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    At the end of day three of SOHH's exclusive coverage of The Source sex trial, tales of inter-office relationships, torrid business trips and sex with rappers were all commonplace at the magazine.
    Monday. 10.16.06 11:56 pm

    It's funny how things can quickly change for the better. Just a few days ago, we were discussing the possibility of Flipperachi's new album, I Need Mine, becoming a commercial flop. Then he turns around and drops this monster of a song to silence his critics. Check it.

    Lil' Flip feat. Lyfe Jennings - "Ghetto Mindstate" (mp3) :
    I can't stand Lyfe and his monotonous crooning, but cot damn he's been on a roll lately. This song really brings out the best in Flipperachi, and if you can't respect that, then your whole perspective is wack. It's got that whole "Hard Knock Life" feel to it. Of course, the strength of an entire album does not hang on one song alone, so let's hope the rest of I Need Mine jams like this.

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    The Source Sex Trial Day 3 [PM]: "Nas, Jay-Z, Slim Thug... Any artist I ever wanted to do a story on, I had to be f---ing them," Says Osorio
    Monday. 10.16.06 11:37 pm

    At the end of day three of SOHH's exclusive coverage of The Source sex trial, tales of inter-office relationships, torrid business trips and sex with rappers were all commonplace at the magazine.

    After a brief 15-minute recess, the trial reconvened with former Source editor-in-chief Kim Osorio still on the stand. She testified that she wasn't the only female employee at The Source being harassed. Osorio told the jury of multiple instances when she witnessed former Source honcho Raymond "Benzino" Scott touching and speaking to managing editor Adilla Francis in an inappropriate manner.

    "He would grab her and hug her and kiss her ... Sit on her lap," Osorio said.

    On a business trip in Puerto Rico, Osorio said, she and Francis were coming off the elevator in the hotel where a convention was being held after meeting with Benino and then Source publisher Dave Mays. "He grabbed her and said, 'Come on, you're coming with me,'" Osorio recalled. She then said Benzino then instructed Mays to, "Take Kim to get something to eat."

    Osorio testified that Francis had complained to her about Benzino's behavior and the plaintiff advised Francis to file a written report. At this point in her testimony, Judge Jed S. Rakoff posed his own question to Osorio.

    "You were the editor-in-chief, were you not?" asked Judge Rakoff.

    "Yes," she replied.

    "Then why didn't you take further action?" he continued.

    "Because I was afraid he was going to fire me," Osorio said.

    Osorio alleged that though Benzino had blatantly pursued Francis, he turned his sights on her, inviting the plaintiff to Atlantic City, NJ for the weekend. She then described a scene where the two were leaving the office one evening on the elevator.

    "He kept saying, 'Come to Atlantic City with me?'" Osorio said he asked repeatedly. "'You're coming to Atlantic City with me.'"

    Once the two were outside of the building, Osorio accepted a ride from him to the parking lot to get her car. She testified that Benzino persisted in asking her to go away with him and when they pulled into the garage and she got out of the car, he said, "I'm gonna call you. You're coming with me."

    According to the plaintiff, when she got home that night Benzino called her at least 10 times on her cell phone and at least another 5 times on her home phone. She said she doesn't know how Benzino got her home number and that she didn't answer the phone.

    Osorio also alleged that during her employment, Benzino repeatedly questioned her about her sex life, demanding to know if she were having relations with certain hip-hop artists. "Nas, Jay-Z, Slim Thug... Any artist I ever wanted to do a story on, I had to be fucking them," Osorio said.

    She went on to say that Benzino asked her about her sex life, in general, all the time. "'Who are you fucking?'" Osorio alleged he would ask. "'Tell me who you're fucking.'"

    She said he revealed to her that he'd slept with recording artists such as Foxy Brown, Trina and Lil Kim. According to Osorio, he even told her about Mays' sex life. "He said, 'Dave used to do it. He slept with [veteran female MCs] Nikki D and Yo-Yo.'"

    According to Osorio, Benzino also admitted to having a sexual relationship with Francis. "'We slide off at lunch,'" Osorio alleged Benzino said.

    Osorio said Benzino also made a vulgar remark to her at one point about a cover photo of Ashanti [see photo above]. "He said, 'Ashanti looks so good on the cover. She got a fat pussy. But I can't, that's Irv's piece.'"

    Osorio also alleged that at one time Benzino called radio personality Minya Oh, better known as Miss Info, a "ching chong slut." He also said that Oh was "on her knees as an intern," Osorio told the jury.

