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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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Sunday, September 17, 2006
I've been reading McSweeny's Book of Lists. It's hilarious.

Last night there was a party at my house so I decided to make a list of my own:

Why parties at your own house suck

1. You didn't actually know you were having a party.

2. The first people to show up are always strangers or assholes. Usually both.

3. People can't seem to stay out of your shower. Sometimes they fall in because they're drunk, other times they just... really want to stand in the bathtub.

4. People vomit. They don't always make it to the toilet.

5. You only have one toilet.

6. Things are stolen.

7. People don't watch where they're walking, step in dog shit, track it into house, stink up entire place.

8. Drunk people think it's fun to mop up dog shit. Only, they just use water and succeed only in making everything much, much worse.

9. Weird girls take a rank ass slam in your toilet and the Febreeze is already stolen.

10. You lose friends when you try and go to bed and turn off the music.

There, I think that's a long enough list.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006
We win.

War Eagle!

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*Tiger Transit*
Monday, September 11, 2006
School transit can eat a dick.

Why can't I ever get a normal driver? ONE TIME I had a normal driver. Since then... nothin' but crazies.

Today my driver left a girl behind. I sat there and watched her flag him down and then she actually chased after the bus. I know he had to have seen her, she was impossible to miss. He also tried to nail a couple of people on the crosswalk.

Last week my driver forgot to stop at my stop. Which was actually okay because I had less of a walk. Yes, I have to walk about a mile from the transit stop to my house. I hate you transit, I hate you! I should write an angry letter and tell them to at least come halfway down my street. Tons of students live on it, why not just come a liiiiiittle closer to me? Just a little bit.

My little sister got her license suspended. Perhaps I'll get her car? I mean, it's quite the bummer she got her license taken away but she should have paid her speeding ticket.

I'd just like to throw in that I don't have a personal problem with drivers of public transportation. My uncle used to drive a bus for the city of Portland and I've heard some stories... So I do have compassion for the normal ones. Just... can't stand the crazies.

Also, my mom joined the "kick you while your down" list. I called her today and we talked about how taking ballroom dancing lessons with my dad is going to be so fun! And then she said she'll be dancing at my wedding.

What? Wedding? Don't!


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*you know what?*
Saturday, September 9, 2006
I think that romantic comedies are made just to spite recently single people.

To kick us while we're down.

Add insult to injury.

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*cut cut!*
Wednesday, September 6, 2006
I cut my hair off.

I love it.

Check it:

It's the first 6 pictures. Taken outside. The others are from my LAST haircut which I got in like... January or something. Yes, I realize they're very similar. But I think it suits me.

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*labor day*
Monday, September 4, 2006
Wednesday is the day my hair is going. Very exciting.

Tonight we're cooking out. I'd be swimming right now if I HAD A CAR. And nobody is nice enough to come pick me up, what a bummer.

Last night I was very bored and home alone and decided to have a few beers and before I knew it... Drunk. Alone. So depressing. So I called 'ol Chaddock and we went and got some Taco Bell and it was fabulous.

Then off to Edwards to have a good time. Except that I didn't have a good time. Because I ate Taco Bell. Well, I had a good time after a few hours but... for a while there I thought I was going to die from my Taco Bell overdose.

Quick question: Why has every student in Auburn made it their business to get a dog? Don't get me wrong, dogs are fun. But why get one if all you're going to do is leave it in your backyard to cry all day and all night? Eh? Take it for a goddamn walk why don't you? Play with it! Or else, get a cat. Very low maintenance. Cheap to take care of. AND you don't have to pick their shit up out of MY YARD because cats are thoughtful enough to bury it.

Just a suggestion.

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