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04/09/07 13:53
I am...

feeling: content =]
chatting to: Ed, Maru-chan

So I've decided to blog more. (Again. But I intend to go through with it, this time! ^^;; ...Um... >_>) I've decided that instead of long posts that don't happen very often, there's no harm in just writing a short one each day =3

So today, I woke up fully expecting my brand new gorgeous phone to arrive... but it didn't. _;; Sigh... Shame, really... But it's okay, I guess. If it doesn't come today, it should come tomorrow. Fingers crossed! We ordered it on Saturday, so... They said it'd be dispatched within 2 working days, and today is the second working day, so should definitely be here by tomorrow, or I'll be in a mood >_<;;

OooOoOoooh~ Just a couple of photos of the gorgeous, gorgeous phone I'm expecting:

Gorgeous, no? <333 The S500i is actually currently available in two different colours: Spring Yellow and Mysterious Green, although I think there is evidence that SE are planning to bring out some other colours with it too. ...And I just realised I sound like an advertisement o_O;; Hm... Anyways! =3

I chose the Mysterious Green... Man, it looks so, so beautiful! I saw it at a glance and was like, "I want that phone". Immediately, it caught my attention, especially the screen of the phone! And after I saw it I did some research: The image on the screen is real, it's an actual theme on the phone! It's such a beautiful phone!

I also heard some news that the keypads break, though... >_<;; SE claimed that it was a problem to do with the paint reacting with... something or other which caused the keys to break, but according to more recent developments, SE have now fixed that problem, so all phones made after week 27 should be fine =3 That was info I found 3 weeks ago, before I went to Wales, so when mine arrives it should be fine! ^_^

Second thing is, here's the graphic I made:
Edit//Taken off to be re-edited upon friend's request. I'll change some of it, and put myself in it instead... you can use your imagination as to what the original looked like ;) //End Edit

Edit II//I did a little quick editing, and replaced her photo with myself, and the 'Made by Crystina ... blah blah' at the bottom, and the 'Mother' with 'Jun Jie (JJ Lin's Chinese name ^_^), and voila~

I still think I blend in too much, though... =/ I might change it later, probably not, though, since I'm lazy like that =P //End Edit

I've already explained why I made this in the previous post, but yeah... Haha, I hope the person featured in the graphic doesn't mind me using it =3 Friend of a friend, anyways ^^;; But if you read the writing, you might find it a bit strange...

I mean, I found it strange, too, what she wanted written on... Haha, well, actually, she didn't ask for the "妈妈" (mother) on it, but... well, it's a complicated story, but she claimed the graphic was to be for her mum, so we thought, 'okie, we'll put "mother" on it for you too XD'

...It looks like a graphic that's more like a girlfriend's to her boyfriend, right...? Yeah, we were thinking the words were like that, too. Basically says "I miss you... love you... Mother, I don't think of you because I'm lonely, but because I'm lonely, I think of you", then her name and three x's =3

Heh, heh, doesn't seem like the sort of things you'd write to your mum, unless you had a mother complex, does it? ¬_¬ Hm, might seem mean that we put 'mother' on there, but... yeah, it's a complicated story... =/

Anyways, the graphic itself isn't bad, ne? ^^;; I really liked it =D Took about... erm... an hour and a half or so? =3 There was an original one with some Japanese on it from a brush set I'd downloaded, but then my friend said the girl didn't like Japanese =_=;; So I had to edit it =3

I'm trying to find a tutorial on making watermarks =3 I want one... they look so cool! XD I will make a few for myself (^_^)v Cba to keep writing 'Made by Crystina blah blah'... Oh... now you all know my surname and can stalk me... =O... Haha XD

Anyways, final thing! I've set some targets for myself this year, to keep myself on track, because honestly, I slacked way too much last year. I hope I can keep it up... but my targets are basically as follows:

—×Finish reading a book each week (to gain some more knowledge etc, and also books also include the ones I have to read for Drama, which I completely did not read last year and hence didn't do so weel on my exams XD)
—×Do exercise video at least 3 times a week (I have an exercise video that I've been getting back into lately. It helps me lose weight. I need to lose weight and get exercising again. My mummy said so. x_x)
—×Go running after dinner at least 5 times a week (Again, need to keep fit. Also will help my immune system, I think... If I get healthier =3)
—×Copy at least one passage of Bible a day
—×Practise at least one hour of piano a day (I'm doing my Diploma in Performance at the moment... again, slacked way too much so far, I need serious practise =3)

