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Age. 30
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Ethnicity. Chinese
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[Bento 014]
02/11/06 20:00
I am...

feeling: absolutely freezing ^^;; but happy =D
watching: EMZSB

Hahaha well, most of you are probably thinking 'ABOUT TIME!', right? ^^;;

Sorry~~~!!! I've been... Well, actually I should have posted one a couple of weeks ago, but because I was in such a lousy mood back then I didn't bother making a bento...

Instead I got some food at THW School--BIG mistake! Gosh their food is a) stinking expensive and b) doesn't even taste nice! I got a so-called Chicken Tikka Wrap, and the Chicken Tikka tasted like freaking watered chicken, and not only that, but it was practically a salad wrap with like... one little *bit* of chicken!!! >_<

I can't believe people complain in my school about the gorgeous, *non-expensive* chicken tikka baguettes we have... Just cos they're "not as good as they were in year 7" _;

Anyways, I realised I can't be bothered to eat cold pasta or whatnot tomorrow since THW doesn't have a microwave in the common room, and nobody seems to be nice enough to take me to the food tech department to warm up my food, so tomorrow's will consist of mainly something I bought in school today...

Mmmmmmmm, drool-a-rific chicken tikka batch *_*

Top tier (bottom in photo): chicken tikka batch, cut into heart shape with nori face on one [with a little mayonnaise to make the face stay on ^^;;], and an apple gummy on the other with heart-shaped cucumber slices in the middle ^_^
Bottom tier (top in photo): Kuri-made muffin in heart-cutter, star-shaped cucumbers and tomato slices ^_^
Other: Yakult drink, mango gummy, strawberry sweetie =D

Ah... the nori face eyes were a little challenging to cut cos I used massive kitchen scissors, but I think it didn't turn out that badly! =D Kuri-made muffin isn't as snug as the last one =sigh= I thought I'd leave it to cool before cutting it so the bottom doesn't fall apart--big mistake...

I know what to do next time though ^_^

And since my hands are freezing I'll leave it at that ^^;;

Plugs to the beautiful: db cooper, Razzy-wazz, Chels, little-b

Thanks for the Get-Well-Soon's =DDDD <3333



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[So Tired...]
01/11/06 21:13
I am...

feeling: absolutely knackered
watching: EMZSB -- It's REALLY GOOD! =DDDD Well, I like it at least ^_^

Yeah... I'm absolutely shattered and I still have 2 chapters of Stanislavski's "An Actor Prepares" to read and make notes on before tomorrow, so I'll have to make this a quick entry ^^;;

Well! Just came back from another piano lesson. Very productive lesson today~ I did SO much on the Aural Exam... Gosh it got SO HARD after grade 5 x_X;; Well, since my teacher now absolutely RULES, I'm hoping to do the best I've ever done on an exam before =DDDDDDD

Apart from that I've got a cold. It's not very nice... and the weather was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING today... I almost froze to death getting to school and back home ;_; When I got to school this morning, cos I cycle, my hands had actually gone red with cold, skin went all cracked and my nails had turned blue...

Took me a while to get my circulation back up =sigh= x_x;;

I hope my cold gets better ;_;

Oh yeah... Haha, as for Halloween, we didn't get a single trick-or-treat-er, which suits me just fine cos it means we get to keep the Maoam [type of sweet] I bought and I love eating Maoam XD So yummy~ Actually I bought two packets and I think my family have just about demolished them by now heh heh ^^;;

On a brighter note: I'm really liking E Mo Zai Shen Bian [Devil Beside You/Devil Does Exist/whatever] =DDDDDD It's not like those Taiwanese dramas where the love tria--uh... hexagon, let's say, gets SO confusing and at least *ONE* of the characters tick you off like no man's business.

This one, sure, they have problems through it and love problems, but most of them are sorted in 1-2 episodes--not nearly long enough for you to get majorly annoyed at any of the characters! =DDDD

And it's so funny!!! Gosh even when things got really serious they still managed to crack a joke and make me laugh my butt off! XDDD

Very recommended! If you wanna watch it, Airi and Killie-Pooh's site, -->Moochi<-- hosts it with English subtitles! =DDDD It's probably one of my favourite T-Dramas now ^_^

Then again that doesn't mean much since I get really annoyed at most t-dramas heh heh ^^;;

Going to slee--uh... read then to bed now~

Plugs to the beautiful: Razzy-wazz, Katrina-nee, Chels, ryan444123, iki-chan, Dotty, Anita, Sylphie, Ani




