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    Khia Calls Trina A "Fake Bitch,"
    Thursday. 9.21.06 3:30 pm

    In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about Khia firing back at Trina, Three Six Mafia invading Hollywood, Cassie's rapper report card and Jay-Z addressing sweat shop rumors.

    1. Khia strikes back. Only days after being dissed by Trina on "What's Beef," Khia has fired back with "Hit Her Up." Interestingly, both femcees have borrowed from two previously feuding and unfortunately late emcees for their latest dis records. While Trina took from Biggie's "What's Beef," the Thug Misses opted to be the umpteenth rapper to recycle Tupac Shakur's "Hit Em Up." "Fake bitch if you was real you would have said my name/but I'm calling you a hoe and I'm saying it to your face/keep it real punk hoe, the hood already know/that's why they fuck you in the ass, let a hoe be a hoe/Trick should have warned you not to open your mouth/but Slip-N-Slide been begging me to fill up your spot," Khia charged. Fortunately, this one is sure to stay on wax. Khia and Trina were both at the Ozone Awards and no altercation took place.

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    SOHH Exclusive: Foxy Brown Is Broke, Says Accuser, But May Pay Up In Court
    Thursday. 9.21.06 3:26 pm

    Wednesday - September 20, 2006 by Carl Chery
    Foxy Brown

    Nearly two years after being accused of robbing Foxy Brown, designer Tanya Manderson quietly won a false arrest and defamation judgment against the rapper when Fox defaulted on the case. She now says the rapper is broke but plans to make her pay in court.

    "From what I understand, she really doesn't have any money. Her finances aren't in great shape. Apparently there was some attempt to have insurance pay claims or something like that," Manderson told SOHH regarding Foxy's attempt to settle. "I think she fired [her lawyer] or he left, so he was no longer representing her and we never heard from her, so we just won a judgment against her."[View the court documents Page 1 & Page 2]

    "She defaulted," Steve Krawitz, Manderson's lawyer, explained. "I have to collect money from her, but I don't know how to do that."

    Manderson is suing Foxy (born Inga Marchand) for libel and defamation of character after a grand jury exonerated her of robbing Foxy at New York's Show Night Club back in October of 2004. Manderson was initially charged with third degree robbery, grand larceny and possession of stolen property, but cleared in March of 2005.

    "Basically, the story never stood in court. It went to a grand jury and [they] found that she wasn't credible," Manderson revealed. "And they threw out the case and I was cleared. It never came out that I was cleared."

    According to Manderson, Foxy, accompanied by a Show Night Club bouncer, walked into the bathroom and picked a fight with her. Manderson said she defended herself before she was thrown out the door. Interestingly, Manderson says she never met Fox before the night of the incident.

    "I know for a fact that she's a habitual liar because she lied about me. From my personal experience, I would have to say she's unstable," Manderson opined. "Two days before my case went to the grand jury she got arrested for the Nail Salon incident, which she pled guilty to. Nothing that I hear surprises me."

    According to court documents, Manderson claims that Foxy "made false accusations" about her which were "published by the local media and were defamatory to her causing her damages." In addition to Foxy and her Black Roses Entertainment, Manderson has also named others in the lawsuit including Russell Simmons' Rush Communications, Def Jam Music Inc, celebrity publicist Marvette Britto's Britto Agency, The Show Night Club and the bouncer.

    A hearing is soon to be scheduled to determine what damages, if any, Manderson has sustained. Manderson hopes to get at least $1 million out of the settlement.

    "She may or may not be broke," says Manhattan-based attorney, Mark Samuel regarding Manderson's assertion about Foxy's finances. "Her failure to respond to Manderson's complaint does not mean that she could not afford an attorney. It is difficult to speculate on why she did not respond. Nonetheless, assuming the default judgment is not vacated by the court, the hearing after the trial will determine what damages she may owe Manderson."

    Foxy Brown's reps could not be reached for comment at press time.

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * kerline says...
    * Thats good for that beeyatch she's always tryin to act hard but look wht happen now.
    * Wednesday, 09-20-2006 @ 1:17pm

    * Bottles says...
    * people keep talkin about Foxy Brown but who cares...MYSPACE.COM/BOTTLESBABY
    * Wednesday, 09-20-2006 @ 1:23pm

    * da one irie b says...
    * f#@$ foxy brown, the beeyatch is stupid, her career is f#@$ed up, and the motherf#@$er, don't know when to stop being a fake beeyatch
    * Wednesday, 09-20-2006 @ 1:39p

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    Did Carmelo Anthony Get Trapped?
    Thursday. 9.21.06 3:20 pm

    As you've probably heard by now, LaLa Vasquez, the host of MTV's "TRL" and some other MTV shows, and her fiance NBA baller Carmelo Anthony are expecting a baby. They've been engaged for two years and never set a wedding date -- which some sources say is Melo's doing. Their publicists have released statements about how happy the couple is about the pregnancy. But now I'm hearing from sources close to Melo that this pregnancy was unplanned and he is very unhappy about it because he thinks LaLa is trying to corner him into marriage. Now it wouldn't be the first time an NBA girlfriend pulled some mess like that, but I don't believe it's the case here.

    Yeah, they have been engaged for a long ass time and Melo is not trying to get married anytime soon, I hear. But I doubt she got pregnant on purpose for money. Did she do it to trap him into marriage? Possibly. Word in the street is that Melo kicks it with several other females and LaLa has gotten tired of it. And he's on the brink of signing a new hefty contract so that wouldn't hurt.
    Posted by SOHH Fabulous at September 21, 2006 09:08 AM


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    Is Game Finding An Easy Way Out?
    Thursday. 9.21.06 3:12 pm

    Game and Jim Jones at MTV's Sucka Free taping yesterday

    Yeah, I know I didn't have to post that pic of Game and Jimmy Jones, but it was too good to pass up. Word on the street is that Game is telling Rass Kass through the media outlets to sue him for all this altercation foolishness this week. But some people are interpreting his "Sue Me!" comment as asking Rass to settle this mess with some change -- $15k to be exact. Since Game pretty much started the altercation, which he does not necessarily deny, he knows the charges could be brought up on him.

    But knowing Game, he's probably not thinking about a settlement, but he's just talking ish like he usually does. A settlement would mean losing some street cred to some folks. Because if you really meant to knock Rass in his head, then you wouldn't be trying to take it back by asking for a settlement. But maybe Game has smartened up. All this fight foolishness is not going to sell him anymore records. I guess 50 didn't teach him that only 50 could pull off increasing album sells from beef.

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    Khia from Atlanta
    Thursday. 9.21.06 3:03 pm

    Name: Khia
    Reppin: born in Philly, raised in Tampa, and living in Atlanta
    Favorite Spot: The Flea Market, 5Point Mall @ 82 Peachtree

    It's a spot for your latest mixtapes, bootleg movies, nail salons, jewelry for the lowlow, good beef patties, Chinese food, t-shirts and Jamaican cuisine with all types of people from out of town on the weekends.

    It's a good place to promote your independent CDs or events because it's pack on the weekends with people from all over the country and the finest Black women and men from the Dirty South. It's a legendary spot in the ATL and I heard they got the fiya weed!

    Posted by SOHH Hashim at September 21, 2006 12:00 AM

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    More Nas B-Day Pix: Joe and Like Dat
    Wednesday. 9.20.06 12:19 am

    R&B singer Joe and Flavor Of Love 2 Like Dat kick it in the VIP section of the Canal Room at Nas' birthday party

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