11:41 am

    Tuesday - September 5, 2006 by Anthony Roberts
    Lil Kim

    New York trial lawyer Mel Sachs, whose clients included Lil Kim and Mike Tyson, died Wednesday (August 30th) in Manhattan after a bout with pancreatic cancer.

    The Bronx-born litigator and Brooklyn Law School graduate, who was as known for his flamboyant fashion sense as well as his high profile clients, passed away at the age of 60. The lawyer garnered a reputation for donning custom-tailored suits and a distinctive pocket watch while in court.

    In addition to serving as the defense attorney for Lil Kim in her recent perjury trial involving a shooting outside of New York's Hot 97 studios, he also defended a who's who list of celebrity clients. His roster included former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson after a 2003 brawl in Brooklyn, N.Y, magician David Copperfield, Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter and comedian Jackie Mason.

    In addition to representing the rich and famous, Sachs also did community work, as well as representing lesser known clients and causes, including the Congress of Racial Equality.

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    2007 Southern Entertainment Awards
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 11:32 am
    "Now what's everybody so mad at the south for? Change your style up..." - Fat Joe ("Make it Rain")

    F**k a boring ass VMA, Southern Entertainment Awards is what's poppin' right now. OK, I'll take that back, MTV was smart enough to skip 50's overrated diss song in favor for Cham's "Ridin'" last week. But, moving on... check out a partial list of nominees for the 2007 Southern Entertainment Awards:

    Mixtape Artist of the Year (Male):
    -All Star
    -Gucci Mane
    -Lil Boosie
    -Yo Gotti
    -Max Minelli
    -Slick Pulla
    -Nikia Shine

    Best Rap Mixtape:
    -Big Mike & Evil Empire - Interstate Trafficking
    -Chief Rocka - Street Heat 6
    -Chuck T-Down - South Slangin 25
    -DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 2
    -DJ Drama - The Leak
    -Jelly & MC Assault - Dat Kush 2

    Radio Station of the Year:
    -97.9 KBXX (Houston, TX)
    -97.9 KBFB (Dallas, TX)
    -93.3 WQUE (New Orleans)
    -103.9 WHXT (Columbia, SC)
    -107.9 WHTA (Atlanta, GA)

    Adult Club of the Year:
    -Onyx (Houston, TX)
    -Magic City (Atlanta, TX)
    -Jazzy Ts (Atlanta, GA)
    -Club Champagne (Charlotte, NC)

    Nightclub of the Year:
    -112 (Atlanta, GA)
    -Crobar (Miami, FL)
    -M Bar (Houston, TX)
    -Maxs (Houston, TX)
    -Roxy (Jacksonville, FL)

    Producer of the Year (Indie):
    -DJ Toomp
    -Fat Boi
    -Play & Skillz
    -DJ Dev

    Urban Magazine of the Year:
    -Block to Block
    -New Power
    -Street Talk

    No.1 DJ in the South:
    -Rapid Ric
    -Evil Empire
    -Freddy Hydro
    -Wally Sparks
    -Devin Steel

    Is it just me or are these nominations wayyy too long? Anyhow, K-Rino's Time Traveler -- which is a must-have in my opinion -- is up for "Best Independent Album" award, so I can't really complain. Head on over to the official SEA website for a full list of nominees and to cast your vote.

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    Diddy Revives New York City, New Joints from Beyonce, Chingy and Shareefa
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 11:16 am
    If you are officially over B'Day and want some joints to jam to, you've come to the right place. Aside from deciding if the new joints by Beyonce, Chingy, Shareefa and Diddy are even worth the bullet, we will also be tracking the second-week sales to see if Danity Kane can fend off Outkast and continue their run as owners of the No. 1 album in the country. Come on in, make yourself comfortable and stay a while.

    If you purchased your copy of B'Dayfrom iTunes then you no doubtedly got the iTunes bonus track "Lost Your Mind."

    Yup, someone's lost their mind alright. You decide... RUSH IT or FLUSH IT?

    Next up is Chingy's Hoodstar which is scheduled for a September 19th release. His first single, "Pulling Me Back" featuring Tyrese, was in high demand on "106 & Park" Here is a leak from Hoodstar featuring Fat Man Scoop called "Let's Ride".

    Can Fat Man Scoop help Chingy get the party started? What say you, RUSH IT or FLUSH IT?

    A few peeps wondered if Shareefa from Ludacris' DTP Soul had any other music coming. Over the weekend I got her mixtape with quite a few Darkchild-produced tracks including this one titled "Cry No More."

    SOHH what do you think? She's got the voice, let's see if peeps care enough. RUSH IT or FLUSH IT?