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[New Avy!!!]
31/10/06 17:11
I am...

feeling: really happy~~~ =DDDDD
watching: EMZSB

OH MY WORD!!!! Just *FEAST YOUR EYES* on that utterly GORGEOUS avy I have!!!!! *_* =Drooooooool= Gosh... Isn't JJ just SOOOOOOOO fit??? =Nosebleeds=

AHHHHHHHHH I'm so happy!!!!!!!!! Thanks SOOOOOO MUCH to the uber talented -->Airi<-- for making it for me!!!!!! <3333333333

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH... I wanna sit here and drool over it all day *_* UWAH!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333

I'm in such a good mood right now, I might even consider finishing my maths homework!!! XDDDD

Hm, well, I just took my sister to the corner shop to go buy some sweets for any trick or treaters who happen to drop by =3 We bought maoam... yum~ Hopefully no trick or treaters come so we can keep all of it XDDD

Hm, just realised I might not go to the party after all... I haven't bought a ticket and tbh staying up so late on a school night doesn't appeal to me much... It'd be a good social event though, but it's for our VI Form so it'd be a good place to get to know people better... Hmm...

Anyways... back to drooling over JJ! XDDDD

Oh! And I just invited Nuttz and Eeled to join NuTang, so hopefully you'll see them with blogs soon too!!! YAY! =DDDDDDD

Ah~ By the way, I've decided to answer my comments in another comment too heh heh ^^;; I think it's easier that way ^^;; And!!! I'm so pleased at the amount of members visiting my blog! <33333

My most beloved frequenter of my blog is -->Katrina-nee<--!!! Special mention to her!!! *Hugs and Kisses*!!! She visted my blog 18 times since I got my tracker <33333 YAY!

2nd most beloved frequenter is -->Dotty<-- who visited 9 times~~~ Then it's a tie between -->InsaneFishy<-- and -->dave who both visited 6 times since I got my tracker till now~~~ <33333

However, I must say I'm extremely disappointed with Ani, Chels and Katie ¬_¬ Katie hasn't even visited once yet, and Ani and Chels have only come on twice ¬_¬ =Not Impressed=

Hm... Ah! I will put up a module and put on my top 3 most beloved frequenters each week so the person who's visited me the most will be linked especially! =DDDDD [I save the list of people who visit my site, so I have how many times each person's visited ^_^ ...it's a pain to count up though x_x]

Now, I will be having a few words with a few people about reading my blog more often ¬_¬ You can't lie to me and tell me you've read my blog now, Ani, Chels, I know you haven't! =PPPP

Plugs to the beautiful: Dotty, razzly, dave, JMC, Annie, ryan444123, Katrina-nee, Kirei




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[SnS in NuTang! XD]
30/10/06 15:23
I am...

feeling: pretty happy ^^;;
watching: EMZSB

Hm, I actually wrote a long blog this morning when I was at school, but JUST as I finished it, my school's computer suddenly went bizzare and took me back a page and I lost my entry... =sigh= let's see if I can type it all out again, ne? ^^;;

Anyways, many of you may have noticed the recent influx of new members who... =gasp= all seem to know each other! =OOOOOOO Why is that? Because we're all from a wonderful forum called -->Saigo no Shou<-- of course! XDDDDDD Yay!!!! ^_^

You can pay there a visit if you have time! =D It's a brilliant forum, many mangas hosted etc etc XD

Beginning with me, then I began to drag them all on, then the members I got to join then got *other* SnS members to join (namely Katrina-nee! <33333)~ Yay!!!! =DDDD MUAHAHAHAHA! XD SnS is taking over NuTang! XD ...Or is it NuTang is taking over SnS Blogs? XDDDDDD Hehe, and I fully intend to convert more of you SnS-ians, so watch out! XD

So, to all you SnS-ians who have already joined NuTang: Would you like me to switch your blog ring links to your NuTang site? =3 And to all SnS-ians who have *yet to join* (Yes, I fully intend to get you all here MUAHAHA XDDDDD) NuTang, would you like to join?? =DDD Lemme know and I'll send you an invite code~ ^_^ (That goes for all other bloggers who haven't joined NuTang but look at my blog too ^_^)

Anyways! So, NuTang-er's, please go visit the sites of friends who I have dragged on, and also friends from SnS and welcome them all~~~ =DDDDD (I'll give them in order of them joining ^_^)


I hope I didn't miss anyone ^^;; Please let me know if I did!!!

