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[Edited Layout and More Invites!]
26/10/06 22:55
I am...

feeling: excited
listening to: JJ Songs
watching: JJ Vids

Woot!!! Thanks to -->Tsukiko<-- aka my bestest best best friend Ani (who is now working on her site after all my nagging XD), I've now got a banner for my site! Woot! =DDDD

The "avvies" are of JJ, Me, JJ... What can I say? I'm a fangirl ^^;;

She also did a little saturation adjustments on my background to fit the colour of the banner too ^_^ so yes! What do you guys think? =3 I really want to add a song now, but yeah, I know from experience how annoying it is to have songs just suddenly playing when you're listening to another so yeah, I won't ^^;;

I'd really like to share with you this fan-made MV, using Final Fantasy VIII, X, X2 and Advent Children, seriously, it's SO well-made! And I love it even more cos it uses my darling JJ's "Jiang Nan" <33333:

Hope you all like! =]

There will be a few more adjustments on my layout soon, too, and a new avvy to complete it XDDDDD Again, courtesy of Annie, since I lack photoshop on this computer ^^;;

Oh!!! Also, please also welcome another friend of mine who joined NuTang!!!


I dug her out after I saw my invite code had disappeared XD

Yes! Work on your site, Sylphie! You've now been linked by... =checks=... oh! Fourth most popular now! Yay!!! =DDDDD

I have 4 more invites left now! Anyone else like one? ^_^ Yui? Suke? Killie-Poohs? Anyone else who visits my site and would also like an invite? =D Haha yeah, I'm on an invite craze ^^;; (Although if you're invited by me and you don't update your site you tend to notice that I nag you like crazy to blog though XD)

Plugs to the beautiful: Katrina-nee, truedesire, Silver~, Tealy-Wealy-Kun, The Muffin Man (Welcome back!), invisible


@invisible, thank you for the offer! =D I decided to edit my layout myself ^_^ [that, and I'm still too scared to look at your layout heh heh ^^;; <-- BIG scaredy cat x_x]



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[New Layout?, New Pic and ANOTHER Invite! =D]
25/10/06 19:03
I am...

feeling: happy~
listening to: AQMFS
watching: AQMFS =]

Hehe I've got quite a lot to blabber on about today: First, I'd like to say...

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you all for supporting me and coming to my site!!! I've now officially made $5+!!!!! <3333 Yay!!! =DDDD

Then, I'd like to say... Hm, my layout's messed up on FireFox... I don't like it anymore since I use FF more than IE now and I can't fix it =/ I'm considering just ditching it and going with one of the pre-made ones, what do you guys think? =3

Oh yeah!!! =D And I was also thinking of putting some background music up--JJ's Cao Cao, one of my favourite songs... Good idea or no? =3 I get annoyed when background music come up on people's sites sometimes though, so I'm only considering whether to put some up on mine or not... should I? =3

Then! I'd like to say, has anyone noticed I changed my userpic? ^_^ Yup, that would be me, taking a photo of myself with the webcam =3 I decided that since there are so many AWFUL photos of me online and in other people's cameras that I will never be able to see [=beings to mutter about stupid performances=], I decided to take some half-decent ones to redeem myself, and I posted one up here since I love you all <3

So... what do you guys think? ^^;; I'm 16->17, not 11->12 years old btw ¬_¬;; (unfortunately, I get mistaken for an 11 year old way too often =sigh=)

Oh!!! And guess what!!! =DDD I managed to get -->Katie<--, a friend I got to join NuTang a while ago, to make her first post and actually USE NuTang today!!! YAY!!! XDDDDD

Not only that, but -->Katrina-nee<-- also joined!!!! =DDDD Please welcome them, you guys! <333333 [Katrina-nee's NuTang will be up soon! =D]

Maybe Sylphie will join soon too? XDDDDDD

@Katrina-nee, would you like me to change your SnS blog link to your NuTang one? =3

And last thing but not least: Today, I made a proper decision... I said I'd go to China and be famous and marry JJ. I wasn't joking...

Okay, maybe the 'marry JJ' part might not happen ^^;;

But that's beside the point... Before, I always thought I'd be okay with doing something in finance and economics, even though I really disliked maths, I'd still do it cos it'd earn me quite a lot of money, but my recent... obsession, if you like, with JJ, has made me realise...

No, I won't be happy with that.

