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Age. 30
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location England, United Kingdom
School. Other
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[Papagoya's Gone A Bit Mad?]
10/11/09 19:55
I am...

feeling: Studious
listening to: 3 - Britney Spears

Yeah so after establishing that I have been inactive for an insane amount of time, I realised that I got another 100pps "for being popular" from Papagoya?? Er... something wrong with the picture here =p

Seriously, I swear he's just giving away random pps.

Anyways, omw! Did I mention? I also got a brand new laptop, first ever *I'd* ever personally gotten hehe ^^ It's sooo cute, only 11'9'', integrated webcam and mic, intel pentium dual core, 250GB storage, 3GB RAM... ah it's sooo good :D

I was set back £449.99 tho omw =_=;; Of my own money too. Stupidly enough I transferred loads of money into my savings account at the start of term so I'm now going into overdraft because I don't want to transfer it out again in case I lose out even more on the interest :(

Also, in my state of absolute poverty, I also ended up spending £55 on make-up on Sunday. Bad times -_-;; But Lancome were giving away £50+ worth of free gifts if I bought 2 items, and selling a make-up set worth £130 for £35 if I spent over £30 in any one transaction! But also I get £15 discount vouchers if I spend more than £30 as well...

Damn their marketing is a bit toooo good.

So I trudged home with £200 odd worth of make up for only £55. Hey, I'd say that was a bargain =p I'd buy another set to sell off on ebay and make a profit if I could be arsed, but nar, don't really have the time. Was so damn heavy!

Off to study some more now ^^

...and i feel so comfortable, so comfortable and safe in your arms...



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[Uni, Bf, Societies]
07/11/09 14:07
I am...

feeling: Anticipation
listening to: Nada

Wow, actually officially hadn't been on NuTang in over a month. Kind of a kick to the stomach when I signed on again and had no pages surfed and only 1 popularity point on a Saturday... Have I really died that badly off NuTang?? =O

Anyways, I realised I never mentioned anything after not knowing if I'd go back to Uni... Well, thank God, I was allowed to continue on a full honours degree for my course, which means they're just taking my fail as a pass. Seriously... God is too good to me ><;;

I also have a bf now :) We'd been sort of together since before summer, but didn't want to start anything then and weren't sure of each other either but now we are together ^^

We met in Feb... I'm very happy being with him <3

New year, also means more responsibilities... Free Hugs Secretary and Badminton Club Publicity and Sponsorship committee. So busy :( Organised an event originally intended for about 30 people, 83 people turned up... It is a good thing but seriously, I was so stressed.

Had such a crap evening, had a headache most of the time and only 2 people really helped somewhat, one was my bf, other was Ken, an absolutely amazing guy who both my bf and I are really good friends with.

One guy didn't pay up at the start and I spent a good couple of hours trying to find him. Didn't get to eat properly until like 21:30... Sigh... Never doing that again. Just got rid of fb again as well. Swearing off exec activities for the next few weeks at least. I need to study.

Other than that, I'm going to China for xmas!! With my entire family ^^ They hadn't been back in sooo long. Well, my dad hadn't been back for 8 yrs before the short trip he made a few months ago and my mum hasn't been back in 5 years and the last time I went back was Summer '07.

We really don't have the money right now, but it's time we stopped acting so damn poor and went back as a family :)

I swear I'll write a better entry some other time, but right now, I feel so down over so many things...

...let me keep my trust in you...



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[Exam Results...Again]
23/09/09 01:37
I am...

feeling: Terrified
listening to: Nada

It's almost 2am and I still can't sleep. My heart is pounding, my head is pounding and I am terrified.

I found out on Friday that I failed one of my resits.

I found out yday that the Business School has decided to condone my fail (meaning they'll just take it as if I passed), allowing me to proceed.

But it is ultimately the exam board's decision whether or not I can still continue my course, or even Uni at all.

They're meeting today.

In less than 24hrs I will know if I'm officially kicked out of Warwick or not.

I. am. sh*tting. it.

I'm so nervous... I really can't sleep.

I'll blog again at a reasonable hour to let you guys know the results, but please, pray for me.

Thanks guys <3

...and if i give you my life, you'd cradle me in the palm of your hand
and give me wings like eagles
to soar through your creation and gaze at it in wonder and amazement and awe
and you'll never let me go.




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[Exams Over! ...Again]
11/09/09 17:20
I am...

feeling: Excited
listening to: Nada


Actually I finished my retakes on Tuesday but still. I went to London more or less immediately afterwards so barely had time to write anything at all so yeah. They went... ok, I guess. Well, they went, that's all I can say really =/

So then I went to London to meet up with various friends, yey ^^ I love being here, tis so fun ^^ In the internet/gaming centre in the arcade atm. Love having friends here who just let me on for free bwahaha.

