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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Friday. 10.1.10 2:55 am
Guess who's back? :)

Spent the past 5 hours revamping my Nutang, which I haven't touched in two fucking years! Something's wrong with my positioning though... I wanted it to go more to the left but it's not doing it. Help?

Anyway, I was reading some of my past entries (God, help the ridiculously immature entries I've made) and I was gonna erase all of them to give a completely fresh look for this blog. But decided to keep some anyway for memories' sake. Memories I hope most of you old-timers from '07-'08 won't remember. That is, if you still even remember me...

Why the resurrection? Sometimes, you just need to hear what strangers have to say about your life and how you're living it. Seriously though, this is what, my 5765th resurrection? :)) Also, it didn't help that my dad saw this blog and God knows what he's read. Shudder. :-/

So, what's new with me? Already in 3rd year of my program; yes almost there! I have some inkling as to what career path I'm headed for; although, med school is still and always will be an option.

Everything else is meh.

I went back to the homeland the past summer for the long-awaited vacation. It was everything I imagined it to be except it wasn't. The feeling of returning to your roots but then realizing it doesn't feel like home anymore - that was new. But on the way back, I felt like I've settled whatever unfinished business I had before and that was good. I miss the homeland from time to time, especially the beaches, the food, the exchange rate... :)

Romantically speaking? Don't even go there. There's been a ton of drama due to poor and intoxicated decision-making the past years and now, I try to steer clear of it as best as I could. :)

K, I've been slacking the past couple of days. Crunch time is coming soon for midterms and I'm here getting distracted. Again. Nothing new about that. So, I'll end this here. Catch me up with whatever's new with you people. From the top of my head I remember Muffinman, dilated, randomjunk, silverdot, everyone else!... Post-'08 people, come say hi. :)

On a side note, the government has legalized marijuana! No, really no, don't believe me. I just couldn't think of anything interesting to say :)) Oh look my laughing smiley face has a double chin!

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China Wine in Chinatown -_-
Monday. 7.14.08 2:10 pm
POLL: Which one would you buy (regardless of price)?

~80 gb Zune = 3.2" screen, wireless sync, video, FM, wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing,
~30 gb Archos with WiFi = 4.3" screen, touch screen, video, wifi (may be sluggish), built-in speaker, accessories/plug-ins comes separate,
~Mint Green/Lavender PSP = wifi, 4.3", music, video, games (sold separately but still!)
(Everyone knows how a PSP looks like.)


i heart chinatown with a passion.

LOL ok i'm exaggerating but it is the only place in Canada which reminds me of home. =]
the sidewalk vendors, the faux goods, DVDs!!! ;), karaoke, blablabla...you know what i mean = insanely LOW prices!!!

So yesterday, me and my family went to Spadina, Downtown Toronto's Chinatown. It was my family's 1st time to go there and i pretty much became the tour guide.
And so they put the blame on me when we went for our late lunch, because instead of going to my usual eating spot with my friends, I went to try out the Chinese restaurant my friend recommended. It turned out, the Chinese restaurants all have large, and i mean HUGE, servings. I mean, i know but...i thought it wouldn't be that much. -_- So we had to bring home some leftovers lol And to be honest, which i would never admit to my parents (since they paid for it), the food tasted the same as all the other Chinese restaurants I've been to. So far. :P

So we went for a walk around Spadina. My parents loved the fresh veggies and fruits lol they loved the "sidewalk feel" of it. My sis was pretty much pissed off because it was so hot and she didn't like to get dark. Plus, it didn't help that she had spent all her money on Playstation games so she didn't have any moolah to spend =[ Sucks for her!
Me? As usual, I went to the Chinatown Centre for the stores where I always buy my *ahem* DVDs*ahem* lol 10 for $20! Woot To make my dad happy, i bought him Three Kingdoms and Warlords. And me and my sis got 8 of our choices. LOL Hurray for Asian movies! =} Oh yeah i also bought Honey and Clover Japanese drama, where Ikuta Toma is starring. =DDD