So, because of my desperation to meet JJ and befriend him, I've decided to do a degree at Warwick in Performing Arts. I'll be doing my Grade 8 Piano in December, and I'm really working hard at it now. I know I will do well, because I'm practising like.. an hour a day now, and then I'll do a Diploma in Performance. [Here my piano teacher cheers ^^;; He says I'm really talented, so... =3]

I can also play the flute, along with 3 traditional Chinese cultural musical instruments, which not many people know how to play, which would help a lot in my quest to stardom =3

I did a few exams in Acting at my previous school with the New Era Academy, too, but since I moved I was unable to continue them, but I still managed to get a Grade VII Acting--passed with Distinction. =]

And I managed that when I'd learnt my lines like... the day before my exam, so I think I'm pretty good at acting too ^^;; (No, I honestly did... Lol, if it wasn't for Hatty, though, I don't know what I'd have done... I expect I'd have failed, cos the day before my exam, she was like 'Crystina, have you learnt your lines yet???', then helped me learn them--Thank you, Hatty! <3)

And after reading Katie's blog on LJ I realised I really made the right decision, too. I can't live doing a job I know I'll dislike, so I've decided to move back to China and get an acting career. With my achievements and my looks (yes, I am considered quite pretty in China =3), I should be able to become famous, as either an actress or a singer... I believe if I train my voice, I can sing quite well, after all, I was in the choir for a good 4 years in So'ton.

Recently, I've been doing a lot more exercise, and eating better too. I did a Maximum Impact exercise thing (with Nell... something or other--apparently she's quite famous in America?) on Monday, went swimming today, and am going swimming again on Friday.

Hopefully I can lose quite a bit of weight, because Chinese people are really skinny--I need a really good figure as well if I wanna be famous =3

I will pray for it... if any of you are Christians, please pray for me too...

Then, I will meet JJ, and hopefully befriend him, then we'll see what happens from there =].

I feel really excited now... I'll be able to do something I love, *and* meet the guy I really, really like too. <33333333

Yay! =D

I'm really grateful to JJ, though, cos if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have had the guts to do something like that since my parents have always been saying 'it's hard to be an actor, especially if you're not a famous one; you'll have to work really hard and probably won't get paid enough for you to live on', but because of JJ, I've been able to have the courage to pursue my dreams, just like he did.

I thank God every moment of my life right now, for letting me like JJ again.

To be honest, I actually liked him last year, during my holiday, but I guess since the whole 'BaoYu' thing I surpressed any feelings for JJ... (Long story about the BaoYu thing--don't ask ^^;; It's over anyways =])

JJ blogged again yesterday! I thank God SO much for that cos, just when I'd been feeling pretty crap cos I felt the day was wasted since I wasn't able to do ANY sport WHATSOEVER and my internet hadn't been working, JJ blogs! And my emotions fly sky-high with joy!

My heart almost leapt out of my throat when I saw his update... I was the first to comment, too!!! My fingers were shaking SO badly when I typed my first comment cos I was so excited and nervous and--and...

Yeah I read his entry properly after I calmed down a little heh heh ^^;; I really hope he'll reply to my questions since I was first to comment =3

Ah... Wish me luck, you guys!

Plugs to the beautiful: randomjunk, peachy7646, Kirei, Silver-dot-, dave, katiehorrorshow, Chelsey


Ohhh, by the way, I was just wondering, I really wanna add Chelsey as a friend on NuTang, but because she's using Invisible's layout, it's taken off the modules in her profile... Is there any other way to add Chels as a friend? =3 Please help~~~



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[Another Invite! =D]
24/10/06 21:28
I am...

feeling: pretty good
listening to: AQMFS
watching: AQMFS ep 10 ^_^

Well! Yesterday I invited my friend Chelsey to join NuTang =DDDD And I'm very happy to report that she's actually *using* it! XDDDD So please give a big, warm, welcome to...


=DDDDD Yay! She's the fourth person I've invited to NuTang now! XD First was -->Tealy-Wealy-Kun<--, then Katie, and Ani, who both haven't gotten round to using NuTang yet, so I'm rather annoyed at them for it ¬_¬;

And now I've invited Chels~ =D

I'll certainly be bugging her to update =3, and since Tealy-Kun updates often anyways I don't need to bug Teal XDDDD

Yay~ Another friend on NuTang! =D

And since I have quite a few invites now, I'm gonna invite another friend XD His name is Jason, but I call him Jay ^_^, ah, just asked Jay, he said he probably won't have time to blog, and his school blocks all sites that aren't educational (he goes to a boarding school) =3 So yeah, no point in inviting him anymore ^^;;

