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Proud Heathen
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Randomosity and Curiosity
Saturday. 6.24.06 8:03 pm
Right, so in an effort to keep my blog active with at least one post a day, I may have to resort to just babbling off any random thing that comes into my head. Although some might argue that's what they use their blog for anyway...

Regardless... I will try to find something worth while to say at least... half the time. Or maybe a third of the time.

Cars was a good movie. And Pixar is awesome. They certainly have the corner on animation. Right away with a Pixar movie, from the first frame, you can see the difference in detail between them and say, Disney or Dreamworks. They blow the others out of the water. And even their stories are always well balanaced. Enough cuteness for the kids, and enough hilarity for the adults/young adults.

I'm not really a fan of Nascar. For the same reason I'm not a fan of Tennis. Seems boring to me, to watch cars go round and round. ( As it seems boring to watch a ball go back and forth. ) However, the one thing I respect about Nascar, (or more specifically, Nascar drivers) is that most of the big name drivers are very humble guys. You never hear them say "I won this race", "I'm going to the championship"... They always mention their racing team. It's always "We". Which I think is awesome.

*Ponders.* Not bad. Three combined paragraphs. That should do for now. If I think of more to say later, I'll update. I'm going to see a movie tonight with my girl, (either The Breakup or The Lake House), so I'm sure I'll have some opinions to share when I return. For now... (insert foreign farewell)!


Okay, I figured it would be better to respond to Bartholomew's comment here rather than leave an unrelated response to their most recent blog entry. Although I left a comment anyway, to be nice. ^^

So! To the response.

It takes skill to drive a race car too. It gets very hot in those cars, and they have to keep control of a heavy piece of machinery that's going very fast. But my point wasn't to say that tennis was somehow easier than nascar. My point was that, for me, watching tennis is about as interesting as watching nascar. Now, Tennis movies, on the other hand... those are just fine. Wimbledon is one of my favorites.

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Images Galore!
Saturday. 6.24.06 12:11 pm
Okay, so much thanks to Dave and ikimashokie, I got a background image. (Comments please!) How's it look with the rest of the template? Is it too big? Does the page take too long to load?

My view on these subjects is kind of warped since I have high-speed.. *Pets his wifi*.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what anyone who drops by thinks of this.

So I guess I should say a bit about myself. My name is David.. *Cyber-handshake.* I'm 20-years-old (at least for another 12 days). I enjoy reading, writing, web-design, video games on occasion (I'm currently addicted to Kingdom Hearts II, along with several million other people.) I'm an avid roleplayer/writer (mostly sci-fi and fantasy stuff.) Not DnD, though. Good ol' fashion text-based rpg's, sans dice.

Right. Have a headache, and KH2 is beckoning, so I shall return to it and leave more here later.

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