Really hope I can keep it up >_<;; Started yesterday... =3

Ack... originally said I'd do a short post... ehhh... Man, I ramble way too much, I guess... x_x;; Hmmm... tomorrow I won't have much to say though... I guess I'm making up for it today (^_^)v




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03/09/07 22:00
I am...

feeling: happy ^_^
watching: nada

Uwahhh... I'm really bad at blogging... =sigh= Haven't done so in such a long time... Anyways, eeeeeee!!! I'm so happy! =D Lately I've once again gotten myself into the tangle of brilliance known as Bleach, and because I was a very large IchiRuki fan before, I was squealing on MSN about it ^^;;

As it goes, a friend of mine who also read Bleach challenged me about their relationship, claiming that they're probably just really good friends... but I didn't think so =3 Hehe I said I could prove it >D

So naturally, she asked me to...

What could I do but google the words 'ichiruki'? ^^;; Man, so many results! XD What a popular pairing! I then managed to stumble onto a wonderful journal owned by ileenka, who owns an IchiRuki journal, listing down many, many cute IchiRuki moments with lots and lots of evidence from the manga to back up her claims of romance between them <333

I've been reading every single one of her entries with keen interest whenever I have the chance... It actually spurred me to reread Bleach and notice all the little details, the subtle hints that Kubo Tite puts in to show the deep, wonderful connection of the two main protagonists <3

In fact, after reading her journal, I've even began to like some of the Arrancar... haha XD Damn, Kubo, for drawing them so damn hott! x3

Anyways, I won't go into all the moments and details because if I did, it'd go on forever... and I don't have time ^^;; But really, really love this pairing now!!! I love it so much, that it even parallels my love for TakanoxSunako pairing from PGE which has been my all-time favourite manga since forever XD It also shocked me to read about how many fans of Bleach don't like Rukia, though! I mean... WHY??? How could you guys not??? She's so, so wonderful ;_;

And honestly, IchiOri fans... I don't get it... NOTHING can happen between them. KT's made that an official fact, because Inoue has tried time and time again to understand Ichigo, to get closer to him, and has failed. Every single time.

Also, if there was a chance that they'd be together, Ichigo would have at least shown some hints of possibly liking her back by now, but all I see is he only likes her as a friend, a nakama, at most. She could never provoke so much emotion from him as Rukia does... The relationship of IchiRuki is honestly so, so beautiful I love it to pieces <3 ^_^

And now I anxiously await the next chapters of Bleach for the IchiRuki reunion that I know is going to be beautiful. Simply because KT always emphasises the importance of Ichigo and Rukia to each other, and every single reunion they've had has been beautiful. And this next one will be, too, I'm sure of it! Actually, it'll probably be the most intense yet, because of the situation they're in!

I don't want to spoil anything for Bleach watchers/readers who haven't got there yet/those who haven't seen Bleach yet but might do in future... So I'll leave it at that, but gosh, I love Bleach and IchiRuki soooo much! <333

One thing that confuses me, though, I've seen the abbreviation 'OTP' used quite a lot... And I've no idea what that stands for, though... ^^;; Something to do with 'pairing'? ^;;

Aside from that, I'm so happy! =D It seems more people visit my personal site now ^_^ I've had more comments than I've ever had before for my current entry! <333 Granted, it's been up for ages and I haven't updated since June, but still... ^^;;

I'm still really happy =D

Anyways, I edited something on photoshop yesterday, cos a friend of mine was saying that a friend of his wanted something edited... So he showed me what he'd done, and I was like 'MUAHA! Bet I can do better~~~'... So he challenged me to =3

I did do better, though, IMHO ;) I think it's cos I'm beginning to get a lot more used to Photoshop now... And I think he sticks to simpler things, with less effects... I'm guessing he's not that used to Photoshop either, since he didn't know how to extract using quick mask mode, which is something quite simple... =3 That being said, I didn't know how to either, until I checked up tutorials online xD

