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Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. AzN
Location , Australia
School. Other
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sHouT BoX
by BelleoftheBlues
I can*t believe this is still here...

by randomjunk
I know, right? Glad you like it too!
by thaitanic
that song is a freakin’ jam. nice
"Someone Like Me" by Tommy Newport
by randomjunk
Looking for music recommendations.
by thaitanic
Every genre. Go!
i cant believe this is still here.
by PureRidiculous
I met my wife on this site. 2002ish. we had 2 kids and separated. very respectfully, no bad blood...i*m glad NuTang is a thing. I wouldn*t change it.

by randomjunk
TCM! Hi!

by ThisCharmingMan

by randomjunk
I think I figured it out. Removed a link to an old webcomic.

by LostSoul13
Oh, it seems to be working now. Weird.

by randomjunk
I don*t know what to do about it. :(
by LostSoul13
Whenever I try to click in it, it warns me it could be a phishing site, and to return to safety

by renaye
hey randomjunk. is there something wrong with ur blog? i can*t open.
now that’s an instrument
by thaitanic
i want to learn. i’d like to parade around renaissance festivals playing it.
tin whistle?!
by renaye
i have that too! never get the chance to learn!
-RaNdOm StUfF-
Friday. 7.22.05 11:19 pm
(f) hiatus.: my dic is useless (joke intended)
(f) hiatus.: doesnt tell me how to write
♪Çħeeʞץ Lι L: HAHAHAH
♪Çħeeʞץ Lι L: cos it tells u how to do other things

random things heard on the train:
jerusha: [passes peter and i a raspberry drop lolly]
peter and i: ty
me: hmm they look like something
jerusha: what
me: dingle berries ... and ice cream
jerusha: wth?
me: lol cos ken and wang were eating a choco sundae and talking about dingle berries.. then afterwards i found out what a dingle was. u wanna know what it is?
jerusha: no thanx
peter: yes ok
me: LOL ok.. its a piece of shit that hangs off ur ass
peter: hahahah eww ok haha
jerusha: [although was blocking her ears] i heard that
me: LOL !!
[we approach richmond station and joyce and heaps of other ppl get on]
joyce: [comes up to us] hi
jerusha: want a raspberry drop?
me: LOL hahah dingleberry
joyce: [not knowing what a dingle berry is takes a raspberry drop]
jerusha: i got it from ballarat when i went on an excursion
joyce: oh i see.. have they been preserved for over 200 hundred yrs or something?
peter jerusha and i: ROFL HAHAHAHAHA
peter: preserved with salt water? lol
jerusha: pickled LOL

-peter 4 isaac-

at chinkie school today:
yvonne and i: hey isaac will u bash peter if he asks ur sister out?
isaac: yes

yvonne, blee, jerusha (isaac we call her) n i went to da toilet
yvonne and i: hey isaac why u in the girl's toilet?
jerusha: shuttup... [grabs me around the neck and arm]
me: RAPE !!
yvonne: hahahaha.. yes rape rape ! LOL

mike's fav quote:

blehz... now im just simply bored to the max ! >.<"


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MoSt LiVeLy 24 HoUrS sO fAr ThIs HoLiDaYz
Thursday. 4.7.05 6:19 am
last night... kim came over... and stayed over... we didnt do much.... and its true... yes, there is nothing wrong with lesbianity but i dont want her that bad.. lol... and vice versa... heheh... i wouldnt cheat on sylvia! LOL... neways... yeh.. sleep over... then today we went to state lib and did 'work' [cough] along with like 15 others... we so got work done... LOL ... i actually managed to get half my sac done actually... surprising indeed... then we went to mc for lunch... which i only 3/4 finished... bleh.... then got the most disgusting lucky cup i ever had in my life... watermelon... thats just an advice for everyone else out there... i like watermelon lollypops i like watermelon itself... but that watermelon lucky cup was shit! even emma and brendan agreed with me!... then we went to msac... where everyone played table tennis whilst i played cards... spit with eugene ROFL... was fun... very funny too... hehehhehehehe..... then came home... it was quite and entertaining day... felt like 2 hrs...but was 6 hrs or so ... if only everyday of the holidays can be like that...