    When court reconvened after lunch, Osorio's attorneys called Sabrina Smith, another former Source employee, to the stand. Smith, who was called early due to a scheduling conflict, testified that she met Benzino in the elevator of the magazine's office one day and that he remarked that she had a "fat ass" as she exited the elevator. Smith said she didn't learn that Benzino was co-owner of The Source until later, when he began calling her at work repeatedly. The calls became so frequent that at one point that she stopped answering in-house calls and then stopped answering the phone altogether.

    After Smith, Osorio retook the stand and told the jury of Benzino and Mays' plot to ruin the reputation of New York radio personality Angie Martinez.

    "Ray said he wanted to attack her in the magazine," Osorio recalled of the April 2005 feature entitled "Hot Air." "He wanted to know who she fucked and sucked and put everything out there. He said he wanted to put the fact that she had a child by a certain artist in the magazine."

    According to Osorio, Mays was in on the plot to defame Martinez and equally zealous, as he rejected the first version of the article submitted. "Dave said the article we had submitted wasn't vicious enough and if I had to make something up, then go ahead and make it up."

    Osorio's testimony went on for most of the day recounting time after time, incident after incident of Benzino's alleged misconduct at work as well as that of Mays and a general environment of hostility. But every vignette the plaintiff's team offered wasn't accepted by the court.

    Osorio told of an incident when she was invited to speak at a feminism conference at a university in Chicago. She said she had already accepted the engagement and her travel plans were confirmed when Mays got wind of the news and forced her to pull out. "He said, 'The Source shouldn't be involved in any feminism conference,'" Osorio said. "'This is the kind of thing that should be attacked in the magazine.'"

    But Judge Rakoff struck this testimony from the record, finding that it is perfectly lawful for the magazine to take a certain position on feminism, if it so chooses. "This is an issue of free speech and not an example of discrimination," he said.

    The trial will reconvene Monday (October 16).

    [For more on The Source sexual harassment trial, check out SOHH's exclusive Source trial blog.]

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * tunes says...
    * first beeyatches. but real talk the music industry some grimey sh!t.
    * Friday, 10-13-2006 @ 11:04pm

    * Bubo says...
    * Nikki D? Yikes. I was wondering how lil Kim got 5 mics.
    * Friday, 10-13-2006 @ 11:15pm

    * Bones says...
    * LoL. Word. The head must've been GOOD for that album to get 5 mics.
    * Friday, 10-13-2006 @ 11:38pm

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    The Source Sex Trial Day 4 [AM]: Osorio's Alleged Affair with 50 Cent Uncovered
    Monday. 10.16.06 11:34 pm

    Day four of The Source sexual harassment trial kicked off this week with talks of an alleged sexual affair between 50 Cent and former Source editor-in-chief Kim Osorio.

    Osorio was back on the stand today (October 16) to continue her testimony from last week, saying that the humiliation she allegedly suffered at the hands of Raymond "Benzino" Scott, former co-owner of The Source, went on long after her employment for the magazine ended.

    Months after being terminated, Osorio landed her current position as executive editor of music at BET.com. She testified that she and her superior were on a boat in Miami to interview Murder Inc's Irv Gotti when they ran into Benzino and fellow former Source co-owner David Mays.

    "Ray stepped in front of me and said, 'What up?'" Osorio testified. Then she said security stepped in and said something to Benzino.

    "He started yelling, 'We can take this off the boat!'" the plaintiff recalled. "He said, 'Get her the fuck off the boat!'"

    Osorio said she was then forced to leave the boat and was unable to do her job.

    It was a hard-earned testimony for the plaintiff, as Judge Jed S. Rakoff admonished the plaintiff's counsel several times about asking leading questions.

    Former Source vice president of content and communications Tracii McGregor was also on the stand this morning. McGregor testified that she had concerns about Osorio's reputation and she brought them to Mays.

    "There were rumors swirling that Kim had affairs with various rappers," McGregor said.

    Those rumors were exposed in a live broadcast on NY radio station Hot 97 when Osorio was being interviewed by correspondent Sway. "He asked her about giving 50 Cent 'brain,' live on the air," McGregor said.

    McGregor also testified that she was made aware that 50 Cent wrote a song alluding to his escapades with Osorio, though she admitted to never having heard it. Throughout McGregor's testimony Judge Rakoff continually warned her about editorializing, rather than simply answering the question.

    At one point, the jury was even led out of the courtroom and Judge Rakoff threatened to fine McGregor $10,000 if she continued to go beyond the scope of questioning with "superfluous" answers.

    "In 10 years on the bench, I've never had a witness who so repeatedly and willfully violated the court's [directions]," Rakoff said, adding that the plaintiff's counsel didn't help by asking so many poor questions.

    But McGregor was able to speak to Benzino's claim that the only reason Osorio submitted a written complaint of discrimination was for fear of losing her job. McGregor testified that Osorio called her one evening, after McGregor had already left the company, asking for advice. McGregor said Osorio heard she was going to be terminated and she wanted to know how McGregor's parting ways with the company was handled.

