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    Did Diddy Forget About Boyz N' Da Hood?
    Saturday. 9.23.06 8:43 pm

    I was recently thinking, with all this Danity Kane and Diddy music, has Diddy put my nizzle's Boyz N Tha Hood on the backburner? He wouldn't be pulling a vintage Diddy move would he? Can't be...

    I know he has to respect Big Gee and the rest's grind. (Big Gee's delivery is somethin' serious, too).

    They're slept on as far as skills go. Say what you will but they hold their own with anybody on any track. It's been a year or so, let's get another album out Block, we waitin' for y'all to kill em.

    There was also a good article on Cee-Lo Green in The Loafing Creation recently so if all you know is Gnarles Barkley when thinking of Cee-Lo, make sure you read this.

    And if you missed the Hip Hop Summit Financial Empowerment weekend this past weekend, you missed out on vital info. Cat's need to pay attention to some of the valuable things that are put out there on the real.

    Next week we do have Janet Jackson's album release to look forward to, so that's always good..

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    SOHH Exclusive: Jibbs, "Nobody Wants Another Jay-Z, They Want Something New"
    Saturday. 9.23.06 8:40 pm

    Friday - September 22, 2006 by Janeé Bolden

    St. Louis rapper Jibbs is preparing to release his debut album Jibbs Feat. Jibbs on October 24th. In this SOHH Exclusive he talks about his album, his skills in the boxing ring and the controversy over his single, "Chain Hang Low."

    "I really expect to surprise people," Jibbs told SOHH. "The album is totally different from the single. It'll shock a lot of people. I got a song called "King Kong" with Chamillionaire about the speakers in my trunk, 'Smile' features Fabo [D4L], I'm talking about the girls posing with it, being fly, 'Big Big Kids' is me telling everyone how I'm the young Jay or Puffy or Nelly now, but doing my own thing. I'm the youngest in the game but I'm flashy. "Hood" is telling my real life story, where I'm coming from."

    With his youthful first single and melodic hook, Jibbs has attracted comparisons to other St. Louis artists like Chingy and Nelly.

    "My album has St. Louis slang and they have the same slang and a similar vibe but I'm not the same at all. I think my style is very versatile, I'm constantly changing up. I'm coming from the Southside of St. Louis, one of the worst parts of St. Louis. It's the craziest. All my homeboys go through it. Little kids see a lot of stuff at any given time - problems with their Mom, shootouts, they can be in the middle of gunfights. I'm from the heart of the hood," Jibbs told SOHH.

    Jibbs, who turns sixteen in November, got his inspiration to rap growing up listening to Biggie, Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne and Nelly and aspires to be one of rap music's all time greats.

    "I don't like kiddie music, my song is not bubblegum. You would think it was when you hear the hook but it changes to a real hip hop song. My music adapts to everyone not just kids or grownups. I would hope they wouldn't put it in a category like that. By the time I end my career I want to be one of the greatest. I feel like everybody is just doing the same thing right now and I'm trying to do something totally different. People think they can be just like Jay-Z but nobody wants another Jay-Z, they want something new."

    The New York Times recently published an article revealing that "Chain Hang Low" samples a popular minstrel song, however Jibbs admitted to SOHH that he was unaware of the track's roots.

    "No, I didn't know that. I don't have any regrets though. I love the song, nobody can pick the hook for me it's my song. I'm happy with what I did. The song was done awhile ago. My brother (DJ Beats of Da Beatstaz) was producing around the city for local artists and I always loved that beat. I went to him about remaking it and I came with it," Jibbs told SOHH.

    In addition to his rap skills Jibbs is also holding down two Golden Glove boxing titles.

    "I was boxing before I was rapping," Jibbs recalled. "My dad was a boxer awhile ago. He took all my brothers to the gym by the time we were 4-years-old. I came up watching them and by the time I was 8 I was fighting in the ring. That was the same year I started rapping actually."

    While he says he prefers rapping over boxing, Jibbs says if artists want to start beef he's happy to put his gloves back on.

    "It ain't nothing to me. I'd rather get in the ring then."

    Jibbs Feat. Jibbs includes production from David Banner, Maestro, Polow Da Don and Da Beatstaz. Fabo of D4L, Chamillionaire and Pussycat Dolls member Melody make featured appearances on the album, while Yung Joc, Lil' Wayne, Lil Mont and Rich Boy join Jibbs on the "Chain Hang Low Remix."

    Jibbs Feat. Jibbs is in stores October 24th.

