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From Kobans webpage
Tuesday. 5.22.07 1:02 pm
I visited Koban's site and found this little pet on chocopets!!!

Visit my chocopet here!

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Wednesday. 5.23.07 3:22 am
mood: depressed and in tears
I did NOT get the job and I feel like such a loser. I packed my stuff up at my desk last week with hopes of starting a new job by the end of the month. I took the time to "ask" the universe for this job and put my belief in it and I still did not get it. I had faith that this job would be mine. But now look?! I feel like such a loser! I cant believe it. I cant believe myself. My bf said that I made him second in my life for about a month and now he is just not happy with me. We got into an arguement on friday too. I just want to QUIT school because my education isn't getting me FUCKIN anywhere!!!

I am so upset I just cant sleep! I want to stay up all night like an insomniac.... and I have to work 10 hours tomorrow and I job that I just hate!! I have been such a good person and I always help people. Why is it that when I need help that I just feel so alone??

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Spidey 3
Monday. 5.28.07 1:59 am
I just saw spider man 3 and yesterday we saw pirates 3. It was fun. I liked both movies. It was nice entertainment for the holiday weekend.

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8 Weeks to a Beach-Ready Body
Tuesday. 5.29.07 11:51 am
Summer is coming and we all want to look good. Well, most of us do. So, I subscribe to this lifestyle magazine to read up on health tips and guess what I find? That is right... the 8 weeks to a beach body article. There is alot of helpful tips on there.

I exercise a lot but I feel as if my weight keeps fluctuating. I dont know if I am really losing or not. I think I need to get on a set schedule.. this article helped.

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Emotional Scale
Tuesday. 5.29.07 2:54 pm
I was reading that it is good to vent your anger and frustration. The goal is to be optimistic, positive, and enthusiatic. But you cannot get to that level until you deal with your anger and frustration. I just noticed that everything out of my mouth lately has been negative or mean. I keep saying, I hate this or I hate that or I just complain about every little thing. This has really caused a lot of problems between my bf and I so I really want to change it.

At first I was just telling myself not to speak unless I have something positive to say or dont begin sentences with the word "I". That worked for a little bit but I came home so frustrated and angry. Then I read that in order to feel good you must go through feeling bad. You cant skip in between.

Therefore I am going to create an anger blog. hee hee! I dont know where yet. Maybe I will create it on blogger or better yet I will use my livejournal as my anger blog.

So bottom line... to feel happy you must also feel anger, pessimism, depression, loss etc.. Live, Love, Laugh

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Man in a Trenchcoat
Thursday. 5.31.07 3:56 pm
In my office I have no window to the outside. Therefore I really dont know what is going on unless I walk down the stairs and exit the building. In a way it is good but in most cases it is bad. If I were a plant I think I would be dead by now. I usually have to ask the students that come into my office, "So, is it hot outside?" "Is it raining?" just to find out what the weather is like.

I was just helping a student that asked me, "So, did you hear what is going on in the math building?" The Math building is adjacent to the building I work in. I heard the alarm go off but I thought it was just a routine check. I responded, "NO. I dont know. What happened?" He replied, "There is a gunman in trenchcoat loose in the Math building. Police are on the scene."

What the heck!?? They should send us home.

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Put your money where your mouth is
Thursday. 5.31.07 11:59 pm
PPP Direct has been launched.

PPP Direct

I recently got approved by pay per post. I have been trying for quite sometime and with Kirei’s help, it finally happened!!! Now PayperPost has launched PPP Direct. Similar programs like ReviewMe keeps up to half of your earnings. Unlike ReviewMe, PPP Direct only charges you a 10% fee. You are in control with how much you would like to charge for your blog. If the advertiser likes what they see, they will send you and email. At this point you can negotiate your price. With Payperpost there is a limit to the amount of opportunities made available to bloggers. With PPP Direct there is no such limit. You can get hired to do as many posts as you desire. I personally don’t feel that my blogging skills are quite up to par however, I am sure that I am not the bottom of the pool.

There are many advertisers out there that want to hire GOOD bloggers. Getting hired by advertisers mean you meet the high quality standard of blogging. I have been blogging for many years on myspace and for about 8 months on Nutang. I have been trying to find the right niche and style of blogging. Of course I will still maintain blogging about my personal life but I also want to improve the quality of my blogs for a small amount of money.

There are people who have hobbies and there are people who get paid to have fun. If you enjoy or have fun blogging , PPP Direct will pay you to have “fun”. I spend many hours on Nutang reading other blogs. I also visit other blogs on blogger.com. I joined Payperpost and PPP Direct because why should I get paid so little for blogging so much!?

To learn more about the program click HERE

get paid to blog

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PPP Love
Friday. 6.1.07 8:01 pm

I have been a member of PPP for only two weeks and I just totally LOVE it. I found out about it from Kirei on Nutang. I saw the potential to make a little extra income so I definitely wanted in!

My daughter is turning 17 on Tuesday and I was in need of some extra cash. I really wanted to make her birthday special so my bf and I bought her a brand new 7.2MP Panasonic Luminix camera with a 1GB SD memory card. That money I already had but I need money for the movies or something a little extra.

Since I joined PPP I have made a total of $28.00. That is perfect! That is exactly what I needed to add a little more fun to her special day! Thank you PayPerPost!!!

blog reviews

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