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Sushi Overload
Wednesday. 1.23.08 12:51 pm
I mixed things up a bit yesterday. After actually being able to cook myself some breakfast in the morning, I got to my 11:00am class on time for once in my life and actually got to sit somewhere else besides the very very back of the auditorium.

After class ended at 12:20, I went to Rimac and got to work on my fitness until 1:30; from there, I went to my Japanese lecture, and from there went to my intro to acting class at the other end of my campus. It was a pleasant walk; not too cold and not too hot. In class, we played this warmup exercise/game called 'Scorpion' where the point of the game is to avoid getting 'pinched' by the selected 'scorpion' all while everybody's eyes are closed. I was chosen to be the first scorpion, and I thought I did a pretty awesome job. I ran into the wall head first about two times, but I tagged all but two people on my first try, so I'm good.

After class, Michael and I went out to get some dinner so we drove around La Jolla and ended up at this awesomely delicious new restaurant near the beach called Sushi Boat. I think we were some of the restaurant's first customers because the owner(?) kept coming up to us while we sat at the rotating sushi bar and just had small talk with us for a bit every now and then.

Ok, so I don't want to say that we went overboard on sushi yesterday, but we did. Together Michael and I had around 14 plates of sushi and I topped it all off with some black sesame mochi which was just as good.

When I got home later that evening I got ready for bed and just kind of laid there for what seemed like less than a hot second when I fell asleep. Yeah, that was definitely sushi overload.

Overall, it was a great little restaurant situated in a really nice location not too far from campus and just a walk away from the beach. Yum.

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Truth hurts
Monday. 1.14.08 2:46 pm
I'm applying to study abroad in Japan for the Fall, yet I'm not even sure if I can. It's quite a painful reality actually. Not all is lost, but it just seems like I've always been a step behind in the things I do in life.

I'm remaining optimistic, however. If there is a will, there is most definitely a way.

It's not that I can't apply, because that I can do. The problem then lies in the actual process and financing my trip, which comes out to something like $15,000 for about a semester or so at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo (or actually Yokohama).

The deadline is fast approaching for the application, which is this Friday, but not only am I underwhelmed by my financial situation, but also because I feel as if I am not prepared. Always, always I seem to be a step behind. Maybe it's from being in a military family, always having to move every other odd year to a new place and starting all over again. Whatever it is, I always feel like I need to play catchup to get ahead in life.


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