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    Deelishes Talks Flav and Busta
    Wednesday. 3.7.07 3:42 am

    Deelishes covers the new issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine and talks about Flav and Busta. Flav's most recent child from some girl in Vegas changed their relationship according to Deelishes. Good excuse for the breakup after the show aired. SMH. She also says she makes over 50K a month doing promotional work. Click here to see the S2S cover and read the article.

    She all but confirms what everyone knew.

    I knew she didn't really want Flavor Flav ugly ass.


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    Wednesday. 3.7.07 3:33 am

    I just received this email from a loyal reader, M. Watts:

    Inform your readers that Beyonce is expressing her pain on her B-Day Cd. The name of the song is called "Resentment". It tells all about her Pain with Jay-Z!! You have a great site!

    This email intrigued me. So I looked up the lyrics online since I don't have Bee's CD, and, what do you know?

    I wish I could believe you,
    and I'll be alright
    but now everything you told me
    really don't apply to the way I feel inside
    loving you was easy once upon a time
    but now my suspicions of you are multiplied
    and it's all because you lied

    I definitely believe Bee wrote this song from the heart. What do you think?


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    Wednesday. 3.7.07 3:25 am

    Rumors are that Marsha Ambrosius and her longtime companion, group member Natalie Stewart have broken up - both personally and professionally. Marsha is now signed to Aftermath records and Natalie is doing her own thing as an Urban Rock artist. Listen to her music on her Myspace page.

    Not sure if the rumors of a breakup are true, but both ladies have removed each other from the Top Ten spots on their Myspace pages.

    Natalie, is that you?

    Marsha in a recent pic with the legendary NY DJ Jazzy Joyce. Will someone please tell Joyce it's not cute for a grown woman to dress like a teenage boy.


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    How To Reclaim Your Throne: Advice for Janet Jackson
    Tuesday. 3.6.07 9:41 pm
    Fox News gets at Janet Jackson with a few points of interest she should pay attention if she ever wants to regain her thrown as the Queen of Pop.

    We've all heard by now that the Jacksons are planning one big tour-- Janet and Michael included.

    Well, Roger Friedman over at FOX looks at the last few years of Miss Jackson's career and offers some advice. Here are some highlights from his article.

    -Jackson's last two albums, Damita Jo (Virgin) and 20 Y.O. (Virgin) didn't flop soley to bad publicity: they flopped because they were boring. Jackson's been harping about how sexy and alluring she is for the past decade, and the schtick is getting stale.

    -Janet Jackson has worked almost exclusively with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for over 20 years. The trio has create some of the most intriguing dance music ever. Unfortunately, their collaboration has shown its age lately. Jam and Lewis are still very talented individuals, though aside from Jackson, their work hasn't been all that heralded and they haven't been able to produce the same magic and chemistry with other artists that they've managed with Jackson. She also should look to someone else to revitalize her sound. There was a moment of brilliance with Damita Jo with a pair of tracks created by Kanye West.

    -Finally, the main thing Jackson should remember is that her strength lies in good pop music; so it's disheartening to hear her sing over canned, stale crunk beats. She should go back to her roots (as she claimed she has in the prehype for her last album) to dance-pop. As mentioned she should look to new producers, but should find some sympathetic pop maestros, instead of trying to fashion herself as an R&B singer, which she never really was.

    A good suggestion would be to hook up with former Madonna-producer, William Orbit (I can imagine the results would be magical). She should also find the Pet Shop Boys' number.

    -With American Life, detractors joyfully called Madonna's career over; others did the same with Mariah Carey after Glitter. Both singers have since returned to record sales comparable to their salad days; Jackson can still recover from the missteps, if she just takes care to overhaul her image and her sound. She should ditch the oversexed horny-babe look, because she shouldn't try so hard to compete with women who half her age (or even half her career's age). Ciara and Rhianna wouldn't exist without Jackson, and instead of trying to match them with carnality, she should instead trump them with class and intelligence.

    Read full article here.

    Soulman says.... as much as I talk shit, Janet Jackson isn't to be counted out. Plain and simple.

    I've speculated in private conversations that if Janet and Jermaine knew trouble was lurking at Virgin then they saved their best work for her post Virgin life. Janet is a legend and Jermaine is no fool. I say sit and wait....


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    Daily Hip-Hop News:"I'm A Business, Man," Jay-Z Sells Rocawear For $204 Million...In Cash
    Tuesday. 3.6.07 9:14 pm

    Tuesday - March 6, 2007 by Jolene "foxxylady" Petipas
    Jay-Z - Press Conference

    Jay-Z has reportedly sold his Rocawear clothing line to the Iconix Brand Group Inc for $204 million in cash.

    According to Reuters, Iconix, the owner of brands such as Joe Boxer and Candie's, chose to acquire Rocawear to diversify its portfolio of brands and raise its 2007 earnings outlook. The company expects Rocawear to generate about $43 million in royalty revenue in the first 12 months under its fold.

    As part of their agreement, Jay-Z (born Sean Carter), will continue to be chief creative officer of Rocawear and will also retain his stake in the operating company. Hov's partners, Alex Bize and Norton Cher, will continue to run the company and enter into a long-term license agreement with Iconix.

    Also as part of the deal, Iconix will also enter into a separate joint venture with the Brooklyn bred rapper to establish a new brand management and licensing company to identify brands to be acquired or developed

    Rocawear made headlines last year when the clothing line was accused of using dog fur on one of its jackets. The brand is also facing a trademark and copyright infringement suit filed by former WWE superstar Diamond Dallas Page.

    Page claims Jay-Z illegally adopted his trademark hand gesture, the "Diamond Cutter," and sold Rocawear merchandise displaying the hand symbol.


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    Atlanta R&B Sensation, Lloyd Takes A Leak!!
    Tuesday. 3.6.07 7:43 pm

    I got to be honest, I am very nervous about posting these downloads. I got them emailed to me to last night but with DJ Drama’s recent arrest for selling unauthorized music (allegedly) I don’t want anybody hauling me off to jail. Oh well I will just take my chances.

    I got new music from one of Atlanta’s favorite young R&B sensations, Lloyd. His highly anticipated sophomore effort “Street Love” hits stores on March 13, 2007. I know he’s not a direct Hip-Hop artist but his you can tell by his music that Hip-Hop plays a big role in his life. I’m posting a few tracks for y’all to listen too. [SOHH Edit: I posted, you missed it] I know this kind of falls under SOHH Soulful’s thing, but what can I say, I’m multi-tasking.

    Check them out, and share ya thoughts aiight. [SOHH Edit: Might stream later here or SOHH Soulful. Otherwise, be sure to check the album!]

    Talk to y'all tomorrow hopefully..(biting my nails)

    --SOHH Gyant
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at March 6, 2007 11:13 AM


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