I'll put it up soon =] And since I did some editing yesterday... I'm really, really tempted to do more... Maybe I'll make a new layout ^_^ It's been a while since I made one =D I'll make an IchiRuki one when I have time! ^_^ I've been working really hard today (best achievement today is 2 hrs of piano practise!), so really pleased about that, too! =D

Ah... an entry I didn't intend to be too long turned out to be very long ^^;; Well, I guess that's what happens when one doesn't update for ages... ^^;; So much to say! =3 I haven't finished yet though! XD

A few final things: the phone we ordered originally never came... grrr, but apparently I heard the site we'd ordered it from was rather dodgy, though, so when the phone we ordered turned out to be not in stock a week later, we cancelled the order completely, and ordered off another site that was reputed to be more trustworthy =3

And now I'm expecting my Sony Ericsson S500i to arrive tomorrow!!! I can't wait! <3 So, so excited! <333 And not only am I excited about my new phone, my german exchange partner is coming on Saturday! I can't wait to see her again!!! Wahhh!!! Yay! Life is looking good! =D

Only thing I'm still worried about is Uni applications... I still haven't written my personal statement... Ugh... I should really get to it... >_<




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[China, Wales, Grades, Phone]
18/08/07 10:33
I am...

feeling: good, but tired... and ill...
chatting to: no one =3

Ahhhh... I just realised it's been exactly one month since I last blogged! o_o;; Wow... what an overdue blog... but I'll make this a good one! (^_^)v Over the past month, much, much has happened...

From 23rd July till 7th Aug I was in China, I got back, met up with friends, went to another friend's birthday party, then for the past week I've been in Wales on a family holiday, and half way through that holiday I found out my grades that I got for my AS's, and last night, my daddy ordered me a new contract phone =D (nothing to do with my exam results).

So! I'll start from the beginning! =D

China... was so, so fun! =D I really enjoyed most of it ^_^ I went on the 'UKAPCE Talented Students Root-Seeking Summer Camp'... Basically went with other Chinese students around my age from the UK with really good qualifications/achievements (academically or otherwise) on a tour around China! There were moments when I felt like I didn't fully belong with the group, and felt slightly excluded, but it was okay in the end! =]

Thing is, I'd actually known quite a few people who were going to go already, so~~~ I dunno... Maybe I was expecting to talk to them a bit more during the trip? =3 Although I did speak to Ani a lot ^_^

Ani... my best friend, as some (most?) of you know =3 We live in different cities, though, so don't get to see each other that often any more... So when we met up again at London Heathrow airport to go to China we had a bit of a squeal session XD Mighta freaked others out a bit ^^;; But I think the main reason for the feeling slightly secluded was the fact that Ani and I spent so much time together at the start of the trip, that others might have felt we were a little closed off to them, too? =/

I dno... But it was much better towards the end (^_^)v Hehe I had much, much fun and made many new friends =D We're ALL on Facebook now, and it's really cool tagging photos of everyone hehe XD Gosh so many photos were taken! x_x;; I had about 100 or so tagged photos of me before... Then after the trip... I now have 378 tagged photos of me! ...And there are a bunch of photos of me that aren't tagged/uploaded yet too! ^^;;

Haha I was so camera-shy two years ago... But then I realised, if you don't take photos to remember the moment, it'll be gone; lost forever. Two years ago I went on another camp, and I absolutely adored it... But I refused to be in photos... (there were like... 10 of me altogether? On everyone's cameras put together? o_O) and looking back on all the photos everyone took, the happy memories that I had too, but never took photos to remember them... I felt very regretful, so I decided that from this year onwards, I will no longer be camera-shy ^_^

My main reason for the running away from camera-ness was erm... cos I'm really, really non-photogenic. The number of bad photos of me are ridiculous! ^^;; So yeah... =/ But I realised I don't care anymore! With every 100 bad photos, there's bound to be a decent one XD

Anyways, about my trip! As I said, it was a tour around China, all expenses paid, 2 week holiday hehe ^_^ It's for UK Talented Students, but must be Chinese, aged between 17-20 =] So yes, the trip consisted of going to various places in China visiting popular tourist attractions and getting to know our 'roots' XD

