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    The White Rapper Show: Rabbit Run
    Wednesday. 2.21.07 9:27 pm
    Oh, what I would have given to see the new-superstar Jon Boy in this episode instead of Powder.

    This week on “ego trip’s The White Rapper Show,” our crowded three journey from the Mecca of all hip-hop (no pun intended), to the city that has over the years become the “Mecca of White Hip-Hop.” If Jus Rhyme, Shamrock or John Brown are to make a Rabbit run, it’s gotta go through Detroit.

    From the moment I heard they were going to Detroit, I had the strangest feeling they were going to Saint Andrew’s to get their asses handed to them.

    After a brief John Brown/Shamrock Prison Peace Summit by the bunk beds, we observe a true-to-life cost of being a VH1 buffoon. Fixing the scope of his AR-15 at the $100,000 prize instead of rolling with the notoriety that would have come to him in already having excelled so far in this nationally televised “competition” (i.e. Persia), Jus Rhyme spurns his PhD grant in Colored Liberation and Salvation Studies to chase his new dream of becoming the next white rapper MC Serch Shanghais in the cold, cold industry.

    Powder putting his entire educational future on the line for this shit proves him to be an even bigger shithead than I initially thought. You know you’re fuckin up something terrible when John Brown has that concerned face as he advises you. “Just not the wisest move, man.”

    Actually, let me have that one back. That face could either have been concern or John Brown’s general discomfort “around too many white people.” Ghetto Revival, baby! Hallelujah, Holla back!

    Bringing these assclowns to “The Mecca of White Hip-Hop” to pay homage to the likes of Eminem and Kid Rock is akin to bringing a bacon egg and cheese to the mosque on 127th & Lenox. Not only are they not welcome, but they are sacrilege in the eyes of the city that molded those Caucasoid champions. Besides, Jus Rhyme got a white woman pork face. The bar has actually been raised since the early 90s. I’m surprised Serch of all people couldn’t come through there with a trio of rappers that he might be able to beat in a battle himself.

    At the site of the once integral Hip-Hop Shop, TJ the Trouble Man gave the white rappers a little history on the establishment (turned lingerie shop) and the Detroit scene. "Eminem, yadda, Proof, namedrop, blah blah, yadda…" Did that nigga say Maurice Malone was pumpin his shit out of there? Damn, that gives me a tad more respect for the nigga with them terrible underwear ads of the late 90s.

    Ironically, hip-hop music itself is now a lingerie shop-- A collection of panty-drawers and a complete farce of what it once was and could have been. If they wanted to bring this shit full circle, they should have hung John Brown up on a rack next to a tried-on thong.

    I don’t have much to say about ICP except them motherfuckers really look like some disgruntled molester birthday clowns. Their makeup jobs are supposed to be the scary part, but I’m more alarmed at how they just talk to people normally like they don’t have that shit on. I wonder if they “clown up” every morning before they start their days. Do they have makeup artists on site? Oh, the questions that arise.

    Later, talking to Kid Rock, as former Mr. Anderson-Lee explained the ills of growing up the lone white kid in a circle of hostile silverbacks Serch is like “Nah, they wasn’t takin my chain. I paid entirely too much for protection for some shit like that to happen.”

    After the jewels of wisdom from Detroit rap legends, the rapster barbecue is interrupted by an eclectic group of classic Midwestern weird folk (which are different from the weird folk of other regions in their own special way). For example, shit heard at the gathering include but are not limited to: “Uh, oh. Here comes Tupac! He sometimes he’ll sneak up behind me and start fucking me in the ass when I’m doing my yard work. You boys had better be careful.” “Ain’t no shame in my game. I’ll warm a sausage or two.” And of course, lest we forget “I’m trynna promote this uh, fishin!”

    A soiree like that would propel me to pursue racial harmony as well, Jus! However, them 15 Anti-Racist Principles that comprise AR-15 are highly disturbing. They are creepy, whiny, roundabout, redundant and don’t express to me that anyone involved with the organization has any serious plan to make a difference by doing anything but whining self-hatred to whoever would be stupid enough to fucking listen.