---SoMeThInG rAnDoM tHaT mIkE sAiD---

Mikee says:
sum guy in swimmin 2dai got an easta egg stuffd down his ass
Mikee says:
it was so funni
Mikee says:
and then the egg went in part way....
Mikee says:
and then.....we gave it 2 sum1 to eat...
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
Mikee says:
it was pretti funni
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
Mikee says:
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
Mikee says:
we didn't tell the person till afta ward
Mikee says:
Mikee says:
gonna try it on wum1 at skool now
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
Mikee says:
Mikee says:
u noe wat u do...
Mikee says:
u stuff it down they're batha's...
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
or not
Mikee says:
then....u slap they're ass realli hard where the bulge is standing out...
Mikee says:
dat way...the egg will fly up the A-hole
Mikee says:
nice yea
Mikee says:
Mikee says:
then....the victime has to manualli pick it out of they're ass
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:

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bleh dunno what to call this
Monday. 8.1.05 10:37 pm
lol in lit class atm.. so bored... >.< ... ah man hope the teacher doesnt come and look at this.. LOL... hehehe emma is back !! ^-^ hehe... damn high i am... aaarrrgghh so much to do lahz... damn it... hhehe... mehz.. im still high and i dunno what to do... lolz... hehehehhe... god i need to stop laughing and rambling on about nothing... yehz... so neways... this morning on the train... ride was quite out of ordinary... wait... ermz... mehz... i dunno what u would call it... when a train driver starts to commentate over the PA system.

quote train driver: we are approaching a broken rail.. it is 100 m in front of us. We will go over it slowly now.

then about 3/4 of the way to flinders... emmeline had to get off at Kooyong... we attempted 3 times unsuccessfully to get peters arms round her or to get her to sit on him... damn it... didnt work >.< then when she got up to get out of the train we tried to push her onto peter, and she screamed out 'SEXUAL HARASSMENT'... the whole train went dead silent and just stared... quite funny... hehhe...yeh and up til now.. its been boring... [sigh]

random quote: [at end of computer session] now turn the mice over so we can see their balls.

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Latest Mel
Saturday. 7.14.07 11:59 am
wow, 2 weeks of holidays.. are over already, it felt like only one week had past =P lol i shouldve gotten more work done this holidays.. though ive finished school work, i think i couldve done a lot of other stuff? haha oh well, never mind that... but its great to sleep in for once... usual school nights: sleep at 1 or 2am, wake up 5 30-6am >_< and now its just sleep till whenever i feel like waking up hahaha... so yes, im ready to kill term 3 =] though its a lot of stress to look forward to =[

+phone rinigs+
+reads caller id: Chris Lim+
+pick up phone+
me: hello?
chris: hellooo meel !
me: hi
chris: just one quick question mel
me: haha go on
chris: who do you reckon is hotter, me or john so?
me: what............. the.............. hell ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? ummmmm
chris: what? this is so depressing ! you have to think about the answer?
me: yes well umm... i dont really remember his face
chris: omg i cant believe you have to think over this?
me: yes well.. i think you're hotter..... no wait... i think... nah but ummmmm
chris: OMG i dont believe this, im hurt! what the hell?
me: is he fatter? ah yes hes fatter.. ummm....ok you're hotter
me: yes?
chris: [rages] ok thanks mel, bye!
me: bye!

<- specially for jesz !

eurgh i need to !!!!!!!!!!

-love mel

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FrEnCh OrAl
Thursday. 4.21.05 4:49 am
*bill, tim, weidi and i walk into lib at lunch time*

weidi: [takes book from shelf]

me: thats a good book.. u should read it

*dom comes along to us from bhind the lib*

bill: where were u? why r u here? u seen oli and bea?

dom: yeh they're in teh quiet area [pointing to back of the lib]

bill n i: oooohhh what r they doing in the quiet area?

dom: hahah..... they're doing 'french oral'

everyone else: ewww... hahahahhahahaha

....later on in sess 6......