We went to Beijing, Xi'an, Hang Zhou, Su Zhou and Shanghai =D I must admit my favourite places were Hang Zhou and Su Zhou... Simply because they were so, so beautiful. There's a Chinese saying about the beauty of those two places actually: 上有天堂,下有苏杭, which, literally translated is 'up has heaven, down has Su & Hang', which is basically saying Su Hang (Su Zhou and Hang Zhou) is a heaven on earth ^_^

There is a very famous lake in Hang Zhou... West Lake, heard of it? XD It's so, so gorgeous with amazing scenery! We went on a boat ride across it, except I think the lake itself looks prettier from the shores rather than actually in the water... =3

I also bought a Xiao! Yay! =D Remember that post a while ago about the many Chinese instruments I wanted to learn? Yeahhh I finally bought a Xiao and taught myself (^_^)v It's really easy to play, actually =D

Apart from a Xiao, I'd also bought myself 2 more Dizi, in C and D major =] I already have a couple in C and D, but the Dizi I have is nowhere near as good as the ones I bought, and the ones I bought were really cheap too! Bargain =D

Aside from that, I bought a D&G bag (false, but hey XD) and a pair of heels... which were beautiful *_* I love them both SO much! =D And then, I didn't buy much... cos our schedule was so full there was barely any time for shopping in China =/ I'll have to go back myself some time and do some shopping there XD

I learnt a lot from this trip... The main point of it was to seek our roots, so we found out lots of historical details about China etc... Erm... I paid attention to erm... some of it XD but when I say learnt a lot, I don't just mean about China... =3

There were a few people on the trip who really taught me a lot about being a person, and being a good friend, and... yeah... So, hopefully, through their help, I'm now becoming a better, nicer, kinder person and a better friend, too =]

I haven't uploaded any of my photos yet... but I will... probably... XD I met some amazing people there! Hmmm... I'll upload a group photo for you =D Here we all are! 28 of us 'Talented Chinese UK Youths' with the group leaders at Xi'an City Wall:

The banner says 'UK Talented Chinese Students "Root Seeking" Summer Camp' (^_^)v Um... I won't give names of who's who... but... spot the Kuri! XD (And the Ani... those of you who know the Ani! XD)

Anyways, I could go on about China for AGES! Haha... But I won't... I'm actually really tired at the moment... I miss China though... I miss the people... I haven't unpacked my suitcase properly yet, and every time I open that suitcase I get a slight pang in my heart.

It's not half as bad as 2 years ago, though. I didn't cry this time. I didn't have someone whom I'd pretty much given my heart to, whom I had to leave behind and so I left my heart behind as well this time... The guy 2 years ago, though... I was going to call him again when I went back to China... I didn't, though. God's will, I suppose. I'm glad I didn't call him again in a way, I don't know what I'd do if I'd have met up with him again...

2 years ago I really, really liked this guy who lives in China... I called him all the time, but he never really rung back... I missed him so, so much and I don't know if he missed me, really. I kinda gave my heart away. I cried over him so much cos I missed him so much and really liked him.

Eventually, though, my friends persuaded me he wasn't worth my time, or my tears... I gave up on him. I stopped calling him 20 times a day just to try and get through to talk to him for like... 5 minutes...

I'm over him now, though, but for that year, I didn't have my eyes on any other guy tbh. I didn't really notice other guys... There was a reason for that, but it's over now... But yeah, he meant a lot to me. I will never forget him, and he'll always have a corner of my heart, but at least I'm no longer in tears over him anymore =]

Anyways, as I said, I just got back from a family holiday to Wales (got back yesterday). We'd gone to Wales for a week, just to relax, go to the beach, do a little shopping etc ^_^

My best (and only) buy was a pair of Hi Converse shoes! =D They're decorated in cream army camouflage colours and I love them to pieces! My first pair of REAL converse! So impressed! And was only £19.99 (approx $40?) - Bargain! XD

The rest of the trip to Wales was pretty fun, too ^_^ Cept slightly boring... and a little too chilly to be at the beach for my tastes... but the weather forecasters were way off. It was raining when they said the weather would be lovely, then it turned out gorgeous when they said Wales was expecting rain! So yeah =3

