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    Sammie Drops His Rowdy Debut, TJ's DJ's Holding Annual Music Conference
    Wednesday. 10.11.06 11:02 pm
    "You and Me Gurl We Can Do The Thang...We Can Do The Thang, We Can Do The Thang" --Sammie

    A word to the wise, fellas. If you throw on "You Should Be My Girl" in the presence of a female then you've done good. The ladies are loving this joint, and if you made it to the For Sister's Only event yesterday (Oct. 10) then you already know what I'm saying to you is true

    Why am I talking about this track? Well, Sammie released his self-titled album yesterday despite the fact that nobody was really talking about it. It's somewhat surprising considering how hot his song is right now. It's easy to see why Dallas Austin signed him to Rowdy Records.

    Sammie also has production on the album from producers Daron Jones, Jazze Pha, Bryan Michael Cox, Dallas Austin, Dre & Vidal.

    Also, the 4th Quarter TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers Only DJ/Music Conference is set to take place Thursday, October 26. There will be 1,200+ DJs, artists, labels, models, producers, media outlets, and other Tastemakers at The Moon for this event.

    This is also Florida A&M University's homecoming. FAMU’s Homecoming draws close to 100,000 thousand alumni and double that many "non-alumni" but it should be a good weekend in Tallahassee.

    Once again, don't forget to log onto TeenMusic.com this today at 6pm EST/3pm PST to chat live with DTP's Lady of Soul Shareefa!
    Posted by SOHH Southern at October 11, 2006 06:38 AM

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    "50 Cent Put Me on 2Pac's Album" - Chamillionaire
    Friday. 10.6.06 10:54 pm
    Unless I was high on H2O, that's exactly what Chamillionaire said at his platinum party last night. The announcement arrived while he was presenting his customary "from nothing to something" testimony. Thankfully, that wasn't even the best part of his speech. Cham, not surprisingly, had a message for Mr. Paul Wall.

    "There ain't no beef," said the Koopa emphatically...5 times. "All that shit is dead. You won't hear anything that even sounds like a subliminal come out of my mouth. If you hear something that sounds like it was a subliminal shot, it's not. Just to let y'all know ahead of time." He then proceeded to give a shout out to Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Bun B, Pimp C, and of course, Paul Wall. You had to be there to see the crowd's approval when he said "Shout out to Paul Wall."

    Then, looking up as if something had suddenly smashed him over the head, Cham realized he had forgotten one person.

    "Shout out to Lil' Flip. I know a lot of people hate on Flip, but he ain't did nothing to me. He was on my album."

    He also performed his Flipperachi-assisted hit single, "Turn it Up," after informing the crowd that "this was the one that took me to 500,000. A lot of people forget about this one. But, this is the one that started it all."

    The best part of his set that night, however, was the well-executed rendition of "N Luv With My Money" from the much-referenced Chamillionaire/Paul Wall collaborative effort, Get Ya Mind Correct. (You know what, I should review that album here one of these days.)

    Killer Mike, Lil O, ESG, and Big Hawk's wife were all presented with Sound of Revenge platinum plaques.

    I'll have some pictures from the event for you later in the day.

    For now, go watch a drunk-as-hell Beyonce and Jay-Z get harassed by paparazzi in the U.K.
    Posted by SOHH Rizoh at September 29, 2006 10:37

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    Beyonce's New Video: Irreplaceable
    Friday. 10.6.06 10:36 pm

    No one saw it coming, but I'm glad she chose to make a video for "Irreplaceable" -- one of the standout cuts on B'Day.

    The song is also rumored to be her next single.

    As of last week, B'Day occupies the No. 11 position with 65,782 units, according to Soundscan, bringing B's overrall sales to 863,838. With a single like this one, she's staring platinum right in the face.

    It's definitely a step-up for that screamfest of a song, "Ring the Alarm."


