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[It's Friday!! :D & Swine Flu Rant. You Have Been Warned]
01/05/09 12:01
I am...

feeling: Motivated
listening to: Bolero - Silver Mercury & Keudae

And Friday =
1/. Day I get some work done (hopefully... no, definitely!)
2/. Day new Bleach chapter comes out (mannn Kubo really needs to move things along grrr)
3/. Day... I knew there was something else but I've completely forgotten, being the absolute genius I am o_O;;

Happy first of May ^^

I'm not too happy tho. Man, I only have 26 days to go before my first exam and I'm so scared ;_; Need to get some LEARNING done before I can REVISE anything. ARGH >_<;;

I suck T_T

Oh well. I was doing some reading/video watching on tagesschau and man, that swine flu virus looks DISGUSTING. Seriously, it looks like blue mould... So gross ><;;

I had a look at it on wiki after tagesschau (cos I highly doubt I'll have enough German knowledge to understand all that technicall jazz on Germanwiki or whatever) and it's happened before? But we've just got a weirder version of it these days. Great, lucky us... o_o

But if it isn't that serious, why have 12 people died already in America? People are so blooming ignorant! They're all saying we're fine cos we're in England, but, hello? 8 cases have already been confirmed here. And if it's fine, why are there dead people? =_=

Plus, we have to LEARN from history otherwise history will just repeat itself. Swine flu of a weaker kind managed to kill thousands way back when, what's to stop a pandemic now, especially with a mutated version that we have these days?

I wish the West would stop avoiding the issue before it's too late. It's really good at doing that, I've noticed =_=;; You know, there are NO cases in China yet in HK they are already calling their overseas students back just in case and saying they can arrange examinations back in HK for these students instead.

What's UK doing? "Oh we don't have swine flu! Omw you have a cold, SWINE FLU HAHAHA *totally not taking anything seriously*". I mean, come on. It's better to be safe than sorry, right? Also, there are already 8 confirmed cases in UK and 29 confirmed cases in total in Europe yet they're still sitting back and having a laugh.

I'm sure the dead cases are only for those with very, very weak immune systems aka the very young or elderly generation but they won't be laughing if their own grandparents die from it will they? So stop taking it as a joke and do something about it! Oh my word I hate the careless attitude of the West.

Anyways, why was I looking at swine flu? Cos I have a cold. And yes, it is just a cold. Lemsip is working just fine for me. I don't have a runny nose, I don't have a bad throat, I don't have diarrhoea and I still want to eat like a pig (no pun intended) so yus. But man, the moment I published my 'cold' status on fb, I instantly had two friends going 'swine flu!' at me.

What if it actually was? Not really one to appreciate you laughing at my potential death, thanks =_=

Anyways, rant over. Need to get on with some work methinks!

Final note: oh my, I'm on NuTang's most active for the first time in... HOW long? XD Get in there early, eh? Hehe! ^^ Darn I hope it's not gna be too short-lived :(



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[Not Exec :(]
30/04/09 23:53
I am...

feeling: Content
listening to: Gee - SNSD

Ok so I ran for position of secretary today for the badminton club but didn't manage to get it. I didn't even manage to get committee member, but man, there was a surprising amount of people who ran this year so maybe that's one of the reasons.

Another is that the guy who won went to practically every club session there is going this year and I only joined as an official member... er... yesterday >_>;; Heh, so that might be another ^^;; But the guy only did like... a 30 second speech...

Nevermind, I think after I couldn't make secretary and my friend Lisa didn't get chosen for treasurer it really put me off being part of the badminton exec altogether. In the end, out of 13 exec positions, only 3 are girls.

That's quite a letdown and just goes to show what an inbalanced club it is, really. Seriously, if they want more female members, they should think about the number of females they have on an exec.

Doesn't matter tho, I prayed beforehand, so I know this was for the best and God won't lead me astray ^^ Also, I plan to concentrate really hard on my studies next year so definitely won't have the time to go to exec meetings etc.

I really had fun at the pub social after tho! Woot! :D Generally a good day then, aside from the rain ^^ Hope everything works out for the club and I still wish it the best and love it to pieces ^^

Bedtime!!! Gnight!



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[Sticking To Blogging...]
29/04/09 22:00
I am...

feeling: Content
listening to: Gee - SNSD

...even if I have nothing decent to say ;p

Just came back from badminton, now wasting time on FB again playing Bejeweled Blitz, yay =_=;; That game is too addictive :( On the plus side, I made some new friends at badminton, yey ^^

Also, elections for badminton exec are on tomorrow! I'm running for position of secretary so hooopefully everything will go ok for me. Oh well, I'm not particularly fussed if I don't make the position, but hopefully I will ^^

Just bought my badminton membership haha >_>;; Yus, I have been going and playing as an active non-member ^^;; Oh well! I'm a member now so that makes up for it :D One thing I noticed tho, is that I bought gym membership as well but it hasn't shown through on the website so I'm wondering if it's actually gone through on my card.

Will have to go and double check that at one point. Probably tomorrow as I am hoping to have another gym session then. Yes, I so need to get fit and lose weight ><;;

Need shower! Gnight~



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[Maybe I've Been Dead Too Long...]
28/04/09 13:21
I am...

feeling: Annoyed
listening to: Tifa's Theme - My Playing

Seriously I feel like I'm wasting my life away. There are so many things that I want to do and I know I should be doing and have to do and should do but I just don't.