And on Thursday, my friend collected my AS results for me... I was quite shocked... Didn't quite expect my grades to be so low, but thinking back, I really didn't pull my weight with work... I slacked off SO much in the past year! ^^;; I did exactly what I did for GCSE -- crammed at the last minute... Although AS's are a HUGE step on from GCSE... I knew I shouldn't have crammed x_x;;

I said to myself I'd work hard... but in the end I reaaaally didn't to be honest ^^;; But this year I will =3 My daddy was quite disappointed with my grades, but he's okay with them now, because I told him I can retake the modules that pulled my grades down =3

My mummy said "We know you've slacked off this year, and we've been very lenient towards you--letting you mess around as much as you wanted, but this year is vital for you getting into uni... we're trusting you to work hard!" ^_^ My mummy knows me too well... =3

I got a BBCCE... haha... actually the grade I was most impressed with was my E... in further maths... My parents don't care about my E in further maths either, because they know how badly I complain about it and hate it and how I woke up to cram on the morning of one of my exams and realised I hadn't been taught half the book/course... haha...

This is why I was so impressed with that E! I thought I'd gotten a U for sure! XD Apparently (I got my friend to pick up my results for me since I wasn't there, she told me my results), for the exam that I'd literally woken up and realised I didn't learn half the book of so decided to give up and doodle for an hour of the hr and a half exam and at the last minute realised I could do a major question but got told my time was up so ran out the hall screaming 'YES IT'S ALL OVER!!!!!!!' in, I'd actually gotten 44/100!!! I was like '...WHAT?! XDDD'

I was dead impressed XD

And as for my B's... well, I got one in maths, which I was slightly disappointed in... I mean, I knew I must have done awfully poorly on one exam to have pulled my 90% for C1 (first maths module that I'd taken in January) down to a B... turned out I got 54% in C2... Heh heh ^^;; Looks like I'll be retaking THAT! ._.;;

I got a B in General Studies as well... man was I impressed since I didn't turn up to/barely paid attention in the lessons! Hahaha... XD It's really like... a worthless subject though, since only one Uni in the whole of UK actually look at it and take it into account as a subject!

And the C's I got in Theatre and German... I was really, really pretty disappointed... Until I found out that I'd gotten the highest grade in the class for Theatre, and the second highest in the class for German... (Well, highest after the native German dude in our class... ^^;; Haha... XD)

I mean, I personally don't feel too impressed by those grades, and I know comparing it to the people in my school isn't going to help at all, but it makes me feel a lot better that no-one else in our class did that well... makes it feel like it wasn't entirely my fault... =3

Well, for one thing, we had no written practise for our Theatre exam until like... a week before our exam? x_x;; Didn't really help, to be honest =/ I think we were all really unprepared.

As for German, I got BBC in my modules and came out with a C over all... I guess I really screwed up my Listening/Reading paper x_x;; But since I went on a German exchange I should be better at it now =3 So hopefully it'll be better when I retake! I'm really impressed I still came out with a B for my writing paper, though, since I hadn't even understood the question! XD

Anyways, I'm gonna work my arse off this year... So... starting from Monday, I'm restricting my internet time to 1 hr a day on weekdays, 2 hrs a day on weekends, I'm restricting my social and play time basically... I'm going to work my arse off... =3

I have to... I mean, since these results, I've kinda been looking for a different Uni... Well, actually my parents have been discussing my Uni course with me, and originally I was just going to take German, but my parents have persuaded me to take a joint course of either German and Business Studies or German and International Studies ^^;;

So I think Oxford is outta the question now... =( Not only because of my poor, poor grades (which I'm actually quite confident I can still pull up to A's) but also because Oxford offers a crap range of courses =3

I'll have to see... I'll keep you guys updated =3 Anyways... I wasn't worried about my grades... I'm so happy ^_^ Because I trust the LORD has His plans for me =] I really trust Him 1000% (extra 0 was not a typo!), so I know whatever I get, it's all part of the LORD's plan for me ^_^

We'll see where he takes me! =D I'll pray about this a lot =3

Anyways! Final thing... Haha... despite my grades, my parents are still getting me a new phone! XD My parents randomly suggested getting me a new phone last week and I wasn't about to decline XD...