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    Pulse Report:The Game Recycles, Lil' Wayne And Trina Get Inked, Freddie Foxx Pits Rakim Against Nas, Timbaland Works With 80's Pop Stars
    Friday. 10.6.06 10:28 pm

    In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about The Game recycling his album cover for The Doctor's Advocate, Lil' Wayne and Trina's tattoos and Freddie Foxxx's diss song to Rakim.

    1. Game recycles Documentary cover for The Doctor's Advocate. Wow! For as much caca as I speak in this column, I'm damn near speechless. Why Game, why? Reduced budget? Is the ink from his butterfly tat seeping into his brain? Ladies and gentlemen, Game's cover for his soon to be released, The Doctor's Advocate bares a striking resemblance to the one for his debut, The Documentary. There's hardly any change. The cover is black rather than white, Game is sitting on platinum tires instead of gold ones, his head is down rather than lifted up and he's sitting a bit to the left. That's it! Oh, and he's rocking beige khakis rather than black pants, revealing his underwear. Bet you them is the same drawls he wore for the first cover's photo shoot too. Ewwwwww!

    2. Lil' Wayne and Trina tattoos exposed. Funny that this former couple's tattoos should be revealed on a week where Trina is spotted dutty wining on some dude and Weezy is unveiled as Solange Knowles' main squeeze. Apparently the self-proclaimed baddest chick got "Wayne" tattooed on her wrist while she was with the New Orleans rapper. Word is Weezy reciprocated by tattooing Trina's name on his left hand's ring finger, the same finger that now allegedly caresses Solange's ...whatever. Yes, Weezy ain't too bad on the boards, oops, broads. Solange is apparently his rebound. Not bad, sir. Not bad.

    3. Freddie Foxxx strikes again. Only days after Foxxx called out Rakim, a track was released onto the streets and internet. While Nas has been heralded as the second coming of Ra since he began buzzing in the early 90s, Bumpy reveals that the God actually wasn't too fond of the Queens lyricist. "Boom, I see doom / for all these Rakim fans in the motherfuckin room / Sorry for the let down, but here's a fact / Eric B. wanted Nas and Ra said he was wack / Jesus was black / so Nas you ain't God's son cause he won't do the track / I'm telling you fact." Daaaaammmnnn, Bumpy!

    4. Timbaland to work with Duran Duran. Timbo is bored with rap. Can anybody tell? First Nelly Furtado, then Justin Timberlake and now, Mr. Mosley is set to work with legendary pop group Duran Duran. "This is the best thing that could have happened to us. It relights your fire, baby," Duran's lead singer Simon Le Bon told the New York Daily News. "[Timbaland] works very quickly. We're usually slow as snails. It's quite a challenge, and we had to change the way we play, really. Particularly me. I had to be able to come up with ideas very quickly on the microphone. Just do it. Have new lyrics the next day - or that evening." Word is collabos with Timberlake, Gnarls Barkley and will.i.am may also take place.

    [For any questions, comments or criticisms, hit up Dick Johnson at www.myspace.com/shcrewu2.]

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * Same Day Different Shit says...
    * Hey f#@$face, in case you don't know, the purpose of an LP is not to stare at the front cover..... you listen to the music and enjoy. Are you following me dipsh!t? Or should I spell everything out phoenetically?
    * Friday, 10-06-2006 @ 12:09am

    * Westsida says...
    * f#@$ Game.....this dude is so phony its crazy !!! ni99a tryin to get a buzz cause ain't nobody looking for that sh!t in November man !!! Buck the f#@$in World !!! Game is for the little kids who still buy G.I. Joe's and sh!t !!! Buy yo album I'm-Not !!
    * Friday, 10-06-2006 @ 12:25am

    * Monster says...
    * Dayumn... someones bitter... But he's right its crap, you could at least come up with a different idea/cover for your next album... shows a lack of effort otherwise.
    * Friday, 10-06-2006 @ 12:26am

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    Swizz Beatz On Cassidy's Critical Car Accident, "We're All Praying And Staying Positive During This Time"
    Friday. 10.6.06 10:23 pm

    Full Surface/J Records rapper Cassidy was critically injured in a car accident last night (October 5) in New Jersey.

