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    Is Bow Wow About To Play A Bisexual Drug Dealer? Ying Yang Twins Have Lost Their Chemistry!
    Wednesday. 12.6.06 8:29 am

    What it is Fam?

    Yo, I found some shit online that I’m on the fence about discussing. With me being a Libra we are rarely on the fence about anything so I’m going to tread really lightly here.


    Was that subtle enough? Yo, I’m bugging at this shit. OK, I know we live in Atlanta which is one of the gayest cities in America. (If you don’t know then you obviously haven’t been to the Lennox Mall) but I never thought in a million years that one of the princes of hip-hop would take it there by possibly playing a daring new role as a big-time, bisexual, New York drug dealer. Supposedly it's John Singleton's new project and the movie is tentatively entitled "Boys." Reportedly, the script is (somewhat) homoerotic and involves a gay love scene.

    Trust me when I say that I am bugging as I write this. And it aint no homophobic shit, so to my homo hip-hop fans, B E Z. The reason why I’m bugging is because, though we’ve embraced a homo drug dealer on HBO’s The Wire -- well some have -- I’m not sure if the hip-hop community is ready to see one of our golden boys’s getting it hot and steamy on the big screen. Do I sound closed minded? Because I’m trying my best to be objective.

    Being a journalist, it’s important to be able to listen to both sides of every story. At this point, I haven’t been able to find any concrete proof of this information but trust me when I say that I’m diggin (that proabbly isnt the correct word to use in this context) to find out what I can.

    Family what do you think? Is hip-hop ready to embrace a mainstream rapper "playing gay?" I can’t believe it just yet but its making the Internet rounds, so I got to talk about it. Brandi, make sure you do ya best to hook me up with lil dude in December.

    I will keep you posted. To be continued ... You can find out more on this story here. ROD

    In other Bow Wow News

    Bow Wow insists his break-up with singer Ciara made him grow up faster and eventually become a better person. The 19-year-old rapper used his new album The Price Of Fame, as a form of therapy to work through the feelings he had after the couple split. He explains,

    "It was an awkward process writing about the pain of the last year and a half, but it was something I had to do. That's why I wrote the song,'System.' It's about getting someone out of your system."

    Bow Wow says the couple separated because they ultimately had different goals. He adds, "It was two people with two different takes on life. I'm 19, I wanted to explore life. I learned from that relationship. It made me mature and a better man."
    Atlanta, have we turned our back on the Ying Yang Twins? They have been dropping some wack music lately. It all started to go down hill after that damn camera phone song. They came on the scene in 2000 with the single, "Whistle While You Twurk." Crunk rap duo consisting Kaine (born Eric Jackson ) and D-Roc (born D'Angelo Holmes) have been rapping since that first album, Thug Walkin hit the streets. They seemed to have a loyal fan base but after five albums, they have fallen into obscurity.

    While they are gearing up for their sixth album, nobody appears to give a fuck. Chemically Imbalanced was released earlier this week and I haven’t heard anything about it. I heard their new single “Dangerous” feat. Wyclef Jean and to call it “wack” is a compliment.

    1. "Intro"
    2. "Keep on Coming"
    3. "1st Booty on Duty"
    4. "Jack It Up" (featuring Taurus)
    5. "Jigglin'"
    6. "Take It Slow" (featuring Los Vegaz)
    7. "Patron (Skit)"
    8. "Big Boy Liquor" (featuring K.T. & Huggy)
    9. "Smoke Break (Skit)"
    10. "Collard Greens"
    11. "Water"
    12. "Dangerous" (featuring Wyclef Jean)
    13. "Family"
    14. "Friday"
    15. "Leave:
    16. "One Mo for the Road (Skit)"
    17. "Open"
    18. "In This Thang Still"

    You can check out their new video.

    **Special Shout out to all my female hip-hop heads. I know you don’t get your props the way you should so I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge you right now. A female hip-hop lover will get my attention over a “regular” girl any day. I appreciate you!!!


    Yo, I'm doing my best to make this Atlanta spot pop with excitement, but I need your help. I believe we got a lot of talented people in the "A," more so here than any other place. I want to expose my city's great talent – and ultimately you! If you got some skills and are trying to maximize your exposure then you need to holla at me.

    In two weeks I'm launching "Sohh Atlanta's Own" – a great way to showcase my kats with those insane lyrical/vocal skills. Don't play yourself; Sohh is one of the biggest leading hip-hop websites on the planet. The biggest acts in the world come here to see what we say, what we're doing, and who got the skills to take the game to the next level.

    Every Friday, starting December 8th, I will post the hottest talents who submit me their music in MP3 format. Make ya move, and when you get to the top you can make sure to send me a check.