Well, actually, I was... but then I saw the new Sony Ericsson S500i and absolutely fell in love with it *_* It's so, SO gorgeous... I had to have it +_+ So yeah... Haha my daddy put in the order for the phone last night! Should be here by Tuesday at the lastest, I hope! =D

I'm getting a new phoooone~~~ On contract~~~ =D I luuub my parents ^_^

I left my old phone handset in China though ^^;; Retard me... o_o;; But it's okay, cos I had friends from the camp who stayed on in China, so one of them is bringing my phone back for me ^_^

...I think I had some final things to say but I can't remember =3 Eeeek such a long post! XD I haven't been writing this nonstop since 10:33 btw... (it's now 17:45). I got distracted =3

Okieee well... as you know... I'm limiting my net time now... so this probably means I will be neglecting my sites and blogs... and probably means no more KuriDesigns for a while =/ I dno... who knows...

Oh yeah! I remembered what I wanted to say! XD I'm starting to give piano lessons in Sept! So far I think I have 2 potential students, which is really good! =D I have to do a bit more advertising though... Hm... Anyways, I did have another lady who called who was interested, but when I returned her calls nobody picked up... So... that kinda... went down the drain...

Hm, but it's okay! ^_^ 2 students is enough for me to begin! =D I'm charging £15 an hour, going to teach beginners-intermediate standard... OooOoOooh... time to do a bit of advertising now... XD If you (or you know anyone) who lives in the UK in Coventry or surrounding areas and would be interested in having piano lessons with a 17 yr old, lemme know! XD

That's all for now! (^_^)v I'm knackered... haha... I'll be having an early night tonight ^^;;



p.s. Pirates of the Carribean 3 was a let down... I got bored and stopped watching it half way through =/

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[Bento 021]
18/07/07 14:18
I am...

feeling: alright
watching: Liang Shan Bo Yu Zhu Ying Tai

Since I was asked to, I made a new bento XD Yeah... Well, actually, I made it on Monday, I just was too lazy to upload it ^^;; Well, that, and I couldn't find the cable to transfer the photo from my camera too =P

So yeah, I give to you... Bento #021:

Top Tier: Spaghetti with a chinese 'tomatoes and fried egg' sauce... sounds weird, but tasted gooood *_*
Bottom Tier: Cucumber slices, and iced gem... thingys =D




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[Guess Who's Back!]
14/07/07 20:37
I am...

feeling: Fremd
listening to: Nichts

This was a blog that I'd intended to write about 5 hours ago but got distracted ^^;; Anyways, yes! I'm back from Germany!!!

I miss it though =( It was so, so fun ;_;

And apologies if I randomly start to type in German =3 It was really weird for me to get back to England and suddenly hear EVERYONE speaking pure English again... so weiiiird!

I'm a little tired atm... and I don't think I'll have time today to upload any photos (half of them were taken on Rici(my exchange partner)'s camera anyways ^^;; And those I doubt I'll get till she comes over in September since her computer is broken atm =3

Ooookay was way too tempted to say 'kaput' then ^^;; Anyways, I feel slightly bad... I didn't call them to let them know I'd gotten back to England and to my parents safely when I got home... I did text Rici though, but I'm not sure if she's received it... so I text her again... Sigh...

I'm waiting for my daddy to get off the phone now so I can call them =3 I do actually feel quite bad. Earlier I told my parents I hadn't called Rici to let her know I'd gotten back and they yelled at me loads. So I yelled at them back, and I ended up being pissed off at the situation instead of feeling bad, but that's over again and now I reaaaally wanna call them.

I actually went on the computer instead. I'd been proper-internet-deprived for 2 weeks... ^^;; So yeah... then went out with friends to the Godiva Festival (basically gig... thing) which turned out to be fun at first until I got poked in the eye, elbowed in the head and got beer sprayed literally all over me cause the retard directly in front of me started spraying beer.

So I've now had my shower.

And waiting for my dad to get off the phone so I can call my lovely host family I stayed with when I was in Germany.

Then go to sleep. I'm so tired. Ugh.

We had a party last night and didn't get home till about half 1 then I didn't get to sleep until about 2 am and had to get up again at 5:30 am. Living off 3-4 hrs of sleep isn't really my idea of fun!

It surprised me that I didn't feel completely dead in the morning though! Hm. The dead-i-ness is starting to kick in now though.

