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Music, and Corporate Brainwashing
Thursday. 8.30.07 7:53 am

New music. This is Silhouette Serenade by Vendetta Red.

Had to endure a little corporate brainwashing today. I work at a Ramada, and they apparently decided to spend who knows how many thousands of dollars to put the employees of every Ramada through an utterly pointless little seminar called, of all things, “I AM ___”. We had to watch this cheesy video of all these Ramada employees saying things like “I am, committed to making a connection.” “I am, ready to make someone’s day”.. And so on. I nearly gagged.

Seriously. I can’t think of a more pointless way to spend their money. This is the kind of BS that employees dread and forget as soon as they learn it. You can’t teach customer service. Either someone likes doing it and is good at it, or they’re not and they hate it. I for one hate it, but pretend to like it. Yet even I found myself wanting to bash my head against the wall watching that bullshit video and listening to the 7-point pledge (which they clearly stretched so that they could make an anagram out of “Ramada”.) It was sickening.

I only wish I was an executive so I could expressed to the big wigs at Ramada just how stupid this idea was.


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Another comic
Tuesday. 8.28.07 12:11 am

Thanks to everyone who viewed and commented. Here's my third shot at the comic-ing.

Third Attempt

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