    Last on today's list of new music is Diddy. Right about now, he is the only New York rapper entertainer that I have faith in terms of "bringing New York back." As Reckless from SOHH NYC asked, "What happened to Busta's 'New York Shit'?" I suggest he gave it to Diddy. We're not talking about "real hip-hop," we're talking sales, excitement and buzz. The shit that New York is made of. The reason I say this is because snap music is running rampant in terms of airplay and sales but most don't consider it real hip hop.

    Diddy's upcoming R&B album, Press Play, has me curious. The first single "Come To Me" featuring Nicole of the Pussy Cat Dolls is bonafide. It gets you moving even if you hate everthing Diddy stands for. The tracks featuring Christina Aguilera and Keyshia Cole are already highly-anticipated.

    Now Diddy is taking a page out of Cassie and Ryan Leslie's book by taking his daily antics to YouTube. Check out his YouTube Channel here.

    Catch Diddy on the streets of New York in "The Streets of New York":

    The third leak from his upcoming CD is called "The Future." I like it. It gets you amped for whatever the Didster has up his sleeve. What say you....

    We're just gonna RUSH Diddy... He's done too much for the game to be flush worthy.

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    Flavor of Love: Shake It Like A Saltshaker!
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 11:14 am
    "We don’t want it if you let Bruce Bruce hit it." - Master P


    In all honestly, you can extend that notion to Flavor Flav as well. I don’t want his sloppy seconds. This week on Flavor of Love 2 the contestants fixed up the backyard all nice-like for a collective of rappers and rap accessories that included G-Unit, Three 6 Mafia, DJ Quik, Ying Yang Twins, VH1-subsidized rap legend Warren G and The Archbishop Desmond Magic Toto.

    Splashin, flashin, slappin and clappin abound! Welcome to the BET UnCut audition room!

    As expected, these girls appear far more geeked for G-Unit and them than for “their man” Foofy. He must have been watching with those binoculars feeling dejected as shit. Shit with a pimp suit from the costume store, that is.

    My favorite part of the episode may have been Michael Clark Duncan’s announcements of the surprise guests. I’ve never seen that nigga so excited. Nigga looked like he just got the fill-in gig for Showtime at the Apollo. I mean, we got more emotion out of him this episode than his best titty grab or fried chicken scarf-down of either season. I wonder what’s in his iPod.

    Oh, and of course Nibblz/Tyson greets Bishop Don! “He ith the snathieth drether I’ve ever theen in my life!” Didn’t thee thay the thame thit about Flav in the firth epithode? I think thee did.

    Upon Warren G’s return, Like Dat proceeded to continue the salami and cheese hoagie-style cock rinse she started when she cleaned blood and boo-boo juice up off of the VH1-arranged party floor. She wasted no time in reminding him that if he wanted to fuck a fold or something, he was in there. No questions asked.

    Now Bootz know she wrong. The first broad to call the next woman a ho puts on her best P-Poppin routine for all the world to see. Niggas saw beef curtain, mooseknuckle, pumps and a bump and whatever other clever, disgusting noun you could come up with to describe the once-sacred female genitalia and hindparts now readily on display if you’ve ever been part of a hit recording.

    To make it even better for me, she reeeeally told Kane that she wouldn’t be in their video (again) because she didn’t wanna ruin her chances with Flavor Flav. Damn, I don’t know how to take that. That’s some serious spit, dun dun! That’s like choosing eating a shit sandwich over drinking a liter of piss. I bet once she’s kicked off she’ll find the Ying Yangs’ MySpace page or somethin.

    Like Dat gave all these niggas a Sea World show! Bunky the Sea Lion really thought it would be cool to splash half the water onto the lawn. Banks clowned her lovely. “Now do a front-semi!” Cold-blooded. I love it! He knew exactly where he was. 2 quarters in Like Dat’s ass. She played herself. Big Girls of America are about to revoke her membership. She is going to get a stern talking-to from Chairperson Mo’nique.

    All these niggas missed was the Toastee snail trail. R.I.P.

    Yes, Nibblz showed the tittays! She did so after Bishop Don Magic Juan (who smells exquisite, mind you) told her she can’t be nicknamed “Nipplz” and not show why. Yep, this is the kind of girl The Don would have blistering her feet on the strip in about 14 seconds flat. “Girl, I smell it. Let me inhale it!”

    Seriously, this party is like some kind of hoodrat’s dream come true. It’s like Super Mario Bros. 2 or some shit.

    Yeah, Krazy didn’t know any of Flavor’s songs by name. Shit. Flavor don’t got no damn songs. Ask that ditsy broad if she knew any Public Enemy shit. Either way, the best part of that entire confrontation was the debut performance of Three 6 Mafia’s newest soon-to-be-Academy-nominated single “Google It!”