The party was amazingly fun though XD

I'll write more about my experience to Germany later~ But it consisted of a lot of speaking in English, trying to understand German, getting sat on and squished by adorable little kids at the kindergarten/primary school I worked at, being depressed that an 11 year old had at least 4 inches on me, having brain overload at the amount of German being spoken around me, being excessively tired and ending up sleeping most of the day, getting ill, and of course, eating. Yum yum!

Socialising was also very, very fun XD The other exchange people are so cool as well! I can't wait for Sept when all the Germans come over here! 'twill be so fun! Woo! \m/




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[Germany Tomorrow!]
29/06/07 15:21
I am...

feeling: excited, yet anxious
watching: Bleach AMV's

Okie... I know I once decided to try to blog more often... I did try, I really did... It just... didn't turn out so well x_x;; But at least I haven't left it for a month later before blogging again XD

I've been more concentrated on my KuriDesigns design blogsite =3 I'm thinking of making a new layout for this blog too... My current one, as much as I love it, is boring me slightly, so prepare for some changes on this blog XD

Anyways!!! As my title suggests:


I'm so excited!!! Cept I'm really nervous too ^^;; Gosh, I've actually forgotten most of my German... I just tried to type a sentence or two in German and I had to get rid of it. It just sounded wrong. And it took so much effort to write as well >_<;;

But hopefully by the time I get back from Germany I'll be able to type entries in fluent German \m/ XDDD

Okay chances of that prooobably aren't very high, but a girl can dream, no? XD

But don't worry, other languages won't be used on this blog as often =3 I'll use other languages more on my private blog XD Ugh... I'm so... disgusted with myself. It's only been... what? Less than a month since my German exam? And I've forgotten practically everything already!

UGH! ;_;

Aside from that, I've finished most my packing ^_^ I hope my exchange partner's family likes the gifts my family and I have prepared for them =3 They're very personal gifts... Although I personally don't think a couple of them *look* that impressive, but according to my parents they should like it, since it's all hand crafted... Hmmm....

Anyways! I've brought a camera! XD Expect photos when I get back! (Maybe. If they're not too ugly ^^;; ...Goodness knows I'm the most un-photogenic person you'll ever meet x_x;;

Okie... Eh, I got distracted from finishing this post ^^;; It's now... 17:53... no, it didn't take me two and a half hours to type that ^^;; But as I said, I got distracted XD

Okieee!!! I've also recently gotten into watching Bleach AMV's! Lemme just share a few really cute ones with you all =D (If you don't know the storyline of Bleach/haven't seen the anime/read the manga to ep 100+/chp 200+ there might be some spoilers =3)

Okie this one I actually watched like... last year, but it's still like... *THE* most amazing Bleach AMV I've ever seen before! So I have to share it! ^_^

Bleach - Headstrong:

Bleach - Stay With Me (IchiRuki):

This is so cute... the music, and it's a wonderful vid too, except I must admit the ending is reaaaally random... I don't know why she put a random extract from Gilmore Girls there =_=;;

Bleach - Rukia Won't Say She's In Love:

Hehe gosh this vid is SO well-made! XD If you look closely, Rukia's lips move in perfect sync to the song! XDDD (Yes you can tell I'm an IchiRuki fan XDDD)

Bleach - Gay Bar Parody:

Hahaha this vid made me laugh so much XD If you're slightly homophobic then erm, best not watch it =3 But I don't see anything wrong with gays, therefore I didn't bother to put up a proper warning =3 (Besides I think people can guess from the title there's shounen-ai in the vid XD)

Besides, being gay isn't a bad thing. Some people just don't like it, but just because they don't like it I don't see why everyone has to warn people if there are hints of malexmale romance =_= Most people think it's fine/love it anyways.

I don't see why people would have to go out of their way to warn others that there are hints of gay-ness in a vid/fanfiction/whatever (mainly fanfiction) =3 I mean, I'm highly against smoking, but nobody warns me that there'll be some dude smoking in a vid/fanfic is there? =3

Ne, if it's hardcore yaoi then a warning should be put up, that I can totally understand, but soft Shounen-ai... Hm... Dunno =3 If people feel there's nothing wrong with a guy and girl kissing, what's wrong with a couple of guys kissing? Just my opinion XD




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