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New Music
Friday. 8.17.07 2:55 am

This is Paper Walls by Yellowcard.

Um. Not much else to report. Hopefully I'll be getting out of dodge in a few months. I scrapped my website idea and am trading up for another. One that'll be easier to finish and open.

Gah. What was I thinking volunteering to make a website for someone... I'm way too easily distracted...

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Music and Financial Advice
Tuesday. 7.31.07 9:17 am

New music. More Yellowcard. This is the sweetest song. It’s called Dear Bobbie

Okay. Wanted to share some cool financial advice. For those of you who have paypal (or are thinking of getting paypal) and are old enough to have credit, sign up for the Money Market Fund. In simple terms, this fund gives you %5 interest on any money you have in your paypal account. No minimum account balance required, no maximum balance. No fees for putting money in or taking it out. The interest gets added on at the beginning of each month.

The awesome thing about this is that it’s basically a CD (a high-yield savings account) but without all the restrictions. Most CD’s have the same interest rate (in the %5-6 range), but require you to open your account with a minimum of like $1000.00, and then you have to leave it in for like 6 months or a year or however long of a plan you have. It’s all a big mess. Plus you can’t just take the money out whenever you want. With the Paypal Money Market Fund, you can put money in whenever you want, take it out whenever you want with no fees. And you’re still earning %5 interest. There’s no risk involved, unless of course Paypal goes bankrupt... which isn’t likely.

Seriously. For those of you who want to save money for the future, look into it. It’s a really easy way to not only save money, but make money. Myself, I’m gonna be sticking $80 a month in there. Which means in a few years, provided we don’t all blow up, the monthly interest will be enough to pay most of my monthly bills. (Cell phone, tv, internet, etc.) Plus I’ll have saved a crap load of cash that I can transfer to my bank account whenever I want for emergencies or whatever.

Anyway. That’s enough of my rambling. I realize that all sounded like a sales pitch, but I really do just think it’s something cool that every young person should know about. Look into it folks.

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