    “Study legacies of resistance?” “Sustain an anti-racist culture?” “Choke on my own dick?” What the fuck does it mean, Jus?

    The only thing that held my attention through the "Marshall's Law" media blowjob challenge was the anticipation of the prize. You know how they like to play on words all the time. I thought when dude said “A very, very hefty prize” he was gonna pull some Majin-Buu lookin’ broad out or something. You know these ego trip people don’t know how to act!

    Jus Rhyme was salty when he didn’t get picked by King of the Burbs and Champion of Eminem Interview Knowledge. Still, he relished the opportunity to devise anti-racist principles in solitude back at the “How White People Really Be Livin’” house. That trailer reeks of bologna and welfare. I can tell.

    Jus’ monologue to the camera parallel’s Dave Chappelle’s "8 Mile" sketch entirely too well.

    I don’t know if he was going for “School of Mexico” but Mr. Serchlite is definitely trying to show these kids how to “hate” in preparation for being slaves thrown into the coliseum only to catch a rousing thumbs down. By his approach, I can tell Serch caught that "Mad Ciphas" marathon on BCAT and MNN public access cable networks.

    Quote of the Day: “You left this outside! Ohhhhh!” *tosses police t-shirt* - Jus Rhyme (see, even Jus hates snitches!)

    I know I ain’t been to Detroit to see my folk in a while, but I know for a fact y’all got better niggas than them Cardi Boys to bring to the battle table. They ain’t horrible, but they ain’t say Eminem, One Man Army (who goes by OneBeLo these days), nothing… I’d rather have seen them battle the Cheddar Boyz. At least the battles would have been somewhat entertaining. The crowd acted like the locals ripped it, but from what I heard, both sides should have been booed off stage.

    If Shamrock had any composure, he wouldn’t be so bad. Unfortunately, to an MC, that’s like saying if New York wasn’t so plastic, horse-like and whorish she’d be fuckable. That Gatorade “it” that needs to be in you to perform at a high level in moments like this… Shamrock doesn’t have. It’s a shame, because from day one, he’s the one I wanted to root for. However, I don’t feel right pumping a rapper that doesn’t believe in himself.

    I have to admit, Jus Rhyme’s problem is not lack of heart. In fact, the clown is quite courageous and I commend him for that. Unfortunately, when you can’t rap worth shit AND are a complete corn ball I can’t pump you up at this level either. Go listen to some black people rap; loosen up your bandana and come back when you’re done with school.

    Damn. White people need to get their shit together. Stay in school!

    I’ll give you one more jewel for that cloudy brain of yours John. You can’t call a nigga an “Uncle Tom” and ridicule him about being harassed in the burbs. People can usually tell the difference between one who is joking and being clever and one who is speaking out of his milky ass in complete ignorance. Once again, you are the latter. I’d like to meet the “serious people from the street” that support your jackassery.

    With that said, these kids were put into a very tough situation and stood strong. I’ve watched people get their asses handed to them in that very hall growing up. It’s nerve-wracking even for a teenage spectator. My hat does go off to the contestants for not crying, running away, collapsing or calling anyone the n-word. (That’s what I do when I’m frustrated. I just call everyone in the immediate vicinity the n-word.)

    They still suck though.

    Jus Rhyme’s pre-elimination WWF Saturday morning hype speech was pathetic and indicative of why it was obvious that he wasn’t gonna get a chain from Flavor Flav to stick around the house a little more. Goldie deserved it anyway. Still, out of the remaining finalists, I still don’t see a champion in this regard. We’ll have a winner, but we won’t have a rap star. Sadly, Touchdown Brown and the kid who took a meathook to the face as a baby have a better chance of being America’s Next Top Model than they do being taken seriously as recording artists.