    Hypest Track of The Day…

    Hip-Hop Quote Of The Day.

    Hip-hop is definitely not what it used to be, which creative, original music was.

    --Missy Elliot

    Love you all like sleep and DAMN am I tired!


    --Sohh Gyant

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    Akon and Cassie have Something in Common (It's not even that, see!)
    Wednesday. 12.6.06 8:25 am

    What's da deal family? I hope everyone had a good holiday. Shout out to Ryan Cameron , who I heard had a slamming "15th Annual Ryan Cameron Celebrity Bowling Challenge" this year. Yung Joc, and most of the Block Entertainment family were in attendance. I must have gotten my invitation lost in the mail right Ryan? Nah, but for real though, it was a good look for the kids!

    Special shout to Akon who currently has the number 1 and two single in the country. It looks like the Ohio-born African is really trying to make an impact on the music game. If you haven't heard his two singles yet, though I don't see how you couldn't have, you know SohhGyant has your back. Listen to them below. ***SOHH.com does not authorize or promote the illegal downloading or distribution of copyrighted material. I had to say that shit because you know muthafuckas be trying to throw your ass in jail now-a-days over this music shit!



    I think the brutha has a talent, but his performance on the American Music Awards last week left much to be desired. For this performance to be the last one of the night, they could have left that shit on the cutting room floor.

    Akon had a "Cassie-astic" performance. If you aren't aware what that is, it's when an artist lip synchs to their own track on stage, but they're slightly behind on the vocals so you can hear them singing over their recorded track. It's not a good look at all!! Bad Boy's newest singer, (and I use that term loosely), Cassie has made the singing over tracks performance (and I also use that term even more loosely) legendary lately. Remember this….

    I'm gonna give my homie a pass on that performance. Snoop definitely saved him from making the shit totally garbage. Y'all know I speak the truth!

    Love you all like BootyTalk and Kool-Aid.

    Until tomorrow, Peace!


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    112 Disbands, And Usher Acts A Damn Fool Again!!!
    Wednesday. 12.6.06 8:02 am
    What’s up Family?

    Yo I got to admit that I was hella surprised with the responses from yesterday’s Young Jezzy’s post. Who would have thought that there are still some people in my city who can see through the hype of an artist and actually decipher what REAL hip-hop is? No disrespect Jeezy but it is what it is.

    Yesterday it was Jagged Edge and now it’s 112. As you all know yesterday I got word that Jagged Edge was dropped from Sony DESPITE their denial. And today I got word from my homegirl Sandra Rose that 112 is one member short as Daron Jones has supposedly left the group. If you don’t know who Daron is — he was the one who got the plastic surgery and is the tallest member, (or should I say Ex-member) of the rhythimicly soothing quartet. Though there is no official statement from the melodic southerners as of yet I’m sure we will be hearing more about this in the coming days, so stay tuned. Usher is getting out of control these days. According to numerous sources who have emailed me, Usher might finally have to answer for his seemingly aggressive ways when it comes to the Atlanta papaparattzi (did I spell that right?). First it was Usher acting a fool earlier this year at one of Jermaine’s honoree events by roughing up famed photographer Sandra Rose. And now he might be facing a legal battle with another photographer who claims that Usher roughed them up at Club Fever last Thursday night. The photographer, who shall remain nameless (you wouldn’t know who they were if I told you anyway), has filed charges after said singer allegedly injured the photographer's hand and broke their camera.

    Usher needs to sit his ass down somewhere. Homeboy is lucky that anybody even cares about what he’s doing anymore. His last album was hot -- dare I say a classic, but Usher’s longevity in the game of R&B and Pop music is fleeting. Chris Brown is right on his coat tails, not in terms of success but in terms of interest. He better be glad that anybody gives a damn about what he’s doing. Has anyone heard his newly formed singing group “One Chance”? Usher compared their singing ability to that of Boyz II Men, but said the group has the swagger of Jodeci. Please Ush spare us the lackluster talent, and spare them the embarrassment. I’d say they have the vocal ability of H-Town with the swagger of Pretty Ricky. LOL!!

    I’ll keep you posted on this story as more develops.

    Here is the video of the Snowman and Ludacris’s performances on The Billboard Music Awards last night. This is Ludacris’s fourth primetime television performance for that damn “Money Maker”. Am I the only one who holds entertainers to a higher level when it comes to entertaining me? Do something different man I mean really!!!

    Oh and by the way,

    SOHH Gyant is looking for you!!

    Yo, I'm doing my best to make this Atlanta spot pop with excitement, but I need your help. I believe we got a lot of talented people in the "A," more so here than any other place. I want to expose my city's great talent – and ultimately you! If you got some skills and are trying to maximize your exposure then you need to holla at me.