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * quE says...
    * This dude cant be serious.
    * Friday, 09-22-2006 @ 3:26pm

    * KLO says...
    * Man, can someone slap this little boy? What da phuck is he talkin about???
    * Friday, 09-22-2006 @ 3:31pm

    * fuccjibbs says...
    * haha dude is so wack..id knock that little faggot out and snatch his chain while its hanging low
    * Friday, 09-22-2006 @ 3:32pm

    » read all 68 comments

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    File Sharing Sites Coming To An End?
    Saturday. 9.23.06 8:38 pm

    Friday - September 22, 2006 by Alexis Chase

    Six years after the demise of Napster, peer-to-peer networks are still settling with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

    According to CNET, last week P2P network eDonkey announced that they will settle a copywright-infringement lawsuit with the RIAA for $300 million and completely close the site. eDonkey2000 users prompted to update their software were forced to watch the product uninstall after initiating the update and visitors to the website are met with a message displaying visitor IP addresses and warning internet users that they are not anonymous online.

    In August it was discovered that Kazaa settled with RIAA for $115 million and though still operational, P2P application Limewire is currently facing a $476 million lawsuit, which is expected to go to court next month.

    Since the original Napster fallout many file sharers have drifted toward other sources - like the non-node-connected BitTorrent protocol which allows users to download files from multiple sources at the same time. The legality of many currently existing programs is still being decided, but some corporations are opting to form partnerships with technology providers in order to distribute their products via the internet. In May Warner Bros. opted to partner with BitTorrent, allowing their video content to be distributed online legally. As SOHH previously reported Warner Bros also recently partnered with internet video hosting site YouTube.com.

    Technology experts are now speculating that after years of fighting costly lawsuits it's possible that conventional peer-to-peer networks may be coming to an end.

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * big says...
    * good now people will start buying more albums and quit downloading sh!t all the time. then with that out of the way, we'll see who goes plat. No wait... I just realized I dont give a damn.
    * Friday, 09-22-2006 @ 1:20pm

    * Ciceroe says...
    * Friday, 09-22-2006 @ 1:32pm

    * Ciceroe says...
    * The average person who bootlegs wouldn't go buy the CD anyway. Real music lovers (like me) will go pay money for quality music. The studies also show that file sharing has opened up artists to new audiences. Don't be a sheep. Do the knowledge. Easy.
    * Friday, 09-22-2006 @ 1:33pm

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    Jay-Z Loses His Cool
    Thursday. 9.21.06 3:37 pm
    4. Jay-Z looses his cool. Jiggaman ain't likely to get pissed at anything. Dude is just too cool for school. How many cats would appear so composed while Beyonce is gyrating next to them and grabbing onto their waist, no matter what routinely happens behind the scenes. But Hov momentarily got annoyed during the conference at the UN earlier this week. The God emcee got heated when a reporter asked him whether Rocawear clothes "still were" manufactured in a Honduras sweat shop. Jigga quickly slammed his question, assuring that the brand was never made in sweat shops. The Brooklyn lyricist appeared highly aggravated when answering the following questions.

    [For any questions, comments or criticisms, hit up Carl Chery at www.myspace.com/hdottt ]

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    Cassie Hearts Pharrell,
    Thursday. 9.21.06 3:35 pm
    3. Cassie rates rappers. Cassie appeared on Hot 97 earlier this week. No, the Myspace sensation did not confirm that "Me and You" was indeed about, ummmm...brains, but during an interview with Angie Martinez, Cassie did reveal that Omarion and Bow Wow tried to holla. Later on during Funkmaster Flex's show, Cassie provided more depth into the episode, detailing that Omarion had his little brother give her his number while Bow Wow also sent his math through a third party. The beauty then rated rappers on a scale from 1 to 10. Ne-Yo, Omarion, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Yung Joc all received 7s while Derek Jeter and Young Jeezy earned 5s. Juelz Santana scored a six while Bow Wow with 8 and T.I. with a 10, were the highest rated. Cassie also noted that Pharrell Williams was her top choice and was clueless as to who NBA Champion, Dwayne Wade was.

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    Three 6 Mafia Collabo With Rocky,
    Thursday. 9.21.06 3:33 pm
    2. Three Six Mafia takes over Hollywood. Everybody and their momma wants a piece of Three Six Mafia nowadays. Interestingly, half of them probably didn't know who the Memphis powerhouse was prior to them winning an Oscar. Tinstletown is sure to see a whole lot of DJ Paul and Juicy J in the coming months. "I ain't doing no stunt. We just playing tricks on the 'Jackass' guys. I can't tell what we doing, but we playing tricks, some funny stuff. But no, I ain't doing nothing dangerous on my part," Paul told The Village Voice's "Status Ain't Hood." The duo made an appearance on the forthcoming Jackass 2 movie and also recorded a rock a song for the flick. Also look for two Three Six songs in the upcoming Rocky flick, a cameo with Paris Hilton on "The Simple Life" and a brief appearance on HBO's "Entourage."

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