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Wednesday. 4.16.08 1:47 am
I am not going to do any advertising for apple. I just simply want to say that I love my apple tv. It is not like a TV but is like a little computer that is hooked up to your tv. I watch my itunes stuff on there. I can also surf wirelessly through you tube videos and watch them on my tv. I can watch all of the Naruto episodes on you tube and even catch up on American Idol! That's what makes it fun. It is my new toy and I love it.

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Twilight is done filming!!
Friday. 5.9.08 12:57 pm
The movie is coming out this December and the making of the movie is totally awesome. They have Stephanie Meyer on set to help with keeping to the original story line. Both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart show some chemistry on the set. I fell in love with their romance through the book and I was not sure how it would all play out on set, but it looks pretty good.

The cast totally rocks! Check out the mtv website.

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Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator
Tuesday. 5.13.08 4:24 pm
How many of you are like me and are extremely confused about the Economic Stimulus refund check? Some people say you are going to get $300 or $600 but no more than $1200 for people filling joint. But then there was this girl that filed as a single person and received $350. Where does the $50 come in? I thought I was only getting $600 but now my sister says that I might be getting $1500. How is this possible?? Click here for more info on how to understand the calculation.

Well for all of you that are confused like me, I have discovered the Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator! The IRS published it on one of their websites. Just have your
1040 ready and answer the questions that follow. At the end you will be informed of your refund amount. It is that simple.

Well once you know how much you are getting, when will you get it? Once person told me that they were going alphabetically. Then someone else said that it is the last two digits of your social security number. Then there is also the issue of whether you filed with direct deposit or paper check. Here is the link for the disbursement schedule.

I hope this helps to clear up some confusion for my readers as it did for me. Feel free to share the website with your curious and confused friends as well.

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Spending money before receiving it
Sunday. 7.20.08 3:06 am
Ok, I got my dumb stimulus check but it was not what I had calculated. That totally sucks! Especially since I already used some of that money before I got it! I bought my son and iPod Touch 32GB for his birthday. I was thinking about getting one for me but really, it is too expensive!!!!

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Halloween this year
Monday. 10.6.08 6:05 pm
What is happening with the economy? I do not think it took us only one year or a whole presidential term to get to where we are at right now. I think the whole home foreclosure thing is just another scam for the government to take our money. I really LOVE halloween. But this is what it will look like this year.

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Money for College
Tuesday. 10.7.08 12:21 pm
First of all this is not some scam. For 7 years I have worked (and still do) at a local community college in the Scholarship office so this is information that I have researched.
I have some weblinks that I would like to share with everyone about scholarships.

First of all, you need to have a minimum GPA of a 2.0. Some scholarships are more competitive than others therefore to have a higher GPA increases your chances of winning.


College Net (electronic scholarship database)
FAFSA (FAFSA on the Web)
http://www.4scholarships.com (electronic scholarship database)
http://www.carpedm.com/ (electronic scholarship database)
Sallie Mae (Sallie Mae Scholarships)
http://www.csac.ca.gov (California Student Aid Commission Homepage)
http://www.coca-colascholars.org/ (electronic scholarship database)
http:/www.college-scholarships.com (Scholarships Searches)
http://www.collegeboard.org (electronic scholarship database)
http://www.collegeview.com (College Search service)
Fast Web (electronic scholarship database)
http://www.fedmoney.org (All Federal Government Student Aid Programs)
http://www.freschinfo.com/ (electronic scholarship database)
http://www.gmsp.org (Gates Millennium Scholars)
http://www.hsf.net (Hispanic scholarship fund)
http://www.scholarshipworkshop.com (electronic scholarship database)
http://www.uncf.org/scholarship/index.asp (United Negro College Fund)
http://www.usagroup.com (USA Group Homepage)
http://www.wiredscholar.com (electronic scholarship database)

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How to eat for FREE on election Day
Tuesday. 11.4.08 2:46 pm
There is so much hype about today. You would think that someone were running for President. Hee hee. Well, I am more concerned with food. I was sent information on how I could eat for free today and I thought I would share it. :)


At participating Krispy Kreme locations, receive a free star-shaped doughnut in celebration of Election Day. Customers must present an "I Voted" sticker to receive their free doughnut.
Need coffee with that doughnut? Head to Starbucks and say "I voted" for a free 12-oz. cup of brewed coffee.


At participating Chick-fil-A restaurants, voters with an "I Voted" sticker will get a free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich.


Head to Shane's Rib Shack where your sticker will get you a free Vote America Meal, consisting of hand-breaded chicken tenders, fries, and a 20-ounce drink.
Now that you've had dinner, it's time for dessert. Head to participating Ben & Jerry's from 5pm to 8pm local time for a free scoop of ice cream.

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Malaysia to ban lesbianism
Monday. 12.1.08 5:27 pm

"A Malaysian religious leader has spoken for the first time in detail about the ramifications of the fatwa passed last month that ruled against women indulging in activities deemed as 'masculine,' including lesbian sex and dressing like a man."


Speaking to the New Straits Times he added that the manner of dress was only one aspect of 'masculine' behaviour by women the council sought to condemn.

"Although this also includes the dressing of the person and not just the way she behaves, the way of dressing is just one aspect of what makes a 'pengkid'" he said.

When asked why the council went to such lengths as to rule on what women could wear, Mr Aziz identified seemingly innocuous actions such as dressing in a masculine way as something that could lead on to greater 'crimes' such as lesbianism.

"Not only is the act forbidden, but any act that may lead to the actual act is also forbidden," he told the NST.

I have to laugh because it takes more than they way a woman dresses to make her a lesbian. Look at Hillary Clinton, she is married, wears suits but she walks the line there... Hmm???

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