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Malaysia to ban lesbianism
Monday. 12.1.08 5:27 pm

"A Malaysian religious leader has spoken for the first time in detail about the ramifications of the fatwa passed last month that ruled against women indulging in activities deemed as 'masculine,' including lesbian sex and dressing like a man."


Speaking to the New Straits Times he added that the manner of dress was only one aspect of 'masculine' behaviour by women the council sought to condemn.

"Although this also includes the dressing of the person and not just the way she behaves, the way of dressing is just one aspect of what makes a 'pengkid'" he said.

When asked why the council went to such lengths as to rule on what women could wear, Mr Aziz identified seemingly innocuous actions such as dressing in a masculine way as something that could lead on to greater 'crimes' such as lesbianism.

"Not only is the act forbidden, but any act that may lead to the actual act is also forbidden," he told the NST.

I have to laugh because it takes more than they way a woman dresses to make her a lesbian. Look at Hillary Clinton, she is married, wears suits but she walks the line there... Hmm???

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Wow, that's just... stupid... I don't even know how to describe how I feel about this. It's like... what the hell, Malaysian goverment... :S

At least I don't live there, I guess...
» randomjunk on 2008-12-01 06:26:28

You could say I'm not into big shirts... This one really makes me look small, though. I think it was meant for someone at least five times my size...

St. John's is in New York. They have different campuses, though. I know one is in Queens, and there's one in Staten Island, but I think there's more.
» randomjunk on 2008-12-01 06:38:15

@@"' omg why i didnt know about that...? haha erm cause im just being ignorant haha.. too much weird things happen haha

there was a case where yoga r not allow too...(not to all but to certain group) @@'' but problem solved i think.. erm erm
» jolenesiah on 2008-12-01 06:53:30

Well, part of the point is to experience something new, y'know? I mean, I've been to Hawaii loads of times, albeit with family. I've never been to New York before, and I think it'd be interesting.

And I guess that I could... buy a map... or something... maybe I'd never stray more than a mile from campus. :P
» randomjunk on 2008-12-01 07:21:57

RYN: nah im not within the group.. just i find that is v hilarious rules.. lol
» jolenesiah on 2008-12-01 09:10:49

eh? how come i didn't know about this?? all i know is malaysian government doesn't approve of homosexual because that's against the islamic teaching but i didn't know they r going to ban lesbianism. anyway let it be because the more all this religious leader ban, the more condemnation they will get by the people.
» renaye on 2008-12-02 03:48:25

I know. That makes it even better.
» ranor on 2008-12-02 03:49:51

I guess my aunt has to get another citizenship and her girlfriend can always turn straight again. I have not been reading the newspaper but it is not a surprise as it is one of the few ridiculous things that take place here.
» Nuttz on 2008-12-02 09:38:37

Actually.... There has been a mistake here
The fatwa that was passed only applies to the Muslims in the country. It does not anyhow affect any other race.

These people are just too free. They never go into the news so they purposely create a controversy just so they can get a little limelight. They are pathetic.

I'm lucky I'm not a Muslim. I'm legally 18 now, come get me for posting this comment ISA!
» Xboyz on 2008-12-02 09:48:00

I meant it does not affect any other religion.
» Xboyz on 2008-12-02 09:49:48

So you mean...
If you are not muslim it does not apply to you?
» KKama67 on 2008-12-02 10:02:45

This thing will never end.
The anti gay thing have been happening around the world!
» Handy on 2008-12-02 11:07:35

You met the author? That's very cool. People who say Twilight is poorly written never considered reading The Host. I guess.
I went to see Twilight at 4pm. The theater is usually not crowded from Mon-Thursday for me. If you watch the movie very early in the morning, it won't be crowded also.
» bauhaus on 2008-12-02 02:02:53

IS the movie corny? If it is, I am seeing the other movie. =p
» baskinthemoonlight on 2008-12-03 03:36:53

Wow don't you just love men who are just sexist and think that they should dominate the world because they have what women don't have?

I say just let them be.

I do want to see Twilight though :)
» Art4TheHomeless on 2008-12-08 05:17:32

That is SO dumb.

Watch all the "rebellious" teenaged girls start dressing "masculine" just to throw 'em all off.

....so weird. o_O
» invisible on 2008-12-16 08:53:57

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