Yay!!! =DDDDDDDDDD I'm so happy so many of my friends have all joined NuTang!!!!!!! <33333333333 And -->Katrina-nee<-- and -->Razzy-wazz<-- only just joined and are already in the top ten!!! WOOT!!!!!!! <3333333333333

C'moooon, Suke, Airi, Yui~~~ Joooooooin +_+ You know you want to XDDDDD

Ah, as for the Chinese I wrote, since quite a few of you seemed to be curious, it says: I'm so glad I don't need to change the encoding to be able to see the Chinese characters now! ^_^ I wonder if JJ will visit my blog one day? I hope he will soon!

Although if you don't have Chinese/other languages installed on your computer you won't be able to see it anyways ^^;; It'll come out as blocks or question marks, sorry =/ =sigh=

Plugs to the beautiful: Dotty, middaymoon, lazypuppy, randomjunk, InsaneFishy, Sylphie, Fangli, Razzy-Wazz


@Dotty, woah! You have SO MANY pps!!! =OOO In that case I definately recommend you get it! =D It's great to be able to see the members who come onto your blog! =DDDD I mean, now I know that there have been members on my blog who I didn't even know looked twice at it since they never left a message! Definately not a waste of pps!!! =DDDDD
@middaymoon, oh? What is it you use? ^_^



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[Ultimate Member Tracker XD]
29/10/06 21:28
I am...

feeling: happy~ ^_^
watching: EMZSB ep 8

Hehe we had a family service at Church today, so everyone had a service together ^_^ Twas pretty fun indeedy~ Anyways, had dinner there with the Students =D I'm hopefully going to play badminton with them this Thursday~ More exercise, woot! XD

Anyways, I'll bet you're all wondering about my title? XDDDD WELL! Today, I finally earned enough pps to buy the first item I really wanted: The ULTIMATE MEMBER TRACKER~~~ Woo! XDDDD

So YES! I am now STALKING YOU! (Or maybe I'll be seeing you stalk me heh heh ^^;; but that's beside the point =P) I can see all those who visit my site!!! (Well, the last 50 to have visited, at least ^^;; =P) And what's more: I can see those who have *NOT* visited my site too!!!

So make sure you come pay me a visit some time, 'kay? ^_^ Or I will be very lonely here =3

Okies, I need to practise my Chinese, so I will leave you guys with something in Chinese (It's not very important, so don't worry about not understanding ^_^), especially since you can now see it on the main page without needing to change all the encoding~ Yay! =D

好高兴现在不用换Encoding就已经可以看到写出来的中文! ^_^ 不知道JJ会不会有一天来我的Blog上呢?希望很快就会了吧!

Plugs to the beautiful: hikarixgaki, Kirei, Dotty, Yui, Cammie, dannixfresh, Samejima




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[Devil Beside You]
28/10/06 22:47
I am...

feeling: happy, but tired ^^;;
watching: Devil Beside You

Okies~~~ It's kinda late, so I'll only do a quick blog ^^;;

Well, today I just started watching another Taiwanese Drama called 'Devil Beside You', cos I gave up on Ai Qing Mo Fa Shi--it ticked me off too much ^^;;

Anyways, Devil Beside You (恶魔在身边 - testing Chinese, since it seems to show up now without needing to change encoding) is actually really good! =DDDD Well, I'm on ep 5 (14 in total) and I'm not pissed off yet! Still finding it amusing! =D

So, if you'd like to watch it you can download it at Airi and Killie-Pooh's newly re-opened site: -->Moochi<-- =DDD They have a LOT of anime, manga and dramas hosted! =D Download it up to episode 7~~~ ^_^

I went swimming again today~ ^_^ Yesterday's swimming with friends then going to hers for lunch was really fun =DDDD Anyways, I'm hoping to do a LOT more exercise now... hope I can continue exercising lots!

Well, I should be off to bed now! Goodnight~~~

Plugs to the beautiful: dave, Katrina-nee, Chelsey, little-b, Tsuki-chan, hellasamira, Cammie


@dave, heh heh... I didn't even dare read half your comment cos you seemed to be describing Saw II ^^;; I was too scared to even read the description heh heh ^^;; *that's* how big a scaredy-cat I am x_X;;
@hellasamira, England isn't great *at all*! I mean, you sometimes even need to bring an umbrella on a boiling hot day, cos you never know if it's gonna suddenly tip it down with rain! >_<



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