So yeah went home and watched The Eye 2 =D So much for watching horror movies - in the end, i had nightmares about me giving birth to a baby. O_O Que horror!~ This is just downright freaky coz the other day, my mom suddenly felt my stomach and asking why it looked like it was bulging. O_O I was just full! (as always). Like, I'd actually go impregnate myself! Freaaaaky~ D'=
My dad, being the introvert that he is, watched his own movies downstairs. Pfft. Killjoy. D=
Yeah so it was like 1 in the am already. And since I didn't want to have nightmares (even though i still had, in the end), I decided to watch one episode of the Honey and Clover drama. It was okay. I realized that I had watched the 1st episode of the anime and didn't like it that much coz it was kinda more on the dramatic side. The live drama was okay too but i really didn't like the plot of this story. Hopefully, once i watch 3 more episodes, I'd find it worth my money. XD What breaks my heart is Toma's role, he seems so desperately hopeless in love. D= But that's just episode 1. =]
Hopefully, my friend would give me back my "My Girl" since I didn't finish it yet. And my sis is bugging me to watch it already! And it's def funnier. :P

I'm a person who lives in comedy. My life is a circus. I live as a joke. Okay, that went wrong. LOL Anihoo i just want happy themes. Drama is okay once in a while, but I can't get an overload of tears coz i just can't stand that. D'=

So anyways, I'm babbling. It's like my Nutang's mostly about the Azn movies i watch. =S I'm so AZN!!! D= (Like, anything exciting happens at work Pfft! The only exciting thing about work is the $$$, baby!)

Don't forget to answer my poll!~

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...what it takes to be a slacker
Tuesday. 2.19.08 9:28 pm
I'm getting lazier & lazier by the minute. =D

@ lurk in deviantArt and Gaia (holy) for the several weeks. nyahaha~ *secretfangirl mode*
i just love looking at other people's art and trying to break them artz down - what style they use, medium, etc. =D i'm kinda scared this is tempting me to slack. No, i am slacking!

@ open your laptop before finishing your homework/studying
University is going to be shyt. I can feel it.
But before that hafta do a TOEFL exam cozmyenglishisn'tgoodenuffandi'mafob - plus Vectors is killing me. i major phailed at that test we had this afternoon. ='(

@ do better in classes you are not required to do good in
i'm lovin my art class - took it for the slackness + breathing time for me from the other uberhard classes //eng,chem,vectors&calculus// + i can be lateee & the teacher doesn't mind coz he loves me so nyahaha + i just want to.

@ go on friendster/facebook/msn/[insert favorite forum here]
trust me. this is one of the nastiest ways to slack.

@ play with your tablet/sims2/gunbound/flyff/[insert favorite game/distractionentertainment here]
i am fukkin in luff with my tablet!!!!111eleven!!! RAWRRRRRRRR~~~~~~
Which reminds me...i will hafta draw something special for NuTang soon. ;)

@ watch movies during the weekend even though you have a test the day after
Watched Step Up 2 with the friends -- drew d**k graffiti on glass of bus shelters lol -- called random people crazy -- walked five fuckin miles for mcdonald's which doesn't even have hot choco -- ended up buying crappy vanilla matte at the next-door 2nd cup which tasted like hellllll -- sneaked into another movie after step up (fool's gold was the only open one lol) -- wanted to go play billiards but ended up chillaxin at Timmy's. Pffffoooo -- FORGOT TO STUDY FOR TEST. //time check: 12 mn//

What follows is vanity overload. I pity dial-up users. =D
(And yes, Dilated, i use Multiply lol)

Me and my Asian Crew lol

...tongues, hell yeah!

tsssssss~~ ;]

kevs, i swear u will be the death of me! LMFAO

He looks like he's enjoying it eh?

=D That's just cream. :/

We "misread" it for something else HAHAHA

Jackass-ing. :P

Yes, the penis pictures! Guess who drew the fat one LMFAO for almost-drunken night-outs with psycho friends! XD

And tharrr you go, what it takes to be a wanna-beslacker! =D

(Die hard nerd for life! XD For in the end, it is the nerds who get all the moola.)

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sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, literally.
Wednesday. 2.6.08 11:06 am
mood: feeling lovely lol

sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick .
what to do?
stay home, internet, sleep, eat....sick sick sick.
plus it's a snow day today.
♥ snow days! =]
Nuttin new. :P
Oh for the (aspiring) digital artists out there, try out Paint Tool Sai. Beautiful piece o' beta shyt. :] Download here. (& If you lay it out like Photoshop, u are def not cool! :P)
Works better with a tablet though.
Been a digital art whore and a deviantArt lurker for the last couple o' days aka been screwin with the pen tablet. =]~ Gradients+Vector art is ♥.

Not much but i likee. =3 That's me in the black-red thing lol. There's a hand!!! Brisbane City lights image from *footomch.

Random funny pic of friends i edited. They sure looked like they were havin fun soooo i had fun with their fun! XD
Someday, I will know how to paint digitally! For now, line art. -_-"

I miss my NuTang =}~

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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