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[Tribute to The LORD]
31/08/06 13:20
mood: very happy
listening to: Nothing
watching: Nothing

Yes, I love my God so, so much, I would like to let you all know how brilliant he is =]

Today, I was worried about choosing my subjects to take on for A Levels, but as I was in that hall this morning, I felt God with me so, so strongly, I truly thank him so much, because not only did I find I could do all the subjects I wanted, I found that they were subjects I'd really *love* to take, too.

What are they? Hehe: Maths, Further Maths (hopefully as an extra), *JAPANESE*, German, Theatre Studies =] I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to take them... but it turns out I most likely can!!! =DDDDD I mean, I went into that hall this morning with only two subjects that I could take for definate, because I knew which timetable column they were in, but God blessed me so very, very dearly. <3333

So first, I would like to share with you a "children's song" which has been going through my mind all this morning since I got home before I get into the deep stuff:

Our God is a Great Big God!

Our God is a great big God (x3)
And he holds us in his hands~ (repeat)

And he's known me and he's loved me
Since before the world began
How wonderful to be a part of God's amazing plan!!!


Hehe ^_^ It's a really cute song. Not many lyrics, but it is really cute and jumpy and bubbly and my favourite line is "he's known me and he's loved me since before the world began"... seriously, how beautiful us that... ahhhh, I feel so warm and fuzzy just thinking about it <333333

And the second song I'd like to share with you is a personal favourite of mine. It's so, so beautiful, and I fell in love with the lyrics the first time I heard them. In fact, I found the song so beautiful, that when we were singing it during worship at the Christian Camp I went to in spring, I ended up just listening to the others sing since I had so many tears of joy my voice would shake so badly if I tried to join in.

If anyone would like this song, I have the mp3 of it, leave me a note and I'll send it to you, because it honestly is one of my most favourite Songs of Praise... ever. I'd like to have it at my baptism when I grow up.

There is a Higher Throne

There is a higher throne
Than all this world has known
Where faithful ones from every tongue
Will one day come.

Before the Son we'll stand;
Made faultless through the lamb.
Believing hearts find promised grace,
Salvation comes...

Hear heaven's voices sing:
Their thunderous anthem rings
Through emerald courts and sapphire skies,
Their praises rise...
All glory, wisdom, power,
Strength, thanks and honour are
To God, our King, who reigns on high
For evermore...

And there, we'll find our home;
Our life before the throne.
We'll honour him in perfect song
Where we belong!

He'll wipe each tear-stained eye
As thirst and hunger die,
The Lamb becomes our Shepherd King
We'll reign with him...


I was listening to the song as I typed that... It's so beautiful... the lyrics... the song... Gosh, just thinking about how wonderful it would be to soar "through emerald courts and sapphire skies", to think that it's "where we belong", and to "riegn with him"... It's so, so beautiful...

And now, I have a couple of absolutely gorgeous quotes for you, one of which, again, made me cry. I bought the posters in Wesley Owens for about £2.75 or something like that, because I thought they were wonderful quotes. I love these quotes, and I even took pictures of them to show you guys. I will show you this one first:

Kirei desu ne (isn't it beautiful)? I think so. And the quote is very true too. I was listening to a preaching in Church a while ago. The question was "Why does God make things difficult for us sometimes? Why do things go wrong for Christians? If God wants everything to be perfect for us, why is so-and-so war still going on, or so-and-so famine in blah place?" And you know what? It is necessary, because in the end, after all our trials and sufferings, we'll realise that God has been with us, every step of the way, and in the end, that realisation and growth of faith just makes everything worthwhile.

God tests us. Christianity was never meant to be just sunshine and daisies. (And here I quote from my R.E. essay, and the bible) Jesus said, "Anyone who wishes to be a Christian must forget themsevles, take up their cross and follow me." God has set trials for us, but he will never give us something impossible to do, for "Nothing is impossible in God". It may be difficult, but with God's help, we'll get through it, and he won't stop blessing us.

Christians are working abroad to help those in starvation, they've given up everything to work for God. Personally I admire that so much; I could never do something like that, it's not in my nature, and I believe that's not the life God has planned for me, but even through these trials and temptations, we must fight on--to prove our faith to God, to prove ourselves to God; that we are worthy to be in his Kingdom of eternal love and peace and joy.

The second quote I'd like to show you guys, and also the quote in my profile, the quote I love so dearly is this:

...Yes, it made me cry. The quote just touched my heart so deeply, I just knew I had to get it. Such a peaceful image to give a reminder of how deep God's love runs for us, how much his Son suffered to save us all. It's a love that would be impossible for any human being to love anyone else, but possible for the lord.