    Quote of the day, however has to go to the Bishop. When asked about Beautuful, the nigga said: “She got a great future behind her.” Chuuuuch!

    On the same subject, the bouncer nigga that Nibblz had sprung couldn’t even talk! “Sh-she m-made my blood rise up!” Heh. She also made him go blind. What the fuck was up with homie? That Chino XL-lookin bodyguard took it in stride and didn’t act like he never got no ass before. This nigga was like The 50-Year-Old Virgin.

    Lloyd Banks was 2-for-2 in essentially calling Buckwild the rhyming cat from Heathcliff.

    Flavor enjoyed Bootzy Collins’ project-style confrontation of Krazy. “I respect a strong woman like that.” Oh, I see. Apparently you can act a complete ass in front of Flavor as long as you have titties and ass. Seriously, the one with the biggest knockers was gonna win that argument. He probably had both of them on mute in his mind.

    She got him Sprung like Joe Torry. Fuck T-Pain.

    Like Dat sealed her fate when she came into the room as Flavor was trying to enjoy his post-skeet afterglow and put on a full-service Lane Bryant commercial. Between him saying “1 of her thighs was like 2 of my body!” and “The Big One” song… I lost my shit like Somethin.

    Bootz took one for the team diving into that pool. Unlike Like Dat, she had a Dionne Warwick-edition weave to fuck up! And fuck it up she did. There was a tragedy on top of that dome when the date was done.

    Over the span of 10 seconds Flavor Flav compared sex to an eel slithering through seaweed and referenced Devonte Swing. Just thought that was something I should point out to you all that may have missed it.

    As the final commercial break approached, how did I know that New York was gonna be the special guest? CB4 looks and sounds like she’s been on the Whitney diet since last season ended.

    Oh, I can’t wait for next week.

    [email protected]
    Posted by Ron Mexico at September 5, 2006 10:15 AM

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    Mos Def-initely Bush at his Best: "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator"
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 11:04 am
    Yeah. He said it.


    Allow me to reflect here for a second.

    That "757" that "crashed" into the Pentagon on 9/11 didn't do the damage to the building that it should have, which doesn't sound right. Second of all, many heated anti-Bush Americans (emphasis) are saying that Bush and his family received insurance for the collapsing of the Twin Towers, in addition to him BLOCKING ALL EFFORTS FOR A FULL PUBLIC 9/11 INVESTIGATION, and for these reasons they say he was involved, and that he perhaps set up that and the Pentagon madness as a means to turn America's outrage for his jerking the 2000 elections -- which explains the suspicious set-up of the Pentagon ordeal. There's no way to prove this, and won't be, but I wouldn't put it past him. Third, I saw this chick on TV that was de-detonated by a bomb squad, crying and screaming about how some assassins kidnapped her, brutally did her in, strapped her with a bunch of explosives and pitched her to the public. Clearly, she was not the "suicide bomber" that the mass media aired out in The Post, The Daily News, and your TV everyday. People are being kidnapped and FORCED to do these things. If anyone knows anything about Muslims, "suicide bombing to see our paradise with Allah" is NOT what this religion stands for. They don't represent this in any shape, way, form of fashion.

    There are plenty of Middle Easterners living here in America, a free country, where anyone can detonate themselves in any public facility at any time (knowing they won’t be searched). Why is it that we never hear about any car bombings (not that I'm encouraging it), explosions or any other chaos going on in the States? If there are a lot of Americans who hate America, I'm sure there are many people not of American descent who hate the U.S just as much. Yet... no car explosions, no nothing. Something just isn't right. America, to me, is a set-up, an underlying fuel behind the fire. But of course, we can only see the image that is pitched to the front of the line.

    So Mos Def got locked up. Finally, we have someone who stands for something, someone who is tired of these peaceful anti-Bush rallies (that barely get any news coverage) not doing a damn thing for the situation, standing up for what he believes in... and he gets arrested. There's a band that has no license to perform standing there on 42nd Street and B'Way performing every night, people in the 42nd Street subway station performing all day everyday, cops in view, and Mos gets arrested? Am I missing something?

    This arrest doesn't come as a surprise to me, as the dictator of this nation has bent, twisted, schemed and practically molested every bit of anti-Bushism there is. How about the time that Bush asked Viacom (BET and MTV) not to air any anti-Bush content, and focus on things that will favor both he and his administration? How about when Bush shut down CBS's "60 Minutes" investigation on Bush's forged documents he and his administration used to sell the Iraq war (that was slated to air two months before the election on September 7th, 2004)? There's even a rumor floating around that he's trying to get a bill signed that will allow him dictatorship. Well, he’s already a dictator.

    Immortal Technique, Saigon, dead prez and all others -- Who's next?

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