    A spokesperson for Sony records tells SOHH that the Philadelphia native was in New Jersey en route to a Yonkers, NY studio session last night, when a U-Haul truck swerved into oncoming traffic, striking the side of the SUV Cassidy was riding in. The MC was sitting in the rear passenger side seat.

    Currently in critical condition, Cassidy has suffered severe injuries, including a fractured skull and broken bones on the left side of his face. He is currently hospitalized at an undisclosed medical facility, awaiting the results of a CAT scan.

    "Cass is like my brother, and this has been such a rough year for him," Swizz Beatz, Full Surfce honcho and Cassidy's close friend, released this statement exclusively to SOHH. "We're all praying and staying positive during this time. Thanks to everyone for their continued support, and please keep Cassidy and his family in your prayers."

    The Philly rep had been preparing his return to the rap game with a third album via Full Surface. He was released from prison in April for an involuntary manslaughter conviction stemming from the 2005 death of Desmond Hawkins.

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * Mal says...
    * I guess he didn't get away with murder after all. You can fool a court of law, but you can never fool God...
    * Thursday, 10-05-2006 @ 2:38pm

    * ........... says...
    * MAl........u r retarded
    * Thursday, 10-05-2006 @ 2:39pm

    * Mi5t4k3 says...
    * You guys come with the same old post man, just leave the cat alone and wish him luck.
    * Thursday, 10-05-2006 @ 2:40pm

    Comment! (1) | Recommend! | Categories:

    Jay-Z's African Tour Gives Props to Local Act
    Friday. 10.6.06 10:12 pm

    Friday - October 6, 2006 by Alexis Chase
    Jay-Z - Press Conference

    Rapper and Def Jam label president Jay-Z is touring several countries in Africa this week making stops in Tanzania, Angola, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria.

    When Jay-Z performs in the Nigerian capital city Lagos this Saturday, he will share the bill with nine Nigerian artists, including female rapper Word MC, who is currently one of the hottest artists on the charts of Nigeria's flourishing hip-hop scene.

    "To be mentioned alongside him at all - I feel privileged," Word MC told the BBC. "I just want to go out and sell Word MC and sell Africa with the best of my ability. I want it to be a crazy, Afrocentric multimedia experience. I want people to come and go, 'Wow' - we went to Nigeria and this is what we saw."

    While 50 Cent was accused of failing to pay African artists their proper respects when he toured Africa, Jay-Z is being applauded for his inclusion of local artists and the artists seem to be just as excited about the visit as audience members.

    "It's going to be my first time seeing him," renowned Nigerian rapper Rugged Man told BBC World Service, "I'm hoping he will give Nigerians their money's worth... this is a different crowd to what he's used to."

    Getting their money's worth comes at a high price. VIP tickets for the show have been priced at $800 and regular tickets cost $200, so there have been plenty of complaints about the expense of attending the show being too much for many Nigerians to even consider.

    "A lot of people have chosen to call it selective audience participation," Journalist Henry Ekachegu told the BBC. "How many people can afford this? People are struggling to get through daily living and the prices are like this?"

    Still, Ekachegu acknowledged that Saturday's show in Lagos has generated "a huge media buzz" in the country, leaving many Nigerians feeling that the country has been deemed worthy of recognition as a cultural center for show business.

    The African leg of Jay-Z's tour is part of an international stretch of shows that has already visited European countries including France, Holland, England and Germany and will also reach Asia and Australia later this month.

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * Medfire says...
    * Jay - Z doesnt give a f about his black people. Ima hustler baby!!!
    * Friday, 10-06-2006 @ 1:46pm

    * THACEO says...
    * lol $200/ticket for nigerian audience is like $1000 for an american audience.
    * Friday, 10-06-2006 @ 2:01pm

    * Breads says...
    * It's Weird MC - not Word stupid. Why give props and get their name wrong?
    * Friday, 10-06-2006 @ 2:03pm

    » read all 16 comments

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