I love him, as he loves me.

That's unconditional love.



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[Bento 004]
30/08/06 14:42
mood: tired
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

I know I said I'd blog a big blog today about my past couple of very exciting days, but I'm really lacking enthusiasm and inspiration to do that, so I thought I'd post up today's bento instead.

Besides, I went to a Japanese restaurant with my friends yesterday, and I stole the bit of grass from the sushi plate and I was dying to use it, so I made myself a bento hehe XD

So here it is:

Left side: Egg fried rice with peas and... dunno what it's called smiley face (the peas decided to be annoying though ¬_¬), the thing at the bottom says 'Kuri' in hiragana XD

Right side: Broccoli chicken on the top, then Chicken in black bean sauce on the bottom with peas and dunno what it's called's sprinkled randomly ^_^


I might bake cookies later... depends if I'm still tired... x_x



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29/08/06 22:55
mood: tired, but good
listening to: Nothing
watching: Nothing

Ah, it's so late, but I'd still like to come on NuTang and just say hi to everyone, so...

Hi!!! =D

Hope you are all well ^_^ I had another excellent day today, I will blog tomorrow =] Although my neck hurts like stinking heck... I've no idea why it's so painful x_x;;

Oh! And just before I go, I would like to express my greatest shock that I am still in the top 10 most popular... O_O;; I will now go to sleep with great joy and love for you all, and treasure the moment cos I doubt it'd last through the week ^_^



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[Fun Day]
28/08/06 22:12
mood: tired, bloated, but good.
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

Ah, are you surprised that I've only blogged once today, and this late? Well, I had a big day out ^^; I had a little while in the morning which I went on NuTang and left a few comments on various people's blogs, but I didn't have sufficient time to blog...

Well, right now, I can officially say my mood has improved substantially, and now that I am more or less out of my self-pity and loathing, I am pleased to say that I will be getting my butt back onto the forums I love and spent most my time on before I got hooked on NT...

...Although not today...

...Or tomorrow, cos I'll be out all day tomorrow, too, in London, meeting up with a few friends that also went to the Chinese Martial Arts/Dance Camp last summer ^^ And I will be sure to blog about that on Wednesday because I doubt I'd be awake enough to by the end of tomorrow ^^;

Anyways, allow me to introduce to you the lovely...

Eeled's Abode!

Because I feel so bad for the worst admin ever (which, Eeledy-Pooh, Tealy-Kun, I will *promise* to get back on track again), the least I can do is advertise them a little and try to increase popularity ^^; It's such a fun place, we're quite loose with rules and the people there are so fun! <3 And what's more, we have all sorts of *manga* for both online reading *and* downloads XDDDDD Sound appealing to you?

And since I have been such a lousy and inactive member off SnS, I feel it my duty to tell you all how wonderful it also is! Well, it's a wonderful community with fun and games, including a Trading Card Game, and also a brilliant source for manga with it's own Scanlation Team of some of the kindest and cutest members I've ever met! So if you have time, do visit...

Saigo no Shou~~~


Aww... One of the reasons I came online so late is to see if my current favourite fanfic has been updated... (It's a H/D fic... yaoi... <333) and it hasnt ;_; =sigh= so I will take my leave now since I feel absolutely knackered... I'll blog about my day today and my day tomorrow on Wednesday, so uh... it'll probably be a long blog =3

Amusing quote from the film (Failure to Launch) I watched today with my friends: "You've been bitten by a chipmunk, a dolphin, and a vegetarian lizard all within the period of a week! Something's gotta be wrong with you, man."



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[Oh. My. Word.]
27/08/06 23:07
mood: shocked
listening to: Nothing
watching: Nothing

Because I am shocked beyond belief and because of this I feel *SO* much better I felt I had to blog, because seriously, I'm utterly entirely so, so shocked I can't believe it...

And I doubt it'd still be like this by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, so I took a screenshot a couple of minutes ago so I could have a lasting memory of this:

And the points are increasing every time I go back to the NuTang homepage!!! O_O;; So I must say...

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! <3333

Thank you!



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27/08/06 21:00
mood: really not a very good one.
listening to: nothing
watching: nothing

Hm... Well, I'm wondering how people center their blogs... is the only way to put 'left: blah px' or is there a simple html like [center] (replace [] with <>'s) without using a table layout?

Second thing I'm wondering... does anyone want to know the passwords to my passworded entries? I really don't mind giving them out (unless it's titled Private Entry or something)... =/ It's just that it's a read-at-your-own-risk thing cos I'll probably be ranting about one thing or another, but yeah... If you want the password for my passworded entries, and don't mind reading my ranting, leave me a note or a comment =]



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