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Saturday. 9.6.08 2:36 pm

No updates today. Can't do much else on the website til I get the sql files from Dave. Also waiting to hear back from him about the nutang blog (nutang.nutang.com). We're gonna resurrect that and I'll post the updates there from now on so people can comment, make suggestions, etc. Just waiting for him to tell me what kind of format he wants.

In my real life, still trying to find a job. It's frustrating as hell. I've been to two interviews that I thought went really well. One I got an email saying I hadn't gotten it, and the other I'm still waiting to hear back about (after more than two weeks). The most frustrating part is that there's really nothing I can do. My interviews go great, I have a resume, I have 4 years of customer service experience (more than enough to qualify for the jobs I've been applying for). And yet somehow they must be finding people more qualified. It's enough to make me want to give up. Gah.

Thank god Jenn has her job though. And a good one at that. She's making enough at her job to support us until I can get a job. Eh. I just hope it's soon. All this lazing around the house is driving me crazy.

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Friday. 9.5.08 6:49 pm

After much fiddling with the code, I've finally fixed the pixel people display error that was causing heads to overlap the shoutbox button. I also managed to reposition them (the pixel people) enough that shuffling them and only displaying a few is no longer necessary. At least until there are more of them. At the moment, I've been able to get them all visible. Still waiting for Dave to send me the sql files, so I won't be able to see what it looks like when you're signed in or when there are shouts. But I can take care of that later. In any case, here's that screenshot for those of you who care. lol.

EDIT: Updated the picture. I moved the shout button over to the left. Just in case that certain pixel person wanders over there. *Cough*lyndeep*cough*


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