    I'm launching "Sohh Atlanta's Own" – a great way to showcase my kats with those insane lyrical/vocal skills. Don't play yourself; Sohh is one of the biggest leading hip-hop websites on the planet. The biggest acts in the world come here to see what we say, what we're doing, and who got the skills to take the game to the next level.
    Every Friday, starting December 8th, I will post the hottest talents who submit me their music in MP3 format. Make ya move, and when you get to the top you can make sure to send me a check.
    [email protected]

    Hip-Hop Quote of the Day..

    "For many young peple - regardless of race, color or economic standing, hip-hop culture is the voice of their often misunderstood and misinterpreted generation - a voice that, up until now, was generally ignored"

    --Todd Elliot

    Love you all like Checkers Strawberry shakes and The Apache...


    ---SOHH Gyant

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    Ciara, Ray J, Whitney Houston and the Rest of Yesterday's News
    Monday. 11.27.06 12:52 pm
    Ciara who is set to release her sophomore cd, Ciara: The Evolution next week get's greasy is in the December/January issue of GIANT magazine.

    GIANT is the first outlet I've seen approach Ciara about her similarities to Janet Jackson. Click here to see what Ciara has to say about being compared to Miss Jackson.

    Speaking of Janet, CBS has appealed the FCC's ruling and fine regarding Janet's "wardrobe" malfunction. The network blame both Janet and Justin Timberlake for the mishap. Read more here.

    Thanksgiving ain't even over good but you can listen selections to Whitney Houston's Christmas cd here.

    But wait, why is Whitney Houston recording with Ray J? Yes, Ray J, that's what is supposedly popping on this track. Is it real, a leak or some dj's kamikaze... you decide. Get it here.

    Lastly, check out Keshia Chante's new video for "2U."

    And don't forget to show some love to SOHH Atlanta. That's my homeboy running that blog. SOHH you know it's gonna be on the level.

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    Jay-Z Moves Major Units, Cops Shut Down Release Party In NY
    Monday. 11.27.06 12:45 pm

    By Roman Wolfe
    Date: 11/24/2006 11:50 am


    Jay-Z's latest release Kingdom Come is on pace to move an estimated 850,000 copies the first week in stores, giving the rapper the year's best selling CD in one week and another #1 album on the Billboard charts.

    Kingdom Come is expected to debut at #1 on Billboard's Top 200 Chart next week, giving the rapper his 9th #1 album.

    Jay-Z embarked on a massive promotional blitz for the album that included a world tour, a performance at the American Music Awards, commercials for the NBA, Budweiser and Hewlett-Packard, a one-day "Hangar Tour" of seven cities in 24 hours and continuous coverage on MTV and BET.

    Snoop Dogg's Tha Blue Carpet Treatment will battle Chris Daughtrey's self-titled debut for the #2 position, with both albums selling around 270,000 copies.

    In related news, police shutdown Avalon on Wednesday (Nov. 22), 30 minutes before the venue was to host hundreds of people celebrating the release of Jay-Z's album.

    According to reports, police closed the club because of issues with its certificate of occupancy, which managers had unsuccessfully attempted to resolve for several weeks.

    Many patrons that prepaid to attend party left the venue upset, even though Jay-Z was not expected at the event.

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    Akon Silenced By Record Label, Bun B Hates BET, Jay-Z and Beyonce Got Issues?
    Monday. 11.27.06 12:18 pm

    The drama surrounding Akon and his convo with Angie Mar on Hot 97 a while back about his alleged 9 wives has bitten him in the ass. Just recently his records label, Universal, has informed him he is forbidden to speak about his polygamy at any time in any interview. They put a gag order on him to make sure his ass says nothing about that matter. And now he's claiming that this "free country" isn't really free at all because of this. Welcome to the U.S. Akon.

    So this video is floating around with everybody talking about Jay and B must have broken up. First, they were not sitting together at the Awards show like they usually do. And last week at Hov's album release party/American Music Awards afterparty, he left Beyonce in the car while he partied inside for about 40 minutes. She did look a little pissy in the car and word has it that he forgot about her and wanted to party alone for a while. Regardless, it just looks like maybe she didn't want to go in so she just waited. People are just waiting for him to drop this chick....

    Bun B. did an interview recently where he spoke about his hatred for BET. A while back he tried to submit his video for "Swang" and BET, who is already rumored to be a payola company, said they wanted an incentive to run the vid. And just recently, Ludacris appeared on 106 and Park wearing a t-shirt saying "Hip Hop aint dead...it lives in the south" and that caused the hosts to ask about the East v. South beef. Bun B. was actually kicked off the slate of performers (the same day Luda performed) so he was real salty. He says BET doesn't care about the South and only plays whack videos from the South so they won't take over. Interesting.

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