Gna go meet up with another friend soon to go out together then going out for someone's bday so should be pretty good, tho I would probs be severely under-dressed since my friend never got back to me about the dress code so I just took jeans and a top o_o;;

Ah well I'm sure I'll live :)

It was CK.TW.ORG's 3rd bday two days agooo ^^ I posted an entry, of course, but cutenews kinda screwed me over in that it didn't publish the entry at 09/09/09 09:09 when I'd set it to, but instead it published at 09/09/09 17:09 ¬_¬;;

Ah well I'll live though :) Another thing, tho, is that I realised the colouring on my layout is rather... different on these computers than the ones I have at home. They're fine and not as bright on my home computer but here it really hurts my eyes ><;;

Has anyone else noticed my layout is excessively bright? =/

...you know what you have to do...



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[Impulsive... PIERCINGS?]
01/09/09 22:38 pm
I am...

feeling: Excited
listening to: Nada

Okieee so we've all heard of impulsive buys...

But today Ani came to visit me in Cov again (to return my tablet that she borrowed from me on Friday) and the first thing we did after walking into town was walk into Blue Banana. Well, they had sale signs on the door!

Then after we went in we saw their piercing rates! Man they were having a sale on piercings as well haha. We'd already discussed on Friday that we'd both wanted a cartilage piercing for some time now and was thinking of just getting one but I decided against it at the last minute.

This time, we went in, asked a helluvalot about piercings, the girl behind the counter showed us the different bars that we could use and blah blah and turned out for this week, piercings were on offer for like £10 for cartilages, inclusive of the earring bar and the after care shiz.

To be fair, £10 is hella cheap for a cartilage piercing. They're like £20/30 normally.

I never thought we'd do it, but in the end we both got a piercing o_o;; Mine bled like mad afterwards whereas Ani's didn't bleed at all, lucky duck =_=;; But days... it's okish now but still stings when I touch it. And trying to clean it was hell cos it hurt so much. Should be better by tomorrow tho :)

First time I ever got my ear pierced with a needle. Must admit I was such a chicken but seriously, it looked painful when I saw Ani getting hers done. It was really strange having a needle through my ear but oh well o_O;;

Can't turn back now!

I'm hiding it from my parents for the time being tho. They were just about ok with me getting a second lobe piercing in my left ear but mum said a definite no-no to a cartilage. Which I went and got one in my left ear again haha...

Ohhh well~~~

We also went to watch The Time Traveller's Wife. A film I'd been dying to see for a while. Twasn't as good as I thought it'd be but it was so, so sweet. I cried. Haha ^^;; It's a really nice film. I do recommend it, but it does drag at points I must admit. Anyways, really tired and have to wake up to revise tomorrow.

Exams in a week. I am shizzing it ><;;

Wish me luck!!

and if i were ever to lose you,
i'd still thank God
that i at least once

had you...



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[Last Night I Dreamt of World War III]
23/08/09 13:55
I am...

feeling: Rushed
listening to: Nothing

This'll be quick cos I have to go in like 5 mins. Was intending to blog a lot earlier but yeah was lazy once again :s

Still not quite used to seeing my page without the revenue at the top but ah well... such a shame NuTang is no longer what it used to be ><;; I guess it's lost the height of its popularity?? =/

Thing is, tho, I don't think dave's doing much to develop it anymore, I mean, he's rarely here himself... so... if the developers aren't too fussed with it, how can they expect anyone else to use it I guess?

Anyways, things are coming along slowly but surely I guess with my revision. Hopefully it'll be enough to pass. I don't think I'll be able to live with myself if I failed again ><;;

Thursday was A-Level results day. Very pleased to say most of my friends got where they wanted to go :D One of my closest friends, my 'little brother', Pandi, got into Imperial to do medicine hehe ^^ So major congrats to him!!! <333 :D

I now know the dates of my exams: 7th and 8th Sept (day before CK.TW.ORG's 3rd bday haha) and am NOT looking forward to them but kinda want the accounting one over by now.

I'm kinda 3 days behind schedule of revision but I haven't got anymore time to waste yet seem to be doing JUST THAT! Someone kick me and stop me wasting time? :s

Okie gotta go now!~~~

...last night i dreamt of world war iii...

i didn't wake up crying.
and that time, it really was all just a bad dream
and i prayed.

and i prayed for all those who have experienced war
and i prayed for God's protection over my family
and i prayed for God's protection over the world

and i was terrified.

and what i felt in my dream must have only been a small inkling of fear and sorrow compared to those who have actually experienced it.

but it made me realise
that through all screams and the blood and the bombs and the smoke and the ash and the deaths
the ones who i wanted to die beside, the ones i cared most about were
my family

and i thought of my family.
how much i love them and how short life truly is and how little they know of how much i do love them
and i woke up a changed person

and i thought of my relatives: my grandparents, my great-grandparents
who must have survived one; how they must have felt.

how did they do it...?



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