    [email protected]
    Posted by Ron Mexico at February 21, 2007 11:02 AM


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    Things We Missed In Vegas: Lebron, DWade, Diddy,T.I. and many more party
    Wednesday. 2.21.07 9:11 pm
    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right? I sure hope so, cause I’m on a mean streak right now…a bad one. “Your flight out of JFK (NY) got cancelled,” the Delta customer service lady told me over the phone last Thursday (Feb.15). Thankfully, a shuttle flight was slated to leave Laguardia (NY) a bit later that day. To make a very long story a bit shorter, me and my boy Vegas got delayed 6 hours in Boston, arrived in Sin City around midnight, settled for a purple Lincoln Towncar rather than our reserved Cadillac Deville and later downgraded only to get a lime green Ford Mustang. Come…on! Needless to say that we missed the Boost Mobile Zo & Magic 8-ball challenge by the time we had settled in.

    Ludacris playing pool at Boost Mobile Zo & 8-Ball Challenge

    Melinda Williams and Gabrielle Union at 8-Ball Challenge

    Queen Latifah and the girls at the CoverGirl Queen Collection's Queen for the Day event

    For the record, the pic above doesn't do Melinda Williams justice. I saw her at the MGM, and she was looking gooooorgeous. After a few hours of rest, it was time to work. Unfortunately, Robin Thicke got stuck in Cleveland, so the interview was cancelled. I was hoping his wife, Paula Patton would be with him. With no Thicke in sight, it was on to shadowing Rich Boy for an upcoming special edition of Behind The Grind. Hoping to get some “60 Seconds” under our belt, we then headed to BET’s Hip-Hop Gaming League event. Thankfully, we got interviews done with Ciara, Mims, Doug E Fresh, Debra Lee, Big Tigger and Keisha Knight-Pulliam aka Rudy Huxtable. I even think I saw Murs walk the red carpet with some nappy ass hair. Nobody but me knew who he was.

    Rich Boy during Behind The Grind Special Edition shoot

    That "60 Seconds" dude with Ciara at BET's Hip-Hop Gaming League event

    Doug E Fresh with BET Chairman & COO Debra Lee

    Thankfully, our Melyssa Ford interview turned our luck around. We then got dope interviews from Slim Thug and the Boss Hogg Outlaws and the homie Young Buck as well. Keep your eyes peeled for some new “60 Seconds” and “Sohh Focused.”

    Ali with Melyssa Ford after SOHH Focused interview

    Carl with Melyssa Ford

    Carl with Buck

    At the end of the day, the constant traffic and interview delays prevented me from going out every night as I initially intended. So aside from that Dwayne Wade Sidekick 3 party, not too many events were attended. I missed Beyonce and was actually slated to attend that event where The Game and Buck had a near incident. Shouts to BET, Interscope,W&W, StrategicGroup, 4Sight Media Relations, Media Saavy PR, Pierce Mattie Public Relations and …I hope that’s it. If I forgot anyone, please forgive me. With that said, here are some more of the events you and I missed in Vegas.

    Jay-Z at First Annual Two Kings Dinner sponsored by Budweiser Select

    Buck and Jeezy at the Ice Lounge

    The Game at the Ice Lounge

    Beyonce and Solange Knowles at First Annual Two Kings Dinner

    Lebron James at Sprite Party

    Posted by Carl "Jackpot" Chery on February 20, 2007 3:27 PM | Permalink

    source: http://blogs.sohh.com/on-the-scene/2007/02/things_we_missed_in_vegas_lebr_1.html

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    Daily Hip-Hop News:SOHH Soulful Exclusive: Monica & Jimmy Cozier Address Problems With J Records, "My Concerns Were Written Off With A Check"
    Wednesday. 2.21.07 5:56 pm

    Wednesday - February 21, 2007 by Kevin R. Scott

    As Monica prepared to shoot the video for her next single, "Sideline Ho" the Atlanta based singer got with SOHH for an exclusive chat on her working relationship with Clive Davis, her status at J Records and what she would do differently.

    Recently word has been spreading that Clive Davis wasn't in support of Monica's new image and single, "Sideline Ho."

    "It's easy for people to forget but Clive Davis and I have had a long standing relationship. My relationship stared with Clive almost 13 years ago and we have a good working relationship. Even if there are things that we don't agree on, it's almost like a marriage, you agree to disagree and you keep it moving," Monica told SOHH.