    According to McGregor, Osorio asked about severance pay specifically. "[Osorio] said, 'I'm not trying to leave. I'm not trying to be outta here,'" McGregor testified. "I told her to pack up her things anyway because I had to sneak back in to get my things."

    Stay tuned for more of SOHH's exclusive coverage of The Source sexual harassment trial as it develops.

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * d yo says...
    * 50 cent is f#@$ing everything
    * Monday, 10-16-2006 @ 4:24pm

    * the one and only says...
    * 1st, you tricks!!!!
    * Monday, 10-16-2006 @ 4:26pm

    * GOD'S CHILD says...
    * Mays And Benzino Are Straight beeyatches. Those Two Have Access To All The Women In The World And These Cats Sweating Employee. Benzino And Mays Should Be Jailed!
    * Mond

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    Flavor of Love: Now That We've Found Love...
    Monday. 10.16.06 11:03 pm
    --what are we gonna dooooooooo....?

    Season 2 of Flavor of Love has finally come to a close. We anxiously await the Reunion Special/Ho Bowl in a week or two and we can finally put all of this shit behind us once and for all, I hope. While the championship bout of Delishis vs. CB4 didn’t provide the same amount of sparks as last year’s throwdown with latter bird and Hoopz, we still got a finale that touches every part of the viewer…

    including the gag reflex.

    New York’s mama, "Miss Michelle" AKA ManBearPig made a last ditch effort to rescue her spawn from the clutches of Broke Loki. I do understand that. It’s paternal instinct to NOT wanna see your child get used up for television like a soiled tampon. But daaaamn, Miss Michelle… If you were any good at this thing called parenting, you’d know the name of the game. Your bitch chose Flav. You would also know that you look just got beat out for a role on "The Jeffersons."

    I was thoroughly amazed that Flavor Flav could get away with calling someone a test tube baby when the nigga looks like he was biogenetically engineered to keep car engine parts from grinding together.

    After it’s safe to leave the mansion (as ManBearPig has crawled back to its cave in Syracuse), Flavor packs up his favorite toothbrush/shank/makeshift pipe and tells his Disney Bobblehead bitch and Lela Rochon: Da Monstarr Version get ready to fly to Belize with dude. Oh, yes. Gotta know Daddy is gonna have a time on his hands with his 2 top round bitches on the brink of Bloodsport.

    I don’t know about Snakes, but there was definitely Horse on the Got Damn Plane!

    So, New York refered to the nine Mexicans that went crazy when they got off the plane as “complete pandemonium?” Let me help this sick, delusional bitch out. They was goin crazy because they though if they beat the shit out of you and Flavor with a stick some candy and shit would come out. Don’t flatter yourself, poo-putt.

    I like the wardrobe selection in Belize. Delishis had on more mesh than Shabba. Her netting attire for damn sure was NOT dolphin-safe. I forgot Devonte had her some puppies! I guess I forgot about them skretchin marks from earlier in the season too.

    Sad Moment of Realization: "Flavor of Love 2" IS actually sponsored by Popeye’s! Wow. I couldn’t even write no shit like that. Well… yes, I could.

    New York don’t know nothing about nothing but being ready for the show. She ain’t prepared to dance, crush grapes, shower, swim, run, or perform any normal human activity that doesn’t involve a fucking curling iron. I love how the episode’s first set of tears come when the Wicked Bitch of the West gets wet. I too would lament the fear of drowning… the horse I’m wearing.

    New York needed only to show Flavor that she was more than backseat backshots, but that she’s on-the-bed backshots as well. Unfortunately, she showed her that she was no different from Robert Guillaume in drag… AKA her moms. Unfortunately, it took cloudy ass Flavor 2 whole seasons to see that.

    Simpin ain't easy.

    In a touching and tearful display, Flavor kicked Tiffy to the curb once again and was met with the response that is far better to receive immediately as you break a foot off in a broad ass than when you’re already invested some real time and sperm into her. Let’s hope we don’t see Delishis in the new Lil Keke video getting that liquid bling on her back.

    I guess out of the possibilities of this season Flavor and Delishis makes the most sense. Nigga got a broad and a bodyguard in one. Finally thinking on your toes, Drayton! Now go beat on them cheeks until some p-puh-pigeon milk come out.

    Oh, don’t cry for me just yet, Argentina. We still have the Pro Bowl/Royal Rumble coming up very very soon. I’ll leave you with my parting thoughts then. In the meantime, I’m taking bets for the over/under on when Delishis wakes the fuck up and finds her a man that she can’t grind up and inhale if ever she decided to get on top during sex. Flavor just need to keep hittin it from the back and grabbin onto them keloids like a climbing wall.