Hm... I'll think of someone else to invite too once Chels gets settled XD

Plugs to the beautiful: Jazagoya, Chelsey




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[Not Much =3]
22/10/06 21:37
I am...

feeling: bittersweet sadness
listening to: JJ Songs/Ai Qing Mo Fa Shi eps
watching: JJ Vids/Ai Qing Mo Fa Shi
wanting: to meet JJ =/

Well, this was actually yesterday's entry, but my internet was bugging up SO much I tried to publish it 20 times and it didn't work, so yes... I will bring you yday's entry, and today's entry ^_^

—×Yesterday's Entry×—

Not much has happened today =/ The original plan was to go ice skating with my family, but that never happened... =sigh= and I was so looking forward to teaching myself to skate backwards properly as well. =/

I've only ever been 3 times before, but since it was just like rollerblading to me (cept on a different surface) I could skate forwards straight away =3 It took me until last time, when I went skating with Ani, to pluck up the courage and try to skate backwards =3

After Ani learnt how to plod forwards, she took my hand and I plodded backwards whilst she skate-walked forwards ^^;; I can do it now, but not well, and I have hardly any control over it either, which is why I was hoping to go today ^^;; Nevermind... It's half term next week anyways, I'll get my family to go then =3

So, since I can't talk about that, then... ^^;;

As you guys may already have realised/know, I've recently been... searching for stuff about JJ. Anything, and everything about him... just even the slightest bit more knowledge about him makes me feel like I know him that little bit more, and I feel so, so happy every time I do <3

Anyways, lol... because of JJ, I've actually been listening/had a look at stuff by other artists cos he recommends them ^^;; I found JY (JJ's good friend)'s blog yesterday too XD His songs are pretty good~

Yes... and this is the extent that I value JJ's opinion: I really disliked Jay Chou, and I mean, I really didn't like him... I didn't like his looks, or his voice, or... well yeah, I just didn't like him, but because he's one of JJ's favourite singers, I had a look at a Jay Chou vid today... it wasn't bad, I guess... =3

Anyways, I don't really have much to say today ^^;; So I will share with you guys a video of one of JJ's live performances in... Tai Zhong =3 He's singing live, over the top of a pre-recorded CD thingy, and you can tell cos the tune sometimes differs from the CD, and the last lyrics of his 'Sa Rang Hae Yo' was different anyways XD

Two of my most favourite songs in one!!!

Ah! And through the middle of it, the host asks who in the audience wants to marry JJ, and two people go up!!! The first girl got a hug cos she was able to sing an extract of JJ's song!!! LUCKY ;_;

I wish I was there... =sigh=

Oh... Also, my internet is bugging up BIG TIME. Urg It's annoying me SO much... this is like... the 7th time I've tried to post this!!! >_< I have to keep refreshing, so constantly having to add the title and change the time and date too!!! ;_;

—×Today's Entry×—

Well, I went to Church again today ^_^ It was actually quite amusing XD I've become pretty good friends with most of the students at our church, so yeah, my experience at church is becoming more and more fun XD

Unfortunately, due to internet issues still, I *still* cannot access MSN ¬_¬ That's becoming annoying for me =3 I mean, until this morning after daddy restarted the whole system, I couldn't even access my email for a period of time!! X_X

Hm... I've forgotten what I was going to say ^^;; But I just realised my interest rating's gone down heh heh ^^;; I guess someone didn't find my page as interesting as others might have done, but then again, I guess I *have* been raving a little too much about JJ ^^;;

But hey! That's what a blog's for, right? A place to put my bentos, newest things in my life, and rants and raves when things get difficult, no? ^_^ Well, that's basically what I put as my blog description on Blogmad and places like that =3

Oh, I was wondering, how many votes would you need to have to be listed in the 'most interesting' pages? =3

Well, I'm going to watch more of Ai Qing Mo Fa Shi (Magicians of Love), it's actually quite amusing XD Although I must admit I'd prefer to watch Jin Yong stuff, but I doubt people actually upload it ^^;;

--Blah Hours Later--

YES!!! MY INTERNET IS FINALLY WORKING PROPERLY!!!!!!!!! Gosh that took WAY too long to configure for my liking ¬_¬;;

My MSN is back and running again as well! Woot! XDDDD Yayyyyy at laaaast!

Oh!!! I just realised my Bento 09 got recommended! Thank you, dave, little-b and TheDailyDish!!! <33333

Plugs to the beautiful: Silver-dot-, Teal, Samejima, Tsukiko




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[When JJ Lost His Voice]
20/10/06 14:28
I am...

feeling: desperate to meet JJ now ;_;
listening to: JJ songs/vids
watching: JJ vids
wanting: SERIOUSLY wanting to meet JJ ;_;

I wrote before that JJ always performs on stage with his real voice and doesn't lip-sync... I wasn't joking.