*bea sits in class with a teddy on her table*

ailin: bea why do u have a teddy bear?

bea: cos i had to do a french oral assessment with it

me: ... eww... [no comment]

everyone: HAHAHAH

ok... neways... mike was feeling quite guilty afterwards... so randomly.. he picked my up after school... quite a surprise!! bleh... doesnt take away my pissed`ness and im still quite annoyed at the fact that im in more pain... from too much stretching... and from yesterday -.-! ... i guess i've cooled... so not really pissed at mike... i spose he can make up for it... but dunno what he can do to make up for it .... hmm... maybe i can think of soemthign evil... heheheh [chuckles]

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Monday. 7.25.05 5:45 am
easter egg boii... ie.. mike phan... wrecked himself at 7 37 am on the glen waverley train as it was approaching richmond station.... he looked out the window and pointed out the window... then yelled out... "SUNSET"... though quite clearly it was sunrise... what an idiot... but the sad thing is... now that hes on camp for the nxt 4 days... i have no one to bagg or wreck damn it >.< [must find new victim] >.< urgently.. i cant live without bagging pplz... omg.. i betta find someone soon.. or im gonna go nuts !!!!! ... mehz... new bet with james XD... still gotta think of dares.. MUAHAAHAHA... scari`ness... neways.. its getting late.. and im getting tired... and lifes all shit all of a sudden againz.. lucki for me.. i have kingsley to talk to... and other caring friends =] oh and i do enjoy corrupiting pplz minds.. JOI ... and yehz.. we all know u love chris... XD... lol its even in won hee's nick XD XD XD... mehz... i really feel crap nowz... cya allz ! ^-^

mel s2 kingsley ^-^

yehz indeed we have been together now for 2 months 1 week and 6 days.

oohh and something to add:
胡诺言 IS HOT !! .. starred in 'net deception' was a hc actor.. he was hot.. he had hc plzing nice to look at body and hair... and his face was soooooooo attractive !! hes just as good as ritchie ren... maybe even betta !!.. well hes waaaaayy betta than jay chou.. and even beats edison !

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life is like a game
Thursday. 3.3.05 2:02 am
life is like a game......its all exciting and full of surprises.....it will eventually reach the climax then its all shit as it finishes...... no, there isnt such a thing as owning a game....its just a nicer way of saying game over..... life is the same it was always like a game.... one that takes long to go through.... shit players like me.... after being wrecked or has stuffed for wateva reason just wants to end game and restart...... but seeing as its not possible to restart...... we just game over and thats the end of everything.... it could b a good thing, restarting cant always guarantee that it'd be good the next time neways.... so i wouldnt restart if i game over, i would just let it end and letthe end be the end

~~MIKEAL~~~ ...tired...FUKN FRENCH...Viktor help me lah.... gayness.....fukn fukd up download...so sloe=P (dinna) says:
do u noe wat's gud BO CAC LUOC?
~~MIKEAL~~~ ...tired...FUKN FRENCH...Viktor help me lah.... gayness.....fukn fukd up download...so sloe=P (dinna) says:
sour cream sauce
~~MIKEAL~~~ ...tired...FUKN FRENCH...Viktor help me lah.... gayness.....fukn fukd up download...so sloe=P (dinna) says:
yum yum
~~MIKEAL~~~ ...tired...FUKN FRENCH...Viktor help me lah.... gayness.....fukn fukd up download...so sloe=P (dinna) says:
nice and healthi

note: bo cac luoc is boiled cow's balls

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BaCk 2 SkOoL ^.-"
Monday. 4.18.05 4:35 am
ok.... so first daii back.... not too bad i guess...... hehehe emma was certainly awake this morning... unlike other mornings where she would be half deadish... still trying to wake up or bored or wateva..... she was HIGH .... weeeeeeeeee... we all know why... hehehehe .... coughvictorcough..... hehehhehe ... neways... got to flinders........ mike once again, unsurprisingly made a fool of himself talking to me:

mike: ...(blah blah blah) sister (refering to me as his 'sister')
me: i thought i disowned you ages ago
mike: yeh then u also reowned me ages ago
me: yeh and im quite sure i've disowned u some time ago as well
mike: oh yeh
me: yeh thats right mike
mike: yeh.... im no longer ur sister
me: sister?? HAHAH!!!

yeh school.... very umm.... normal... cept i dunno what happened to me!! im actually working! and kinda starting to study for tests! and kinda practising pno more! even ailin is surprised!... hmm speaking of ailin....
in maths.... some special guy sat next to her... SHE DIDNT EVEN TALK TO HIM!! ailin wadda heck is wrong with u? neways... he asks to borrow her calculator... so she lends him hers... then uses mine.... i dont mind that...but at least u can bloody take the opportunity to talk to him!! [sigh]

bleh.... neways... after school was normal... got squished on da tram... yeh then got the train... then did nothing... the talked to nish on da bus... then got back quite early... so got home and spent an extra 15 mins eating =D

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