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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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The Wedding.
Thursday. 6.30.11 12:33 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Cafe au lait
Friday. 6.17.11 1:44 am
Just like this delicious drink...I have been split evenly down the middle.

The bad :(
Money is tight and enough so to make life a little panic-y. That's another story. Monica is still here which on one hand is alright, and on another is lame since I kind of want to be alone. I have an 8 hour trip ahead of me tomorrow morning.

The good!
Bachlorette party on Saturday. Just got some gifts for the bride, will get some more tomorrow maybe. Not alot, but a just a few more. Both jobs are going alright. My hours just got cut at the museum, but i'm hopeing that there will be a spring back from that. :S I can only hope, I really need the hours. Also, after my 8 hour trip (through which I will listen to an audio book) I will get to see my parents. Huzzah for the parental units!

Life trudges onward and I follow in pursuit trying desperately to get ahead.

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Saturday. 6.11.11 1:08 am
So, i'm offically moved into my new apartment. It's a one bedroom, and though it's small - it's mine. I've put up most of my pictures/movies/books and I thought I had put up all of my posters, but Aldo went and bought me one that has a bunch of whales and their scientific names on it. I LOVE whales. I think they're highly underappreciated.

I miss the old house and living with my boys. It was nice to know that I'd be going home to a full house and that no matter what I wouldn't be alone. Mostly I miss living with him, it's tiny little things that will set off the longing. However, he was right - it does make what time we spend together alot more memorable. Plus, it's not like I live a thousand miles away - it's just 15 min by car.

However, my friend is up here with me. She's an old friend from High School that I really value. She's crashing in my living room for 2 months because she's up here getting certified in something or other for her job. On the one hand, she's gone before I get up, and most nights i'm home before her. Unfortunately I'm uber annoyed by her right now. I'm not sure if it's that I've grown as a person through all my experiences or if she's shrunk due to her lack of experiences or a combination. In either case, it feels as if i'm babysitting this grown woman. She can't sleep in the apartment alone becauase she's nervous that someone will (jump an 8 foot fence, hope over my balcony, and break open my back door to) try to break in. She also can't stand to be more than 2 feet from me, but doesn't want to converse with my friends up here or try to do anything on her own. She would rather sit in the apartment all alone than go exploring around Fort Worth with her GPS, map and telephone.

I don't know - maybe i'm overreacting. Maybe this whole 'resetting' thing that this apartment was supposed to represnt just feels stunted by my past because she's here. I feel kinda bad about it - but on the other hand, I guess I kinda don't.

Oh well, that's really all there is to say about that.

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Sunday. 5.29.11 2:21 am
Today is my birthday! :D

I got a WWWWD book. (Yes, What Would Wonder Woman Do) The board game Quelf which is yet to be played, and Trivial Pursuit.

A bunch of us gathered at Joe's Crab Shack for food and liquor in various amounts, followed by the Starbucks patio to play "What's Yours Like?" A wonderfully hilarious game that can be played in the wind. The movie Pirates 4 came swiftly afterwards.

Food, Board Games, and Friends all tied up with Pirates.
I had a blast.
And I feel so very very loved.

God has just been keeping watch I suppose. :)

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