    Might as well do something with them shits, right? Them ain’t bullet wounds. The tats ain’t gonna do it.

    [email protected]

    Comment! (0) | Recommend!

    Monday. 10.16.06 11:01 pm
    New York writes about losing Flavor of Love 2

    Dear Friends,

    I realize many of you tuned in for the final episode last night and I can’t help but feel so blessed to have your unconditional love and support. I can proudly say that NY fans are among the most intelligent, diverse, top-notch group of people out there. NY fan’s have an understanding of how reality TV works and know what’s going to happen next, even before it is aired.

    Please remember that the taping of the final episode was
    5 months ago, just like in Flavor of Love 1. I did have a little trip, but that was very short lived. For those of you who know my character, I am very calculating with my career and recover quite quickly from life’s mishaps. Since Flavor of Love, I have moved on to even "bigger and better things". I am very excited about the secret projects that I have been working on these past months and I hope you guys will be there with me for the ride!

    There are a lot of "under the table" secrets when it comes to reality TV. That is just the nature of the industry and it should be taken for entertainment purposes only. We all know reality can be distorted, especially where a lot of money is involved. There are so many secrets about this industry I wish I could reveal, however, I am still bound by contract to keep my mouth shut.

    One thing is for sure. The love and support from my fans is more important to me than winning a reality TV show. I would rather be in my position right now than both the winners from Flavor of Love 1 & 2. Making quick dollars through club promoting and hosting parties in not really my thing. I am more interested in the long haul and it is my intention to be around for a very long time.

    There is a saying in life that goes "sometimes the winner isn’t the one that walks away with the crown." This quote is very fitting for me, as you will all see in the coming months.

    Love Always,

    ~TIFFANY AKA NY (via MySpace)

    Comment! (2) | Recommend! | Categories:

    Update: Flavor Of Love's New York Loses Flav, But Scores Reality Spinoff
    Monday. 10.16.06 10:43 pm

    While "Flavor of Love" contestant New York may have lost her man in last night's (October 15) finale of the popular VH1 reality series, she has gained something else - the starring role in her own VH1 spin-off series, "Flavorette."

    As SOHH previously reported, VH1 has already well into production on the spin-off, which will feature New York (real nameTiffany Patterson) as the top prize in an elimination-based dating competition between 20 single guys, all looking to win the heart of the woman twice spurned by rapper Flavor Flav.

    "These guys are so dramatic," Patterson was quoted in The New York Post. "They're worse than the women who were on season one and season two [of "Flavor of Love"]. This show is so chaotic, it's overboard, it's over-the-top, it's extreme and these guys know they're fighting for a wonderful woman so they've been at each other's throats and I'm flattered by it. I can't complain."

    While VH1 has not yet determined when to premiere "Flavorette," it's expected that the show will air sometime in 2007. It's also safe to say that Patterson is finding the competition much more appealing the third time around.

    "I like it when the guys go at each other," she said. "I'm a prize, I'm so worth it - frankly, it turns me on."

    With only three contestants remaining, production is nearing an end and it is looking like New York may finally have a happy ending in store.

    "There's one man in particular that I can definitely see myself living out the rest of my life with," Patterson told the Post.

    VH1's decision to cast Patterson in a spinoff seems a logical choice, given her popularity with fans of the show and the constant controversy between herself and the other contestants on both seasons of "Flavor of Love."

    "I would tell all those other women who gave me a hard time [on the show] that I want them to eat their hearts out," Patterson said. "They should just know that you cannot ever hold a good woman down, I'm doing my thing and I'm a real star, I was born a star, baby, and everyone needs to know that!"

    Patterson's New York persona seemed to brush many of the ladies the wrong way, but things got particularly ugly in one elimination ceremony when she was spit on by another contestant - who has since claimed to be set up by producers who added special effects to increase the drama.

    "It was real, and it was a bad moment," says New York. "To me, that person is a farm animal, she was bred, she was born in a stable of some sort."

    [For more on "Flavor Of Love," check out SOHH's very own Ron Mexico and his "Flavor Of Love" blog.]

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * Duncan says...
    * This beeyatch is ugly she look like a man...LOL..i mean damn he coulda done better...He A Bopper Though she f#@$ed the ni99a to win..LOL....what a hoe....
    * Monday, 10-16-2006 @ 2:40pm

    * Kidd says...
    * Dat show gon be a trip. Eww who n da rite mind wants new york? ni99az in it 4 da spotlight str8 up
    * Monday, 10-16-2006 @ 2:48pm

    * ThatBrooklynBwah says...
    * I want to see my girl NY go head to hoof against OMOROSA...is there a show big enough for the two of those heffas?
    * Monday, 10-16-2006 @ 2:54pm

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