    After The Makings of Me disappeared from the Billboard charts and a video of her asking fans to petition J Records to finance her third video surfaced online, rumors began to fly that Monica would be dropped from her label for breaking with the girl next door image the label had painted of her.

    "At the time rumors started there was nothing even taking place. We just decided to say what we had to say and move on and started writing treatments for the 'Sideline Ho' video."

    Looking back, Monica admitted she would have re-worked her strategy, not allowing her label to influence the selection of her singles and look to her fans for opinions.

    "If I had to do something over again, I'd probably release more than one single and let the audience choose which one they would have wanted to hear," she admits.

    In related news former J Records crooner Jimmy Cozier recently spoke exclusively with SOHH about his own difficulty when it came to getting support from the label.

    "They would say my songs were 'too hood' or 'too street 'or 'it's not pop enough,'" Cozier said. "It got to a point to where a check was like a band aid. If Jimmy's upset, write him a check. It was like my concerns were written off with a check. After a while I was like, 'I can't.' I got with my lawyers and asked to be released from my contract."

    source: http://www.sohh.com/articles/article.php/10958

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    Ultimate Ladies Night Welcoming in All AKAs... This Friday Night @ Compound
    Wednesday. 2.21.07 5:43 pm
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


    HIT UP URL[http://www.compoundatl.com

    for directions on how to get there.

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    Ludacris Gets Petitioned For A Boycott!! Plus, New Rich Boy Leak!
    Wednesday. 2.21.07 5:32 pm

    What in the hell did miss? Was I so preoccupied staring at Deelishuhs’s ass that I complete I’ve totally missed how upset people are over Ludacris performing at Paris Hilton’s Birthday party?

    Various media outlets are reporting that Rapper Ludacris rushed from his own concert to perform 4 songs for the birthday girl. The singing didn't stop there; Oscar winner Jamie Foxx also made a surprise 30 minute performance.

    One media outlet had this to say about Ludacris’s surprise performance at Paris’s B-day party.

    Unbelievably, rapper Ludacris (pictured above) helped racist Paris Hilton celebrate her birthday party in Las Vegas during All-Star weekend. Does Ludacris have any self-pride and common sense? He seems to have more respect for racist whites than he does for fellow African-American Oprah Winfrey-who he slams at every opportunity. Pathetic!

    While this isn’t news to me, many of his fans are upset, and are calling for a Boycott of his music, and ultimately him.

    Though the petition has already garnered 132 signatures, I still don’t see what affect it will have on him professionally or personally.

    Tell me what you think. Is Ludacris a sellout for performing at Paris Hilton’s birthday party after it was widely reported that she makes racists comments towards black people? Ludacris Online Petition


    While you are all mulling that over, I got a free download for you. You know, I be giving y’all a lot of free shit. Y’all need to keep that in mind when you be trying to get a brutha terminated from the site.



    Posted by SOHH Gyant at February 21, 2007 12:03 PM


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    Jennifer Hudson Breaking New Ground, Scores Cover of Vogue
    Wednesday. 2.21.07 12:28 pm
    Jennifer Hudson is the third African American woman since December 2002 to grace the cover of Vogue magazine.

    I got the chance to meet Jennifer at the AEC/ASCAP luncheon at the Beverly Hilton this past Sunday morning in Los Angeles. We'll have footage of that a little later in the week.

    I was working the red carpet and Jennifer was the last to come through. She was on tap to honor original Dreamgirl, Sheryl Lee Ralph for her philanthropy and commitment to AIDS prevention and awareness.

    It was a quick interview. She was being dragged down the carpet by her handlers. Her quirky yet bubbly personality kept it lively. (I'm being nice here.)

    She did however stop to speak with me answering questions on her new album, Oscar hoopla and having just bought her first home in Chicago.

    What I did like is that Jennifer made it clear to me that there would be no movies, plays, commercials or projects that would happen before she completed her album. "I want to concentrate on my album and give it my all. You should hear something by March," she said as they pulled out of my camera shot.

    photos submitted by SOHH GYANT.


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