What's wrong with me?

The things aren't even difficult or time consuming! I'm just such a lazy prat!!! Seriously, I'm supposed to be taking my medicine right now because I have a cold but I'm too lazy to get off this chair, go to the kitchen and boil some water. Ok so my kitchen is further than it usually is since I'm currently in halls of residence at Uni, but so what?!

I've just gotten that bad, really.

Another thing is blogging. I'm on the computer every day yet I don't spare a few minutes just to write something. I mean, I logged in again today after hooow long, and I have 1 popularity point and 0 pages surfed.

Unfortunately that doesn't surprise me at all, but it's just such a shame because I really remember the days when I used to be in the top 10... Man that was a long time ago.

And I have a website I'm supposed to be keeping but have also totally given up with updates. I don't even bother visiting the people who visit me anymore. I'm going to change. That has to change.

What do I even do online? Waste my time on Facebook, I suppose. Recently very addicted to Bejeweled Blitz on FB which is just taking up so much of my time. One game is only 1 minute long, but 200x1 minute games per day = a helluva lot of minutes gone.

I've been feeling pretty crap lately.

But on other news, I posted up some new youtube videos, feel free to check them out ^^;; I like my Tifa's Theme and Footsteps isn't too bad either but the other three... sigh...

That's another thing.

My piano level has also significantly decreased. I'm at Uni to study but everything I should be learning I haven't and on top of that, I've gotten worse at stuff that I used to be able to do!

That's really got to change. Especially with my first exam in under a month now, I really need to pull myself together. I'll let you guys know how it goes :)

One thing though, I was so touched when I signed in to find comments though! And omw thank you so much Nuttz and Muffy for remembering my birthday!!!

I did have a wonderful day ^^ I was actually away for my birthday on a Christian retreat to COCM in Milton Keynes and was lucky enough to have 70 odd people celebrating with me! <3 ^^

Ok, I have a piece of translation work I should have done a long time ago but didn't and is due in for... an hour. Best get to it!



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[3 Months....]
16/03/09 14:17
I am...

feeling: Strange...
listening to: Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara - Tohoshinki

Wow... It's been 3 months+ since my last post... toooo long, I think? Well, this has to be a quick one because I've just wasted way too much time doing nothing so far and need to go to work in a bit...

Within these months, I've:
—×Been through another term at Uni
—×Completed 2 essays, one 2500 words in German, one 3000 words on German literature, in which I didn't sleep properly for a full week then slept for 17.5hrs straight after
—×Rehearsed my ass off and performed 'Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land' with our Chisoc
—×Gotten to know lots of new people
—×Been on a Pole Tour in France, where we didn't actually really pole dance but I did meet up with a friend I hadn't seen in YEARS but have known since 2003ish
—×Had a bf and been broken up with while I was abroad, in which I cried myself to sleep for 3 nights running after.
—×Planned a trip to Germany, which I am looking forward to going to on Friday!
—×Started playing badminton again
—×Started going to the gym properly to try and lose weight
—×Lots moreee but I don't really have time to list it atm...

I've kinda given up on guys for the time being tho :) We'll see what happens...

Been meaning to blog for so long, but... so many things been stopping me, just been so busy lately ><;; I'm off to work now... Doubt anyone will see this post before I post a new one (aiming to post a new one at least once a week) because of the server issues atm, but... nyeh, makes me feel better that I've posted :)

I haven't updated my site in yonks tho... I've even forgotten the cutenews link to update! Argh I suck?? ><;;

Funny thing is, I always seem to blog on this day every year... right? My first ever bf's bday... also day of my baptism :) It's been a year since I was baptised... feels like yesterday... doesn't time fly?

See you all! Off to work now :)



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[Take Me To Neverland]
01/01/09 01:06
I am...

feeling: Nostalgic
listening to: Nothing

So... After hours of panic and wishing that time would stop forever in 2008, 2009 crept up on me without me even realising it. I want to live in 2008 forever. I don't want to turn 19. I don't know why, I just don't. I want to stay 18 forever.

I really panicked in the last half an hour of 2008. 2009 came so suddenly. I hadn't gotten used to 2008 yet and a new year had already arrived; forced itself upon me. I will come to accept it eventually, but for now, I want to live in my bubble and believe it's still 2008. 2008 forever.

Why? Not a clue. It's not like this year was amazing in any way. Lots of major things happened though, like, I was baptised, for one. I turned 18, I went to Uni, I began pole dancing, I'm now learning so many languages my brain can't hack it anymore, I got my ears pierced 3 times, I got a job, I fell in love with Korean music, I failed my diploma, the Beijing Olympics, spent Christmas at a family Christian retreat, which was actually really fun (not in chronological order)...

Thinking back, lots of things have happened. It's certainly been a year unlike any other. I think it's also the year where I've done most of my growing up so far, but from here onwards, I can only grow up now, can't I?

No more acting like a child and still being able to get away with it. Maybe I'm just afraid of the responsibility, but surely I shouldn't be considering I've been in positions of responsibility loads of times before?

Either way... I guess now, it'll only be a memory and there's nothing more I can do except wish you all a happy new year, so...

Happy New Year, Everyone // 新年快乐 // 明けましておめでと // ...I can't believe I don't know this in German and I'm studying the darn language!!!

I'm off, gnight all :) Going to London to visit Emma (yus, THE emmabanana of Nutang and SnS x]) tomo--er... today =p



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