A friend of mine asked: What happens when JJ loses his voice though? I said 'JJ still wouldn't lip-sync', and my friend asked me 'so he'd just disappoint all these fans that were waiting for him for ages?'...

I found a video of when JJ lost his voice. This video is basically saying that JJ's throat was swollen, and he had to go to hospital before a performance, but he still didn't want to disappoint his fans, so as soon as he was let out of hospital, he rushed to the stage arena, however, the doctor said he still should not sing because of his throat.

The fans that were there had been waiting for 4-5 hours for him but they said that even if they really want to hear him sing the most important thing is that he recovers, so they don't mind if he doesn't sing live for them.

The hosts suggested he could lip-sync, but he rejected the offer, saying that if he were to perform, he'd want to sing with his real voice to all his fans <33333333

In the end they got a few people to sing instead of him, to basically make it amusing for the fans~ They also got a few fans up on stage, too (lucky!!!!! ;_; ) and they said that even though JJ didn't perform one song for them, the atmosphere and excitement level never dropped =D

And after the show, he still did his best to sign posters etc for the fans personally, and he also had to constantly drink water to try to recover whatever little he could for them.

Everyone was touched by him, and I am too <333333 Here's the video, I gave you guys a summary above for those who can't speak Chinese:

Bless him <3 If it were me I'd rather him have gone home and rest... his health is what's most important, but I just love him more after this <333333333

Plugs to the beautiful: Dilated, ikimashokie, Silver-dot-


@Silver, no! Lol ^^;; No, I'm not, JJ's an exception ;)



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19/10/06 21:03
I am...

feeling: a little annoyed...
listening to: JJ singing~
wanting: to meet JJ still ;_;
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing

Well~ basically, a while ago my daddy ordered a wireless router, and now it's come =3 He tried to set it up last night, to be honest. It worked for... a little while, but it continuously messes up!

We're not too sure why yet, but yeah, it's really weird. I can't get on MSN with the wireless either ;_;

And right now it's severely messing up... I'm lucky to actually be able to post this at all! o_O;; I've spent the past 1/2 hr trying to connect to our wireless connection again ¬_¬; Daddy changed some setting on this computer and screwed up my connection as well cos he was trying to sort the one on his lappy out ¬_¬;

--5 mins later and after a restart--

Okay! It's working now! =DDD And somehow I got MSN to work too! XD I've no idea how, though, cos my wireless connection says it's still "acquiring network address" or something or other =3 I think it's cos I plugged in our original broadband connection heh heh XDDDD


And the internet now works properly on Firefox again~ Woot! XD

Anyways, I'm going through a phase of searching for JJ Vids on YouTube ^^;; If you find any really good ones please send them to me~~~ =DDD [Bear in mind I've seen quite a lot already ^^;; =P]

Anyways~ I'm off to watch more JJ vids! XDDDDDDDDDD [and I absolutely promise to change the EA password soon!]

Plugs to the beautiful: dave, teal, little-b, randomjunk, ikimashokie, thisdisease, Dilated, Samejima


@Tealy-Kun, aaaaages as in Sept ^^;; Okay I guess it's not THAT long ago, but yeah... his last update before then was in August =3 I guess he only updates once a month =sigh=
@randomjunk, oh gosh no!!! O_O;; SHE and HIM are COMPLETELY different. SHE are like... a girly, Chinese-pop band... totally opposite of HIM ^^;;
@thisdisease, yeah... that's probably why he scarcely updates =sigh= but I *will* meet him one day. Somehow. Well, I want to be an actress... Let's see if I'll be able to make it =3 And if I do, first person I wanna meet is JJ!
@Dilated, hahahahaha XDDDD I love your idea, but honestly, I really don't think I'll be a very good assassinator! I'd most likely faint before I even raise my knife! And I don't think swooning, fainting fangirls make very good assassinators ^^;;
@iki-chan, o_O;; 13 and 23??? That... really sounds wrong... =3 10 yrs difference! Okay I know I sound a little hypocritical, but here, 16 is the legal age, so 16 and 25 wouldn't be half as bad as 13 and 23 >_>; And as you get older, I guess age matters a lot less... I'm hoping to meet JJ when I go back to China some time next year (I'll be 17 by then) or the year after =3



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