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Age. 30
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05/03/10 11:25
I am...

feeling: Hungry
listening to: Haru Haru - Big Bang

Dno why but I want to blog again.

Maybe it's because I've been writing a piece of fiction lately that I've kept hidden yet remains very much public but I said to myself that I wouldn't update all the time and since I can't update it publicly I will just update elsewhere.

Haha didn't make sense, did that? =p

Yeahh so basically I've began to write a piece of fiction lately and since my hostess deleted my site without warning I felt empty without one so created another elsewhere, purely to host this story.

So if anyone finds it and leaves me feedback, great, if not, I still wanted it to go public, so at least it's out there for people to stumble upon.

I won't give away the new site that I created tho I'm afraid, and I'm pretty sure most people won't guess it from knowing me so yar^^

Anyways onto other news, I'm not sending my laptop off to PCworld; waiting 2 weeks for it is ridiculous. It's still under warranty so I'm just getting my Uni IT services to sort it out for me and order in the part to fix.

It still works, just the heating fan's broken and it gets extremely hot sometimes. Well, when it does that I'll just turn it off :)

Ty for all the comments guys, despite me really not being around much lately at all... So touched T_T

I will visit your blogs too at one point!!

...I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before, but my previous entries seem to have disappeared; gone with the wind...



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02/03/10 21:47
I am...

feeling: Bleurgh
listening to: Nothing

Ok wtf... My hostess deleted her site and didn't even give me any pre-warning to back up any of my stuff. That's... I must admit, I'm very unimpressed. That's so harsh of her.

I can't be bothered to find a new one though... I don't have the time but I was really beginning to become attached to CK.TW.ORG.

I guess that's life, right? When you become attached to something, it'll be taken away from you in a snap and you won't know what hit you and you won't be able to do anything about it.


And my laptop's suddenly decided to half-die on me. The heating fan's apparently broken. Damnit... If I send it off to PC World to get fixed it'll take two weeks--I don't have that time, I have an essay due in two weeks and I use my laptop for EVERYTHING! Damnit...

...you don't understand, do you... it matters to me.



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04/02/10 14:56
I am...

feeling: Bleurgh
listening to: Nothing

And I'm not really just talking about this blog...

Life sucks right now, but nobody wants to hear how badly life sucks do they; it just upsets everyone :( But that doesn't change the fact that I have 4,500words in English and 800words in German due in for Thursday and Friday of next week.

Maybe I really did choose the wrong subject =_=;;

My website's alive again though. I changed the layout again. First time in this year. Teddy's apparently going to change the domain name though? Really hope she doesn't... I fell in love with TW.ORG for its name...

And I don't want to switch hostesses because Teddy's absolutely lovely and I've really become attached to CK.TW.Org. It's been 3 years, after all... It's become more of an abode for me than my blog now methinks; there's so much more I can write on a personal website as nobody ever visits it. Although, recently, I don't think my blog has had any visitors either... That's ok though :)

I'm happy being anonymous.

...and even when i'm gone, i still want to live on... there, in your heart



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[So It's A New Month...]
01/12/09 15:22
I am...

feeling: Terrible
listening to: Nothing

And it's another December and another christmas is coming up and I'm about to turn even older next year. But hey! End of term soon :) Definitely looking forward to that.

However, for now, I have to first get this darned essay finished. Due in tomorrow, 3000 words, I am currently on 752 and counting up verrry slowly. I've kinda just hit a brick wall and not sure where to continue atm.

It's not that I can't type fast, that I can, but I just don't know what to say :( Aiya...

But I'm loving my new laptop. It's been with me about a month now and I must admit it is one of the best investments I've made ^^ Decided to get it cos I'll need something to take to Germany with me where I can do all my work but still, it has certainly already come in handy.

Right... such a random post. Had a few problems with my bf lately but we're still together ^^ It's been over a month now... actually, a month and a week so far... Doesn't sound like much but is quite a lot for me!

Boat party over the weekend, was preeetty darn cool--Venetian Masquerade themed. Met up with Panda, Emma, Ani, the twins, Lisa (and finally met her bf after 2 years, omw!) and so many others again ^^ Was really great! Bf did not accompany me tho... Blehhh ><;;

Back to essay... Just needed something to procrastinate on for a bit I guess!

Just downloaded iTunes and it's not working properly :( Wtf man... =_=;;

...hey, even if i lose my memory, i would still never forget you...



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[I'm So Sorry...]
20/11/09 00:43
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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[Depressive Procrastination]
11/11/09 12:53
I am...

feeling: Slightly Depressed
listening to: Don't Say Goodbye - DBSK

I've been feeling so crap lately.

I've been studying relatively hard tho, but I swear I have the concentration span of a gnat. Why do I get bored so damn easily? Why is my course so damn boring?

That being said, I fell in love with one of the pieces of literature I had to read for my course. I literally found it rather difficult to put down. Im Westen Nichts Neues - All Quiet On The Western Front, as it was translated into English. Such good book, but so damn sad.

But must have been the best piece of German lit I've had to read for my course so far. Such an amazing war book... I've had way too much to do with the war in my course, what with all the depressing films and books in which at least one person dies or the main character tries (and mainly succeeds) to commit suicide, but this is seriously a good book.

Of course they all die, but it's just so damn well written.

I recommend it to everyone :D Read the English translation if you can't understand the German version, although it does lose some of its original meaning but in some cases I think the English version has expressed it even better than the German original, which is pretty damn impressive :)

That being said, I just felt so crap after I finished reading it tonight. Such a sad ending, but it's not particularly surprising. Germany hasn't exactly won a war in its history so far and Im Westen Nichts Neues is based on the First World War, 1914-1918.

Really makes you feel for the Germans, tbh... They've gone through so much crap, but it wasn't the soldiers' faults that they had to kill or be killed. Every time I see a poppy here, I just wonder again, seriously...

The cover of the German version, one that I have now scribbled all over because it is such an amazing book and I just actually had to get my own copy. I'll probs read it again when I have some spare time...

Going back to wonderful Financial Reporting 1 now... joy... I really don't understand it at all :( It's more of a foreign language than German ><;; Hm... maybe a bit more procrastination first though :)

...what can i say...



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